Chapter 147 – Imprint of Dao

God Slayer, although it was only a single technique, it was extremely profound. This technique was developed after numerous hard work and revisions. This was a highly generalized essence of the invisible Dao. Rather than an attack pattern, it might be better to say it was the materialized form of the “Imprint of Dao”!

Xiao Chen had practiced the God Slayer, the Chaotic Patterns, the Demon Suppression, and the Death Blow for quite some time now. Although he could already comprehend some of the mysteries included among these and use them to attack the enemies, it could also be said that he hadn’t really engraved this Imprint of Dao into his very being.

He had comprehended the Imprint of Dao’s killing method, but he still hadn’t grasped the real essence. After all, this was really too hard. They were battle stances without a form, even those of Immortalis realm would have difficulties comprehending the true meaning behind these.

Although the Imprint of Dao didn’t get engraved into his being, Xiao Chen was able to get a deep understanding in regards to the method to restrain enemies after nearly one year of training. Especially the Imprint of Dao’s first technique, the God Slayer. He was able to comprehend it the most.

When facing a powerful enemy at the Eight Celestial Layer, Xiao Chen had never underestimated him once.The moment he heard the other side shouting the name of the skill, he felt a sense of danger enveloping him and didn’t hesitate to launch God Slayer, one of the four major techniques.

The more dangerous the situation, the calmer Xiao Chen became. In a world of nothingness, his inner world became a piece of blank, as if he had detached from the battlefield and became a spectator. However, his hand had already executed the Imprint of Dao.

God Slayer, it was a remarkable technique. The first move of the four major techniques, just as its name implied, the main aspect lied in the word, “Slayer”. One after another multicolored radiances illuminated the sky in a flash.

Although the sun had already set in the west, and the color of the sky already darkened, this area was incomparably bright. It was as if there were countless stars converging in midair. The glorious radiance that illuminated everything like the sun was exceptionally beautiful.

However, this wasn’t really the divine kind of beauty, this was the ray of death as seen in a perilous situation. The tranquility was broken in a short moment; the thunderous light rumbled in the sky and the murderous aura soared.

The violent energy went out of control. As if there was a fissure, the dojo started to shake violently. It was easy to imagine just how fierce the confrontation in the sky was this time around.

This technique of Lambda, Yin Yang Annihilation, could be said to be one of the top-notch mystic arts under the heaven. It was a very unpredictable ability. If an average person was to receive this attack, even their bones would cease to exist.

One of his palm was pitch-black like ink, the other one was as clear as white jade. Two completely different colors appeared on his left and right palms. A tsunami-like violent energy burst out and induced a seven-layered energy storm. It felt as if the space itself had twisted, as if the door to hell had opened in the sky as it tried to engulf Xiao Chen.

Everyone on the ground could feel the powerful pressure and energy turbulence. It could be said that the fluctuation from the Yin Yang Annihilation was the very first to drop down and cause the fissures on the dojo.

It was a very terrifying move. Lambda merely flipped his palms a little, and such a frightening aftermath was the result.

Xiao Chen clearly saw an underworld temple floating in the sky. In front of the gloomy ancient temple, those huge and sinister demon sculptures appeared vivid and lifelike. A gigantic black door seemed to be opening towards Xiao Chen.

This was definitely the most bizarre battle Xiao Chen ever had. A single Yin Yang Annihilation technique could actually draw out such a terrifying illusion, it was truly outrageous. The powerful attractive force behind the gate seemed as if it was about to crush him.

The Imprint of Dao, God Slayer, cut through the darkness of the ancient temple like a golden sun. It streaked across the vast sky on top of this illusion, weakening the destructive force unceasingly!

The rays of light emitted by the God Slayer were especially eye-catching in the darkness. Each and every ray of light actually looked as if they were real swords and blades. However, they were miniature-sized swords and blades. The longest was only three inches!

It was very bizarre! There were countless divine swords and heavenly blades, but none of them looked identical. All of them were unique in their own way, it was as if they had pierced through space-time and arrived from the ancient era.

It was a bizarre confrontation. It was a confrontation between illusions! However, the power coming from the illusions were real.

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Lambda was endlessly shocked. Yin Yang Annihilation technique was Mander Family’s foundation. The reason Mander Family didn’t fall for several hundred years in the south desolate region, the reason they became more and more powerful, it was closely related to how they were in control of this divine art. Only with enough power would their family be able to stand taller and steadier.

Yin Yang Annihilation was a mystic art from the ancient legends. Its name had shook the south desolate region for countless years. It was obtained by someone in their family inadvertently.

Facing someone on the same level, so long as they executed this move, even the Time Benders and Void Masters had to fall back. As for the other people, it was needless to say it, there were only a very few capable of fending it off.

However, today, Lambda was completely dumbstruck. The underworld temple illusion that emerged in the empty sky was slowly collapsing. Those thousands upon thousands of three inches swords and blades destroyed every obstruction and crushed anything in their path.

The space crumbled apart!

After ten continuous collision sounds, the sky slowly recovered its former tranquility. Traces of blood could be seen spilling from the corner of Xiao Chen’s mouth. This was the first time he had sustained an injury after his secret arts had advanced by leaps and bounds.

Lambda had a really pale face. He stood in the sky unmovingly, then he suddenly fell backwards while a big mouthful of blood spurted out. He fell from midair head first.

It was very obvious that he lost, he was completely defeated!

“It’s over!”

“The Eighth Celestial Layer Lambda has actually been defeated!”

“The rankings of the youth generation experts in the south desolate region is going to be revised! Xiao Chen’s name will be engraved right behind that freak from the Mander Family, the Solitary Sword Demon, and the others.”

“One more twenty odd years Eighth Celestial Layer expert!”

“How formidable!”

The North Style Academy’s central dojo had already turned very rowdy. Everyone was endlessly shocked. Xiao Chen defeated the four grand experts in a consecutive match, and even downed Lambda. The rankings of the top-notch youth experts in the south desolate region would have to be revised!

“Oh my god! Can this freak actually be about the same level as Katalina’s eldest brother?” Zhuge Liang pulled his neck back with a bit of lingering fear.

Fairsky heaved a sigh. He was a pretty powerful practitioner himself, so he understood the situation the most. He said, “Why don’t you give up now? For him to be this powerful, he must have a great power backing him up. Otherwise, how could he obtain such a powerful secret art. The older generation experts in the south desolate region have misgivings about each other. They would not make their moves as they wished. Killing a few people from the youth generation is going to be a walk in the park for him. I advise you to not get any crooked thoughts towards the tough little dragon.”

“Brother!” The blue-haired young lady, Katalina, quickly ran towards the center of the field.

Lambda, who just fell from the sky, had already been received by someone. Looking at Katalina who was getting closer, he forced a weak smile and said, “Never thought he was this strong……”

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“Brother, are you alright? This is all my fault. After big brother comes back……”

“He was already holding back just now. Otherwise I wouldn’t even live to see another day……”

At a distant place, a few old men from the North Style Academy were looking at each other. Then their expressions became serious. One of them was muttering to himself for a while before he said, “That move just now… was it the God Slayer?!”

“It, it’s very likely!”

“Yin Yang Annihilation technique has shaken the south desolate region. Never had it occurred to me that it would come across a nemesis.”

“Lambda must have held back a little. We can’t be sure of the outcome.”

“Might I remind you, Yin Yang Annihilation is the Mander Family’s secret treasure!”


The dojo was extremely noisy, the students from the North Style Academy, the Wargod Academy, and even the White Elk Academy were having a dispute. The North Style Academy suffered a huge defeat, and the words from the students of the other two academies were inappropriate. It almost led to a conflict. They almost spurred into action by the negative remarks, and even wanted to make the experts that the North Style Academy secretly fostered to come out and fight.

Seeing that Xiao Chen was descending from the sky, Fairsky and the fatty ran over there quickly.

“Let’s get out of here quickly. You have made your name known with this fight today, but it’s going to get very troublesome now. It is better to lie low until the fuss dies down.”

Xiao Chen nodded his head. Taking Tenax and Keke along, he followed the two of them and quickly ran towards the outside of the North Style Academy.

Nobody dared to stop Xiao Chen. The tyrannical display just now gave them a lingering fear. Nobody wanted to have their arms and legs broken.

After exiting the North Style Academy’s gate, the fatty let out a long breath and said, “Brother, if you are this strong, you should have told me earlier. Heh heh, now I can openly come to this educational street to look at the young sisters. What’s more to be afraid of……” Thinking about this point, the fatty let out a mischievous laughter.

The handsome Fairsky smacked his forehead. He was having a slight headache as he muttered, “I really don’t know if it was a good idea or bad idea to arrange your house at the educational street. It will definitely be bustling with noise and excitement later on.” He turned his body around and said, “I originally wanted to invite you both to the Spellbind Castle, but it is better to lie low for now until the fuss dies down. Otherwise we might cause some trouble. We should have a proper gathering several days later.”

Without a doubt, Xiao Chen’s name had already been posted on the bulletin board of the three big academies. A lot of people were paying attention to him. These past few days, he had led a reclusive life and indulged in training all day long.

Of course, there were times when he had to go out, such as to go out and eat. He was unwilling to upset his own stomach. He went out to eat every single day. Despite how he was staying low-key and found some unassuming place to eat, some troubles still couldn’t be avoided.

“The person in front, halt!”

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A few soldiers ran over. Their full-bodied armors were giving off a metallic shine, the longswords in their hands were shiny.

“We suspect you might be related to a vicious case, please come with us.”

These people were definitely up to no good. Looking at the sneer on the soldiers before his eyes, Xiao Chen could easily tell that they were intentionally framing him.

“Do you guys have any evidence?”

“You’ll know once we get there, hurry it up.”

Mother f—! Xiao Chen was a little annoyed. Someone was making trouble for him on purpose. Although he didn’t care about these soldiers before his eyes, he didn’t want to kill them in the middle of the street.

That’s right, thinking about it carefully, he really couldn’t act recklessly. As for who had the most power within the city walls, it was definitely the lord of Celestial City.

“Hurry!” One of the ordinary soldier at the side roared with impatience.

Xiao Chen looked at them calmly, then he said in a deep voice, “Let’s see if you guys can keep up this arrogant act.”

“I am the soldier of Prince Li ⌈1⌋, even if I kill you right here and now, I will not be condemned!” One of the soldiers had a very fierce expression.

“I dare you to say it one more time?!” Xiao Chen took a step forward. When he was in the mortal world, he even dared to kill an imperial princess, let alone the soldiers of some prince in the world of immortals.

Although these soldiers were arrogant and bossy, they felt their entire body break out in cold sweat after Xiao Chen’s sharp eyes swept past them. A few of them were flapping their mouths, they actually swallowed the foul language that they were about to say.


  1. Prince Li is supposed to be a title of the sort: 

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