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Chapter 201 – The World

It was unknown whether it was an illusion or a real world that appeared in the void, the “speck” that should have returned to the void suddenly exploded as endless gray clouds shrouded more than half of the sky.

It was oppressive, the thick clouds of lead was dusky and knew no bounds. The deathly stillness affected everyone’s spirit greatly. It was as if they found themselves in despair. There was no hint of hope in the thick and heavy gray clouds.

This was a lonely world, a lifeless and hopeless world!

As the dark clouds drifted, the shadow of a huge mountain appeared from beyond the abyss. Furthermore, the blood-colored earth also revealed itself slowly. There was even an ink-like ocean rushing forth.

This was a mysterious yet terrifying scene. For a terrain like this to appear in the sky, it was as if a grayish world was abruptly thrust into the empty space. It made everyone unable to distinguish whether it was real or fake, nor were they able to tell where it came from.

This was the outcome brought about by the Golden Lion’s third vertical eye!

Of course, this was not all. This was not even the embodiment of the third vertical eye’s power. This was merely a connected phenomenon.

What was the true power of the third vertical eye, it was still unknown to date. Only that… for this kind of dreadful sight to appear and cover more than half of the sky was already out of everyone’s comprehension. Was this really an ability a Historia level Golden Lion King was capable of?

If that was indeed the case, that could only mean this exotic beast was really too formidable, much more so than what anyone could have expected!

“This is not an actual world, it’s an illusion…” In the Empyrean VIP lounge, the voice of an elder was transmitted outwards. However, his tone of voice indicated he was not very certain of it.

After the deathly still world suddenly appeared, the chanting and the praying sound could be heard once again. The sound was gloomy and creaky… it was like an ancient demonic sound that was relayed from ancient times.

“Could it really be that the once forgotten god is making a reappearance?” A very bewildered old man spoke out the doubt in his heart.


The inhumane whistle abruptly echoed in the air and kept all sounds under control. It became the only sound in the heaven and earth. It sounded like the raging waves beating against the shore, yet again, it sounded like rocks boring through the sky!

The dusky and hopeless world instantly became as black as ink. All the sceneries inside disappeared as the snow-white little critter was engulfed by the endless darkness.

The darkness that instantly appeared after that seemed to go on endlessly. At this very moment, everyone felt as if they were on the verge of collapsing.

Regardless of whether it was the older generation experts with profound abilities, or the youngster with average abilities, even the aristocrats with no knowledge of martial arts; every single spectator within the Amber Warbeast Castle had the feeling that the world was collapsing.

Their intuition told them, within the darkness, it was very probable that the Golden Lion King had already opened the third vertical eye and was right in the middle of dealing with the snow-white little critter!

Many practitioners with profound abilities had already given up on the big crystal screen and directly went to the roof of the castles to look around. However, nobody was able to see through the that void at a high altitude. That kind of absolute darkness had completely engulfed all lights. Even the midday sunlight had turned colorless long ago, while the sun had transformed into a black sun.

Even people who possessed clairvoyance were unable to see through the endless darkness!

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A moment of eternity.

As such, a few seconds felt like one hundred million years. Everyone urgently wanted to know what was going on inside.

“Rips! Rips! Rips!”

A ripping sound abruptly reverberated.

The figure of the snow-white little critter was like a divine lamp in the middle of the night as it illuminated a wide expanse of space. It stood in the middle of the void calmly, with its entire body emitting inexhaustible splendor. Thousands of streaks of colorful rays were circulating around the little critter.

The streak of lights emitted from Keke’s pair of eyes immediately swept away the endless darkness. The black light was flickering and the white light seemed boundless. The Ninth Heaven was engulfed by what seemed like the vast ocean, it was as if the Milky Way had fallen unto the boundless earth.

The world within the darkness became visible due to the two divine lights emitted by the little critter… The unending brown mountain range, the boundless black ocean, the vast blood-colored earth.

All of these once again made an appearance.

At the same time, something extremely terrifying happened where the snow-white little critter’s line of sight was directed at.

That unending mountain range was collapsing, that endless ocean was raging, that boundless earth was fracturing.

Up till the very end, an earth-shattering power enveloped the entire field. The dreadful aftermath caused by the snow-white little critter’s two eyes shook everyone to their core.

Everything before its eyes ceased to exist.

When it looked at the mountain, the mountain would collapse; when it looked at the ocean, the ocean would dry up; when it looked at the ground, the earth would cave in.

That huge mountain vanished in a puff of smoke, that boundless ocean was evaporating at high speed, the mother earth was ruthlessly caving in…It was a scene of the total destruction of the world.

When it finally stopped, it was as if everyone had already been petrified.

In the end, many people slumped on the ground helplessly. This was because they were either too excited or their spirit had fallen apart.

“Those were illusions, they were not real…” An old man who stood on top of the castle roof spoke to himself. However, from his expression, it seemed like he was not very confident in his answer.

Whether that was real or an illusion, just who could tell?

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Light reappeared in the dark sky. The eyes of the snow-white little critter had destroyed everything. That grayish and hopeless world was completely destroyed.

The world existed because of the eye; the world was destroyed because of the eye.

The world was quickly restored back to its original shape.

The black and white divine light in the snow-white little critter’s eyes faded away. It had also changed from that dignified state back to its originally lively state. Its glittering black eyes were sweeping all directions as it occasionally exposed a muddle-headed expression. It blinked its eyes constantly, as if it was wondering why it suddenly came to possess that kind of power just now.

The figure of the Golden Lion King appeared in the sky. Its golden body was close to collapsing; there were horrifying wounds all over its body, the blood had turned gold-colored and gushed out unceasingly. Even its white, eerie bones were poking out of the flesh.

Three of its vertical eyes were dripping with bright red blood that seemed to contrast to the golden blood all over its body. All of its vertical eyes seemed to be shut tight as only blood was dripping down.

The Golden Lion cast one last glance at the snow-white little critter before it slowly closed its ice-cold eyes. After that, it fell from the high altitude.

Crushing defeat, it was thoroughly defeated.

Nobody knew if the Golden Lion King had really fully opened the third vertical eye. Even more people didn’t know what kind of hideous power was hidden in that mysterious vertical eye.

However, everyone knew the snow-white little critter’s eyes were even more fearful! In that very instant, it actually made that illusory world fall apart. At the same time, it gave people the feeling of spiritual collapse.

That was a power which was forcefully driven out by the Golden Lion King. Or it might possibly be that, the little critter’s hidden power was awakened due to the sutras and prayers.

No one in the entire Amber Warbeast Castle uttered a single word. Although everything had concluded just now, people were still having a hard time breaking away from that atmosphere as they silently looked at the scene.

“This kind of existence will make even the gods jealous. This will not end well.” An elderly voice reverberated throughout the Amber Warbeast Castle.

The instant Xiao Chen heard that, he immediately had an ominous premonition. That’s right, the snow-white little critter was too extraordinary. Perhaps… it might really arouse the jealousy of the gods.

From time immemorial, heroes usually died early and beautiful women would encounter misfortune, would that kind of tragedy happen to Keke as well? That was completely an involuntary response, it was a kind of mysterious intuition. It made Xiao Chen raise his guard reflexively.

Superstitious belief? That was impossible. Xiao Chen believed in himself, he believed that strength would decide everything. However, he had no choice but to… make a plan as soon as possible. The circumstances have changed due to the warbeast tournament this time.

In the sky, a streak of gold light flew over in the blink of an eye. Before the Golden Lion King fell to the ground, a powerful-looking old man caught it.

The golden divine flame raged on in midair. A tall silhouette could be seen within the golden flame. That was an old man wearing broken golden armor. He carried the Golden Lion King and slowly landed on the ground. His expression so was excited that it was almost fanatical. He pointed at Keke while his entire body was trembling, as if he had seen the most unimaginable thing. After that, he suddenly knelt on the ground and muttered with an almost reverent tone. He kept prostrating himself in worship while facing the empty West sky.

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Such an action caused everyone to feel dumbstruck.

It became like this because he clearly recognized Keke’s race and origin!

“What is he saying?”

“I don’t know, I don’t understand what he is saying.”

“It sounded a little like the language of the ancient clan.”


In the Empyrean VIP lounge, one old man was exceptionally startled, “Could that be the genuine ancient people’s language?”

In the sky, the snow-white little critter looked at this scene muddle-headedly. It didn’t know why it turned out like this, so it approached the old man on the ground.

However, it seemed as if the old man in the golden divine flame had received a shock, he carried the Golden Lion and flew away without turning back.

“Squeak!!!” Keke shouted and wanted to give chase, but after a series of battles, it already didn’t have much strength left. In the end it could only land on the ground while feeling vexed, scratching its head in doubt.

The Amber Warbeast Castle became silent for a moment before a clamor suddenly soared into the sky.

Such powerful young beasts!

Regardless of the White Tiger, who had already passed away, or the seriously injured Peacock King and Goldie, they were all exotic beasts that were hard to come by. Let’s not even mention the two Dragon Kings.

Furthermore, the Golden Lion King and Keke had revealed formidable divine abilities that had exceeded everyone’s expectation!

If they could grow up smoothly, just who could be well-matched for them in the future? Disposing of them now was perhaps their only chance, but… who would dare to make their move? In regards to this, everyone kept their silence. They were but a cub, if their parents were to be provoked… it would be unimaginable! It probably wouldn’t be hard for them to wipe out a big clan with thousands of years of history.

At the very least, the known information had shown that the old man following the Golden Lion was suspected to be from the ancient race. And the snow-white little critter had once been taken away by that existence into the depths of the south. As such, it was enough to indicate something……


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