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World of Immortals Chapter 244

So here it is folks, this will be the last World of Immortals chapter release you’ll see from me. If anyone is interested to pick up this project, feel free to do so.

Though I do have to confess, I did skim ahead a few hundred chapters during this past year, and this story is not what I expected it to be, thus my loss of interest. Anyway, for those who genuinely enjoy reading this series…

Click here to read Chapter 244 – Solar Knight

Chapter 244 – Solar Knight

The bright moonlight spilled on the mountain woods below. It was as if a wide expanse of pure white feathers falling gently. Under the clear moonlight, the path that crossed through the mountain woods looked like a brown eastern dragon.

The five hundred knights each had a solemn expression. Each and every one of them ambience of a war god. The armor they wore flickered with a metallic glint. Sword marks were visible on all of the armors, which recorded their glorious past.

This was the world renowned Solar Brigade of the West. This brigade had slayed gods and demons in the distant past. Although the former knights were no longer in the brigade, their armors had been passed down from generation to generation. This was a kind of honor, this was a kind of glory!

To be named a Solar Knight, that was the dream of many men in the West.

Each of the five hundred knights exuded a murderous aura. When they came together, the murderous aura directly pierced the skies. This kind of imposing aura truly sent a chill down one’s spine. They were either carrying a golden lance or a two-handed sword at their backs, every one of them emitted a faint bloody aura. They were powerful practitioners who had been bathed in the blood of their enemies. Their blond hair fluttering in the bloody mist were as dazzling as the sunlight.

Their mounts were no ordinary beasts. To name a few, there were lesser dragons with thick scales all over — the Earth Dragon, or exotic primal beasts like the Winged Leopard.

Shocking, the impression the five hundred knights gave could only be described with that one word.

Xiao Chen and co. had already fell back and observed the knights from the distant sky. They felt that these five hundred knights possessed unimaginable strength. It seemed as if they could sweep across the battlefield, even when facing a million men army!

The five hundred knights crowded around Zhao Lin Er. The little unicorn had a body that seemed to be made out of fine jade. It seemed ever more extraordinary under the brilliance of the gentle moonlight. Four years had passed since they parted from the dragon island, it had already grown to the size of an ordinary horse.

Zhao Lin Er sat upright on the little unicorn. She seemed so refined under the splendor of the hazy moonlight. Her beauty was indisputable. It seemed like her status in the ranks was considerably high. The five hundred knights grouped around as if to protect her.

This made Xiao Chen a little speechless. The grudge between them was already hard to ascertain. After the intervention of Lan Nuo, it was better to not face each other in a life or death situation anymore. Though Xiao Chen never thought she’d be able obtain this kind of position. A natural-born princess was different from the common folks indeed.

“Isn’t this that Zhao chick? I could already tell when we were on the dragon island, she is extraordinary indeed.” Oxman rocked his horns with a pensive look.

As for Dugu Jianmo, he only took a quick glance at Zhao Lin Er before he focused his attention on the five hundred knights.

“S-s-say… d-d-do you… think… that unicorn… is a g-g-good… match for my l-l-little… donkey? A-a-and… d-d-do… you… think… t-t-that… chick… r-r-riding on the unicorn… i-i-is… a… g-g-good… match with… m-m-me?” The slitted eyes of the vulgar guy were gleaming with desire.

Oxman’s lips twitched as he rebuked, “Stop daydreaming! How can a toad like you dream to eat a swan? Hah!”

“T-t-this… this is not daydreaming, this is c-c-call… called having a dream, having aspiration!” Chrysus squinted his eyes and said, “H-h-have you… n-n-never heard of it before? A wise man o-o-once… said… A f-f-frog… who don’t… e-e-eat… a swan… is n-n-not… a good frog.”

The five hundred knights surrounded Zhao Lin Er. When they walked past the battlefield just now, they came to a halt immediately.

Although they conducted an air battle earlier, the energy flow had yet to disperse completely. And the experts among them had already sensed the anomaly around this place before the battle came to an end. Only that, they didn’t want to meddle in other people’s business, so they didn’t send a scout ahead of them.

All five hundred of the knights wielded their weapons and raised their guard. Only until three elderly knights stepped forward to lead the way did they finally continue to be on their way. However, all of them had already drawn their weapons and the tension was high.

“Their vigilance is so high.” Xiao Chen looked at their fading figures and said, “Perhaps something big is about to happen.”

“Those are the Solar Brigade!” Those are the only words that came out of the silent Dugu Jianmo’s mouth.

Everyone was finally aware that these are definitely the soldiers from one of the five sovereign nation, the Roman Empire. This empire was a theocratic nation. However, they did not worship a sole god. The fate of the nation was controlled by a few big churches in turn. The monarch was appointed by those Roman Catholic pope.

The Solar Church was a symbol for everything that was holy and light. It was one of the biggest church in the empire. The god of the Solar Church was also known as the God of Light.

The Solar Brigade was Solar Church’s guardian knights. They had once made a name for themselves during the ancient war.

“I-is the… S-s… S-s-sovereign nation… a-a-about to… wage war?” Chrysus’ keen intuition caught on to something.

They saw the city gate of Yindu opening. A group of people came to welcome them and invited the five hundred knights into the capital.

“B… b-b-brother… let us go… go-go-go… and sell the tiger skin. I’ll b-b-b… bring you guys to a good place to play. T-t-that… is but the legendary… v-v-v… village of gods! Who knows… w-w-we… might get lucky… and… c-c-court a fairy… to be our wives!” The vulgar guy had lewd expression painted all across his face.

Regarding the so-called village of gods, even the cold-blooded Dugu Jianmo was just as interested. All of them didn’t have any objection and travelled for hundreds of miles with Chrysus in the lead.

However… when they arrived at their destination, the so-called village of gods was far too inauspicious. This place was a burial ground, it was filled with tombstones everywhere. The green-colored will-o’-wisps that lit up the darkness here and there were especially eerie.

Furthermore, they could hear an indescribable scream transmitted from distant location. In addition to the bones they occasionally stepped on, this place had practically zero amount of holiness. It was more like a domain of the ghosts.

“W-w-we… we’re… here. T-t-t… the village of gods is a floating village. I-I-I… heard it will float over this area very soon.”

The Crimson Dragon King, Onyx Dragon King, and little donkey took off to the sky while carrying their own masters. Xiao Chen followed behind them closely.

The sky was clear of clouds and wind. There was nothing abnormal. The stars glittered, and the moon was hanging high in the sky. They couldn’t find any traces of the so-called village of gods.

“Did you trick us again you stutter, so infuriating!”

“N-n-n… no way. I-I-I… I heard of from an o-o-old… from an old martial uncle. This is definitely the place.”

However, no matter the stuttering guy explained, they still couldn’t find any trace of the village. In the end, they had no choice but to leave.

But when they flew for ten or so miles, they suddenly felt a fluctuation transmitted from the sky. A vast stretch of black clouds drifted past and instantly covered the moon and the stars. It caused the burial ground ahead of them to appear pitch-black. They couldn’t even catch a hint of light from within.

“Is this… the village of gods you’re referring to?”

Xiao Chen and co. could feel that the black clouds in the sky was absolutely not as simple as it looked. The pressure caused them to hold their breath. They didn’t rush up there impulsively. Rather, they chose to observe from far away.

“Pzzt… Pzzt…”

Huge lightnings were dancing wildly in the black clouds. Each of these lightnings were at thick as a hill. They were countless times more terrifying than a normal lightning. It was easy to imagine that if they were to rush over there rashly, they would definitely be turned into ashes by the lightning strike.

The vulgar guy pulled back his neck and said stammeringly, “L-l-l-looks like… there are entry restriction. It-it-it’s… not a place we can enter.”

“It looks like a devil’s village no matter how I looked at it.”

Although they were curious, they didn’t want to put their lives on the line. Even if they wanted to go up there to take a closer look, they still chose to fall back in the face of those scary lightnings.

“S-s… s-s… see you… a-a-around… brothers. Wait till I sell off the tiger skin, I’ll g-g-go… find you guys to s… s-s-s… split up the profits!”

The vulgar Chrysus slipped away on the little donkey.

Dugu Jianmo didn’t say anything. He just let the Crimson Dragon King fly towards the deep mountain by itself, and he made his way to Yindu. He wouldn’t leave the Shang Dynasty for a while, he was attracted by the sword skills of Daoist Zhang Sanfeng.

Oxman patted the Onyx Dragon King and said, “Don’t fight with the Crimson Dragon King, let’s go to another mountain range.”

He was not afraid that the Onyx Dragon King would suffer losses. After all, Dugu Jianmo was not his enemy. If the Onyx Dragon King used the dragon’s sacred sword and really beheaded the Crimson Dragon King, he fear that he would have to face Dugu Jianmo in a life or death battle.

“Not every Dragon King has to face each other in a life or death battle, some ought to be able to live on. It isn’t time for you guys to engage in a decisive battle yet.” In regards to the bitter fate of the dragon race, Oxman sympathized with it. He tried to console the Onyx Dragon King with words.

And finally, a black light flew towards a mountain range in the distance.

Oxman looked at Xiao Chen and said, “You should leave Yindu as soon as possible. Since we’ve killed the strong tiger, everyone will suspect it is related to you under this kind of circumstances.”

“It doesn’t matter. All I need is just to change my appearance. Yindu is about to become bustling with noise and excitement, I am not willing to leave.”

Xiao Chen let Oxman leave first. Then he executed the Eightfold Worlds and blended into the night sky at the opposite direction.

The morning glow of the sun spilled from the East and lit up the streets of Yindu. A new day was beginning.

It was bound to be noisy today.

On the wasteland beyond the west gate of Yindu, the half destroyed corpse was recognized by people as the demigod level strong tiger.

A demigod died just like this… once this news reached Yindu, many people immediately came up with all sorts of links.

The tiger clan was an absolute power in the Middle Earth. They possessed long history and unfathomable strength. Someone actually dared to extract a tooth from the tiger’s den. It took great courage for one to accomplish such feat!

As long as their ancestor, the Tiger Saint, was still backing them up, they were definitely the hardest clan to provoke under the heaven.

One must know that the Tiger Saint could be claimed as an equal with the true “king” of the dragons. There were even rumors that he had once faced Buddha. Although it didn’t win, it was able to escape unscathed. Such terrifying strength could only be described as “cheat”.

Recalling everything that happened recently, Xiao Shishui naturally became the target of doubt.

Many people were secretly guessing that perhaps Xiao Shishui could really face a demigod head-on with his divine ability. It was possible to fight with an opponent one rank higher with powerful divine abilities. Many people thought it was extremely possible that the strong tiger was killed by Xiao Shishui.

Of course, there were also some people who were doubtful. Regardless of how powerful was Xiao Shishui, he was just a Historia level youth expert. It was impossible for him to kill a demigod. This might be a conspiracy, the strong tiger must have been killed by an older generation expert and he deliberately altered the facts.

There were even some who thought Xiao Chen had returned. Although many said he died during that night three years ago, nobody had ever seen his corpse. Many people were guessing that Xiao Chen had returned with a group of experts for vengeance.

Numerous rumors began to spread, everyone was discussing spiritedly.

And another big news spread among the influential lords, the priestess of the Sun God’s Church arrived at Shang Dynasty’s capital with five hundred knights, with hope of forming an alliance to stand off against another sovereign nation — the Vatican.

Although it was only spread among limited personnels, some who knew of the mainland’s circumstances knew that Vatican and Rome were going to engage in war sooner or later. They’ve been minor conflict breaking out every now and then. And Rome also had many conflicts with Shang Dynasty for the past hundred years, so it was not strange for Rome to propose an alliance.

Everyone in the know already realized war was approaching. Yindu was about to enter a turbulent time.

During the following days, the delegates of Roman Empire and Shang Dynasty frequently engaged in private discussions.

On the fifth day, in the royal garden; the beautiful Zhao Lin Er stood in lakeside pavilion with ice-cold expression. She shattered the cup in her hand and frightened the koi in the lake.

The little unicorn who grazed on the fragrant lawn not far away looked over with dubious expression.

A few Solar Knights walked into the pavilion with quick steps. All of them were young man. Not only were they the strongest among the five hundred knights, they were also the priestess’ most faithful followers. All of them were extremely angry.

“The Shang Dynasty is too much! That second prince actually wanted the priestess to become his consort. He deserves death!”

“Priestess, please permit me to duel with him, I will definitely cut down his head!”

“We are willing to fight for the priestess!”

Zhao Lin Er gradually calmed down, then a bell-like voice resounded in the pavilion, “Don’t rush indiscriminately into action. If their conditions are bad, we can just refuse. It is unnecessary to bear arms. This is Yindu, not Rome, don’t cause trouble here.”

“However… they are too much. They should know about our church’s doctrine, that the priestess must remain untainted, yet they dared to make such demand.”

“No harm done, though I do have an idea. I’ll request permission to challenge the Yindu’s experts. We will not shed blood, so take care not to overdo it. Since they are humiliating us, then we must hit them back. We have to make them lose face by defeating all of their so-called young elites.”

“Oh honorable priestess, you can place your faith in us, we won’t let you down.”

She sighed lightly and said, “I am only afraid that you guys might suffer mishap. This is their capital city, even if you guys defeated all of the youth experts in this city, so what? This is their nation, if they cared about their face, they can summon their strongest youth experts at any time. When that time comes, the only ones to suffer will be you guys.”

“The Shang Dynasty’s strongest youth experts…”

The Solar Knights’ expressions froze as a few figures appeared in their mind. They recalled the rumored men and women of the Shang Dynasty. They paid especially close attention to the youth experts around the world, so they naturally had a certain understanding. However, the few of them still smiled in the end.

“We will take care not to overdo it and will not make a big fuss over them. Besides, even if their strongest experts show up, so what? Our Solar Church’s most powerful experts will be here soon. And the outstanding figures from other big churches will also arrive. At that time, we should have enough power to suppress the undisputable experts of Shang Dynasty.

The strong tiger was killed, yet not only did Xiao Shishui didn’t run away, he even showed up in broad daylight. This made everyone incessantly dubious. If Xiao Shishui really did it, would he still dare to stay in Yindu?

After all, that strong tiger was not an ordinary tiger. It was rumored that he was a seedling that the White Tiger Saint was going to cultivate personally. Many people were guessing that it might really be unrelated to Xiao Chen. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to stay in Yindu for a second longer.

And Yindu was very lively during the following days. The experts of Solar Church issued challenges all over Yindu district. The underlings of the second prince all suffered crushing defeat.

The Spell Casters and Western-style Martial Artists caused a storm in Yindu which engulfed the youth generation.

The defeat of the second prince was merely the beginning. Soon after, their challenges escalated, even the supreme clans of Yindu were getting caught up in it. Even though Bosch and Chen Hanggin achieved consecutive victories, the other rich kids mostly suffered crushing defeat.

Xiao Chen completely adopted the attitude of a spectator. Whenever he came across a duel, he would certainly go to watch. In other word, he was free and at leisure. These days, he had been avoiding the third princess. According to his conjecture, the third princess would definitely ask him and Dugu Jianmo to take the challenge sooner or later. And Xiao Chen didn’t want to get drawn into the whirlpool this time.

Yindu was in turbulent times. The remaining two of the Heroic Four were rushing back. And the third princess even wrote letters in her own handwriting to invite the other rumored youth experts to come to the imperial capital.

Meanwhile, the experts from Solar Church would be here soon, and the outstanding figures of other big churches would also be arriving at Yindu before long.

Regarding these, no matter it was the older generation figures of Shang Dynasty or the bishops of Solar Church, they only smiled. The alliance was already set in the stone, but some “conflict” still need to be conducted. Although they didn’t arrange it personally, they still pay close attention to it. They wanted to see if the figures of the next generation could put pressure on the other side.


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World of Immortal Chapter 243

I sincerely apologize to those who were eagerly waiting for new chapters these past year, do know that I’ve read your comment and have taken them into consideration, however, I just can’t do this anymore. There are not enough interest generated from this series and even I myself have lost my interest, so translating this series has become something of a chore. It’s not like I’m receiving money to translate anyway.

Click here to read Chapter 243 – Unparalleled Divine Power

Chapter 243 – Unparalleled Divine Power!

It was brightly lit ahead. This was an inn that occupied a really big area. It was located right below a two hundred meter tall hill. The hill was filled with rare flowers. Even though they were very far away from said hill, they could still smell the refreshing fragrance of flowers carried by the wind.

This was the most flourishing area in Yindu city. It was very close to the culinary street, and just a little further was the Moonflower Castle. Furthermore, it was only three miles away from Flowing Cloud Casino.

An average person could not afford to stay in this high class inn.

Chrysus was deadly earnest as he quickly carved some letters on the slate, “Humans has too many weak points, and the strong tiger is no exception. He is proud and arrogant, he will not put us younger generation in his eyes. Even if he knows it’s a trap, he will still come after you.”

Writing until that part, he added, “I know his personality very well. I have already observed him for a long time. You can just go in like this and lure him out no problem.”

Xiao Chen nodded and said, “Alright, you guys fall back first, I’ll be back real quick.”

After they finished surveying the area, Chrysus, Dugu Jianmo, and Oxman left behind three afterimages and disappeared to the end of the street.

Xiao Chen stood still in place for a good while. After he confirmed that his body and mind were in top condition, he silent flew towards the inn under the dim light of night. He flew past one courtyard after another and stopped in front of a three-storey building.

The lightning was still lit, and the windows were wide open. The fragrance of flowers was carried by the wind into the building. A thirty six years old man was sitting in meditation while baring his upper body. His body appeared to be very sturdy. It was nearly two times wider than an ordinary person’s body. He was not obese, in fact, those were muscles filled with explosive power. It was like a baby dragon was coiling around his body. It gave people a shocking image.

One could easily imagine how much power could burst out when he attacks.

As if he could sense something, he opened his eyes at this very moment. The sound of lightning suddenly reverberated in the night sky. This was definitely not a hallucination. The sound of a huge storm actually broke out.

His gaze was very intimidating. He swept his eyes over the sky and the instant that he spotted Xiao Chen, the corner of his mouth curved into a sneer. Then he suddenly jumped up from his sitting position.

Xiao Chen stood upright as his black hair was brushed by the wind. He stood in the sky without moving an inch. His two eyes were as bright as the stars. He looked at the strong tiger indifferently, there wasn’t even a hint of fear.

“You really dared to make a move first?” The strong tiger walked towards the window. A powerful aura pervaded the air and was heading towards the sky to envelop Xiao Chen.

Without any words, Xiao Chen lifted his right hand emotionlessly and launched the Telepathic Sword Wave in an instant. This time, it was not the destructive sphere. A sword wave about the thickness of a water jar ripped apart the sky and rushed forward like a winding dragon.

Without making any sound, the three-storey building was turned into dusts. Not even a single rubble remained. The destructive power of the Telepathic Sword Wave was as one could well imagine.

However, the speed of the strong tiger was astonishingly fast. As if he was teleporting, he actually appeared in the sky one step ahead. The corner of his mouth exposed a cruel smile as he singled out Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen turned around and ran right away. He executed the Eightfold Worlds and took a light step in the empty sky. Just a single step and he was already a few miles away, it was an unprecedented speed.

The strong tiger couldn’t get the sneer off his face. He transformed into a streak of light to pursue and attack. He was not afraid of Xiao Chen’s so-called trap at all. To him, the younger generations were nothing but chickens and dogs who couldn’t withstand a single blow.

“Nobody will save you tonight!” His cold voice reverberated in the night sky.

Xiao Chen didn’t say anything, but his opinion of Chrysus had risen. He really did understand the temperament of this strong tiger. It seemed that he had already observed and studied his behavior for a really long time.

The mastery of Eightfold Worlds gave Xiao Chen a huge boost in confidence. He clearly felt that even if the strong tiger raised his speed to the limit, he still wouldn’t be able to catch up to him, so he deliberately slowed down and maintained a fixed distance.

After exiting the city walls for a short while, the shadow of a mountain could already be seen. He quickly flew towards that mountain.

The strong tiger frowned, but he still continued the chase.

The dragon cry shook the world as a red lightning flashed. The dragon-qi engulfed the heaven and earth along with a powerful gale. Dugu Jianmo rushed over for the kill while mounting the Crimson Dragon King. The red light and sword-qi interweaved as they struck down.

The strong tiger was furious. He turned around and clashed with the hundred meter light beam with his tiger claw. Bright light burst forth and shook the world. The strong tiger sucked in a mouthful of cold air and fell back.

Not far away, the Crimson Dragon King faced upward and let out a roar. It only took a few steps back with Dugu Jianmo mounted on it. The dragon and man actually faced the attack of a demigod head-on!

The Crimson Dragon King was always staying in the deep mountains close to Yindu. It finally reunited with Dugu Jianmo after waiting for so many days. It was definitely the most brutal of the Dragon Kings. It radiance of its red scales resembled the raging inferno. The murderous aura emitted by it was even fiercer than Dugu Jianmo’s. The icy snowflakes actually began to form in the sky.

It was biting cold!

This dragon and man pair could be said to be extremely well-suited.

“So it’s you little bastards!” Evidently, the strong tiger knew these dragon and man.

In response, Dugu Jianmo and the Crimson Dragon King emitted an even denser murderous aura.

And yet another dragon cry could be heard. A black lightning cut through the sky and arrived in a flash. Accompanying the dragon cry was another cry, “Moo…”

The ear-splitting dragon cry and the oppressive mooing pierced the vast sky.

The giant demonic bull was about the size of a hill. It was charging towards the strong tiger. The ox’s eyes were exuding cold glints and its horns tore the space.


It charged right into the strong tiger and created two black hole-like tunnels. The strong tiger was narrowly thrown into the black holes.

The strong tiger’s expression changed at once. It was yet another formidable youth who hit a demigod like him head-on.

“I-I-I.. I am a-a-also… c-c-coming!” Chrysus shouted and rushed over from the distant sky. It really made everyone speechless. He was actually riding a donkey and carried a huge cleaver in hands.

Not only Xiao Chen, even Oxman and Dugu Jianmo were dumbstruck. This daylight assassin, even his outfit… showed individuality.

So be it if all he did was riding the donkey. After all, that was not a normal donkey. It was an amazing donkey that could fly. However, he actually carried a large sized vegetable knife. Could that actually be his assassination weapon?

When he saw the snow-white little donkey, the strong tiger was startled. And after he saw the king-sized cleaver, he immediately gnashed his teeth, “It’s you… Chrysus? The ******* who killed four of my nephews!”

The vulgar guy performed a sword dance with the extra large cleaver. The sword-qi that filled the sky resembled the waves of the ocean. The little donkey was nodding its head and wagging its tail. Although the power behind the attack was astonishing, this kind of combination made people feel extremely awkward instead.

“It-it-it… it’s the a-a-a, arrival of… t-t-the grand assassin. A-a-also known as… t-t-t-tiger… slaughtering… specialist!”

“Your life is mine!” The strong tiger got angry at once. The hatred he held for Chrysus was more than the one he held for Xiao Chen. A long lance appeared in his hand. It weighed at least five hundred kilograms, but he raised the long spear as though it was as light as a feather. He raised the long spear above his head and attacked Chrysus.

The white little donkey was amazingly fast. It dodged the attack in the twinkling of an eye. The vulgar guy brandished the extra large cleaver and shouted: “Chopping Bok Choy!” as he chopped towards the strong tiger’s head.

The so-called chopping bok choy meant chopping off the head. However, the way this guy called it was extremely awkward.

He spun the Copper Tiger Lance and deflected the extra large cleaver. At the same time, a deathly power pervaded the air along with a wisps of fog. The strong tiger went for the kill, he had vowed that he would kill this fearful young assassin.




Xiao Chen, Dugu Jianmo, and Oxman rushed in at the same time. They didn’t hold back and each executed a fierce move.

Xiao Chen used the Seal of Aquarius as soon as the enemy was in range. The huge crystal vase floated above his head. It instantly spurt out a light beam that overshadowed the splendor of the moon and the stars. The strong tiger was submerged in the light beam.

Dugu Jianmo was even more ferocious. His body welled up with vital energy and another Dugu Jianmo had come into existence. In the end, it actually fused with the ******* sword in his hand as he slashed at the glaring light beam.

Oxman let out a loud moo as though he was a wild bull. The ox king soul within his body transformed into a black light and charged into the strong tiger.

And meanwhile, the Crimson Dragon King and Onyx Dragon King let out a long roar. The space was distorted by the dragon’s divine power. The bloody light and black light combined and stormed into the dazzling light screen.

Their charge caused the deathly fog around Chrysus to disperse. The four young experts’ shocking moves also charged in at the same time.

A meteoric boom was produced. The sky was so bright that it was impossible for people to keep their eyes open. The violent energy wave was so powerful that the four of them were getting blown away.

The aggressive strong tiger, after receiving the four’s combined attack, his body shook violently and the blood spilled out from the corner of his mouth. He almost fell from the sky.

When the brilliant rays faded away, the four of them stood guard at four directions. They surrounded the strong tiger whose complexion had turned somewhat pale.

Even the white tiger had no choice but to admit, the four of them were outstanding youths. Even he wouldn’t necessarily be able to reach their level when he was young. He feared that he might really be in for some trouble tonight!

“You little bastards have some real skills!” The strong tiger sneered and said, “But that’s still not enough. You guys are not even close to the level of demigods. You will never understand the gap between the major realms. All of you will die tonight!”

The strong tiger put away the Copper Tiger Lance. With a roar, its entire body shone with bright light and it actually transformed into a ten meter long white tiger!

“It-it-it… it’s really… a tiger, w-w-w… with Divine Marks. B-b-brother… charge! It-it-it… it’s a priceless white tiger skin…”

Chrysus shouted as he urged the little donkey. He brandished the large sized cleaver and was the first to charge in. The little donkey rushed under the belly of the white tiger. The vulgar guy swung his cleaver up and shouted, “Digging belly,” at the same time.

The white tiger dropped its huge claw and deflected the large cleaver. At the same time, the blazing aura blew Chrysus away, causing the little donkey and himself to flip over in the sky.

Although Xiao Chen and co. charged over promptly, they couldn’t stop Chrysus being blown away. Without further delay, the three of them attacked at once. The light beams from three men two dragons clashed with the white tiger head-on. Both sides were forcefully pushed back.

In the split second that the white tiger were being pushed back, Chrysus rode the little donkey and mounted a sneak attack.

“Chopping trotters!”

The large-sized cleaver flickered with a bright radiance and firmly hacked the white tiger’s rearfoot.

“Roar…” The white tiger’s bellow contained both pain and anger. At the same time, it whipped its seven to eight meter long iron-like tail towards Chrysus.

“Peel off buttocks!”

The vulgar guy calmly and quickly urged the little donkey to close in instead of retreating. They charged towards starting point of the tail. Not only did they avoid the hit, Chrysus even tried to cut the crotch region of the white tiger with the big cleaver.

Not only did this guy look vulgar, even his attacks were just as vulgar. What “Chopping Bok Choy”, “Digging Belly”, “Chopping trotters”, “Pell off buttocks”, etc. One move after another was more vulgar than the former.

However, all of them could tell he was not just playing around. That was because every time Chrysus made a move, he was completely synced with the cleaver. The surrounding space didn’t distort at all. Rather, they were erased. Otherwise, how was it possible for him to break through a demigod’s protective layer!

It was truly terrifying.

Yet it was awkward!

Extremely awkward!

This was what the white tiger was feeling at the moment. This youth actually ignored his defense and was capable of truly harming him.

This was really unimaginable. It must be mentioned that he was a demigod! And the other party, who was just a Historia level expert, was actually ignoring his defense. If this was also a divine ability, and if they allowed him to grow, the Tiger clan would face imminent catastrophe.

The vulguy guy’s action couldn’t really be called… beautiful. However, his skill was the real deal. The large-sized cleaver erased the space noiselessly, and it was heading towards the white tiger’s nether region ruthlessly.

It actually caused the white tiger to jump up like a worn out old horse kicking backwards. He jumped in an awkward position and avoided the impending attack.

After seeing Chrysus’ all out performance, how could the other three not use their most powerful skill. Dugu Jianmo’s existence slowly became thinner. After which, he actually became one with his ******* sword. They fused and transformed into a gigantic divine sword. As a show of intimidating, he swept across all directions and exuded deadly aura all over the sky!

He then charged in directly for the kill!

Facing the charging ******* sword, the white tiger’s face turned pale. The divine power of these four youth experts, one after another was more bizarre and stronger than the former. They truly had enough power to shake up a demigod.

While letting out a loud roar, the white tiger spew out a light beam from its open mouth. The beam clashed with the murderous divine sword in the sky.

The divine sword, which was made from the fusion of Dugu Jianmo and the ******* sword, pierced through the breath attack and it actually landed a hit on the white tiger’s shoulder.


Blood splashed everywhere. The ten meters long white tiger received a deep cut on its shoulder. The blood gushed out wildly and dyed the sky red.

The white tiger bellowed in rage. Dugu Jianmo retreated to the rear after his successful attack.

The white tiger wanted to pursue and attack, but the Crimson Dragon King launched its dragon martial skill and blocked his path.

And meanwhile, as if Oxman had become deranged, his hair was a royal mess. The ox-horns on his head instantly lengthened to one meter long. He had fused with the ox king’s soul in his body. He actually had signs of beastification. With a moo, he charged over like a wild bull.

So fast! Even Xiao Chen who possessed extreme speed was a little shocked.

Oxman was like a streak of black light and hit his target in a split second.


The wild bull-like Oxman breached the white tiger’s protective aura with his one meter long ox-horns. The horns were firmly stuck on the white tiger’s left rib and left behind two terrifying bloody holes. And the powerful collision of the wild bull even sent the white tiger flying up.

“You little bastards…” The white tiger was extremely furious.

However, without waiting for his to correct his stance, Xiao Chen attacked with Eightfold Worlds.

The eight worlds started to rotate. They became clearer over time, as if there were eight genuine worlds descending from heaven.

In just a blink of an eye, the white tiger was already trapped in the lake zone. Even a demigod like the strong tiger felt as if he was stuck in a swamp. He was actually unable to break free straight away. He had been trapped inside for a short duration.

“ROARRR!” He faced upwards and let out a loud roar. The white tiger felt the threat of dead. He drew forth all his strength to escape. However, his buttocks and tail were lagging behind a little. The instant he managed to free himself; the water, fire, lightning, mountain, and wind zone already moved simultaneously. The mountain suppressed his power. The lightning broke down his form. The fire extinguished his soul. The wind shaved off his spirit.

The white tiger’s long tail actually turned into ashes under the pressure of the five worlds. And his butt that luckily got away in time, bloomed beautifully. It was as if it was crushed by a huge mountain. The white tiger’s rear was nearly turned into meat paste!

“Roar!!! You little bastards, it’s either you or I who will live through today!” The white tiger almost went crazy from madness. This was really an extraordinary shame and humiliation.

This was simply unimaginable. The four youths, who were only of Historia realm, dealt heavy damage to him again and again. The white tiger stood in the sky and swept his eyes past the four experts surrounding him. The flame of anger in his cold eyes seemed like it was about to ignite.

Xiao Chen, Dugu Jianmo, Oxman, and the two dragon kings were all apathetic. They looked at him cold-heartedly.

“It-it-it… it hurts!!!” The vulgar Chrysus rode on the donkey. He shouted towards the heaven while holding the pit of his stomach, seemingly in agony.

Oxman was startled, so he asked, “What’s wrong, did you receive a deadly blow?”

“S-s-so… so much money!” Chrysus stared at the white tiger’s butt and said, “T-t-the… white tiger’s butt cannot be touched, y-y-yet… it… it was turned into a pulp by Xiao Shishui. S-s-so… so much money is gone. T-t-the… white tiger’s… b-b-butt’s… has been d-d-d… devalued!”

Oxman had the urge to stick his middle finger into his nostril. Even Xiao Chen and Dugu Jianmo had the urge to swear. This guy was making so much fuss, so it was because of this. He was really too wretched.

The white tiger almost fainted due to anger. His body shook uncontrollably as he let out a furious roar. Then he said with remorse, “This is too much, too much!”

He was really aggravated by Chrysus. The white tiger ignored everyone and charged straight for the vulgar guy.

Out of everyone’s expectation, Chrysus did not retreat. He jumped up from the back of the little donkey and faced the white tiger with the oversized cleaver.

In front of him was the huge head of the white tiger. That mouth was like a blood basin as it opened up. The rows of white teeth were as sharp as double-edged swords. From the look of it, Chrysus was about to be swallowed up.

Chrysus performed another jump while in midair and avoided the white tiger’s crunch. He tried to strike the eyes, however, he didn’t notice that a pair of tiger claws were already approaching him.

It was already too late for the other three to help him. They could only look on helplessly as Chrysus was being ripped apart by the tiger claws. However, that oversized cleaver was unswerving and hit its target. Although it missed the eyes, it did leave a frightening cut on the tiger’s head.

They didn’t hear a miserable shriek coming from Chrysus, though they did hear an extremely vulgar voice, “Chopping Bok Choy!”

Xiao Chen, Dugu Jianmo, and Oxman were all stunned. Even the white tiger, while still enduring the sharp pain, failed to understand what’s going on. However, he was sure of one thing, it was that the wretched assassin was still alive. He fell back in that split second.

“Heh-heh…” The vulgar guy let out a sinister smile. His body that had been ripped apart instantly recovered. The oversized cleaver flew back to his hand. At the same time, the little donkey rushed over and carried him to a safe zone.

Everyone at the scene was confused.

“I-I-I… forgot to mention, m-m-my… my divine power is… i-i-is… immortality!” The vulgar guy smiled lightly.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. Immortality was definitely a top class divine power. It was on the same level as Destiny Twins. It could only be described as freakish! Compared to Destiny Twins, it was even more formidable. Experts on the same level couldn’t even more to destroy him. Even for the older generation experts, if they were not a whole lot stronger than him, they couldn’t even hope to seal him, let alone killing him.

“A freak!”

Oxman involuntarily let out a curse.

While the white tiger was extremely furious, he also felt a little discouraged. He broke into the realm of demigod at the age of twenty five to twenty six. And yet he didn’t make any progress for ten years since. Now, he was besieged by four extraordinary young experts. He was very jealous, these four men were even more formidable than him when he was their age. That made him a little fearful.

Could it be that he’s really doing to die at this place?

““Kill the tiger!””

The four young experts surrounded the white tiger and shouted in sync. This caused the white tiger to feel intense anger as he faced upwards and let out a roar.

A blazing radiance pierced the heavens. All the divine marks on the white tiger’s body became visible. They were floating in midair like ancient scriptures. Then the white tiger snarled with malicious intent, “None of you can run away, all of you will die here, White Tiger Cataclysm!”

The tiger roar shook the heaven and earth. It was as if untold numbers of tigers roaring at the same time, as if the flood had breached its dike. The tremendous sound wave caused the space to crack unceasingly. As if it went out of control, the white rays completely submerged the surrounding areas.

The endless tiger roars, when synced, felt as if he was reciting the sutras. It actually contained enough power to shatter the space!

“Launch your strongest divine powers!”

Xiao Chen shouted loudly. The moment he casted the Eightfold Worlds, he instantly escaped from the world of light.

Dugu Jianmo, Oxman, and Chrysus possessed power as incomprehensible as Xiao Chen’s very own. However, their speed still couldn’t match up to Xiao Chen. Just as they reached the edge of the white rays, they were trapped within. However, they also launched their strongest divine power at that very moment. Since they were trapped in the vast expanse of whiteness, one was unable to determine what happened to them.

It lasted until fifteen minutes later. The night sky returned to its original state. The bright moonlight sprinkled down, and the stars filled the whole sky.

The only one remaining was a listless White Tiger. Dugu Jianmo, Chrysus, Oxman, and their mounts all disappeared without a trace.

Xiao Chen felt as if he had been struck by lightning. His heart felt so empty.

The white tiger let out a complacent laughter, “Hahaha… you little bastards are still too inexperienced. If a demigod really went all out, how could you guys hope to be an even match!”

“G-g-g… Go eat your nanny’s fart!” From far away, a stammeringly, yet anger curse could be heard, “F-f… f-f… f-f-****! T-t-t… this is such a huge loss! A t-t-t… two… hundred thousand… g-g-g… gold coins worth of s-s-space-type… scroll!”

Chrysus, Oxman, and Dugu Jianmo were all safe and sound. They flew back from the distance while riding the dragon kings and little donkey.

“Serve you right! Didn’t you say killing him is like killing a cat? This is an error on your part, and you almost dragged us into it.” Oxman rode on the back of the Onyx Dragon King with lingering fears. The white tiger’s destructive move earlier was really too scary. If not because Chrysus used a space-type scroll in the most crucial moment, they might have died in the destructive light.

The vulgar guy was having an extreme heartache as he said in remorse, “T-t-t… The white tiger, when we… p-p-peeled off its skin later, w-w-we must… definitely sell it for a good price! Otherwise, I-I-I… I’m going to die from financial loss!”

The white tiger was already listless at present. He no longer had any battle intent left, so he turned around to flee at once. The illness he bore ten years ago caused great damage to his vital energy, so he didn’t have too much strength to spare. He transformed into a streak of light and instantly distanced himself.

“D-d-d… don’t let him run away!” The vulgar guy started to panic. He urged the little donkey to pursue closely, unwilling to let go of him.

Without waiting for him to say much, Xiao Chen executed the Eightfold Worlds and chased in high speed. He left the other three behind in the dust.

Since it had already come to this, there was nothing to hide anymore. It wouldn’t matter anymore even if his identity was exposed to Chrysus.

Xiao Chen used one of the four major techniques — God Slayer Technique!

The glaring radiance engulfed one side of the sky like the white tiger’s destructive rays earlier. Countless swords appeared in this part of the space. And Xiao Chen was even holding two of them in his left and right hands respectively!

The sharp holy swords and heavenly blades illuminated all ten directions. The swords brushed against each other and gave off a sonorous sound. Looking from afar, that space was very unpleasant to the eyes. Among the endless swords and blades, the huge shadows of a heavenly blade and holy sword emerged. Then their blades crossed like a pair of scissors. One after another lightning about the thickness of a house burst out from the cross section.

Soon after, the sonorous noise became the sole sound in the world!

That region seemed to be in a chaotic mess. The endless rays of light had completely turned that place into a world of light.

The heaven and earth only returned to its normal state after a really long time later. The corpse of the white tiger came into view. It was cut into halves!

“W-w-whew… I-I-I… I thought not even a single h-h-hair… was left. F-f-f… fortunately, the corpse remained!”

Oxman and Dugu Jianmo also rushed over. When four of them got together, even Dugu Jianmo revealed a hint of smile.

The stars glittered in the night sky. The white tiger’s corpse was changing continuously. His upper body changed into the form of a human, and only his lower body remained that of a tiger’s.

“F-f-f… ****! It-it-it… it’s a demi-tiger.” Chrysus cursed, feeling extremely angry, “I s-s-say… h-h-he’s… so weak, so he is a demi-tiger! However, even h-h-half… of the t-t-tiger skin… should w-w-w… worth a lot of money.”

Oxman knocked Chrysus’ head at once and cursed, “You *******, are you saying you feel that he should be stronger than this? Yet you tricked us by saying he is not strong, that he is on the same level as a sick cat!”

“It-it-it… it’s a misunderstanding!” The vulgar guy hastily faced him with a smiling face.

All of a sudden, a wave of murderous aura transmitted from the other end of the sky. The powerful pressure in the sky caused the four of them to feel a little nervous!

“What’s going on?” The vulgar guy spoke very smoothly as he looked towards the distant sky.

Xiao Chen and Dugu Jianmo also revealed a grave expression.

Soon after, they heaved a sigh of relief. It was not a powerful expert approaching. Rather, it was a group of people.

Along the path in the distant place, several hundred people mounted all kinds of unknown primal beasts as they approached slowly. They were the clansmen of the West. Their golden long hair draped over the shoulders and rested on their ancient armors.

Among them was a lass who was riding a snow-white unicorn. It was as if an angel had descended to the mundane world. Her elegance couldn’t be described with mere words. Her beauty caused even the splendor of the moon to dim.

“Zhao Lin Er!” Xiao Chen was very astonished indeed. ⌈1


  1.  Uh oh! And here comes the long standing war between Xiao Chen and Zhao chick. 

Chapter 242 – Mayhem

The virtuous assassin Chrysus stuttered as he called out Yan-yan and Frost-frost in front of the Spellbind Castle… so much so that he even called out grandpa. The courtesan and eight young ladies suppressed their laughter to the point of tearing up. And the people who happened to pass by on the street even went as far as holding their belly with both hands as they laughed out loud.

This made Yan Qingcheng, Frosty, the third princess, and the palace maids to feel extremely angry. Their faces turned beet red, but they couldn’t do anything to that guy. After all, how could they just rush into that kind of place?

The vulgar guy didn’t feel a tid bit ashamed. He lightly kicked Oxman who was laughing while slamming the ground. Then he said, “Ox-ox… Ox-ox…”

“@#¥#@%, wretched guy, thirteen seconds! You stand right there.” Oxman immediately jumped up. It was too embarrassing to be called this way by that guy.

“I am… s-s-s… speaking to you, Ox-ox… Ox-ox… Ox-ox…” Who knows if Chrysus was really stuck here or he did this on purpose, but it made everyone on the street to once again burst out laughing. In the end, they were all scared away by Oxman when he swayed his huge ox-horn to and fro.

“Are you calling little girl, or are you calling Ox-ox?” The courtesan teased as she walked over with swaying waist.

“Same, same!” Chrysus smiled vulgarly.

Oxman rocked his horns, he was itching to ram Chrysus once or twice.

“Shall we enter?” The courtesan and the eight ladies led the way into the castle. They couldn’t stay in the front door anymore, otherwise they would lose their professionalism.

“Yan-yan… Yan-yan, Frost-frost… Frost-frost, Grandpa… P-princess, see you later.” Chrysus waved his hand at the street while walking into the castle. However, just when he was about to get out of sight, he spoke without misgiving, “H… How about… y-y… you girls also… come!”

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

A few icy lights were launched into the Spellbind Castle. Chrysus pulled back his neck and slipped away. A jade hairpin, beads, and other such items were embedded on the wall of the Spellbind Castle.

“That ******* stuttering, repulsive vulgar man. How shameless can he be!” Yan Qingcheng was extremely angry.

“That’s right. I am itching to beat him up.” Even the normally good-tempered Frosty was clenching her fists in anger.

The third princess of Shang Dynasty was also somewhat angry. With her identity, did people ever dared to make kind of joke in front of her? However, she knew that it was useless to bicker.

Just at this time, a tall figure with a ******* sword on his back walked over from the distance. It was precisely the cold-blooded Dugu Jianmo.

“That guy… couldn’t be heading to the Spellbind Castle right?” Frosty voiced her doubt.

“I am already quite shocked to see Xiao Shishui to enter this kind of place. I didn’t expect the cold-blooded Dugu Jianmo was also this kind of man. Sheesh… men are all the same.” Yan Qingcheng curled her lip in disdain.

They saw Dugu Jianmo going in from the distance. The third princess smiled and asked, “Do you girls want to go in and take a look?”


“No way!”

Dugu Jianmo walked into the castle with large steps. The courtesan and seven young ladies immediately surrounded him.

However, the one to face them was an ice-cold ******* sword. It was instantly placed on top of the courtesan’s snow-white neck. The cold air emitted by the iron sword caused goosebumps to appear on her tender skin.

“Mister, this is…” The courtesans at Spellbind Castle were all experienced person. She didn’t have a change in her expression as she looked at Dugu Jianmo with a smile pasted on her face.

“Don’t approach me.” Dugu Jianmo sheathed his sword and said very coldly, “I am here to look for Xiao Shishui.”

“Alright, I understand.” The courtesan waved her hand to hint the girls to withdraw. She personally guided Dugu Jianmo into the castle.

A few people just happened to come in as they discussed:

“This dude is really so temperament. He actually dared to draw his sword in the Spellbind Castle and is not interested in the girls…”

“Why don’t you give it a try? Who knows, maybe you’d get noticed by the Flower Overqueen.”

“I still want to live, I don’t want to cause trouble here.”

When the cold-blooded Dugu Jianmo arrived at the colorful hall, it felt as if the temperature in this room had fallen by ten degrees. The chilling cold sword-qi instantly flooded the hall with glorious golden walls.

Oxman laughed at first sight and said, “I knew this would happen. I reckon this cold-blooded man would look at the beautiful girls the same way as he looked at the guys.”

The hall was filled with party mood. A few pretty girls were standing beside the desk as they poured wine and served food for Xiao Chen, Chrysus, and Oxman.

Dugu Jianmo pointed at Oxman with his sword. His expression was cold and ruthless.

“Why don’t you put down your sword, Dugu Tiegeda?” Xiao Chen waved his hand and said, “Today, we drunk and engage in small talks. For what reason are you holding a sharp weapon in your hands?”

If the rich kids from Yindu were to hear how Xiao Chen referred Dugu Jianmo, they would surely be very surprised. They knew that Dugu Jianmo was icily arrogant and without mercy.

When he heard this, Dugu Jianmo immediately raised his brows. He tightened his grasp on the sword as he stared at Xiao Chen, but he soon loosened up and walked over.

“That’s right, don’t always tie yourself to the iron sword all day.” Little fatty Oxman chuckled. He poured a cup of wine for Dugu Jianmo and placed it on the desk.

The wretched Chrysus lied on one side and said, “Dugu… Jian… Jian… Jian… Mo… mo-mo.” ⌈1

No matter who heard it, they would have thought that the stuttering guy was swearing at people. Who knows if he was really saying “demon” or “groping”. Because of that, he was really “groped” by Dugu Jianmo who was about to sit down, or more precisely, he was pulled by Dugu Jianmo.

When the indifferent Dugu Jianmo heard him, his eyes immediately became sharp. He drew his sword with a “chink” and pointed it across Chrysus’ neck.

Xiao Chen hastily raised his finger to block the iron sword. After that, with a wave of his other hand, the drumstick on the desk flew into Chrysus’ mouth, stopping him from speaking.

“That’s enough. Stop causing trouble, you stuttering guy. And Dugu Jianmo, don’t be so cold.”

“It’s a misunderstanding. It’s an honor to meet you, Dugu Jianmo.” Chrysus hastily took out his plate and carved semi-cursive words on it.

And so, the four of them finally took their seats together.

Without a doubt, the four of them gathering here was not really to engage in sexual activities. It was for the purpose of scheming to kill the tiger.

After requesting the two “fairies” to lead the pretty girls away, they finally began to formally discuss the plan in detail.

Little fatty Oxman knew what everyone was thinking, so he rocked his ox-horns excitedly and said, “Hehe… It’s a demigod yo. I never thought I’d have a chance to kill a demigod. My blood is beginning to boil.”

Chrysus had a rare serious look on his face. He grabbed the slate and started writing to convey his own opinion. Of course, he didn’t look nervous at all. On the contrary, he looked rather relaxed. “The four of us should be enough. If it is only the three of us, we might need to plan this carefully. However, with four of us working together, who cares if he is a demigod or a half demon. We are more than enough to kill that sick cat.”

After their discussion, according to Chrysus’ plan, speed was crucial. They were to set out tonight and cut down the old tiger’s head. As for the old tiger’s residence, Chrysus had already located it at an earlier time.

When their serious discussion ended, other than Dugu Jianmo, the other three started to loosen up. The vulgar man lightly clapped his hands to invite the two fairies and beautiful ladies waiting outside to enter the room.

It must be mentioned that, the Spellbind Castle was too large scale. The two fairies were actually practitioners, and they were actually Spiritual Masters with decent power. They could fly in the sky and their movements were very charming.

The moonlight was bright, they could see the scenery outside through the crystal clear mirror.

The colorful garden under the moonlit night was filled with numerous flowers. There was nothing more beautiful one could’ve imagined. The refreshing fragrance of flowers filled the entire garden. The two fairies leisurely walked out of the hall and started to dance in the sky. Their light clothing fluttered in the breeze. Under the moonlit night, they really looked like fairies visiting the earth. No words could do their beauty justice.

And the other girls were singing and dancing on the ground. They danced as though they were butterflies fluttering about among the cluster of flowers.

However, even while facing all these, Dugu Jianmo was still cold and detached. The little fatty Oxman on the other hand, was chuckling and clapped his plump hands unceasingly. As for Chrysus, his eyes were really like a hook as he swept it past the girls. He kept glancing here and there. His slitted eyes were rolling all over the place.

Xiao Chen couldn’t help but sigh. Although some people were born handsome, but… he was just too vulgar. He patted Chrysus’ shoulder and said, “Bro, can’t you restrain yourself a little?”

“D-d… d-d… dude, t-this… y-you are wrong about something. This is c… c-c… called showing interest. T-t… This is c-c… called true confidence.” Speaking until here, this guy made everyone speechless by wiping his saliva and continued to look at the girls.

Oxman filled his cup and raised his head to drink. Then he muttered, “Why isn’t Rowena here yet, didn’t the courtesan go to invite her for us? Don’t tell me she forgot about us after a few years.”

“Who is bad mouthing me?” A bewitching voice transmitted over.

The Spellbind Castle’s layout really made them exclaim in admiration. They didn’t know how they did it, but they could actually block the practitioner’s sharp senses. When Rowena entered from the other door, they actually sense her approaching.

It’s been several years, but the beautiful Rowena had become prettier compared to the past. Perhaps she might not be the most beautiful girl, but she was indeed the most charming ones. Her devilish body exuded a mature charm. Her exquisite breasts were almost visible under the cover of the black long dress. Her body curves and bare skin flickered with a bewitching gloss. It provoked one’s fanciful thoughts.

“Little fatty, so you still remember big sis. I thought you’ve already forgotten about me. You didn’t come visit me after so many years.” Rowena’s rosy lips were sexy. As she smiled, her pearly white teeth were revealed. The enchanting eyes under her long eyelashes had an irresistible charm.

“Of course I still remember, I miss big sis so much.” Oxman let out a silly smile. He actually appeared somewhat bashful on a rare occasion.

“I remember, I remember.” For god knows why, Chrysus actually stopped stuttering at this moment. His slittered eyes lit up as he fixed it on the extraordinarily beautiful girl in front of him. Then he said, “I remember it perfectly. I will never forget it for a lifetime.”

Even Xiao Chen and Dugu Jianmo felt it was strange. This wretched guy…

Rowena smiled lightly at that. Her lovable face was like a mixture of beautiful and charming. It was charmingly beautiful to the extreme.

When she took a good look at Dugu Jianmo’s face, Rowena’s expression immediately stiffened. Dugu Jianmo’s massacre on the dragon island left a really deep impression in her. Even if they were already back to the mainland, she still felt somewhat uneasy whenever she recalled those days.

Rowena quickly adjusted her attitude and said with a charming smile, “Hi brother Dugu.”

Dugu Jianmo silently nodded his head.

When Rowena looked at Xiao Chen, she had a puzzled expression, but she recovered soon after.

“When I look at this brother, I thought of someone. You guys resemble each other when you remain silent.”

Hearing Rowena said as such, Xiao Chen shivered inwardly. There were some details that couldn’t be changed. That was the habit of each respective person. He smiled lightly and said, “Oh, in that case, Miss Rowena and I could be considered half an acquaintance. Nice to meet you.”

The other half of Rowena’s arms that were not covered by the sleeves were exceptionally tender. They were exuding a bewitching gloss. Her snow-white neck was smooth and delicate. Her lovable face was flowery. She revolved around Xiao Chen once and said with a smile, “That scoundrel is my benefactor. He saved my life once. But what a pity.” In the end of her sentence, she heaved a sigh.

“You mean Xiao Chen?”

“How did you know?” Rowena was a little shocked.

“I am Xiao Shishui. I’ve met him before, and Oxman had also mentioned about him.”

“Oh, so it’s you.” Rowena’s eyes lit up as she said, “I heard you little two young tiger a few days ago, it was such a satisfactory news. However, you should be careful. Don’t let the tragedy that befell Xiao Chen to reoccur again. Sigh, it really is such a pity…”

“J… J… Just relax. I… I am here. I… I will guarantee his safety.” Chrysus pounded his chest as he scanned Rowena’s sexy body with his slitted eyes.

“This is…”

“This is a stranger. A vulgar man. Don’t mind about him.” Oxman didn’t give Chrysus any face.

“Ox-ox… Ox-ox… Ox-ox… Ox-ox…”

“Just shut up!” Oxman grabbed a drumstick and stuffed it into his mouth.

Rowena and little fatty Oxman recounted the events on dragon island. Only until half an hour later did it finally come to an end.

The singing and dancing on the other side of the mirror had already ended. The two fairies brought the young ladies into the room and they immediately surrounded the guys.

“B-b… bro, I… I’ll go ahead first.” Chrysus smiled indecently as he left with two pretty girls in his embrace.

As for the two fairies, they were like Lyria and Carmina of Celestial City. They normally didn’t accompany the guests. However, it was different today. One of them walked over to Dugu Jianmo, and the other towards Xiao Chen.

“I’ll go get some fresh air.” Dugu Jianmo was not at all grateful. He carried his ******* sword and left the hall by himself.

“Hehe… how about you two accompany Ox-ox.” Rowena smiled charmingly.

“Mr. Ox, this way please.” The two fairies smiled as they invited Oxman.

The little fatty felt very “bitter” as he looked at Rowena and Xiao Chen before he left.

The hall soon became quiet, leaving behind only Xiao Chen and Rowena.

“Brother Shishui, your hand is very peculiar…” Rowena’s smile was as gentle as the ripple of the spring water. Her charming eyes were flirtatious. She was a very alluring woman. As she spoke, she pulled Xiao Chen’s left palm towards herself as she observed it attentively.

Xiao Chen didn’t move. He just downed the wine by himself.

All of a sudden, as if Rowena had been struck by thunder, her body shuddered and she cried out involuntarily, “It’s really you!”

“What are you saying?” Xiao Chen looked at her calmly.

“You are Xiao Chen!” Rowena looked into Xiao Chen’s eyes and said, “I know I am right. No matter how your appearance may have changed, your palm life line will not change. I still remember it very clearly!”

This unique method of identification, even Xiao Chen had never heard of it before. However, he knew that Rowena had really recognized him.

“Hehe…” Rowena smiled sweetly and said, “You little scoundrel, you sure are as resilient as a cockroach. Not only did you not die, you even improved by leaps and bounds. And now you’ve killed two more young tigers…”

“I didn’t expect you would recognize me.”

“What, is there really a need to hide the truth from me?” Rowena was very bold. She sat so close to Xiao Chen to the point that he could even feel her body temperature.

“I am afraid that I may cause trouble for you.”

“Hehe…” With a bell-like giggle, Rowena wantonly pinched Xiao Chen’s cheeks and said, “You are a troublemaker. If I didn’t guess wrong, the four of you are definitely up to something.”

“That’s right. To tell you the truth, we are going to kill the strong tiger tonight.”

“What?” Rowena was startled, then she warned, “You have to know that the strong tiger is the youngest brother of the Tiger clan’s current chief. It is said that he… he had entered the realm of demigods at the age of twenty six. He is incredibly powerful! If it is not because he was inflicted by a serious illness that stalled his improvement for nearly ten years, he might’ve already made a huge accomplishment. I heard that if the old ancestor of the Tiger clan return from isolated training, he will definitely baptise him and focus on nurturing him. If you guys really killed this person, it means that you’ll have stabbed the Tiger clan’s dearest disciple. You guys will definitely end up in an irreconcilable relationship. Even if you guys erase all your traces, everyone will definitely know you are the murderer under this kind of circumstances.”

“We are already in an irreconcilable relationship.” Xiao Chen filled his cup by himself and said, “Let’s drink. We’ll just kill and make a run for it, that’s all.”

Rowena thought for a while, then she smiled and nodded, “Alright, I wish you all god luck.”

“It’s about time we leave.”

“Why not give the stuttering guy more time?” Rowena smiled lightly, but it was enough to charm a man. Her flirtatious complexion exuded a peculiar charm. Even if Xiao Chen had a heart of steel, even he was moved slightly by her charm.

“He’s called thirteen second, this much time should be enough.”

“You are so mean, how can you curse others like this.”

“Oxman said it.”

When Dugu Jianmo entered the room with indifferent expression and forced Chrysus to come out with his ******* sword, the vulgar guy was so mad that he kept stomping the ground and rain curses on him. However, he had no other choice.

“Thirteen second is so fast!” Oxman laughed mischievously.

“You *******!” For some reason, he actually didn’t stutter sometimes. “You guys are too cruel. If I get hit by some weird ailment because of this, I… I will not… f-f-forgive you!”

Rowena left with flirtatious expressions. Her graceful steps, her slender legs, her perfectly round buttocks, her delicate waist, and her curved body line left behind a very bewitching rear view for Xiao Chen’s party.

Under the bright moonlight, the four of them flitted across the street of Yindu. Their speed were so fast that no ordinary person could catch their presence.

“What course to follow after the event tonight?”

“To the other end of the world with swords in hand!”

“To find a way to dispose of my ox-horn.”

“D-d-don’t… I’ll introduce you guys to a g-g… good place. H-h… have you guys ever heard of a mysterious village? T… they say that, it is in the s-s… sky… hundred miles from here. Not only did the immortals g-g-go… there to enjoy, e-e-even the… many… a-a-ancient figures of legend go… g-g-go there to r-r-relax!”

“It’s suffocating to hear you speak!” Oxman really wished he could kick him twice.

“The strong tiger we’re going to kill is very extraordinary. It is actually a real White Tiger that took the shape of human. It’s skin has a Divine Mark bestowed by heaven. It could be counted as a semi-epic item. If we take the leather to sell it at that village, the selling price will go beyond our imagination!”

Being intimidated by the little fatty, Chrysus spoke very smoothly, and very fast at that. He finished his sentences in one breath.

“A mysterious village, how come I’ve never heard of it before?” Oxman was a little dubious.

“T-there are many more places you’ve never heard of! The Mystic Village… i-is… is a good place. I… I’ve also… just… just heard about it.”


Chrysus suddenly turned serious.

All of them knew, they’re nearing their target. Their tiger killing operation was about to start. The real mayhem was about to begin!


  1.  Another attempt by the author to make a stupid pun… man, after the appearance of Chrysus, the author has been trying to come up with stupid puns every now and then, I hate these chapters. Anyways, the first Jian refers to Sword, which is Dugu Jianmo’s original name, the following Jian refers to inexpensive/lowly. As for the first Mo, it has the meaning of Demon, and the following mo has the meaning of touch/grope

Chapter 241 – Grand Assassin

Part 1

Experiencing tranquility in the commonplace, realizing selflessness in tranquility. Xiao Chen sat in an outdoor teahouse, looking at the people come and go, listening to the peddler hawking their wares, he felt that it was so lively.

Everyone in this world was always pursuing the extraordinary, they were always discontent being nothing special. However, what would they get in return after completely exhausting themselves?

Perhaps being ordinary was a true blessing. Looking at the stream of people bustling with activities, Xiao Chen tasted the fragrant tea and felt that the life of the common folks were very rich.

A medium sized man with thin clothes rocked his body as he walked over. He had a slightly above average look, but judging from his attitude, he was an extremely vulgar person. His eyes would occasionally stick to a beautiful woman on the street like a hook. He arrived at the table in front of Xiao Chen and threw his butt onto the chair. Then he said with a stutter, “B-b-bro… you se-se-se-seem… rather free now.”

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “You are?”

“M-m-me, p-p-p…-people call… m-me the butcher, n-n-n-n-no, I mean, I am a tiger slaughtering… sp-sp.. specialist.”

Xiao Chen suddenly felt a thump in his heart. He didn’t say anything and looked at him with a smile.

This average looking yet extremely vulgar guy was chasing after the sight of beautiful girls with his slitted eyes. He poured tea for himself without second thought and downed it in one go.

“G-g-go-good tea… t-th…this is definitely the first grade v-ve-vermi-vermilion tea. I-i-it is said that… y-y-young ladies… i-i-in the early m-mo-morning… h-h-harvested… t-th-these… these… these…”

“These soft shoots!” A big guy at the side let out a thunderous roar. He said angrily, “Let me finish your words for you. I almost choked to death because of your stuttering!”

The extremely vulgar and stammering guy nodded and said, “T-th… that’s… that’s r-r-right… That’s what I wa-wa-wanted to say!”

“O-o-oh… my god!” Even the big guy was influenced by his stuttering. After that, he jumped up in anger and said, “If I am to hear you say a few more words, if I don’t’ die from choking, I’ll die from impatience!” The impatient big guy left immediately.

“T-t-that guy… i-i-is… terrible, he l-l-lacks… training!” The self-proclaimed tiger slaughtering specialist unexpectedly revealed a disdainful expression and looked at the big back’s rear view with fury. It was a little out of place when paired with his vulgar look.

“I-i-i-isn’t that… right?” As he spoke, he turned his head to look at the people all around.

As a result, everyone quickly finished their tea and left. Listening to him speak was one kind of torture. It felt as if there was a lump of air trapped in their throat.

“W-w-why… why i-i-is… e-everyone… l-l-leaving?” The vulgar guy stood up and tried to detain the other people.

“Shoo! Shoo! Let go! It’s stifling with you around!” The last official looking guy shook him off and left with a huff and a pull. ⌈1

“H-h-how… how r-r-rude!” The vulgar guy slapped the table in fury and said, “N-n-n… no manners. N-n-no self-restraint. N-no… ethic!”

“Gulp! Gulp!”

Part 2

This guy grabbed the teapot directly and madly poured the content into his mouth. He gulped down the fragrant tea as if it was water. After wiping the tea that leaked from the corner of his mouth, he turned around to face Xiao Chen and said, “I-i-i-isn’t… that… r-r-right, B-b-bro…?”

This guy was really amusing. Xiao Chen did not feel agitated. On the contrary, he couldn’t hold back his laughter anymore after hearing his last word. He laughed and said, “Don’t call me bro, I doubt I am older than you.”

“Hey! Hey! Hey!” The stuttering guy gasped for air, then he shouted angrily, “B-b-bro… b-b-bro…”

“Stop shouting.”

“I-I-I… I didn’t shout! I-I-I… I was s-s-s… s-saying, b-b-b… b-b-b-…brother!” The vulgar guy slammed the desk and finally managed to utter the word “brother”.

“What is your business with me?” Xiao Chen ordered another set of tea. He poured one cup for the stuttering guy, then he poured one for himself.

“I-I-I… a-a-a… already said it, I a-a-am… tiger slaughtering… s-s-s… specialist!” After the vulgar man said these, he was unperturbed and actually stopped speaking, seemingly waiting for Xiao Chen to raise a question. His slitted eyes were glancing to the left and the right of the main street.

Xiao Chen thought that this guy was very interesting. He didn’t have anything to do anyway, so he was not in a rush. After carefreely tasting the tea, he looked at the stream of people on the main street.

The two of them continued to drink is this leisurely manner for an hour. None of them said a thing even after clearing three pots of tea.

After one and a half hour later, the stuttering guy finally couldn’t stand it anymore and opened his mouth, “Y-y-y… you are really t-t-too… too boring. Even after h-h-h… half a day later, you d-d-didn’t say a single word, t-t-too… too boring!”

“Aren’t I waiting for you to speak first?”

“O-o-o… originally… I-I-I… I am the one who… p-p-p… pissed others off! But today, I-I-I… I-I-I… I almost got pissed off by you!”

Xiao Chen absolutely never imagined that, the stuttering guy in front of him was a member of the number one assassin guild, the “Million Chrysus”.

“You are an assassin, and yet you actually dared to reveal yourself under the sunlight. Are you not scared that your career as an assassin would end?”

“T-t-t… that is… the way of an ordinary assassin! W-w-w… who am I? I a-a-am… the future g-g-g… grand assassin!” The stuttering guy before him was very conceited and boasted shamelessly, “I-I-I… I am the daylight’s… a-a-a… assassin! I can h-h-have… an ordinary life. I-I-I… am unrivalled!”

He was a peculiar assassin named Chrysus. He was conceited enough to use the name of the guild as his denomination. But due to his stuttering, it was impossible to judge his true strength. The only thing one could feel from him was vulgarness.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen recalled an event from two years ago. Wasn’t there an assassin called Chrysus who killed the seventh son of the Tiger clan? The same guy who was to be wed to Fairsnow from the Southern Wasteland.

“It’s you.” Xiao Chen smiled.

The ‘Million Chrysus’ was an organization founded since olden times. They had a deep grudge with the Tiger clan. According to legend, the founder of the guild had once tried to assassinate the old ancestor of the Tiger clan. That old White Tiger Saint nearly lost his life as a result. Since then, both parties bore grudges impossible to unravel.

Chrysus fixed his eyes on a beautiful girl with revealing clothes who happened to walk past the main street. Even his soul was almost hooked away by the beauty. However, he still said absentmindedly, “B-b-b… bro, h-h-h… have you recalled who I am? T-the… future grand assassin!”

Part 3

Xiao Chen wanted to laugh yet didn’t. This vulgar guy actually wanted to become a grand assassin… However, if he thought about it carefully, it was also hard to say. Nothing in this world was absolute, and this Chrysus didn’t look like a simple guy.

“Alright alright, let’s hurry and find a pen. With your way of speaking, it’ll take more than two hours to understand what you’re saying.”

With smooth movements, Chrysus nimbly retrieved a slate from the parcel at his back.

“Let us work together to kill that big tiger.” Chrysus quickly carved the words on the slate.

It seemed like he frequently communicated with others like this. His proficiency was beyond the norm.

“He should’ve taken the slate out earlier.” Xiao Chen cursed silently. Then he looked at him with a smile and asked, “Can the two of us take down a demigod?”


He wiped the slate with his hand, the writings on the slate were turned to dust and another set of writings appeared: “The two of us are about enough. If we include Dugu Jianmo, the three of us should be enough to take his head. What’s so special about a demigod? If the three of us use our divine power simultaneously, he is nothing more than a sickly cat.”

“I need to think about this carefully. But…” Speaking until here, Xiao Chen looked at this vulgar guy and asked, “How can I believe you are Chrysus?”

All of a sudden, an aura of death burst out. The ice-cold murderous aura immediately caused the tea maker to pass out and die.


There’s no need to probe more than necessary. This was definitely an aura unique to the assassin.

“B-b-b… brother, it’s a promise. L-l-l… Let u-u-u… us kill the old tiger together!”

“Alright, it’s a deal!”

Just at this time, chaos ensued on the main street. Many pedestrian ran over there. While some of the women ran the other way with their child.

Xiao Chen called one of the child into the teahouse. He gave him two pieces of gold coins and asked, “Kid, what is happening?”

The Ox… the Ox King is here. Granny said that the guardian of the underworld has come to reap our souls.”

“N-n-n… Nonsense! H-h-h… how could the guardians of the underworld show up in broad daylight?” The slitted eyes of Chrysus widened.

“It’s true. That Ox King is really strong. He has defeated many practitioners. He even wanted to reap the soul of a person called Xiao Shishui.”

Xiao Chen let the kid go, then he faced Chrysus and said, “Let’s go take a look.”

At the bustling crossroads, a seemingly honest fatty with two horns growing from his head stood there. He looked like the reincarnation of a kindhearted Ox King. And beside him was a banner with these letters: Challenging Xiao Shishui.

“This guy…” Xiao Chen never thought Oxman had actually arrived at Yindu and used this kind of method to find him.

He must have already learned about the battle from the other day. He could trick the others with the Telepathic Sword Wave, Seal of Aquarius, etc., but he couldn’t deceive the little fatty. He was also proficient in many of these skills. He should’ve already guessed the true identity of this Xiao Shishui.

Part 4

“What, an old enemy?” Chrysus smiled and said, “L-l-l… Let me help you finish him off.”

“No need.”

However, he was already too late. The seemingly vulgar Chrysus already faded into thin air at that very instance. Even Xiao Chen was shocked by his speed.

Oxman, who was lifting the banner, seemed to have sensed something. He instantly soared into the sky. A huge demonic bull materialized behind him. The mountain-sized black bull caused everyone to be terrified. It possessed an indistinguishable magic power.

With a moo, the huge demonic bull swooped down. It caused the street below to break up.


Chrysus’ figure emerged as he fell back. The huge demonic bull also returned to its position behind Oxman after that single strike.

“My god, it’s really the Ox King!”

“It’s a living ghost. The guardian of the underworld has come into being in broad daylight.”

Many women and childrens wailed as they ran towards the distant. As for those with some courage and a few practitioners looked on with curiosity.

Chrysus silently moved back to Xiao Chen’s side and said, “T-t-t… This ox-headed man is v-v-v… very… unusual.”

“Who are you calling ox-headed man, you and your family are the one with ox-head!” Oxman already landed on the ground. The huge Demonic Bull was sucked into his body. He destroyed the banner with a light slap and walked over with large strides.

After seeing Xiao Chen, the little fatty immediately started to chuckle. However, when he looked at Chrysus, his chubby face immediately puffed up.

“Since we are on the same side, let us change our location first.” Xiao Chen hastily pulled the two and squeezed out of the crowd.

Only until they covered a good distance did Xiao Chen finally say, “I didn’t expect you would leave so quickly. Where’s the black dragon?”

“It is in the deep mountains around Yindu. I have no choice but to leave at an earlier time.” Speaking until here, the little fatty was very dejected. He said in annoyance, “The cow horn on my head is growing faster with each passing day. And now… sniff sniff… I can’t even cut it off with a sword anymore. Those bunch of gramps and grannies say it is a good thing. They wouldn’t help me get rid of it. I had no choice but to come out to take a look and see if I can find a way to make it grow smaller.”

Oxman had a bitter expression.

“It really cannot be cut off?” Surprisingly, the stuttering guy spoke very smoothly. His eyes gleamed and one of his hands stretched towards the cow horn. He chuckled and said, “It really is an excellent material to forge the Overcast Dagger.”

“Stand aside, you wretched stuttering guy.” Oxman pushed him to the side and patted his two feet long black horns in annoyance.

“Just let nature take its course.” Xiao Chen tried to comfort Oxman.

The little fatty was an optimists. He quickly pushed the problem regarding the cow horn to the side. Then he excitedly said to Xiao Chen, “Brother Shishui, do you know why I came to Yindu? One of our old acquaintance is here. Do you still remember Rowena? She’s at the Spellbind Castle. I hear that she is very close to the Flower Overqueen over there.”

Part 5

Oxman couldn’t reveal Xiao Chen’s identity in front of Chrysus, but there was no problem to transmit some news.

“S-s-s… Spellbind… C-c-c-c… Castle?” Hearing those words, Chrysus’ slitted eyes immediately gave off dangerous glints.

“S-s-s, Spell your head. You can’t even speak smoothly. That is a place only true men can go, do you think a wretched guy like you have the qualification?” Oxman just couldn’t stand Chrysus.

“O-o-o… ox-headed man… y-y-you… d-d-d-d… don’t go too far. I-i-if you don’t believe it, w-w-why don’t we give it a try?”

“What’s there to try with that vulgar look of yours that even your gramps and uncles dislike. Even if you go, you will be chased away with a broom. That is not a place you can go even if you have money.”

“B-b-b… you *******! I-I-I…” Speaking until here, Chrysus quickly retrieved the slate and carved some words on it. Otherwise he’d be choked to death by himself.

“Let’s settle it once and for all, let’s go the the Spellbind Castle and see who is the real man. No matter what is said and done, I can jerk off thirteen times in one night…”

“Pooey, you f**king pervert, it’s more believable if you say thirteen seconds.” Although fatty Oxman looked naive, his mouth was very sharp.

Xiao Chen laughed out loud. He stopped their bickering and said, “Let’s go, our destination is the Spellbind Castle.”

The Spellbind Castle looked just like the palace of the royals. It occupied a vast amount of land. From afar, it looked like Temple in Heaven extending forever into the distance. One could imagine how much influence they held, otherwise how would Yindu allow them to build this kind of palace on their territory?

All the visitors here were wealthy and respectable people. Anywhere you look, you could find an influential figure walking into the VIP room.

After ascending from the white marble steps and entering the imposing hall at the centermost, one could see a lavish, richly ornamented building.

At the moment, it was already close to nightfall. The crystal lamp flickered with an illusory light, making this bejeweled jade palace look even more illustrious in contrast.

There was a two meter tall jade displayed on the other side of the screen. It was sparkling and translucent. One look and anyone could tell it was a priceless treasure.

And on the wall, there was even a scroll with the verse the Sword Saint Li Bai personally inscribed. It was absolutely not a counterfeit.

A courtesan who was assigned to take care of the guests walked over seductively with a veil covering her face. Following behind her were few pretty girls from various races.

The girls from the west had snow-white skin as smooth as the baby’s. They had tall stature and their long blond hair was as bright and beautiful as the sunshine. The girls from the east had smooth black hair that flowed like waterfall. Their bright eyes and white teeth were attractive. And they had the right curves at the right place. The fox ladies of the beastmen tribe were very lovely. Just a coquettish glance from them had already stolen the heart of Chrysus. Not to mention that soft and fluffy tail…

The eight ladies of different races were all extremely charming. Their smiles were well worth dying for.

“Hehe… honored guest, this way please.” The courtesan let out a cute giggle and welcomed them with eight young ladies.

Oxman whispered in a low voice, “Why are you still covering your face, why not let us see it?”

Part 6

Chrysus took out the slate and quickly carved some words on it, “Idiot, you don’t even understand this. So you are actually a virgin…”

Oxman snickered, “When the great me is doing it, who knows which poor girl is being peeped by a vulgar man like you. Just save your strength, I don’t need you to give a presentation.” Speaking until here, the little fatty seemed to have recalled something and said, “I hear Dugu Jianmo is also at Yindu. It would be interesting if we let that cold-blooded guy come to this kind of place.”

Hearing this, Xiao Chen smiled and said, “It just so happens that I have something to discuss with him, it’s not a bad idea.” He turned his head to face the courtesan and said, “Do you think you girls will be able to help?”

“Of course there is no problem. All the honored guests here are synonymous to ancestor gods to us.” The courtesan answered with a smile.

Seeing that Xiao Chen really went ahead to invite Dugu Jianmo, Oxman started to chuckle when he imagined that cold-blooded guy coming to this kind of place. Then, as if he just recalled some other thing, he said, “I hear the chick, Yan Qingcheng, is also at Yindu. She is but a world class beauty. How about brother Shishui invite her as well?”

The courtesan covered her mouth and laughed. The eight sexy ladies behind her also laughed with cute gesture. They felt that this little fatty was absolutely disgraceful. Who in their right mind would take a girl to this kind of place?

At this time, Oxman found that the wretched Chrysus was laughing at him. At the same time, he could also feel cold gazes directed at him from the street.

He turned around to look, who could that be other than Yan Qingcheng herself?

Yan Qingcheng, Frosty, and the third princess just happened to pass through. Since the Spellbind Castle was too popular, the third princess had no choice but to give a short introduction of the place when they passed by.

When Yan Qingcheng saw Oxman’s face, she covered her mouth in shock. Her anger had been curbed for the time being as she whispered, “Ox-head… how did he turn into an ox-head?”

She had a distinct memory of this abominable fatty. Back when they were still on the dragon island, this silly-looking guy was not easy to deal with.

“Lass Yan… oh, that’s not right, younger sister Yan, how are you? It’s only been a few years, and you have become much more beautiful compared to your past self. You are indeed a peerless beauty. Incomparably charming, blah, blah, blah…” Oxman was shooting his mouth off with praise after praise.

“Swish” A silver hairpin flew over and interrupted his words. Yan Qingcheng’s face was beet red as she looked at the men with pure anger.

“Yan-yan… yan-yan… yan-yan… You are too beautiful!” The wretched Chrysus also didn’t want to lag behind as he opened his mouth to shoot off praises. He didn’t manage to spit out the “Lady” part of “Lady Yan”, so he just cut it off. Fortunately, the following words flowed out smoothly.

However, because of this, the meaning was not at all the same. Instead of called her Lady Yan, he called her intimately with a nickname, ‘Yan Yan’. This caused Yan Qingcheng’s cheeks to turn red from anger. She was itching to grab this vulgar guy and beat him up.

She was gnashing her teeth at the street. She was actually beset by three guys who were visiting the brother. This was really humiliating.

“Ah…” He wanted to call Frosty, but the vulgar guy stuttered again, “Frost-frost… frost-frost… frost-frost, you are also very beautiful!”

He did it again and called Frosty with a seemingly intimate nickname, which caused her countenance to change.

“G-Gr… Gra-gran… grandpa…” Chrysus’ face turned red from anxiety. However, he just couldn’t spell out the “cess” of “princess”. He pointed at the third princess and said with clenched teeth, “Grandpa… is also very beautiful!” ⌈2

While the third princess was angry, she also came to realize something, so she didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

The crowd who happened to pass through were laughing their hearts out. In the hall, the courtesan and the eight girls were already tearing up from suppressed laughter.

While Xiao Chen was laughing in his mind, he shouted: Genius! ⌈3

Oxman already crouched down and slammed the ground as he laughed with no restrain.


  1. Yea, I can totally relate man… it feels so stifling whenever I translate his dialog >w< 
  2. Word play at work here.
    公主 = princess
    公公 = grandpa

    Chrysus was unable to spell out the “主” of 公主, so he kept repeating the two words: 公公 
  3. Just to clarify, he shouted in his mind, the word didn’t leave Xiao Chen’s mouth. 

Chapter 240 – Masterplan

Part 1

There would inevitably be a day when young eagle had to spread their wings and fly towards their own world, distancing themselves from their parents. From then on, the lone eagle would take to the sky and travel far away.

There would also be a day when men reaches adulthood. Everyone had their own different paths. For their dream, for their future, they would pave their own path. A day would come when they had to leave their family and friends.

Twenty three to twenty four years were the golden age for practitioners. To hone their skills, they would travel to foreign land without looking back. Doing so would make themselves stronger, both physically and mentally.

“Maybe… I will stay in the Shang Dynasty for a very long time. Three years ago, during the Celestial City’s warbeast tournament, the third princess had graced us with her presence. I was already acquainted with her at that time, but I didn’t know she is a princess. When I arrived at Yindu this time, she invited me to stay for a few months.” The beautiful Yan Qingcheng said with slight sentiment, “I wonder if we’ll have a chance to meet up again in the future.”

That’s right, it was hard to promise anything, because the immortal’s mainland was really too vast. Who could be sure that no accident would occur during their journey?

“My first destination is definitely the Shang Empire.” Lazio wanted to learn how to recite poet and travel all over the world. Then he continued, “The Shang Dynasty is one of the five major states, it has occupied at least sixteen percent of the entire territory. I think I will be staying at the Shang Empire for a really long time.”

“So are we.” Aqua, Frosty, and Tenvis nodded at the same time.

“I will travel to various regions of Shang Dynasty.” Dugu Jianmo announced. Then he looked at Xiao Chen and said, “Xiao Shishui, you ought to leave soon. There’s a ‘strong tiger’ in Yindu. If you are too late, you might run into trouble.”

“I already know that. When I just entered the Lunar Pavilion, I’ve already heard people talking about it.” Xiao Chen downed one cup by himself, and said, “So what if he is a strong tiger. If he dares to find me, I intend to take his head with me.”

Hearing these, the expressions of everyone in the private room changed.

Dugu Jianmo looked at him and didn’t say anything.

The blue-haired pretty boy Lazio said with a grave expression, “I heard that person might have entered the realm of demigod already. Even if you have powerful divine abilities, there differences in level are still too much. I fear that it will be extremely difficult to take him down.”

Windfeathers nodded and said, “It is better to withdraw temporarily. The people from Tiger clan is very venomous. Xiao Chen should have learned his lesson from three years ago.”

Hearing the name, Yan Qingcheng felt somewhat unnatural as she recalled certain events of the past.

“It won’t hurt. With me and Dugu Jianmo combined, it should be enough I suppose.”

“The two of you combined?” Everyone at the scene was very surprised. Even Dugu Jianmo himself was shocked. He never expected Xiao Chen would say something like this.

“What, all of these started because of you, how can you pull out at times like this?” Xiao Chen looked at Dugu Jianmo with a smile.

“Very well, I will not leave Yindu for at least one month.” Dugu Jianmo didn’t hesitate and made such a promise.

Windfeathers and the others asked, “Is there anything we can do to help?”

Xiao Chen shook his head, and said, “The two of us should be enough.”

Part 2

“We are not in a rush anyway. We won’t be leaving that soon. Getting rid of a demigod before departure could be considered a beautiful tale.” Lazio added.

Xiao Chen continued, “You guys belong to a faction, unlike me and Dugu Jianmo, who are all alone. If this matter become known, it will stick to you for a lifetime.”

“Hehe, no matter. Let’s talk about this again when the time comes.”

Because of this matter, the sad atmosphere of parting had momentarily been dispelled.

There was no such thing as a never-ending banquet in this world. In the end, everyone became a little drunk. Even beauties like Yan Qingcheng and Frosty had a flush on their lily-white faces.

The time for parting had arrived. Only that, they were stunned the moment they pushed the door open. The stairs leading downstairs had been filled to the brim. Bosch, Chen Hanggin, Yin Feng, and many others had been waiting for a long time.

Xiao Chen even noticed Chulain at the back of the crowd. It was the very same Chulain who possessed the outstanding Destiny Twin divine ability. And beside him was a handsome youth with indistinguishable power.

“Brother Xiao, wait a minute. Let us have a little chat.” Bosch walked over.

“Brother Dugu, our meeting must be the work of fate. Please, come over here.” Chen Hanggin stepped forward.

“Miss Qingcheng and Lady Frosty are as beautiful as the fairies. Please, have a sit here.” Yin Feng also called out intimately.

A group of people encircled them. Their aim was clearly to retain Xiao Chen’s group.

“He-he-he…” Chulain laughed and walked forward with Yanzalp. Other than the few from supreme clans, the others involuntarily get out of the way. Yindu’s Heroic Four had shaken the imperial capital, who was not afraid of them?

“No discord, no concord. How about coming to my mansion for a while?” Chulain was calm and easygoing. He didn’t bear the shame of a loser.

“Okay, but not today.” Xiao Chen tactfully refused.

Yanzalp looked at Xiao Chen, then he looked at Dugu Jianmo. His eyes emitted a sharp glint, but he only nodded without saying anything in the end. On the contrary, he seemed more interested in Yan Qingcheng and Frosty. He actually ordered someone to go and prepare gifts for them.

“Brother Xiao…”

Just at this time, one guy pushed through the crowds, and he even crossed over Chulain and Yanzalp.

“It’s you.” Xiao Chen shot a cold glare at him. He recognized this person. He was Yutong, the bodyguard of the third princess. That night, he led a group of people to block his path in the sky. At that time, he was very arrogant and despotic.

“Brother Xiao, please forgive me.” Yutong bowed awkwardly and said, “Brother Xiao, I beg your forgiveness. Please let bygones be bygones. Today, I am here on behalf of the third princess to send an invitation Brother Xiao and Brother Dugu.”

Dugu Jianmo was very silent. From start until now, he didn’t say a single word.

Xiao Chen shook his head and said, “We still have matters to attend to, maybe next time.”

Hearing these, the bodyguard panicked and almost knelt down on impulse, “Brother Xiao, it is my fault. I was too rude three days ago. I will apologize to you here and now. Please, you have got to help me. Otherwise the third princess will kill me. She only wanted to invite you all to a simple gathering. There are no ulterior motives.”

Part 3

Seeing that Xiao Chen remain unmoved. Yutong lowered his voice and whispered, “The third princess had already made the ‘strong tiger’ to back out. I know Brother Xiao can handle the situation by yourself, but this is after all, the kind regards of the princess, so please…”

This news was very unexpected to Xiao Chen. He nodded in the end and said, “Alright.”

“Brother Dugu…” Following that, Yutong walked in front of Dugu Jianmo and whispered something.

“Hmph, I don’t need any sword manual!” Dugu Jianmo snorted.

“Rather than a sword manual, it is a…” Yutong hurriedly tried to explain.

“Fine, I’ll go.” Out of everyone’s expectation, Dugu Jianmo actually agreed to go with a nod.

It was obvious that Yutong had made preparations beforehand. Next, he also made Lazio, Windfeathers, and the others agreed to go with him.

The rich kids of Yindu were all dumbstruck, this… third princess really knows how to play her hands, she actually caught all of them in one go and invited them to her residence.

In fact, everyone only had eyes for Xiao Chen and Dugu Jianmo. As for Windfeathers and the others, they were only for the purpose of putting the two at ease. Of course, it was a different story for Yan Qingcheng and Frosty due to their good looks.

Even if it was just a vacation home, it was very impressive. How could the residence of the third princess not be so?

Walking on the path laid out by cobblestones, they passed through the garden, crossed over a stone bridge, and arrived at a lotus pond. Following the winding path on the surface of the pond, they arrived at a pavilion.

There, they found a girl in white dress sitting in front of the musical stage. Although she her face was covered by a veil, it was easy to guess how beautiful she was with that delicate body of hers, as well as that pair of clear eyes. Moreover, her beauty might possibly be at divine level.

Xiao Chen and Dugu Jianmo didn’t have the intention to show any courtesy, the third princess also didn’t mind. She smiled and invited them to sit down. She even intimately invited Yan Qingcheng to sit beside her.

“I had wanted to recruit all of you as my servants, but I’ve changed my mind. Everyone here is an elite, how would you all willingly agree to serve other people. I, Yinying, only wish to make friends with all of you.”

“The princess is too courteous. To be able to make friends with the princess is our honor.” The blue-haired pretty boy Lazio smiled. His handsome face was filled with a calm expression. He came from a major clan in the Southern Wasteland, he was most familiar with this kind of strategy to get closer by pushing the others away.

“Hehe, Lord Lazio is really extraordinarily handsome. If you were to visit the major clans in Yindu, I’m afraid that the standard for choosing a spouse among the ladies will increase by several levels.” The third princess smiled lightly and said, “I have news that Lord Lazio might be particularly interested in. The fairy Lan Nuo had once showed up in my Shang Dynasty. I have already invited the person in the know. If Lord Lazio wanted to know more, please go and ask him in detail.”

“Many thanks!” Lazio expressed his heartfelt gratitude and left with the guidance of a maid. Even Xiao Chen was surprised by this news. If not for hiding his identity, he would have follow after them to inquire.

“Windfeathers, you are an outstanding person among mankind. Although you have suffered crushing defeats in Yindu, I want you to believe me that the men in my Yindu do not have evil intention. They are only a little rough with their ways. I beg you to forgive them. I know you have outstanding talent. Only a few can reach your level, and you even train in the Demon Beast Art. That is a secret art that once lord over the whole world. The only reason you lost is because you don’t have a powerful beast soul. If you have the help of a quality beast soul, I fear that only a few among the youths can match up to you. I have a rare beast soul sealed in my mansion house, don’t refuse, you can go and have a look first. Who knows, you might be able to reap some benefits.”

Windfeathers saluted and left.

Xiao Chen couldn’t help but let out a sigh. This third princess really knows how to play her hands.

Part 4

The third princess smiled lightly. She faced Tenvis and said, “I know you came from the Cloudfire Hall of the West. Not long ago, someone had given me a treasure. It is said that the divine pearl came from the Cloudfire Hall.”

Tenvis jumped up with in shock and said with shaky voice, “Is it the Cloudfire Pearl?”

“Maybe… you can go take a look yourself.”

Tenvis bowed deeply and left in a hurry.

“Young Frosty, I have a lot of moisturizer here, it can make you look young forever.”

“Eh, really?” Frosty’s pretty face immediately welled up with envy.

“Of course it is true. Come, sit beside big sister. Later, I will give you and Sister Qingcheng three bottles each. Frosty walked with graceful steps and moved towards the third princess with a smiling face.

Aqua frowned and wanted to condemn his younger sister. However, he couldn’t do it in front of so many people. This girl… she actually got bribed by three bottles of moisturizer. Seriously… it made him feel so speechless.

“Brother Aqua, I have a complete copy of the Water God Style here…”


Aqua no longer rebuked his younger sister as he quickly left with a palace maid.

The third princess looked at Xiao Chen with a smile, then she looked at Dugu Jianmo. She sighed and said, “The both of you are wise and able persons. The two of you have a really promising future. I really wanted you both to stay behind and serve me, but I know that your ambition is not the position and wealth of the secular world. Sigh, it really is such a pity.”

The two of them didn’t have anything to say in response.

“Three years ago, when I visited the Celestial City. I have asked one man if he was willing to come to the north with me. I can give him riches and honor beyond his wildest imagination. Looking at the both of you, I started to recall his appearance as he refused without the slightest hesitation. It was such a pity. If he is still alive, I think he wouldn’t be weaker than any of you…”

Speaking until here, the third princess felt a little regretful.

Dugu Jianmo kept his silence. Xiao Chen on the other hand, had a different feeling. He was already sure of it, the third princess was the owner of Goldie. The past events from three years ago quickly flooded his mind.

Yan Qingcheng could guess who the third princess was referring to. She opened her mouth, but didn’t say anything in the end.

“Many thanks to the third princess for hindering that strong tiger.” Xiao Chen cupped his hands to express his gratitude.

“No need to thank me, I just don’t want… the tragedy from three years ago to happen again. Personally, there are some clans that I don’t like.” The third princess heaved a sigh.

Xiao Chen had no choice to admit that the third princess might really be sincere. Or perhaps her acting was just too perfect. These simple words had already cleared all of his misunderstanding. The good opinions of the third princess continued to rise.

Of course, this was not the passionate feeling between man and woman. This was but the feeling of admiration for someone capable.

With a flash of gold light, Goldie appeared in the pavilion as if it had just teleported here. It circled around Xiao Chen three times and scratched its cheeks afterward. It had a dubious expression and looked somewhat amusing.

Part 5

On the other hand, Xiao Chen shivered with cold, He hastily restrained all of his aura.

“Hehe…” Seeing his expression, the third princess giggled and called out, “Goldie, come over here…”

Goldie appeared in front of the third princess with a whoosh. After receiving the Amethyst Ginseng from the third princess, it immediately gnawed on it.

Xiao Chen was speechless. So that’s why, not only did Goldie manage to redevelop its Shadow Partner, it even became more powerful. It was because the third princess always feed it with these kind of thing. Even when compared to Keke’s snacks, it was not to be outdone.

Looking at Goldie, he started to miss Keke and wished that the little beast could come back soon.

“Brother Xiao, although I have already send someone to warn the strong tiger, you still need to be more careful. After all, this clan always conduct their activities without qualms. You need to be more vigilant against them.”

“Thanks, I know.” Xiao Chen nodded.

“Brother Dugu, I know that sword is your everything.” The third princess smiled and continued, “I know that you do not cherish any sword style. That’s why I’ve specifically searched for three different records of swordplay, personally left behind by Zhang Sanfeng.”

Hearing that it was left behind by Zhang Sanfeng, not only Dugu Jianmo, even Xiao Chen was moved.

“There are three ancient statues, each of these stone statue has three sword scars.” The third princess clapped her hands. Two warrior carefully moved one of the ancient statue into the pavilion.

The stone statue was marked by the passing of time. It had clearly experienced the wear and tear of endless years.

The sword scars at the head, chest, and leg immediately attracted Dugu Jianmo’s attention. He walked over with large strides.

“Hehe… back then, when a sword master faced one of these stone statues, he trained for thirty years straight. Therefore, I have only moved one stone statue here today. If Brother Dugu wants to see the other two statues, you are free to do so at any time.”

Dugu Jianmo could no longer register anything she said as he inspected the stone statue carefully.

Xiao Chen knew that Dugu Jianmo had also fallen into the hands of the third princess.

The third princess Yinying smiled lightly. Soon after, she turned her head to face Xiao Chen and said, “Brother Xiao is currently training his heart in the secular world?”

“That’s right.”

“My teacher told me once. To train the heart in the secular world, a man must go to the battleground. If a man didn’t get to experience the mass slaughter of the battlefield, that would be a lifetime of regret.”

“The battleground is not the only place to train the heart. As for regret… everyone’s life is filled with regret. It is unavoidable. There is no need to meticulously spread out my path so long as I continue going forward without flinching.”

Although that’s what he said, Xiao Chen couldn’t help but admit going to the battleground was the dream of every man. He felt that he really need to enter the battleground for his next stop, but he didn’t want to go there by means of the third princess.

Xiao Chen left the third princess’ residence by himself. The others had been retained by the third princess’ clever ploy. And since he owed the third princess a favor, it was impossible for him to walk away from it.

Just at this time, someone rushed over quickly and said, “Lord, someone made me deliver this letter to you.”

Xiao Chen opened the letter, there was only one sentence: The moment you leave Yindu is the moment you die.

The inscription is the image of a tiger.

Xiao Chen laughed out out, then his expression turned cold and said to the delivery boy: “Tell him, don’t wait outside of Yindu, I will certainly take his head in this city within ten days!”

The same thing happened again, but Xiao Chen was no longer the same Xiao Chen from back then. At worst, he would just retreat, change his appearance again, and hide among the multitude of people.


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Chapter 239 – Mental State

Part 1

Xiao Shishui defeated Chulain of the Heroic Four. This news was like a gale as it spread throughout the Shang Dynasty’s capital city in a single night. This was undoubtedly a sensational news.

The Heroic Four were almost unrivalled among the youth generation. The names had shaken the Shang Dynasty for several years. They were invincible and practically unparalleled. Even those who were one generation older than them might not necessarily be able to win against them.

The Warbeast Palaces, casinos Spellbind Castle, Moonflower Castle… and all the practitioners were talking about this matter. The travelling artist Xiao Shishui had become famous in Yindu overnight.

In particular, the grown-up generation was more concerned about this matter after learning the news. Chulain was a prominent figure among the youth generation, for him to lose like this, it was definitely a major event.

“The Destiny Twins are known to be invincible. With the Deathgod’s Scythe and Heavenly Wheel paired up, just how many people can stand up against them? However, he was defeated by a travelling artist who appeared out of nowhere. We must him that artist at all cost.”

“Let’s see if we can make use of this Xiao Shishui.”

After they received the report, many clans issued orders with similar meaning. A youth expert like this would definitely become an absolute powerhouse in the future. If he was educated efficiently, it was extremely possible for him to stand at the top among his peers. How could these major clans not recruit him?

Eightfold Worlds had only been revealed to the public eyes for the first time, and it had already become well known in this region.

In addition to that, Xiao Chen’s origin had become all the more mysterious due to his proficiency in various seal techniques. These five powerful seal techniques possessed indescribable power and had once shocked the heaven and earth.

Not only that, the extremely destructive Telepathic Sword Wave had once intimidated the whole world during a certain era. Adding on to that, there’s even the Yin-Yang Seal. All of these seemed to indicate that… Xiao Chen’s origin was very complicated. He should have the backing of several world-renowned experts, otherwise how could he have learned all of these long lost skills?

This was a very restless night for Yindu. Regardless of the casinos or the brothels, every practitioner was discussing about this matter.

And it was also during this night that everyone learned of another matter. Yanzalp of the Heroic Four would be back in three more days. The urgent letter Chulain received in the middle of the fight was delivered by him.

This news made everyone very excited. Chulain of the Heroic Four had been defeated, would Yanzalp stick out for him? Not for vengeance, but to give him some face.

After all, the Heroic Four were close friends to begin with. Since Yanzalp would be coming back, how could he look on without lifting a finger? Since that was the case, the following days in Yindu would definitely be very fantastic.

Furthermore, there was still one more piece of news that only the scions of renowned clans knew of. There was a “strong tiger” from Middle Earth’s Tiger clan in town. Once he learned that two “young tigers” were killed, they believed that the “strong tiger” from the world-renowned Tiger clan would not be able to sit still much longer…

Many people were bound to suffer from insomnia this night. That was because of their expectations for the following days.

The lakeside had already quieten down. Everyone had left a long time ago. It was already very late at night.

The bright moonlight shone upon the lake. A soft and gentle radiance circulated in the clear Moon Lake. It looked like a piece of shiny gem. With the reflection of the moonlight, this place had been shrouded by a layer of faint mist. It was beautiful beyond words.

A small boat was slowly drifting on the Moon Lake, creating ripples as it drifted. The ripples broke the reflection of the moonlight into tiny pieces of jade.

Part 2

Xiao Chen sat at the bow of the boat all by himself, admiring the moon as he drink. What was absent was the joy of victory, the only thing present was a feeling of emptiness. When everyone was making a racket out there, he was at the Moon Lake alone.

During the battle, he did indeed felt a surge of strong emotion. At that moment, he was full of mettle. He wholeheartedly devoted his life to the passionate confrontation, allowing his flower of life to bloom fully. During that life and death confrontation, he tasted the true meaning of life and death. He felt a passion and caused his blood to race.

However, after the extreme showdown was over. When his strong emotion gradually waned, when his thrilling sensation gradually cooled down, all he felt instead was tiredness and emptiness.

Everyone was making a racket out there, yet he was all by his lonesome self.

Even if the whole world was cheering for him, his lonesome feeling still couldn’t be changed.

Fame, he already attained it. Money, he easily obtained.


An exciting but a lonely life, that’s what he was feeling right now.

His back leaned against the boat’s railing. With the bronze cup in hand, he faced the moon and drank. Xiao Chen’s face was full of loneliness and solitude.

He was already a little drunk. While facing the hazy moonlight, he felt a little lost.

What is the meaning of immortality? Being invincible and living an eternal life might not really be a fortune. In those long years, what they might face were nothing but hardship and loneliness.

Perhaps, attaining immortality before the age of forty and “returning home” to take a look was his only pushing force.

However, thinking about it carefully, his white-haired parents were not that healthy to begin with. Would he still be able to meet them if he were to return twenty years later?

And his ex-girlfriend in the human world, who would be her partner after twenty years?

[I used up my youth to train, but I can’t see nor predict the future… is this worth it?]

Xiao Chen silently gazed at the moon by himself. He felt very tired all of a sudden. It was as if there was an invisible chain firmly tying him up.

[Should I go back…?]

Imagining the scene twenty years later, he suddenly felt his conviction collapsing. That all of his effort and struggle were in vain. His hope had turned into illusions. While facing these depressing fragments… he wondered if he should still continue to struggle.

He was drunk!

Xiao Chen was drunk indeed.

His mind was in disorder and he started to let his imagination run wild. His hardened heart was softened at this moment.

He actually started to doubt if there was any meaning behind his training.

Immortality? Live as long as the heaven and earth, shine as bright as the sun and moon, never dying and overlooking all living things.

Part 3

However, apart from these, was there anything else?

Loneliness and isolation were always one’s companion. Would these be the ultimate conclusion?

The world of mortals was full of charm and vitality. As such, was there any meaning to pursue immortality? Perhaps, just living a simple life and live out this life happily would be for the best.

[Who cares about heaven’s collapse or the underworld’s upheaval. Who cares about the death of ancestor gods or the calamity to enfold. I will just live my life free and unfettered, that will be more than enough.]

The the center of the Moon Lake, Xiao Chen gazed at the bright moon alone. After the midnight, this place appeared particularly unfrequented. It was extremely quiet.

The boat drifted with the waves.

Since who knows when, Xiao Chen suddenly heard the sound of swords clashing in his dreamy state.

Lifting his head to take a look, a girl actually flew past the lake. Although her posture was graceful, her killer move was launched straight towards the sky.


The beautiful yet heart-wrenching singing voice spread throughout the surrounding. It immediately caused Xiao Chen to sober up. For some reason, it felt as if he could see a very powerful army. His cooled down blood suddenly began to boil again.


It was as if Xiao Chen had been struck by lightning. His blood began to race in a flash. He was moved by the song and magnificent aspiration actually welled up in an instant. He felt as if he could go and shake up the ancestor gods between heaven and earth.

The intermittent song seemed to have ignited Xiao Chen’s fighting spirit. It caused the perplexed him to find his ego once more. This was a battle song for the men. It immediately boosted his morale.

Although the lyrics was awkward, that kind of artistic conception was already enough to cause his blood to boil and completely recover his mind.

Life was like a song. How could a man hesitate and be at a loss? They must allow the flower of life to bloom. They must be full of fighting spirit and stand upright between the heaven and earth. They must make their life brim with magnificent colors.

It didn’t matter what the future held, it was fine to disregard the conclusion. The most important thing was that he had already tried his best.

Xiao Chen hardened his heart and decided to continue moving forward without changing his direction. Unwavering from start to finish, continue to press forward.

Everyone was like this, it was impossible to stay simple and pure. Everyone had a complicated mind. And Xiao Chen was also the same. After a brief moment of loneliness, he began to feel hot blooded again, feeling even more confident than before.

The song slowly came to a stop. And that dream-like beauty also disappeared from the Moon Lake.

“Qing Qing… is that you?”

Part 4

“After the battle, I actually got possessed by the devil and narrowly destroyed my mind, that was too close!” Xiao Chen lamented.

He stood at the bow of the ship and looked at the starry sky alone. His gaze was firm and his will was as hard as steel. Xiao Chen was full of vigor. He was currently at the peak of Historia Sixth Celestial Layer, though it felt as if he could breakthrough at any time.

“Train the mind at the human world, that is a wise decision indeed.”

Xiao Chen felt convinced. He decided to vigorously continue this path down the human world. Hundred forms of life were waiting for him.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye. Xiao Chen tossed the evil twin’s head into the Moon lake. Chulain’s evil counterpart immediately showed up. He cupped his hands at Xiao Chen and left as though he was flying.

Although three days was a very short duration of time, it was more than enough for Xiao Chen to become the most well-known figure in Yindu.

Chulain’s evil twin was really sealed for three days. While everyone was shocked, they also couldn’t help but to admire his courage. He was really extraordinary to have the guts to restrain a young lord.

After quietly meditating at the Moon Lake for three days, Xiao Chen’s mental state had once again advanced by one level. His Spiritual Power had broke through to Historia’s Seventh Layer before his physical power’s advancement.

He jumped up suddenly and left the boat behind him. With the Eightfold’s extreme speed, Xiao Chen instantly appeared on Yindu’s main street. The sky was still the same, the clouds were no less different, but what changed was his mental state. These three days felt like a snap of the fingers.

Some of the supreme clans desired to settle in Yinxu City, but there were many things to consider. Apart from strategic location and economy, the most important factor was the ancient secrets.

According to legend, ancestor gods like Fuxi had once settled in Yinxu City during the distant past. The historical remains they left behind were long lasting.

Reportedly, this place had a hidden treasure. It might also be the burial ground of the gods. Above the sky, the dragon-qi lingered on. Below the ground, the dragon vein was ingrained.

Xiao Chen didn’t plan to leave Yindu for a short period of time. He had already visited the historical site of Fuxi. He still wanted to visit the other historical sites.

Unconsciously, Xiao Chen had arrived at the Lunar Pavilion again. He laughed involuntarily. A human’s habit sure was a scary thing. He had only been here twice, but under an aimless circumstances, he actually arrived at this place.

Since he was already here, there was no reason not to go in.

The instant he arrived at the ninth floor, Xiao Chen suddenly realized. Xiao Shishui could be considered as a celebrity now, if he was to go up like this, wouldn’t it be inappropriate?

However, it was already too late. Everyone’s gaze was already focused on him. The originally noisy building suddenly turned deadly silent.

Following closely, friendly words of greetings were spat out:

“Brother Xiao, this way please…”

“Greeting to Brother Shishui, please come over…”

A group of rich kids instantly encircled him. Many people wished to invite him as a guest. He had been missing for several days, just to appear at this place all of a sudden, how could they not step forward to worm their way into being friends.

This was but the expert who defeated Chulain. He wiped out the Destiny Twins with Eightfold Worlds. He was worthy of the supreme clan’s attention.

Part 5

The people at the pavilion were still the same. Xiao Chen saw Yin Feng, Bosch, and Chen Hanggin. He also saw Yan Qingcheng, Lazio, Frosty, Aqua, Tenvis, and the others in a certain private room.

However, it was a little different today. The rich kids of Yindu was no longer overbearing. They did not ridicule the experts from other continents anymore. The battle three days ago had completely crushed their arrogant attitude. First, several powerful experts were single-handedly defeated by Dugu Jianmo. Following that, Xiao Chen defeated Chulain, who was one of the Heroic Four.

“Xiao Shishui, come over here.”

The door to one of the private room opened. Dugu Jianmo carried the ******* sword on his back and leaned on the door.

Xiao Chen smiled as he cupped his hands at everyone. Then he walked towards Dugu Jianmo and entered the private room with him.

The ninth floor suddenly became noisy. Dugu Jianmo was also one of the target everyone was looking for. They didn’t expect that he was also at the Lunar Pavilion. Bosch, Chen Hanggin, Yin Feng, and the others each had their own plan.

And the door of another private room also closed at this moment. Yanzalp of the Heroic Four faced Chulain and asked with a smile, “So it is him? The one who can kill your Destiny Twin.”

Yanzalp had a slender build and looked extremely handsome. It was not an exaggeration to say that he was an absolute lady killer.

“It is him.” Chulain nodded and said, “I want to pull him into the army, what do you think?”

“If he is willing, of course it’s a good thing.” Yanzalp rocked the golden liquid in his wine cup and said, “I’m only afraid that he frivolous and didn’t want to enter the battlefield”

Chulain shook his head and said, “Not so, I feel that he is currently undergoing training. It might be possible to recruit him to the battlefield. This should be an unprecedented experience for him. Millions of soldiers facing each other in the battleground, that kind of genuine massacre, it should be very fitting to him.”

“How about I beat him and dispel his arrogance first.” Yanzalp had a sharp glint in his eyes.

“Haha…” Chulain laughed and said, “I’m afraid you might end up like me. Arrogance, I didn’t detect any of it from him. However, I do sense a lofty attitude from him. If you use force, it will only make him feel disgusted with us. It’s better to just go along with the flow.”

Yanzalp just thought of something and asked, “I heard that a ‘strong tiger’ is in the imperial capital. Do you think that tiger will leave the matter at that?”

In the other private room, Windfeathers, Dugu Jianmo and Xiao Chen faced each other silently and downed a cup of wine. After that, the door was pushed open. Yan Qingcheng, Lazio, Frosty, Aqua, and Tenvis walked in.

Other than the three from the West Border, the few from Southern Wasteland had gathered once more. Xiao Chen felt a little awkward.

After a short period of silence, everyone began to chat. Even the habitually silent Dugu Jianmo joined in on the conversation.

Yan Qingcheng asked, “Dugu Jianmo, what will you do from now on?”

“I will travel to the other end of the world with my sword. I will only live for the sword. Everything else is of no concern to me.”

“How about you?” She then proceeded to ask Windfeathers.

“I… am just a loser. I’m going to go to the Southwest border, enter the Beastmen’s Sacred Mountain, and find an ancient beast king’s soul. After that, I will return to Yindu again.” Windfeathers looked as if he was making an oath.

With regards to Windfeathers, Xiao Chen still sympathized with him more or less. He was originally a powerful warrior at one corner of the world, but nevertheless, he was an unlucky person to run into more powerful opponents consecutively and suffered crushing defeat several times. To him, Xiao Chen could only offer words of comfort, “To experience defeat in the early stage is not actually a bad thing. While you face the sun, the shadow is always behind you.”

“Thank you.” Windfeathers nodded.

“No need to ask me.” Seeing that Yan Qingcheng was about to open her mouth,” Lazio spoke by himself, “The immortal’s mainland is so vast. There are all kinds of races standing in great numbers. There are ancient clans who can stand up to gods, there are high human clan with exceptionally good looks. I will leave my mark in those places. I will climb over thousand of mountains and cross over a great number of ocean. I am going to travel the whole world.”

“What about brother Xiao?” Yan Qingcheng asked.

“I… am going to train my heart in the human society.”

Frosty, Aqua, and Tenvis also declared their own future plans.

The private room had fallen into silence for a brief moment. It had become very quiet for a moment.

All of them knew, after the gathering today, they might not see each other again for dozen of years, or maybe even for a lifetime. This could very possibly be their last meeting. Each person had their own future and their own path to take.

The room was faintly flooded with a sad atmosphere of parting.


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Chapter 238 – Heaven and Hell

Chulain did not believe Xiao Chen’s words in the slightest. Just who would be capable of sealing the twins in Heaven and Hell respectively? There was definitely no such person among the youth generation.

The Destiny Twins, one evil one just, one body two identity. They’re unable to be killed, they cannot be destroyed!

Black cloud surrounded the evil twin. The black aura of the netherworld caused the sky to turn into total darkness, the moon and the stars were hidden from view. The Deathgod’s Scythe was bursting with a destructive power which caused everyone to be terrified.

On the other hand, the virtuous twin scattered holy light and enveloped the surrounding area with divine splendor. That area seemed like an Elysium, it was peaceful and auspicious. The Heavenly Wheel floated above his head and scattered dense holy aura in all directions.

“The one capable of killing the Destiny Twins among the youth generation has yet to be born!”

Chulain’s purple gown fluttered as the twins descended to earth as if they were the Buddha and Asura. From their loftiness and temperament, it seemed like they had already overstepped the category of humans.

Xiao Chen didn’t say much as his surroundings began to turn blurry. It was as if a few pictures were revolving around him, yet it also seemed like they were the portal to eight different worlds. Each of his leisure step in the illusory space was as if he was flying at extreme speed.

With barely any effort, he continuously changed his positions over and over again. It was as if he was teleporting. It was an incomprehensible speed. Everyone got dizzy just from trying to figure out his current location. Even Chulain puckered up his brows.

However, Xiao Chen didn’t choose to go on the offensive for the time being. He only ran in a circle around the Twins.

Chulain sneered and said in a cold voice, “Even if you have extreme speed, you still can’t change the fact that I am invincible.” Then he shouted, “Heavenly Wheel!”

As one of the Heroic Four, he became incredibly powerful after learning the Destiny Twins technique. Although he was only at the peak of Historia’s Sixth Celestial Layer, he could kill an expert one level stronger than him. Even an Eight Celestial Layer warrior might not necessary be his equal.

The Heavenly Wheel shone gloriously. It was as of the revered Buddha was sitting upright in the sky. The aura it dispersed instantly submerged the surrounding area as the space shattered noiselessly. It was easy to imagine just how much power it contained.

However, Xiao Chen already possessed extreme speed at the moment. He shifted one thousand feet horizontally in fractions of a second and dodged to the side.

The Wheel followed Xiao Chen relentlessly. It pierced through the vast sky like a fire whirl and left behind a trail of gorgeous light in the night sky. The glaring light scattered down once more. It looked as beautiful as countless fireworks exploding at the same time. However, regardless of which, it was still a deadly attack. After the dazzling display of fireworks signified the beginning of a catastrophe.

Xiao Chen originally didn’t plan to make his move hastily. He wanted to continue probing his opponent. However, as the Heavenly Wheel continued to close in, he decided to make a counterattack for now.

He clenched his right fist and firmly sent a punch towards the sky. Rather than forming a destructive sphere, the Telepathic Sword Wave soared into the sky like the curvy Yellow River. The sword wave about the size of a water jar wriggled towards the sky like a silver dragon and clashed with the Heavenly Wheel.


An ear-splitting sound transmitted outwards, the Telepathic Sword Wave was broken, and the Heavenly Wheel was knocked back from the crash. It spiralled in the sky before it swoops down again, aiming to kill Xiao Chen.

The Heavenly Wheel was unlike the Destiny Twins. It seemed to be indestructible. It shone so brightly as if there were countless stars falling from the sky.

Xiao Chen, still trying to probe the opponent, dodged continuously with extreme speed.

It seemed like Chulain didn’t want to waste any more time. The evil twin started to move and split the sky with the Deathgod’s Scythe in his hands. The huge scythe was jet-black. Only the bladed part of the scythe was reflecting bright light, which signified its sharpness. It was especially dazzling in the dark fog.

The magic fog overflowed and submerged Xiao Chen in a split second.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!”

Xiao Chen cladded his fists with the Seal of Leo and launched a barrage of punches. However, he was forced backward with each punch. The Deathgod’s Scythe was unstoppable. And the Heavenly Wheel was also closing in. With the combination attacks of the two, Xiao Chen was practically unable to resist.

He must admit it, the Destiny Twins was indeed a powerful technique. With a divine ability like this, Chulain does have the right to show disdain for the youth generation.

As eight illusory worlds appeared, Xiao Chen narrowly escaped from the brink of the death.

“Is that all you got?” Chulain’s let out an ice-cold voice.

And now that Xiao Chen had accessed the Destiny Twins several times, he already had some understanding of this technique. He finally prepared to make his move and shouted, “I will now proceed to seal your technique!”

Xiao Chen clapped his hands to activate the Seal of Leo. A Golden Lion King appeared in the sky. Its three heads faced the sky and let out a world-shaking roar. The golden light dispersed the dark fog and lit up the night sky. The materialized Golden Lion abruptly threw itself at the Destiny Twins.

After that, Xiao Chen formed another seal with his hands.

The Seal of Immortal King was formed. A giant Immortal King stood behind him and one of its huge palm was already swatting at the Destiny Twins. It kept producing a rumbling sound and the space was already twisted.

The Seal of Flora came next. In the hand of the huge shadow that appeared, a mysterious flower bloomed and its petals scattered everywhere, causing the moon and the stars in the sky to lose their splendor. Countless sparkling petals flew forward and clashed with the Heavenly Wheel. A burst of resounding noise kept ringing with each clash.

The Seal of Aquarius followed after that. A huge crystal vase appeared atop Xiao Chen’s head. The vase released a violent energy beam towards the Destiny Twins. The holy light brushed the Deathgod’s Scythe and produced an ear-splitting sound.

The last one was the Everlasting Seal. One light beam after another were launched unceasingly. Shadows that looked similar to Xiao Chen were materialized and pointed the seal forward. All of them made a direct hit with the Heavenly Wheel. The Heaven and Earth were in turmoil.

Five powerful seal techniques were launched consecutively. Everyone was overwhelmed with horror from the world-shaking display of power. If it was another person, perhaps their body and soul would already be extinguished in its entirety.

However, Chulain’s Destiny Twins had actually received all of those attacks. Under the protection of the Deathgod’s Scythe and Heavenly Wheel, the Twins remained safe and sound.

But this was already enough for Xiao Chen. In the brief moment when Chulain’s weapons were stopped, he had found an opportunity to make this move.

The Seal of Yin and Yang. This was a god-sealing technique he learned from the Pure Land. Xiao Chen had never revealed this technique all along, and now he’s going all-out.

Along with Xiao Chen’s hand movements, the Yin-Yang symbol was generated. It instantly enlarged to the size of a house. The black and white contrasting light launched in a straight line towards the evil twin of the Destiny Twins.

“This is…” The evil twin turned pale with fright. He seemed to have called something to mind, and shouted in alarm, “The Yin-Yang Seal!”

Without giving him time to think, the Yin-Yang symbol had already covered up the sky and the moon as it fell down.

After the virtuous twin finally shook off the last of the Everlasting Seal, he hastily flew over to assist with the Heavenly Wheel in tow. However, it was impossible for Xiao Chen to give him that kind of chance. He launched the Telepathic Sword Waves with two hands. Two light beams danced in the sky like two huge dragons and twisted the space around them. The virtuous twin was instantly destroyed by the sword wave. However, the Heavenly Wheel was still in good condition. After the first clash, it continued to charge into the sealing location.


Xiao Chen shouted out loud. At long last, before the Heavenly Wheel was able to reach him, he managed to seal the evil twin in between the dimensional cracks.

And the virtuous twin’s invincible body finally regenerated at this time. The Heavenly Wheel had already returned to the position above his head. Chulain was furious. Even if that was his benevolent side, he was still filled with sinister aura. For his evil twin to be sealed like this. There’s no way he wouldn’t be furious.

Xiao Chen executed the Eightfold World’s extreme speed technique. He fluttered in the wind like an agile exiled immortal as he said, “I told you that I can seal you.”

In reality, the so-called underworld and heaven were only a denomination. Whether they truly existed or not was hard to say! After going to the underworld personally, Xiao Chen had a renewed understanding of the heaven and hell. The legends were not necessarily true.

According to his speculation, he only needed to pull the evil twin and virtuous twin into different dimensions. He only needed to severe the connection of the yin and yang.

“Heavenly Wheel!”

Chulain didn’t want to speak anymore and directly went fo rthe kill. The Heavenly Wheel released millions and millions of holy radiance.

Every spectator was dumbstruck. The evil twin of the Destiny Twins was actually sealed! Was there a possibility that it had already been killed? The restless crowd started to make a commotion.

It was especially so among the rich kids of Yindu. Their minds were in an extremely excited state, could the invincible legend of Chulain be broken today? One must know that during all these years Chulain’s name had shaken the imperial capital, nobody among the youth generation had been capable of actually killing the Destiny Twins. Nobody was able to break through this rare divine ability.

The third princess even left her seat and walked forward with more than ten young ladies by her side. They watched the battle from the frontmost of the crowd.

Maybe… a certain legend would finally be broken tonight. The invincible Destiny Twins might possibly be killed.

It was full of commotion at the lakeside.

Xiao Chen continued to dodge with extreme speed and fend off the Heavenly Wheel by means of Telepathic Sword Wave. He was looking for an opportunity to strike back once more.

However, just when everyone was starting to get excited, the space in a certain part of the battlefield was shattered as a huge scythe made its way out. As the space split open and the evil twin walked out with the Deathgod’s Scythe in hand.

“What just happened…” This was very much unexpected to Xiao Chen. His body transformed into a streak of light as he flew to the side of the battlefield.

“Haha…” The evil twin laughed out loud. He said while holding the scythe, “What can a mere seal do to me? I told you before, unless you forced me into heaven and hell respectively, I am invincible.”

The Destiny Twins stood back to back. The frightening fluctuation released by the Deathgod’s Scythe and Heavenly Wheel caused people’s heart to palpitate.

The noisy lakeside immediately calmed down. Everyone was aghast. The Destiny Twins were really too powerful. He actually broke through the space by himself and returned to the battlefield as if nothing had happened.

It was especially so for the rich kids of Yindu. They felt deeply just how formidable was Chulain. His existence was like a mountain weighing down on their heart.

“Chulain really deserved to be called one of the Heroic Four!” Even the third princess had no choice but to spit out such a complain.

“Hehe…” One of the beauties beside her giggled and said, “Princess… is he not deeply attached to you? He had courted you for three years, and even today, he returned just for you.”

“Don’t speak out of turn.”


Although each of these beauties had their own thoughts, they looked pretty relaxed on the surface.

At this moment, there was no longer a single person who believed Xiao Chen could win anymore. Those who wanted to recruit him only wished that he could live on to see tomorrow. As for the rest, they believed that this battle was already set in the stone.

The Destiny Twins stood with their backs touching against each other. One looked like the Buddha, one looked like the Asura, it was that extraordinary. Everyone had no choice but to admit Chulain’s martial prowess.

“Xiao Shishui, with your skills, I won’t make things too difficult for you. Surrender and pay allegiance to me, then I will forgive all your offense.” The twins spoke simultaneously and swept their eyes all over the place. Nobody dared to look him in the eyes.

Xiao Chen stood at the side of the battlefield in silence, as if he was in deep thought. Finally, he walked towards the center of the battlefield.

“You still want to fight? Then don’t blame me for being ruthless.” The twins continued with ice-cold voice, “There is no such thing as compassion in the battlefield. It would be a pity for someone as strong as you to die.”

“Let’s do it, I might not necessarily be defeated.” Xiao Chen was as calm as a gentle ripple.

These words caused everyone to be dumbstruck. Could he still have something up his sleeves at this point of time? Unless a miracle took place, how was it possible to defeat the unparalleled Destiny Twins?!

“Deathgod’s Scythe!”

“Heavenly Wheel!”

The Destiny Twins shouted at the same time and shook the vast sky with their voices. It was as if the howling of the underworld and the chorus of the heaven spreading out simultaneously. Their voices echoed in the night sky for a very long time, as if the king of hell and Buddha had really descended upon the mundane world themselves. The sheer pressure intimidated everyone to their core.

The evil twin and the virtuous twin rushed over with the Deathgod’s Scythe and Heavenly Wheel respectively. Just from the energy fluctuation they released while they were rushing over, it was already enough to twist the space.

With speed surpassing the light, Xiao Chen instantly disappeared from his original location and re-appeared in the sky. After that, one after another incomprehensible screen appeared in his surroundings. The sky, earth, water, fire, lightning, mountain, wind, and lake; eight varied scenes appeared around Xiao Chen in succession. Eight illusory worlds appeared in eight different location, and Xiao Chen stood in the middle of them all.

Xiao Chen finally revealed the other aspect of the Eightfold World technique.

This divine ability was still far from perfect, but since he was forced, he had no choice but to reveal this technique sooner than he intended to. Xiao Chen had a high expectation for this Eightfold World. He wanted to fully master this technique and surpass the Six Cycles, a legendary divine ability that was said to be unrivalled.

Qian represent Heaven, Kun represent Earth, Kan represent Water, Li represent Fire. Zhen represent Thunder, Gen represent Mountain, Xun represent Wind, and lastly, Dui represent Lake. The imprint of the Eight Trigrams was already erased from Xiao Chen’s heart a long time ago. The only thing left behind was his very own Eightfold Worlds.

“He still has more divine ability?

“What kind of technique is this?”

Numerous thousand of people raised their head to look, bearing doubts in their heart.

“This is where you die today!”

As soon as Chulain said those, the Destiny Twins soared up at once. The space around the Deathgod’s Scythe and Heavenly Wheel were twisted.

“It’s still hard to say who will end up dead!” This time, Xiao Chen didn’t retreat and faced Chulain directly with the eight illusory worlds.

The skys itself was shaking with a rumbling sound, and the space was constantly shattered. The eight illusory worlds actually looked as if they had materialized. Along with their movements, the space was shattered.

The sound of gasping could be heard from below. Everyone poked their eyes out in shock. That was actually… not an illusion but a bizarre divine ability with formidable might.

The Deathgod’s Scythe dived into the fire zone. In that illusory world, the torrent of fire rose into the air right away and illuminated the entire night sky. Half of the sky was dyed red through and through. The inexhaustible dark fog were all dispersed. The Deathgod’s Scythe kept launching one slash after another in the fire zone, but the divine fire couldn’t be extinguished.

The Heavenly Wheel dived into the lightning zone. It caused that area to be filled with lightning momentarily. One purple lighting after another leaked out from the zone and struck the Heavenly Wheel, causing it to release a “ringing” noise.

The eight worlds started to rotate.

Xiao Chen provided impetus to the eight illusory worlds and engaged in a fierce fight with Chulain in the sky.

The dazzling radiance caused the moon and the stars to lose their light. The entire sky region was shaking.

Xiao Chen’s body transformed into a streak of light as he clashed with the twins. Although most of his power were used to sustain the Eightfold Worlds, the Destiny Twins’ Deathgod’s Scythe and Heavenly Wheel were trapped within. Therefore, Xiao Chen and Chulain were evenly matched at the moment. There looked like three streaks of light tangling together.

The Seal of Leo, the Seal of Immortal King, the Seal of Flora, the Seal of Aquarius, and the Everlasting Seal; five powerful seal techniques were launched in succession. The twins also danced madly and launched a fierce move, causing the sky to shatter unceasingly.

It was as if the galaxy had fallen down, as if the vast ocean and covered the entire sky, this area was in complete shambles. The energy waves rushed towards the endless horizon from time to time.

In the blink of an eye, they had already exchanged hundred blows. Chulain and Xiao Chen were still evenly matched. It was hard to determine the victor.

The space shattered, and murderous aura soared directly towards the sky.

The moon and the stars lost their splendor, and the surrounding area dimmed as a result.

Everyone on the ground was so shocked that their jaw slackened. Xiao Chen was actually able to hold up Chulain with the “Eight Picture Scroll”. He was fearless of the Destiny Twins. This result was way beyond everyone’s expectation.

“There is actually someone who can confront the Destiny Twins!”

“Chulain has finally run into a well-matched adversary.”

“He is actually holding back one of the Heroic Four.”

The clamor started up again.

Bosch, Chen Hanggin, and the others were extremely excited. While they felt that Chulain was powerful, they also thought that Xiao Chen was too scary.

Perhaps, the legend might really be broken tonight.

Three hundred moves, seven hundred moves… after half an hour later, Xiao Chen and Chulain lost count of how many rounds they had fought. They were still unable to determine a victor and the fierce battle continued in the sky.

Over there, the Telepathic Sword Wave and Seal of Aquarius were launched unceasingly. After losing their weapons, the Destiny Twins gradually became unable to endure. They were on the losing side.

And Xiao Chen also felt exhausted. After all, the majority of his power were used to support the Eightfold Worlds.


The virtuous twin was beheaded. Although it was revived again, it was clearly very strenuous for Chulain to do so in the eight illusory worlds. His resurrection wasn’t going smoothly.

“Die!” Two divine radiances emitted from Xiao Chen’s eyes.

In that very instant, the Eightfold Worlds started to rotate at high speed. They became more distinct, as if there were really eight worlds descending upon the earth.

The eight worlds revolved around Xiao Chen.

In the end, the Deathgod’s Scythe was thrown into the lake zone. The terrifying scythe sunk into the swamp and it was actually unable to struggle free. The scythe had been completely sealed in the lake zone.

The water, fire, lightning, mountain, and wind zone moved simultaneously and trapped the Heavenly Wheel. The mountain suppressed its power, the lightning broke down its form, the water dissolved its nature, the fire extinguished its divinity, and the wind eliminated its spirit. The Heavenly Wheel… actually broke into pieces. It was melted into nothingness in the five zones.

“Sky zone as Heaven’s host!”

Xiao Chen shouted loudly. The sky zone immediately enlarged and pounced at the evil twin, trapping him within.

“Earth zone as Hell’s host!”

Xiao Chen shouted once more. The earth zone flew over and instantly confined the virtuous twin.

The eight worlds revolved in the sky. It was as if there were eight giant picture scrolls spreading out in the sky.

Everyone on the ground was stupefied. The area was filled with absolute silence. All of them were flabbergasted. The “eight scrolls” actually sealed the Destiny Twins!

And now, even the Deathgod’s Scythe had been thrown into the five worlds. The water, fire, lightning, mountain, and wind zone moved simultaneously. The mountain suppressed its power, lightning breaking down its form, fire extinguished its divinity… and it was completely destroyed.

“Evil twin — cleave!”

Xiao Chen’s muffled voice clearly transmitted throughout the night sky.

The Telepathic Sword Wave spread out and the evil twin’s body was crushed by the destructive sphere. Only his head was left behind on Xiao Chen’s hand.

Virtuous twin — cleave!”

As the sword wave spread out, other than the head, every other parts of the virtuous twin were crushed. Even a drop of blood was not left behind.

Numerous thousands of people at the lakeside were fossilized. After the Destiny Twins were beheaded, they didn’t show up again!

After a moment of complete silence, the sound of shouting abruptly burst out.

“My god, Chulain was beheaded.”

“The Destiny Twins actually got killed.”

“Tonight, the legend of the twins’ invincibility has been broken.”

The rich kids of Yindu were all shouting. Nobody other than them knew just how terrifying were the Destiny Twins, but now, it seemed like they had really been cut down by others!

Perhaps, even the other three of the Heroic Four couldn’t accomplish such a feat? The reason they were stronger than Chulain was because they could suppress him with their divine ability. It was not as if they could really kill Chulain’s Destiny Twins.

“This…” The third princess never imagined it’d turn out like this. Chulain was beheaded… she didn’t wish to see any casualties. No matter which of them died, it was still a loss for her.

And among the dozen of beauties, some of them were fans of the Heroic Four and immediately weeped at the death of Chulain. The others had complicated expressions. They were even more determined to get Xiao Chen now.

Yan Qingcheng, Lazio, Windfeathers, Tenvis, Aqua, and Frosty involuntarily clenched their fists. The name Xiao Shishui had been engraved deeply in their hearts.

Xiao Chen stood there in the sky with two heads in hands. And with the eight worlds revolving around him, he looked like a god-slayer that’s out of the order of the world. This indelible scene had been deeply carved in everyone’s mind.

The eight picture scrolls dimmed as the eight worlds faded away. Xiao Chen tossed the heads in his hand into the space. No long later, the twins re-appeared.

“What’s going on?”

“Oh my god, could it be that the Destiny Twins were not dead and revived again?”

In the next instant, the noise immediately settled down as everyone watched nervously.

“You can’t be lenient in the battlefield. You didn’t kill me, and now you have already lost your chance.” The Destiny Twins uttered cold words.

“I didn’t kill you because of your identity, that’s all.” Xiao Chen’s voice was flat.

His words were very clear. The reason he didn’t kill Chulain was because he had qualms about the supreme clan backing him up. If it was not because of that, he would have been killed a long time ago.

“You…” Chulain was furious. This was a total disrespect.

“If I can kill you once, the I will be able to kill you ten times, hundred times!” Xiao Chen’s cold and emotionless voice clearly resounded in the sky.

All the spectators were so frightened that the covered their mouths at once and silently looked at the two person in the sky.

The Destiny Twins were furious and rushed forward at the same time. However, the eight worlds appeared in the blink of an eye. The virtuous twin was sent flying by Xiao Chen with the Seal of Immortal King. And he trapped the evil twin in the earth zone. Without any qualms, he used Telepathic Sword Wave to crush his body, leaving only his head behind.

“You win…” The virtuous twin appeared somewhat powerless. After getting killed once, he couldn’t even summon the Heavenly Wheel and Deathgod’s Scythe. How would he be able to fight against Xiao Chen’s eight worlds in this condition? He had no choice but to admit his complete defeat.

The entire area turned noisy, Chulain had personally admitted defeat. This was definitely a sensational news. They believed it would spread throughout the entire Yindu district in a single night.

Xiao Shishui’s name would definitely shake up the Shang Dynasty.

“Please feel assured, the men in Shang Dynasty are all brave men, we from the Chu clan won’t bother you because of this matter. I won’t even try to seek revenge against you. Only if you…” Chulain wanted to say only if you follow me, but he couldn’t bring himself to say it. He just got beaten, so how could he say something like this?

“I didn’t kill you, not because I am afraid, but rather I am not willing to invite trouble.” Xiao Chen stood silently in the sky. He looked at the virtuous twin and said, “I will seal your evil twin for three days as punishment.”

Everyone was dumbstruck. This Xiao Chen was really too powerful. He put away the head of the evil twin and threatened to seal it for three days. He was really too… cool!

He didn’t kill because he didn’t want to invite troubles, not because he was afraid.

As he finished his words, Xiao Chen moved ever so leisurely, but his light steps in the eight illusory worlds were as swift as the flickering light. It was as if he was teleporting through space. Such extreme speed caused the noisy crowd to turn even noisier.

Chulain silently nodded his head and flew towards the ground.

However, at this time, more than ten figures flew up and chased after Xiao Chen.

“Leave the young master’s head behind.”


With their speed, how could they ever hope to catch up? However, Xiao Chen stopped on his own accord and swept his eyes over them coldly, “Who dares to stop me?”

“Die, you *******!”

More than ten Spiritual Master and Spell Master charged over altogether. Chulain’s virtuous twin wanted to stop them, but it was already too late.

As the Telepathic Sword Wave spread out, all of them were instantly sent flying while coughing out blood. Xiao Chen didn’t want to kill more than necessary. Seeing as how they were all loyal and devoted, he didn’t kill but injure them instead.

As such, Xiao Chen let out a cold snort and flew towards the sky again.

“Wait a moment” The lovely third princess shouted. She didn’t want to let this expert get out of her reach.

The young bodyguard beside her even brought along a few Spiritual Master and Spell Master to chase after Xiao Chen.

“Princess’ order, please come with us.”

Xiao Chen ignored the overbearing bodyguard and directly flew towards the distant sky. However, his path was suddenly cut off. It turned out that the bodyguard had already deployed his men to intercept him at an earlier time.

“Please turn back.”

The imperial bodyguard let out a sarcastic smile.

“If I really wanted to leave, whom around here can stop me?”

“Seize him!” The imperial bodyguard shouted.

Everyone charged forward simultaneously.

The third princess was very angry. How she wished she could immediately behead this imperial bodyguard. Previously, this arrogant guy had suggested to make a move against Dugu Jianmo. He was coldly reprimanded by the third princess. And now he actually did such a thing. It caused the third princess to be extremely resentful.

She was most worried about such an event. Xiao Chen hated this kind of guy the most. He only left a single sentence, “All who stops me will face death!”

He executed the Telepathic Sword Wave. Although it couldn’t kill the Destiny Twins, it was still one of the most powerful attack skills. The reason it couldn’t kill the Destiny Twins was not because the sword wave was lacking power. On the contrary, it was because the twins were too abnormal and were capable of revival.

These people before him didn’t have the power of resurrection. The hundred meter destruction sphere showed up as the terrifying sword waves spread out.



The color of blood dyed the sky as more than ten people were crushed to nothingness.

Everyone at the lakeside cried out in alarm.

Xiao Chen left as though he was flying.

The imperial bodyguard immediately turned ashen-faced as he shouted in anger, “You actually dared to make a move against the princess’ guard?!”

“Yutong, if you can’t get him to return, then you can just wait for your punishment.” The third princess’ cold voice transmitted from below.


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Chapter 237 – Destiny Twin

Part 1

The sunset glow dyed the western part of the sky red. The lake also shone with a bright red tint. The ripples on the lake looked like red crystals breaking apart. The beautiful lake was gleaming reflection of waves in sunlight.

At the lake side, there was a boiling cauldron of voices. Xiao Chen killed the Sixth Level Huzuni with just a lift of the hand. He killed the Tiger Clan’s expert like slaughtering chickens. Everyone in the park was dominated by his sheer power.


“This is the one who fought the Southern Wasteland’s number one expert to a draw? Perhaps he wouldn’t even lose against the Heroic Four of Yindu!”

Thousand plus people got excited over this and started to discuss spiritedly.

The scions of some supreme clans involuntarily took a few steps forward to take a closer look at that majestic and unmoving figure.

The third princess and dozen other beauties also stood up from their seats to look at the powerful youth in the middle of the battlefield.

Dugu Jianmo still remained as silent as ever. Only that his entire person released a razor sharp aura. The surrounding people were frightened by him and quickly moved to the side.

Lazio and Windfeathers had complicated feelings as they clenched their fists tightly.

Yan Qingcheng revealed a doubtful expression as she looked at the figure suspiciously. She kept having this feeling that she had seen this man before. But of course, Xiao Chen was the last thing that would come to mind. After all, their fighting styles were completely different.

“Xiao Shishui!!!” Kazeni rushed over with a roar, but all he could see was the head that got crushed by the Telepathic Sword Wave.

The pale-faced Kazeni looked gentle and reserved on the outside, but now, he looked exceptionally fierce. He transformed into a streak of light and charged at Xiao Chen while gnashing his teeth.

Xiao Chen suddenly lifted his head as his eyes emitted two glaring light. The golden light that was as thin as needles shot straight at Kazeni.

“AHHH!!” Kazeni covered his two eyes and screamed. However, due to his sharp intuition, he instantly fell back. He arrived fast, but he retreated even faster.

Xiao Chen didn’t even move, he just stood there and looked at Kazeni.

Kazeni flew back for several tens of meter until he crashed into the ground with a thump. Blood leaked out from the space between his fingers, that were still covering his eyes, as he groaned in pain.

When he finally put down his hands, everyone involuntarily sucked in cold air. Kazeni’s eyes were actually bleeding. The golden light shot out from Xiao Chen’s eyes earlier were no illusions, they were actually real and dealt heavy damage to Kazeni!

Fortunately, he missed a little and didn’t hit the pupil. However, the scleras were pierced and two bloody holes were visible on the eyelid.

Everyone at the lakeside shivered in fear. Even the eyes could be targeted, this was just too terrifying!

Only those who had profound abilities knew, what Xiao Chen used earlier was not any particular divine ability. Due to his strong confidence and extreme disdain of his enemy, he brazenly condensed his battle aura and used it directly.

Part 2

The two golden lights were completely formed by a portion Xiao Chen’s energy. He released the said energy from his body and retracted it immediately after injuring the opponent’s eyes.

“Xiao Shishui…” The Kazeni who nearly lost his eyesight due to a fit of anger finally calmed down. He gnashed his teeth and said, “You forced me to do this. Today, you must die!” Speaking until here, he retrieved a crystal clear bottle gourd from his bosom. The gourd was only one inch long. He twisted off the lid the poured the content into his mouth.

Those who had sharp eyes could see red liquid flowing into his mouth.

“White Tiger’s Blood?”

“It should be, looks like he’s going to stake everything in this fight!”

It was a common knowledge, the founder of the Tiger clan was a genuine White Tiger. Due to his union with mankind, his offsprings were all in human form. And as a result of continuous propagation, the White Tiger’s bloodline was getting thinner and thinner.

To this end, he once chose a few descendants with extremely huge potential and baptized them with its blood. As a result, their bloodline got closer to the White Tiger’s and their power increased to the point that they even surpassed some of the ordinary White Tigers.

Although only a limited few could enjoy this blessing, the Tiger clan had thought of a way to benefit the later generations. They diluted the remaining blood bestowed to them by the old ancestor and passed them to the important members of the clan. It was to be used as a last resort to save their life.

Due to the tiny portion of diluted blood, it was impossible for any physical changes to occur. However, it was still capable of granting a power up for a short duration. The liquid Kazeni drank was precisely the diluted blood of the Holy Emperor. He appeared extremely fierce at the moment and actually let out a tiger-like roar before throwing himself at Xiao Chen again.

His speed was so fast that it seemed as if a streak of lightning had tore through the sky.

“Historia’s Seventh Layer!”

Bosch, Chen Hangging, and the other supreme clan candidates sucked in a breath of cold air. Experts on their level could tell Kazeni’s current strength from just a glance.


That roar came from a real tiger. In front of Kazeni, the shadow of a White Tiger appeared from thin air and pounced at Xiao Chen. The enormous White Tiger was at least ten meters long. The way it brandished its claws looked really threatening.

Xiao Chen didn’t move a muscle, as if he had no intention of dodging at all. His hands quickly formed the Seal of Leo. A burst of world-shaking lion roar transmitted outwards as he clapped his hands. The figure of the Golden Lion King emerged as three heads faced upward and let out a roar.

Golden divine light illuminated the entire area. The golden light spread out in all directions like a ripple.

The Golden Lion King soared high into the sky and rushed towards the enormous White Tiger.


The roars of the tiger and lion resounded simultaneously as disastrous energy wave engulfed the battlefield. The glaring light made it hard for everyone to keep their eyes open, and they were forced to step back due to the violent energy wave.

“Crack! Crack!”

The sound of space collapsing could be heard. Following immediately, as if the world itself was turned upside down, the lake water started to surge up violently and the earth began to shake.

Part 3


Nobody left was able to look at the battlefield. The brilliant rays were a hundred times more intense than the lightning. It caused everyone to tear up and unable to open their eyes.

Along with the weakening of the tiger roar and the disappearance of the lion howl, the battlefield was finally observable to the audience. The first thing they saw was the blood leaking out from the corner of Kazeni’s mouth. He was looking at Xiao Chen with baffling expression, as if he had never thought the result would end up like this. Xiao Chen actually crushed the attack of a Historia’s Seventh Layer expert.

Xiao Chen still stood at the same spot calmly.

Kazeni broke out in cold sweat. Even with the power of Historia’s Seveth Layer, he was still unable to deal any damage to his opponent. This made him somewhat discouraged, but since the arrow had already been nocked, it was impossible to stop anymore. Since he had already issued the challenge, he couldn’t fall back now, he had no choice but to clench his teeth and rush forward.

As he executed the Asura’s Avenger, a long sword appeared in front of Kazeni. This was a divine ability he cultivated by condensing his battle aura. The Asura’s Avenger was not the same technique as External Incarnation, but it had far surpassed the External Incarnation.

Asura’s Avenger produced one sword wave after another, it was like thousands of ocean waves stacking up.

Not only did Xiao Chen not fall back, he dashed forward instead. He activated the Seal of Leo and clashed with the Asura’s Blade with his fists, giving off sonorous clashing noise.

Kazeni coughed out blood unceasingly as he was forced to fall back again and again. In the end, he received a direct hit to the chest by Xiao Chen’s Lion Fists. At this moment, he could clearly hear the cracking sounds of his breastbone. Even the arteries connected to his heart were snapped.

Since he knew he was about to die, Kazeni laughed hysterically. He did a flip in the sky before hitting the ground with his legs, then he darted at Xiao Chen like a wind. His clothes shattered in that instant and his body turned almost transparent. His veins and bones could be seen clearly through his flesh.

He planned to self-destruct and pull Xiao Chen along with him in death.

But how could Xiao Chen let him do as he wished?

Xiao Chen cast a cold glance at him, then he calmly formed the Seal of Aquarius. A huge crystal vase appeared atop him as it radiated with divine light.


The crystal vase spit out a dazzling rays of light and made contact with Kazeni in a flash.


Blood splashed forth as Kazeni’s body was crushed by a mountain-like force. His lower body had been turned into meat paste. As for his upper body, it had already flipped over.

The place was in absolute silence. Everyone felt deeply just how strong and formidable this traveling artist was. Moreover, he didn’t even bat an eye while killing his opponent. If this kind of man was to become an enemy, that would definitely be a nightmare.

The sun sets in the west as the lakeside became dusky. Only the smell of blood drifted in the air. The audience only regained their composure after a long time later.

“How scary!”

“I definitely don’t want to make him my enemy.”

Chulain had a very ugly expression. The two brothers were dead, and this gave him a severe headache. Just how should he explain this to that old tiger in town?

Part 4


Kazeni, who no longer had a lower body, still managed to keep on to his consciousness. He pointed at Xiao Chen with resentment and fear. It seemed like he wanted to say something, but was unable to spit out the words.

Seal of Immortal King!

Xiao Chen formed the seal and launched it forward.

A giant figure appeared behind him. Its huge palm slapped down along with his movement.


The Immortal King’s palm was as big as a house. The moment it hit the ground, Kazeni’s body was turned into meat paste and blended with the soil.

He killed a Seventh Celestial Layer expert like slaughtering dogs! It seemed like it was nothing special to him.

“Want me to spare you? It’s unlikely.” Xiao Chen sighed softly. It was not a pretentious sigh, he truly felt remorseful. He originally didn’t want to kill ordinary members of the Tiger clan, but the other side was simply courting death. He had no choice but to kill.”

The surrounding area turned deathly silent. Many people felt endlessly shocked, especially the scions of the Shang Dynasty’s clans. They always thought the most powerful experts only existed in the five great nations, and that the Shang Dynasty’s experts ought to be at the top of the chain. However, the traveling artist in front of them had crushed their confidence.

“I’m definitely keeping this guy!” The Shang Dynasty’s third princess had sparkles in her beautiful eyes. Her words contained conviction, as if warning the beauties around her not to scheme anything.

However, those young ladies were not stupid either. Although they didn’t say anything, they already had a plan of their own devices. They must spare no effort to enlist an expert as powerful as this to their clan.

Chulain took large steps forward, but when three of his subordinates noticed it, they made a move first. They were loyal and devoted. After seeing Xiao Chen’s strength, they were afraid… they were afraid that Chulain would die in the upcoming match, so they wanted to diminish a portion of Xiao Chen’s strength first.

Seeing those three charging into the battlefield in succession, many people were triggered. This was clearly not fair. Even the third princess frowned at their action. Just when she was about to order someone to stop them, Xiao Chen spoke up at this moment.

“Three are not enough…” His voice was full of compassion. However, since the other party had chosen to attack him, he wouldn’t go easy on them either.

Hearing these, everyone was overwhelmed with shock. The third princess even choked on her words.

The scions of Yindu’s supreme clans were getting more shocked than ever. That was because with their powerful ability, they could tell the strength of the three who rushed into the battle. Those were Historia’s Fourth to Fifth Celestial Layer experts. Not one, but three! If they had grasped some special divine abilities, a youth expert wouldn’t be able to take them head-on.




The trio were lightning fast and got within attacking range in a flash. One after another dazzling rays of light were launched forward like meteor shower and Xiao Chen’s location was quickly submerged by the flood of light.

Part 5

A melodious ringing sound reverberated. Xiao Chen bent his forefinger, middle finger and ring finger at the same time, then he flicked them in the twinkling of an eye. Telepathic Sword Waves spread out with ringing sound like it came from the bell of the Grim Reaper.

Although the sword waves spread out like a calm ripple, in the eyes of everyone else, it was as terrifying as the sickle of the Death God!

An eighty meter sphere formed with Xiao Chen at the center. Although the sword waves seemed gentle at first glance, everything in its vicinity were disintegrated with no exception!


The subordinate at the frontmost position was killed in the first moments. Not even a drop of blood remained. His entire person disintegrated into dust directly, an insignificant dust!

The second one wanted to get out of the effective range, but it was already too late as he looked at his body disintegrating bit by bit. Starting with his legs, then his chest, and finally his head.

It was like two rays of light suddenly disappeared. The instant that the light dulled, two lives were reaped.

The last one was a little luckier, he still didn’t get into the effective range of the sword wave.

He tried to fall back, but Xiao Chen wouldn’t give him the chance to retreat. Since the other party wanted him dead, then they were already his mortal enemy. There was no mercy in the battlefield. In order to live, one only had to be firm!


He rushed forward like a streak of light.

As a matter of fact, that guy still had the intention to kill Xiao Chen. After escaping this calamity, he would find another way to kill him. However, he never thought that Xiao Chen would be this fast and already got before his eyes in an instant.

“I’ll kill you, no discussion!”

After saying these, the Telepathic Sword Waves spread out once more. In such a close range, the third subordinate was instantly turned into specks of dust and dissipated in the air.

In just a moment, three Historia Fourth to Fifth Celestial Layer experts were all turned into dust and disappeared from the lakeside.

Even Bosch and Chen Hanggin had a pale complexion. An opponent like this made them feel very agitated.

Chulain walked into the battlefield with large strides. Regarding the death of the duo from Tiger clan, although he felt troubled, he was not distressed. However, the death of the trio made him feel bitter. After all, they were his loyal subordinates.

“Still want to continue?” Xiao Chen’s voice was very cold.

In fact, Chulain had finally revealed a grave expression. He vaguely felt that he might not necessarily be capable of killing Xiao Chen.

However, once he rode a tiger, it’s hard to get off. The bold and visionary words he said before still vaguely echoed at the lakeside.

He said that he would kill Dugu Jianmo within eighty moves. He said that he would kill the number one expert of Southern Wasteland in ninety moves. He said that he would kill Xiao Shishui in front of everyone and let all the outsiders tremble with fear at the news…

If he was to withdraw now, he wouldn’t be able to show his face in Yindu anymore.

Part 6

“Fight!” Chulain only uttered one word. His entire body surged with energy as his purple gown fluttered.

The bright moon was high in the sky and scattered its moonlight down. The faintly discernable mist drifted atop the Moon Lake. It looked as though it was a fairyland. This place was the best location to admire the full moon.

Xiao Chen didn’t say anything and walked forward. It was as if the person he was facing was not an opponent, but a commoner instead.

Chulain’s eyes shone with purple light as he split into two person in seconds. One of them seemed forlorn and wore a merciful face. The other one was wearing a baleful look and was cladded in a dark aura.

“Divine Ability — Destiny Twin.”

“This is claimed as one of the peerless Divine Abilities!”

Everyone talked about it in whispers, but soon after, they closed their mouth and looked at the battlefield tensely.

One body splits into two, the Destiny Twin; it represented the good and the evil. This was a rare Divine Ability. Even in history, only a few practitioners had ever mastered this ability. Its power was unimaginable!

The only reason Chulain stood at the top of the youth generation in Shang Dynasty was because of this divine ability. Even Bosch and Chen Hanggin’s cousins, those who were seven to eight years older than them, had suffered defeat from this ability.

Even while facing two Chulains, Xiao Chen was not fearful. He activated the Telepathic Sword Wave in an instant. A hundred meter sphere was formed and the sword waves spread out quickly.

Every spectator had a change of expression. Every time the Telepathic Sword Wave was activated, all enemies within its range were crushed. The impression it left behind in the mind of every audience was too deep.

At first, the ripples were gentle, then it suddenly turned berserk. The sword waves disintegrated anything within fifty meter radius. Without anything unexpected happening, the Destiny Twins disintegrated and transformed into dusts wordlessly.

It’s over already?

Everyone didn’t dare to imagine it. Could it really be? Chulain, whose name had shaken the imperial capital as one of the Heroic Four. Did he really lose in one hit and turned into dust?

Xiao Chen didn’t seem to be wearing the expression of a victor. He immediately flew away from his original position.

Without any sound, the evil counterpart of the Destiny Twin appeared at where Xiao Chen was standing earlier, and the space around that part was twisted. If Xiao Chen was one step slower, his body and soul might already be obliterated.

As soon as Xiao Chen stabilized his steps, he changed his position again.

And again, the good counterpart of the Destiny Twin appeared at that location and shattered that space.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air, this was just too terrifying! They clearly saw it with their own eyes when the Destiny Twins were turned into dusts by the Telepathic Sword Wave, but why did they appear again?

So this was the true power of the Heroic Four, it was terrifying indeed! It was only rightfully so for their names to have shaken the imperial capital for countless years.

Xiao Chen stood in the battlefield and gazed at the Destiny Twins. His body moved according to his heart, the seal formed along with his body. The formation for the Perfected Seal of Aquarius was completed as a huge crystal vase appeared above his head. A dazzling radiance was circulating in the crystal vase and leaking out holy energy fluctuation.

The Perfected Seal of Aquarius was unleashed!

Part 7

A dazzling divine light gushed out from the huge crystal vase. Its target was the Destiny Twins.


An explosive noise rang out. Though the violent energy did not make any contact with the ground, it actually caused the meadow to crack up. One after another two meter wide crack spread out far away.

The lakeside was full of chaos. Everyone retreated at once, but even so, many of them still fell into the huge crack and called for help.

And the Moon Lake was even more frenzied; the lake water surged up violently and caused the reflection of the moon to break up into many pieces of fine jade.

The Seal of Aquarius was incomparably powerful. This was the technique developed by Granny Phoebe of the Jungle Tribe. The Destiny Twins were destroyed in an instant and left nothing behind.

But Xiao Chen was still on full alert. He left behind an afterimage and hastily soared into the sky, then he landed on the other side of the crack.

And sure enough, the Destiny Twins reappeared, they were reborn again!

Everyone cried out in fright. This was too terrifying, the powerful Destiny Twins actually couldn’t be killed!

Only the people of Yindu knew just how terrifying the Heroic Four were.

In regards to the Destiny Twins, they’ve already heard of the rumors; that they cannot be killed! It was equivalent to possessing an immortality spell. Die once, reborn again, and their strength were not diminished in the slightest. Even those who were much stronger than Chulain had suffered losses due to this rare divine ability.

“The Twins cannot be killed.”

“They can keep coming back to life no matter how many times you kill them.”

Bosch, Chen Hanggin, and few other scions of the supreme clans were having discussions in a low voice.

As for the rest of the spectators, they were already holding on to their breath and paid close attention to the battlefield. This kind of battle was too spine-chilling and exciting.

The evil twin had a sinister look as he threw himself at Xiao Chen. Baleful aura lingered on his body like he was a Death God.

The virtuous twin wore a merciful face, but he was just as ruthless when making his move. Purple light flickered as he swept it at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen formed the Seal of Leo and faced the Destiny Twins in a fierce battle.

This was undoubtedly a fierce battle between dragon and tiger. Xiao Chen and Chulain’s speed were fast to the extreme point. They clashed unceasingly and had already exchanged more than a hundred blow in a blink.

The sky was filled with brilliant lights and vibrant colors. Those were the energy beams released by the two fighter’s attacks. The fierce and desperate battle continued on.

Xiao Chen was finally certain that, the Destiny Twins really couldn’t be killed!

This was the first time he felt his life was threatened today. In this battle, the other side had already seized the supremacy. If this were to continue, he would be defeated if he just received one hit from the opponent. That is unless he didn’t make a single mistake. It was impossible for him to revive over and over again like the opponent.

Part 8

“And here I thought you still have a more powerful divine ability up your sleeves? If you have none, then you won’t be able to beat me.” The Twins spoke in sync.

Xiao Chen remain unmoved. Indeed, he still had more divine abilities up his sleeves, but he reckon those wouldn’t be able to kill the Destiny Twin either. As such, he didn’t rashly expose his abilities.

Seal of Flora!

Xiao Chen quickly formed the mysterious seal. A ten meter figure that looked like him appeared behind him. The exotic flower in its hand bloomed instantly. For a moment, it overshadowed the splendor of the moon.

As the mysterious flower bloomed, the petals scattered everywhere.

Initially, the petals floated down gently, then their speed suddenly increased as they flew toward the Destiny Twins.

Each and every one of those sparkling petal contained unbelievable amount of power. The head of the twins were crushed, and their body chopped in half.

“I cannot be killed!”

As expected, the twins were revived. Chulain was extremely resentful due to the fact that his bodies were constantly crushed. He sneered and said, “I guess you are more or less done. In that case, it’s my turn!”

Baleful aura surged up violently around the evil twin. The purple light dispersed gradually as they were replaced by an endless black fog. The aura of the netherworld had encircled him and a huge sickle appeared in his hands. It was indescribably eerie as it emitted a fluctuation that caused people’s heart to palpitate.

As for the virtuous twin, the purple brilliance was replaced by a holy light. That place seemed so sacred and auspicious. A Heavenly Wheel appeared atop his head. The immeasurable energy fluctuation was similarly terrifying.

“It has come, it has finally come.” Bosch whispered to himself softly.

“The Light possessed the Heavenly Wheel, the Dark possessed the Deathgod’s Scythe. With two opposing elements, their power are unimaginable!” Chen Hanggin also muttered to himself.

The scions from various supreme clans widened their eyes and looked over the battlefield without blinking. The Heavenly Wheel and Deathgod’s Sickle allowed Chulain’s Destiny Twins to show disdain for the youth generation of Shang Dynasty! It was very hard to find a divine ability that was just as strong.

“Deathgod’s Scythe!”

As Chulain shouted, the evil twin struck Xiao Chen with his sickle. The dark energy was tyrannical. It was impossible to stop. Xiao Chen was sent flying by the sickle for tens of meter. Blood leaked from the corner of his mouth.

“Heavenly Wheel!”

Chulain shouted again and the wheel atop the virtuous twin emitted millions and millions of divine splendor. All the frenzied holy power were concentrated on Xiao Chen.

Without any choice, Xiao Chen executed the Eightfold World. With speed as fast as lightning, he finally managed to dodge it.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. The Deathgod’s Scythe and Heavenly Wheel were too formidable. They were practically unstoppable. With such a divine ability, who could ever hope to best Chulain?

Nobody else thought highly of Xiao Chen, especially those who knew full well of Chulain’s terrifying ability.

Xiao Shishui, just admit defeat, you won’t be able to defeat me!” The Destiny Twins spoke with grim voice, “Follow me, and I will forgive all your offense.”

At this moment, Chulain’s virtuous twin shone with holy aura, as if he was the incarnation of Buddha himself. And the evil twin was surrounded by fiendish aura, as if the king of hell himself had descended upon the mundane world. No matter how they see it, Chulain no longer looked like a normal person. He was more like the Buddha and Asura themselves.

Regarding these, Xiao Chen didn’t say anything and continued to fight.

The third princess of the Shang Dynasty had already stood up. She was fully aware of the Heroic Four’s power. If the talent she took interest in was killed , that would be a huge loss. She wanted to stop this battle, but was unable to open her mouth.

Windfeathers, Lazio, Yan Qingcheng, Frosty, Aqua, Tenvis, and all those who were not from Middle Earth were extremely nervous. They wanted to see Xiao Chen prevail over the Middle Earth’s experts. Dugu Jianmo seldomly revealed a grave expression as he silently looked on.

Bosch, Chen Hangging, and the others from the supreme clans were talking about it in a low voice. For the past many years, it seemed like nobody had ever managed to kill the Destiny Twins. It was even more impossible to destroy the Heavenly Wheel and Deathgod’s Scythe

During the past few years, only the other three of the Heroic Four could keep Chulain under control with even more terrifying abilities. Apparently, there was really no one else who could possibly win against him.

“It is impossible to kill the Destiny Twins. Unless you can force the evil twin into the Heaven, and the virtuous twin into the underworld, how could you possibly hope to defeat me? Who can possibly stop the Heavenly Wheel? Who can repel the Deathgod’s Scythe?”

Chulain attacked Xiao Chen in a display of wild manners.

This was something everyone in Yindi knew about, but just who was strong enough to do exactly that? If they could, they would be able to kill the Destiny Twins directly and need not to bother with sealing techniques.

However, after hearing these, Xiao Chen who was passively defending had a shine in his eyes. Then he said in an indifferent voice, “Very well, then I will force the Destiny Twins into Hell and Heaven respectively!”


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