Chapter 85 – Throwing Yourself in Somebody’s Arm

There was no trace of Chaos, the young expert from Barbarian Tribe, but Xiao Chen and the gang found Yaluo De who was on the verge of death. It doesn’t seem like he has much hope to live by the time they found him.

“I never thought……” He smiled bitterly as he looked at Xiao Chen, and said, “I’d actually die on the hands of Solitary Sword Demon……” As soon as he finished speaking, Yaluo De stopped breathing.

This was a bloody night, they killed because of fear, they killed for survival, this was a very chaotic night!

Even until the daybreak next morning, the massacre was still ongoing. Apart from the games between the main forces of a few big factions, all the other alliances in this region had also been drawn into the maelstrom. Kill or be killed. Everyone was caught up in a crazy situation.

The pungent smell of blood pervaded the entire mountainous region, the blood almost dyed the entire mountain woods red. And just at the crack of dawn, something even more terrifying occurred. Hundreds of giant wasps flew out from a valley nearby, each and every one of them was as big as a goat. They were attracted by the smell of blood, and crazily launched an attack on numerous practitioners. Everyone was caught unprepared by this sudden outbreak.

As the huge wasps kept increasing in numbers, everyone was forced to run towards the deathly still forest. That was because the wasps had covered the entire sky, it was practically like a black cloud falling unto them. All those deceased on the ground were quickly devoured by the huge wasps, only white bones were left behind.

Everyone had escaped into the deathly still forest. However, it was also strange that not a single one of those infinite wasps dared to charge into the deathly still forest. The massacre began anew, the final outcome of the battle between the few big factions was still not decided. But just at this time, something incomparably terrifying happened. As soon as the blood splashed on the ancient trees of this forest, it was as if those millennium old ancient trees had demonized, those huge branches bend down and firmly bound everyone in the vicinity. The sight of people rotting away was incomparably terrifying, the flesh and bones was slowly assimilated by the branches and tree trunks!

This was really too frightening! Nobody understood why something as terrifying as this could happen. Although the powerful experts could shake off the ancient trees at the critical moment, some who were heavily injured still ended up dead in the demonized ancient trees.

And finally, the practitioners no longer dare to let the blood splash onto the ancient trees. Everyone could feel their hair standing on end in this deathly still forest. These ancient trees seemed like evil spirits with souls. Now, everyone finally understood, why those wild beasts do not dare to approach this place. This place was really too dangerous.

The massacre was still ongoing, everyone gradually approached the deathly sea of bones. When they were almost at the exit of the deathly still forest, the battle immediately became more intense. They don’t have to worry about the blood splashing everywhere anymore.

“Xiao Chen……” It was Rowena, the beauty that could turn all living things upside down. Although she was fleeing, her postures was still as lovely as before. After she called Xiao Chen’s name in a gentle voice, she flew over here like a cloud that’s as light as feather. She pulled Xiao Chen, her eyes were twinkling, and she said with a flirtatious voice, “Xiao Chen, I will give myself to you as a present.”

There were close to ten practitioners chasing after her, without a doubt it was a misfortune brought about by her charm.

“You want to use us as shield?!” Seeing how those ten people already rushed before their eyes, Xiao Chen couldn’t help but well up with killing intent.

“No, I promise if you can help me get over this calamity, I will definitely gift myself as a present to you.”

Right now, Xiao Chen also didn’t have the chance to say anything else, because those ten people already got here. They didn’t even give him or Rowena the chance to talk. They attacked with their full power. However, these people obviously ran into an iron wall. These two are Sixth Celestial Layer experts, they were not opponents these people could handle.

After a dazzling sword-qi flashed, Xiao Chen had killed two people with a single slice. And Lawrence was even more straightforward, he trapped everyone in the space he controlled, including Xiao Chen.

The green radiance stopped everyone’s movement except for Xiao Chen, then he shouted, “Xiao Chen, do it quick. I cannot hold on much longer!”

Within this bizarre sealed space, the Spell Master, Psychic, and even the Martial Artist found it hard to budge an inch. Xiao Chen was practically chopping vegetables, after the dazzling sword-qi flashed, everyone was chopped in half at the waist, the blood splashed about everywhere.

The green radiance had faded, all the corpse fell onto the real ground, and the soil was dyed by the color of the blood.

This was a perfect combination move, Xiao Chen praised earnestly, “Void Masters really live up to their name!”

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Rowena was clearly in shock, ten experts were actually wiped out in an instant. These two man in front of her were so strong that she felt a bit apprehensive. In the end, she got closer to Xiao Chen with graceful steps, and said with a flirtatious smile, “What I said was true, I am all yours!”

This extraordinarily beautiful woman was incomparably lovely, her innate foxy charm could easily sway a man’s heart. Her breasts were standing erect, they were incomparably plump. Her thin and curvy waist was soft and flexible like the willow in the wind. Her perfectly round buttocks was ample, her pair of slender jade legs were perfectly straight and sexy. Her body moved up and down when she was catching her breath, it was extremely rousing. Even a clayman would be tempted by her breathtaking appearance.

Since her silky dress had been soaked by the sweat, it was hard to cover up the fabulous curved line of her sexy body. It was seriously full of unlimited enticement, it aroused infinite wild and fanciful thoughts.

However, Xiao Chen and Lawrence looked at her as if she was nothing. In this incomparably dangerous turmoil, their hearts were as firm as steel, they would not be swayed by anything.

Rowena saw how Xiao Chen was not affected by her charm, so she could only stop pretending to be cute. However, she followed behind Xiao Chen closely, she was afraid that the two would abandon her.

The slaughterfest was still ongoing!

After entering the deathly sea of bones, Xiao Chen and Lawrence finally encountered Yan Qing Cheng and the rest.

Yan Qing Cheng who had a pair purple divine wings behind her back, the genius Illusion Master Carlos, and the successor of Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger, Wharton. All of them clearly did not suffer too much damage. After all, they were expert at the level of Exuvia Sixth Celestial Layer. Not many people was capable of injuring them. The instant they noticed Xiao Chen, the three immediately rushed over here. When enemy encountered each other, there was no need for any superfluous words, there was only a life and death confrontation.

Very few people could reach up to Yan Qing Cheng’s level of beauty, ⌈1⌋ a pair of resplendent purple divine wings made her appear even more out of the world. She practically looked like a purple winged Angel that had descended to the mundane world. She streaked across the sky and formed an elegant circle, it transformed into a streak of purple light and shoot towards Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen happily received the attack, the Sealed God light screen enveloped his body, the radiance of the North Star Constellation sparkled. It looked like he was adorned with an ancient divine armor. The long sword in his hand was taking in and sending out searing rays of light, it was like a huge lightning as it flew towards Yan Qing Cheng in the sky.

The dazzling purple light and that searing sword-qi clashed fiercely and exploded with dazzling rays of colorful light. Yan Qing Cheng flew higher into the sky, and stood on the empty sky. And Xiao Chen also raised his head to gaze at her coldly.

On the other side, Lawrence was very crazy, he actually trapped Carlos and Wharton at the same time, and launched a terrifying void power attack! Xiao Chen didn’t hesitate to rush over there. Within Lawrence’s space, Carlos’ illusions were clearly not working properly. And Wharton’s movements also slowed down, he was not willing to release his throwing knife!

Xiao Chen was not affected in the slightest, last time he was almost killed by these two people, so he wanted to get even with them. ⌈2⌋ But just at this time, Yan Qing Cheng also rushed over here. Lawrence’s confinement finally lost its effect. After all, no matter how powerful Lawrence was, it was impossible for him to confine three powerful experts at the same time.

An intense battle finally broke out, Xiao Chen and Lawrence versus these three powerful experts! The extraordinarily beautiful Rowena knew she wouldn’t be able to help, so she stayed out this battle.

During the battle, Xiao Chen finally saw the real face of Wharton clearly. During the battle last time, due to Carlos’ illusions, he was unable to see the real face of the guy who almost killed him.

Wharton had an average look, but he had an outstanding demeanor. His entire person was like the sharp edge of a sword. He gave people an incomparably penetrating feeling. The battle had been ongoing for half an hour already, but Wharton never sent out the throwing knives. He merely fought in close combat style. It was obvious that he was looking for a certain kill opportunity.

Under the restrain of the Void Master, Carlos was clearly unable to bring out the full potential of his illusion technique. However, those real spiritual attacks were hardly affected, they formed one after another meteor shower and wreaking havoc everywhere.

And Yan Qing Cheng was like a streak of purple lightning, she zapped left and right as she descended towards the ground. She shot down so many purple rays of light that almost submerged Xiao Chen and Lawrence within.

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After the intense battle continued for another quarter of an hour, from among the layers of illusion lay out by Carlos, and under the rays of purple light shot down by Yan Qing Cheng, Wharton finally made his move!

An almost transparent jade-like knife seemed to have pierced through the space and time. It was only as big as a thumb, and as long as a finger. It completely broke free of Lawrence’s space lock, it launched perfectly straight for his heart. Lawrence and Xiao Chen were dealing with Yan Qing Cheng and Carlos’ wild attacks. Wharton had grasped the most perfect opportunity, it was already too late for Lawrence to use his void power to stop it.


Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger that was reputed to be unstoppable fell onto the ground, but Lawrence was also sent flying. He spit out two big mouthful of blood, and his face was very pale. Although Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger was blocked by the colorful jade shell, the sword-qi contained on top of it rushed into his body. Lawrence was a Void Master, it was only natural that his physical body was not as strong as Xiao Chen. As a result, he was injured by the sword-qi.

Lawrence!” Xiao Chen transformed into a streak of light and rushed over there.

And just at this time, Wharton executed his second attack, it was similarly impressive as the first attack!

It aimed straight for the middle of Xiao Chen’s back!

Although Xiao Chen was worried about Lawrence, but the more desperate the situation, the keener his body and spiritual sense become. Sensing the legendary Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger approaching, he made an incomparably bold action. He quickly pulled back the Sealed God light screen, and gathered all of them in his left hand. The North Star Constellation made his palm brightly lit in contrast to other parts of his body. Xiao Chen didn’t even turn around and used his hand to grab the crystal clear throwing knife!


The legendary Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger that never missed a target was actually grabbed by Xiao Chen! Rowena, Carlos, Yan Qing Cheng, and the rest were completely stupefied. The North Star Constellation flickered with a glorious divine radiance in Xiao Chen’s palm, he exerted his strength and snapped the throwing knife in an instant!

The sound of space tearing apart resounded once more, the flying daggers ripped the space apart. Three consecutive icy aura were launched toward Xiao Chen.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

All three resplendent sword-qi was grabbed by Xiao Chen. This was a very big blow to Wharton. His face was incomparably pale, when he released those three attacks just now, it seemed like his three energies ⌈3⌋ were also discharged. He spit out a mouthful of blood and collapsed.

Xiao Chen was concerned about Lawrence’s safety. He dropped the snapped off throwing knives, and hastily supported Lawrence with his hand.

“Lawrence, how do you feel?”

“No harm, one mouthful of blood was supposed to be thrown up, the other mouthful was forced out by myself!” ⌈4⌋ Speaking until here, Lawrence shouted loudly, “Space Confinement! Xiao Chen, do it now!”

The movements of Carlos and Yan Qing Cheng who were launching spiritual attacks instantly became sluggish at that moment. Xiao Chen didn’t hesitate to strike with his sword, the resplendent sword-qi caused the long sword to disintegrate. The incomparably brilliant rays of light swept across the front.

Carlos staked all of his strength to break free from the space confinement, then he soared into the sky, but he was still hit by that glaring sword-qi, a huge amount of blood was left behind. Despite all that, he kept going without even looking back.

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The purple light shot down by Yan Qing Cheng were also destroyed, the unstoppable sword-qi even made her sustain a serious damage. She also staked all her strength to fly into the sky. However, just at this time, Xiao Chen utilized his secret technique to the pinnacle. Other than the North Star in his left hand, his right hand actually shone with a resplendent star. It was just as magnificent as the Royal Amethyst Star.

Xiao Chen waved his right hand, the star at the hollow of his palm actually transformed into a resplendent divine sword. He didn’t hesitate to hack it towards the sky. The searing rays of light had more coverage than even the Spell Master’s magic attack. The sword-qi that soared into the sky actually cut off Yan Qing Cheng’s purple divine wing, and caused her to fall.

Yan Qing Cheng was seriously hurt and fell towards the ground. The resplendent purple wing on her back was destroyed by Xiao Chen’s sword-qi like a delicate porcelain! She revealed a pained expression, continuously spit out a few mouthful of blood, and then fell onto the ground.

Left hand with North Star, right hand with Royal Star, Xiao Chen felt both of his hands were brimming with inexhaustible power!

Lawrence coughed as he stood up.

“Lawrence, are you sure you are fine?”
“It’s nothing, it will recover in two or three days.”

In a distant place, Rowena was very amazed, she absolutely never thought Xiao Chen was this strong. She walked over with light steps.

Xiao Chen turned his head around to look at the pale, yet incomparably beautiful Yan Qing Cheng, then he exclaimed, “I declare you are my slave from now on!” ⌈5


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