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World of Immortals Chapter 244

So here it is folks, this will be the last World of Immortals chapter release you’ll see from me. If anyone is interested to pick up this project, feel free to do so.

Though I do have to confess, I did skim ahead a few hundred chapters during this past year, and this story is not what I expected it to be, thus my loss of interest. Anyway, for those who genuinely enjoy reading this series…

Click here to read Chapter 244 – Solar Knight

World of Immortal Chapter 243

I sincerely apologize to those who were eagerly waiting for new chapters these past year, do know that I’ve read your comment and have taken them into consideration, however, I just can’t do this anymore. There are not enough interest generated from this series and even I myself have lost my interest, so translating this series has become something of a chore. It’s not like I’m receiving money to translate anyway.

Click here to read Chapter 243 – Unparalleled Divine Power

World of Immortals Chapter 242 (Part 1 of 6)

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This chapter is brought to you by:
Translator – Silva
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I was supposed to post this yesterday but I was just so tired after I finished translating 2 pages so I just switch off my computer and went to sleep.

Due to my work, I have to travel a long distance everyday for the next few weeks to come, so by the time I get back, it’d already be late in the night. Well, I probably won’t be travelling tomorrow so we’ll see… maybe I can push out some releases.