Chapter 6 – The Savage Beast’s Rampage

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Xiao Chen shouted, “Not good!” loudly and rushed back to the jungle at the side of the coastal area quickly. The Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon was returning, he had to go into hiding as quickly as possible or else he would inevitably meet a tragic end!

Fortunately, Xiao Chen had already entered the outskirts of the forest as the ominous shadow of the huge vicious dragon appeared at the ocean.

Not long later, a dragon’s roar came from the seaside and shook the heavens. Even though they were separated by several kilometer, the tremendous roar was still as piercing as before. It was like a heavenly thunder that caused one’s blood to roll over and over.

The Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon discovered that one of the dragon eggs was destroyed and went crazy. It began roaring at the seaside unceasingly. The tremendous roar caused the tranquil ocean to rumble. Soon after, the vicious dragon started to wreck havoc all over the coconut grove nearby.

Silver flames pulsated all over the mountain-sized ancient beast as it rushed towards the dense forest region at the inner parts of the island. Killing intent was breaking out from the huge dragon’s fifty meter long body, everything in its path was destroyed!

The forest trees fell one after another, the ground trembled violently, and the dead leaves from the mountain woods fluttered about as they were lifted from the ground due to the vibration. The forest birds flew off like a rocket and the wild beasts panicked as they ran away in fear. Xiao Chen also had no other option but to run away as quickly as possible. He kept changing from one location to another in the dense forest region.

The Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon was really too formidable, it was practically unstoppable. Nothing in its path could prevent it from advancing!

Whether it was by coincidence or the ancient beast really could summon the clouds and rain, the weather rapidly turned gloomy and endless black clouds enveloped the sky over the island. After that, the lightning flashed as violent wind and rain began to fall!

The huge lightning danced about violently and a hurricane threw itself onto the island from the surface of the sea. It caused the collapse of many tall trees, and the uprooted trees would then charge towards the dusky sky. Soon after, they were crushed by the huge lightning in the sky.

The scene resembled the end of the world. Darkness enveloped the surroundings as the howling wind and torrential rain fell unceasingly. The forest was ruined, and the beast’s constant roar was like a clap of thunder.

Meanwhile, the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon’s huge draconic body was enveloped by a fierce silver flame as it charged into the jungle violently, destroying everything in its path!

The primitive forest was in a state of disorder, endless amounts of vicious beasts ran in all directions. Aside from the commonly seen lion, tiger and elephant type monsters, there were also a lot of other varieties, such as a lion with divine wings, a snake with a horn atop its head, a Three-Eyed Divine Wolf that was as tall as a huge elephant, a two to three meter long golden centipede……

And many more ancient beasts, that seemed to be recorded in some of the ancient books, were running like the wind, their roars like a clap of thunder. Even ferocious beasts such as the tigers and lions were frightened as made way for these primal beasts.

Xiao Chen was extremely shocked, just what kind of island was this? It actually possessed so much primal beasts…… it seemed as if this place was an ancient, uncivilized world!

The lightning flashed and thunder rumbled high in the sky, there was no sign of the rainstorm coming to a rest soon. Even the squall was still wreaking havoc everywhere. Hordes of vicious beasts that were running got lifted to the sky by the strong wind and they were never seen again.

Xiao Chen unexpectedly ran into several dangerous situations. Not only would he have to avoid the ancient dragon, he also had to evade all the attacks from various kinds of primal beasts. When he escaped to a sparse region in the forest, he was almost lifted into the sky by the hurricane. He had only been one step from death’s door.

The Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon wreaked havoc on the island for almost an entire night before it rushed into the depths of the island. The deepest part of the mountainous region fell into a state of disorder.

Apart from the angry roar of the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon, another ear piercing roar rang out. It was actually not any inferior to the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon’s roar. The sound emitted from both sides were rising and falling in succession as they got closer and closer.

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Not long later, the two beast started to fight and terrifying noise came from the deepest part of the mountainous region. To one’s surprise, the two different ear-splitting roars even suppressed a sudden clap of thunder!

Xiao Chen was extremely shocked, there was actually a beast capable of standing up against the ancient Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon. This island was indeed very mysterious!


“Ao……” ⌈1

The strength of the two primal beasts seemed to be evenly matched. The roaring sounds of the beasts unceasingly rang out from the depths of the mountain region. The fight was so intense that the entire mountainous region started to tremble. It caused innumerable beasts to be frightened and identical pitiful howl could be heard from all directions.

This was a chaotic and rainy night, with the rumbling of thunder and lightning, the bellow of the squall, the intense fight of two primal beasts, and the pitiful howl of innumerable beasts while they ran in all directions…… It lasted until the crack of dawn. The intense fight of the beasts finally came to a conclusion after the rainstorm ceased.

The Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon was seriously injured and retreated, causing a ‘crashing sound’ from the mountain forest. The dead leaves flew around violently. Silvery flame pulsating all over its body, there were a lot of frightening wounds all over the primal beast, a large area of its scales came off, and several parts of its body were badly damaged. Out of the eight claws it possessed, three of them were wounded and the primal beast didn’t dare touch the ground with the wounded claws. Even though there was a hint of the opponent’s blood on the seven to eight meter long silver horn atop its head, there were terrifying cracks all over the sharp horn.

One can imagine just how violent the fight was. Who knows just where did the other monster originated from, for it to be capable of making the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon to pay such a large price. Furthermore, the outcome between the two beasts’ fight was unknown.

Along with the retreat of Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon, the forest region immediately burst into a state of disorder again as innumerable beasts ran away.

Xiao Chen who had witnessed everything couldn’t help but feel that the primal beasts were really mighty. It was way too frightening!

The vicious dragon dragged its body and gradually distanced itself from the mountain. Around this time, the black clouds that were enveloping the sky overhead of the island started to disperse and the heavy rainstorm finally came to an end. A ray of light fell from the sky, it was already early in the morning.

One night of heavy storms destroyed a wide expanse of the forest, but even more vicious beasts were killed in the turmoil last night. The primitive forest was in complete disorder.

The splendor of the morning sun shone upon the forest. It caused the dew on the leaves and flowers to radiate a sparkling and translucent light, making them shine like pearls. The fresh and clean air carried by the wind felt quite refreshing.

It was a very lively morning. After the frightening event last night, they were finally able to welcome the auspicious and peaceful morning.

Xiao Chen was basking in the fresh air after the rain as he walked atop the broken branches and withered leaves. His pupils contracted all of a sudden as divine lights flooded his eyes.

On top of the giant tree, besides the sapphire-like lake, there was a transparent fabric hanging on one of the branches. The fabric swayed as it was lightly brushed by the wind and it was especially eye-catching in this inhabitable forest.


  1. The sound of wailing. 

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