Chapter 158 – Hoodlum meets Madman

It should be mentioned that Hofmann really did a lot of bad things. Murder and arson, occupying people’s properties by force, just a little bit more and he would also have done away with human life. He had done all kind of misdeeds. It seemed like people dropped in to seek revenge almost everyday.

The event from a few days ago — regarding how he received the news at the last minute and went to fight over Tenax — he didn’t take it to heart. Since he didn’t succeed, and he wasn’t the only one who did it, he didn’t take this action seriously. If only he knew who this “stubble” in front of him really was.

“Who the f— are you?” Hofmann had a ferocious expression. He was used to oppressing others and was unable to tolerate other people speaking normally in front of him. Only by making people nodding their heads and bowing before him could it be considered normal.

“Your mouth is awfully repulsive!” With a flash of light, a sharp and clear noise resounded. A clear slap mark appeared on Hofmann’s face. He almost fell into the hot spring. That was a strong slap on the face.

“F—! You dare to hit me?! This mother f— is courting death!” Hofmann could also be considered an expert. Exuvia Fourth Celestial Layer was enough to let him sweep the floor with ordinary practitioners. Getting a big slap on the face like this by others, it was simply a humiliation. His face completely distorted as he pounced towards Xiao Chen very fiercely.

Just what was Xiao Chen’s power level? Exuvia Ninth Celestial Layer! When compared to Hofmann, the difference was just like night and day. Xiao Chen’s impression of this guy was an all time low. He just leaned his back on the wall of the reservoir and raised his leg to send out a kick. Layer upon layer of the leg’s afterimages flashed before Hofmann’s eyes. It made him startled and fearful. He was actually unable to dodge with the power of Fourth Celestial Layer.

Hofmann was kicked straight in the face. He got a nosebleed immediately as he was sent flying backwards. With a “plop”, he fell into the hot spring. Hofmann was tearing up due to the pain. It felt as if his nose had shattered into pieces. He almost couldn’t open his eyes.

“Mother f—! Someone come and chop that guy into pieces for me!” Hofmann shouted loudly. When had he ever suffered this kind of loss, it was always the other way round. For this to happen today was something he could never imagine.

“Someone come and kill this scoundrel!” Lidong Bo at the side also shouted loudly. If not because Hofmann asked him to restrain himself, he would have done that ages ago. Just previously he had also received a big slap in the face. When he was calling for help, he cursed inwardly: This f—— Hofmann, serves you right. Just now when the great me got thrashed, you made me restrain myself. Trying to pretend to be a big shot, now that you’ve shamed yourself, serves you right!

In that instant, more than ten human figures rushed in. At the same time, Keke sneakily returned. Looking at how lively this place was, it thought those few witches had sent people over to catch it. Just when it wanted to run away, Xiao Chen called out to it.

Xiao Chen originally wanted to ask Tenax to take care of those people, but once he notice that Keke had returned, he shouted, “Come back. Seal these people’s movement for me and let them soak in the hot spring. He momentarily forgot to ask where did it go and if it caused any trouble.

Rainbow-colored light flickered. More than ten human figures were fixed in place, then they were thrown into the hot spring. Soon after, an invisible power pushed their bodies under the water. The bubbles rose to the surface unceasingly. Soaking in the hot spring had somehow turned into drinking the hot spring.

Xiao Chen leisurely leaned against the wall of the reservoir. He poured the good wine and drank it by himself.

“Just who are you?” Hofmann’s face had changed. This avenger was clearly different from the others. His power was deep and unmeasurable. In addition, he had this kind of bizarre little critter. He looked like someone important.

“You still don’t know who am I?!” Xiao Chen sneered and said, “Didn’t you try to steal my sacred beast a few days ago?!”

“You… You are Xiao Chen?!” Hofmann’s expression changed yet again. He looked at the milky white divine steed at the side. Then he looked at Xiao Chen doubtfully. This divine steed might be a very fine horse, but it was definitely not that tough little dragon. And precisely because of this, he had never linked this person’s identity to Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen seemed to have noticed his doubt. He said in a deep voice, “You guys killed my sacred beast, one with unlimited potential! Say… how will you guys compensate for this?”

“You… talk nonsense! How could that be a sacred beast? It was only an ugly lesser dragon!” Hofmann’s tone was no longer as unyielding as before. He didn’t dare to throw up any more vulgar words from his mouth. He had heard of this person before his eyes. A lot of people had been discussing about him these days. He was a madman who had even made Wuxing Feng crawl on the floor. He was definitely a super dangerous person.

Xiao Chen’s face twitched due to anger, he shouted coldly, “An ugly lesser dragon? Then why did you guys try to take it away forcibly?!” Speaking until here, his palm immediately moved. The lofty Hofmann was slapped in the face and was sent flying away. He fell into the water with a plop.

At the side, Lidong Bo’s face was deathly pale. He really didn’t expect that they would have provoked the legendary human-shaped Tyrannical Dragon. That was a Ninth Celestial Layer freak! Besides, just by looking at his family background, he couldn’t even be compared with Hofmann and didn’t have anything to rely on.

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“You mother f—!” After Hofmann fell, he got so angry that his face turned completely ashen. After he got up, he pointed at Xiao Chen with his index finger and said, “Mother f—, I will admit defeat today. But I will not let it end like this, just you wait!” After he finished talking, he turned around and wanted to leave.

Xiao Chen sent another slap to his face. The rays of light flashed through and Hofmann was hit again. His cheeks were swelling profusely as his sorry figure fell into the hot spring.

“You dare to act like a hoodlum? You dare to play harsh and unreasonable? You don’t have enough qualifications!” Xiao Chen said coldly, “Who said you can leave? Without my permission, don’t you dare take another step!!”

Hofmann had completely lost his face in front of his bad friend. He was practically going to be driven mad. He cursed again after he stood up, “This mother f— is courting death! I am from the Reaga-”

Xiao Chen did not hold back this time. He violently waved his hand and a stream of light flashed through. Hofmann was pulled in front of Xiao Chen by an invisible power. Xiao Chen grabbed him and slapped him ten times in succession. Hofmann’s face was swelling profusely. It became purplish and congested.

“You dare to use vulgar words to talk to me? Are you tired of living…?”

At the side, Lidong Bo, Zhuge Kun, and Austrian broke out in cold sweat. This person was really too aggressive. He actually grabbed the scion of the Reagan Family like a little chick and beat him. His savagery was higher than the sky.

They did this kind of things quite frequently. Mostly to humiliate the weak or the victims. These people couldn’t do anything to them because their status and power were far below them.

This was the first time they saw someone as wild as Xiao Chen. When all was said and done, the Reagan Family was still an ancient family that was ranked high in the Celestial City. They had great influence in the south. And he was actually beating up their scion just like this. Seriously too savage.

“@#%¥……” Hofmann was extremely furious, but once he saw Xiao Chen’s ice-cold gaze, he abruptly repressed his anger. He could feel the breath of death enveloping him. This guy in front of him was really too terrifying. That kind of ice-cold gaze penetrated into his very bones.

Without a doubt, the guy before him was a madman. He didn’t care the least about the family behind his back. If he dared to utter a hoot one more time, he might be killed ruthlessly!

“Why did you stop cursing? Go on, I dare you!”

“I……” Hofmann became completely listless. His heart was deeply penetrated by fear. This Xiao Chen was absolutely not a Buddhist. One wrong word and he would be killed. How would he dare to continue speaking conceited nonsense. “You asked what’s to be done right? I want to settle the misunderstanding from a few days ago with you privately.”

“Misunderstanding? Hmph!” Xiao Chen snorted coldly and pushed him away. Hofmann fell into the water in a short while, but this time, he did not dare to act rashly after getting up.

“You, come over here!” Xiao Chen reseated and drank a cup of good wine. Then he beckoned Lidong Bo to come over with his finger.

This behavior made Hofmann and Lidong Bo want to curse him: Such arrogance, did you think you are a big shot in Celestial City?

Lidong Bo was scared witless as he walked over there. He was not as arrogant as he was before. The person before his eyes must be the fiercest among the fiercest. If he had known earlier, he absolutely wouldn’t be the first to stir up trouble.

Xiao Chen lightly patted his face and said, “Weren’t you trying to slap my face earlier? Didn’t you say I was courting death? How come you are so scared now?”

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Xiao Chen sent Lidong Bo flying with a kick, causing a big splash.

“Come over here!”

Lidong Bo’s face was both pale and green as he walked over again.


Xiao Chen sent him flying again with another slap. Only after a long time later did Lidong Bo get up again.

Xiao Chen was not trying to bully the weak, nor was he being ruthless. The main reason was that none of these people had good personalities. Hofmann usually spent his days raping female students, murdering for money and setting fire on people’s properties. He had done all kinds of bad deeds. There was no way his gang of scoundrels could be any better than him. If not because he felt apprehensive, Xiao Chen would have already hanged these dregs of society at the street for all to see.

He felt that he was already being lenient by doing only this much. There was no reason to show mercy to such utterly heartless people. No longer paying any attention to Lidong Bo, Xiao Chen raised his head and drank a cup of good wine. Then he beckoned Zhuge Kun and said, “It’s your turn, fatty.”

His figure was not tall. This Zhuge Kun was like a landmine, every time he walked, his fatty meat would tremble. He wore a smile across his entire face and said, “Brother Xiao, last time was really a misunderstanding. But don’t worry, I will definitely satisfy your request.”

“Stop talking nonsense. My warbeast is dead, what can you use to repay me, how can you make me satisfied?!” Xiao Chen’s goal was to teach these hedonistic sons a lesson. Even if he had to make up a lie, he wanted to beat them up.

At the side, Tenax was looking at everything coldly. If not because Xiao Chen was currently putting them in order, it would have already rushed over there itself.

Brother Xiao, listen to me……” Zhuge Kun was from the direct line of the Zhuge Family, his status was very extraordinary. When had he ever spoke in such a servile manner? But since he was trapped at this place today, he had no choice but to act like this. He must immediately think of a way to get out of this damnable place.


It was as if Xiao Chen was enchanted by the slap. A big slap mark appeared on Zhuge Kun’s face. As they said… when beating people don’t hit the face, but Xiao Chen just had to slap them on the face.

Zhuge Kun got a nosebleed immediately, but he was still wearing a smile as he stood up. He said, “Brother Xiao, show some mercy. I am Zhuge Liang’s cousin. Last time was really a misunderstanding. Please listen to me patiently. I believe we can become good friends…”

“Becoming friends with you people? I’d rather kill myself! Don’t you guys have any moral standing?!”

Xiao Chen had a heroic figure as he sat in the hot spring. His durable body flickered with a bronze-like splendor. It seemed as if young dragons were winding around his well built body. It made him seem energetic and powerful. His long black hair was naturally draped over his shoulders. The long eyebrows touched his temples. His clear eyes were as sharp as the sword.

Right now, in Zhuge Kun and company’s eyes, they felt that he was a demon. It made them feel as if they were being watched attentively by a wolf.

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Hoodlum meets Madman was the best way to describe this. That’s right, if they were hoodlums, then Xiao Chen was an exceptional madman. It made them feel powerless.

In the VIP area two, the “madman” was taking care of the hoodlums, while the beauties at VIP area one were having a hushed discussion.

“Where do you think that little critter came from? It was so cuuute!”

“I know right? That snow-white appearance looked as if it was carved out of white jade. And that hairball flickered with a bright and beautiful luster. It made me want to hug it tightly.”

“That’s right, I really want to keep it as a pet. That snow-white little critter looked really intelligent.”

The pretty girls were already infatuated. It seemed as if they had already embraced Keke in their arms. They did not hide their inner desires. Without any outsiders present, they did not care about being seen. Their lily-white arms and legs, shapely breasts and buttocks, were completely revealed. It was a sore sight for the eyes.

The baby girl of the Mander Family, Katalina, was rolling her big eyes non-stop. She had a bright expression as she said, “Why don’t we go out to take a stroll? Who knows, we might be able to find it. Even if it has an owner, we can still buy it off. With a group of beautiful girls like us, who would say ‘no’?”

She had already recognized it as Xiao Chen’s pampered little critter. The reason she suggested this was to seize an opportunity to give Xiao Chen some trouble. As she spoke, she used her lily-white arms to shake the calm Fairsnow, who had exposed most of her snow-white skin. Then she said, “Don’t act so calm, there’s no outsider here. What do you think of my idea? You going or not?”

“Go, of course we will go! We must find that snow-white little critter.” Two girls at the side supported this idea.

On the other side, Yan Qingcheng was looking at all of these with a smile. She just joined their little group recently, and didn’t declare where she stood. However, she was of the same opinion as the blue-haired Katalina. Her beautiful face revealed a peculiar expression. She could already imagine Xiao Chen’s sorry figure as he was troubled by the girls. She thought it was about time to teach this hateful scoundrel a lesson.


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