Chapter 193 – Nine Lives, Reincarnation!

Back in those days, when that “person” executed the five-colored divine radiance, even the Gods and Buddhas were forced to retreat. It was practically unstoppable!

It could even be said that, in this whole wide world, “he” was one of the persons you wouldn’t want to provoke the most.

As a result, when the Peacock King launched the five-colored divine radiance, everyone immediately became shaken up. Of course, the young people did not get shaken up as much as the older generations. After all, what they saw was nothing more than a powerful divine ability, and on the other hand, the elder’s train of thoughts were soaring. They had seen the roots of the problem and thought about all kinds of possibilities!

The young people were not very familiar with the ancient myths. They were practically unaware of what the five-colored divine radiance represented, nor the origin of the divine radiance.

The older generations were different. They had already guessed who was the Peacock King’s ancestor! This was such a powerful backer! It was so very horrifying just thinking about it; the person who the Peacock King and Goldie were following at present could be said to have run into a great fortune! If they treated the Peacock King and Goldie well, then in the future, they would have nothing to fear in the secular world.

All the spectators had already flared up.

The five-colored divine radiance actually resisted the Eye of Destruction!

It must be mentioned, even the elders were getting feverish. Without a doubt, with the Golden Lion King and the Peacock King’s strength, only a true expert among the elders could make them yield. It was very hard for the Historia level experts to stand up against these two sacred beasts!

This match was truly worth of the name of the warbeast tournament, it really wasn’t merely hanging up false reputation to rake in the money. This match was true to its value. Even those who were dissatisfied with the previous round had dispelled their negative thoughts.


“Kill! Kill! Kill!”


Within every halls, in front of each crystal screen, many people were cheering.

The glints in the Golden Lion King’s eyes were incomparably cold. It stood in the sky calmly and fixed its cold eyes on the multicolored Peacock King. Its Eye of Destruction had come across an adversary for the first time. This had never happened before. Because, its background was really too great, it was profoundly aware that its divine ability was very powerful and formidable. It was not very easy to run into an adversary among its peers!


The Lion King’s roar shook the sky. It opened that vertical eye again as a streak of bloody light was launched towards the Peacock King.


The five-colored divine radiance swept downwards. Divine radiance of five different colors glinted as it brushed off the light of destruction. Moreover, the divine radiance shook repeatedly as the Peacock King began its counterattack.

Under the dazzling rays of light, few consecutive five-colored divine radiance instantly engulfed the Lion King. The Golden Lion struggled to get free violently and let out an ear-splitting furious roar as the five-colored divine radiance fluctuated unceasingly.

“The Golden Lion has been engulfed!”

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“The five-colored divine radiance has restrained the Golden Lion!”


When everyone was making a clamor, the Golden Lion King’s Eye of Destruction launched the bloody light beams repeatedly. It spared no effort and finally struggled free of the five-colored divine radiance.

The Peacock King was calm and cool, its brilliant wings were flickering. Although it wanted to strike back at this point, it was a little apprehensive of the Lion King’s other two vertical eyes. The Lion King’s eyes were ice-cold as it fell into silence. It stopped attacking and faced the Peacock King in the sky.

Meanwhile, on the ground, the White Tiger had already launched its attack. The tiger roar pierced through the skies as the divine marks all over its body started to glint. A gale was given rise in an instant and a rumbling sound reverberated as it aimed for Goldie in the front.

From a certain point of view, the Golden Lion King’s killing intent was roused up as a result of the Peacock King and Goldie teaming up. It wanted to take the initiative to attack the Peacock King. And the White Tiger had the same line of thought; they must break up this combination. Therefore, it charged at Goldie without thinking twice.

The divine marks burst out with dazzling rays of light. The White Tiger executed the External Incarnation immediately. The terrifying vibe of death spread out and aimed at Goldie’s chest.

All the spectators cried out in surprise. The White Tiger used the External Incarnation at the start. That means it definitely had something else up its sleeve. It definitely had an even more terrifying divine ability in stock.

Goldie was very calm. It waved its palm to create a dazzling gold radiance, which instantly shielded in front of its body and blocked the External Incarnation. Moreover, the rays of light became even more brilliant. It wanted to destroy the External Incarnation.

“The deity’s great divine ability?”

“Such a powerful ray of light!”


This bout was very intense. The rays of light from the External Incarnation was very dazzling as it repeatedly collided with the golden light screen. However, it moved back in the end with no result to show. Goldie didn’t back down ⌈1⌋, the gold radiance enveloped from all directions like a water screen with no holes.


The White Tiger was sent flying away as the divine marks flickered. Although it had neutralized Goldie’s attack, it was obvious that the White Tiger was in a disadvantageous position.

Goldie was originally very violent. It had showed its true nature when it was confrontating Keke before. Now that it had become dominant, it became even more vicious. It crossed the space in a split second and appeared in a different location.

“Rips! Rips!”

Another light screen was launched at the White Tiger. The light was actually mixed together with a lightning about the thickness of nine water jars. This was absolutely not an ordinary lightning. Within the golden lightning, there was a hint of azure. That was clearly the Heavenly Lightning!

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The White Tiger dodged just in the nick of time. However, it was still sent flipping over by the aftermath, making it look very pitiful.


The tiger’s roar shook the entire warbeast stage. One character after another appeared on the White Tiger’s body. Characters that seemed like black metals appeared in thin air. The White Tiger was surrounded by materialized ancient characters. Those divine marks on its body completely materialized and rippled with an extremely powerful energy fluctuation.

At this moment, the White Tiger’s body was as bright as jade, no trace of black lines could be found on its body. All the characters were just like ancient sacred writings as they spread all around the White Tiger, flickering with black radiance.

Goldie remained unmoved. With a wave of its hand, nine heavenly lightnings fell toward the White Tiger.

This time however, the lightnings disappeared without making any sound. The black characters in the White Tiger’s surroundings were not at all dazzling. They only flashed a few times and all the lightnings were swallowed up. ⌈2

Everyone could see it vaguely; just now, in the black character’s surroundings, there were small cracks in the space. The lightnings had charged into an unknown space!

Goldie became furious and closed the distance between them. As the gold light and lightning swept over, the energy waves rolled over and over for a moment. The White Tiger was quickly submerged by the violent waves of energy. However, when it finally calmed down, they found that the White Tiger was unscathed. The black characters floating all around it had neutralized the energy waves. Goldie didn’t manage to injure it the slightest fraction.

The White Tiger moved its sleek body and got up on its hind legs ⌈3⌋. It walked towards Goldie one step at a time.

“It was transmitted to an alternate space.”

“The White Tiger’s word magic opened many tiny cracks in the space and sent all the energy waves into an unknown space.”


All the older generation experts were emotionally moved. It was yet another very rarely seen and formidable divine ability. It must be mentioned that none of these few young sacred beasts were of common birth.

The White Tiger could actually rip the space apart. With this kind of materialized black characters around its body, it was tantamount to gaining an invincible position!

Goldie did not feel nervous as the White Tiger approached. It was waiting calmly.

The White Tiger let out a long roar and pounced over. The ancient martial skill was unconditionally its key strength. It was the most appropriate skill for close-quarter combat.

Goldie’s movements were nimble and quick. While facing the White Tiger’s attack, it actually swept its leg across like a human. After that, it jumped high into the air and looked downward. The afterimage of its leg actually passed through the black characters and narrowly touched the White Tiger’s body, which forced the White Tiger to fall back.

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Everyone couldn’t help but gasp in surprise. Goldie was also proficient in ancient martial skills. And apparently, it was not the least bit weaker than the White Tiger’s. Moreover, its physical body could pass through the black characters. This definitely brought a huge pressure to the White Tiger.

But generally speaking, the black characters were inseparably close to the White Tiger. For Goldie to break through, it was very difficult. In addition to that, the White Tiger was very proficient in the ancient martial skills, it obviously had the upper hand.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

Two young sacred beasts moved with lightning speed and clashed with their physical bodies. Goldie didn’t use any bizarre divine ability.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

When their bodies came into contact, the loud rumble sounded like two huge mountains crashing together. All the spectators were feeling startled. Perhaps even the Historia level expert wouldn’t be able to bear this much power.

The White Tiger gradually gained the upper hand. After all, it had sacred writings capable of neutralizing all energy attacks. However, just at this time, Goldie’s body suddenly emitted rays of light as it divided into three within a split second, and then from three to nine. ⌈4

Nine streaks of gold light appeared on the stage as the White Tiger was surrounded by nine Goldie.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

When nine Goldie clashed with the White Tiger, the impact from the collisions was real. It caused the White Tiger to act with confusion.

All the spectators was in an uproar. This was obviously not External Incarnation. This was the legendary Shadow Partners. It was a great divine ability capable of turning the shadows into a real body. When trained to the peak stage, not only could the clones reach the same level of strength as the real body, it was possible to reincarnate nine times. Each body was equivalent to one life!

This was a freakish S-Rank divine ability! Once mastered, it was equivalent to nine lives. If facing experts of the same level, the result was as one could well imagine…


“This is unimaginable. All of these sacred beasts are S-ranked! It is rare to encounter just one in a lifetime, just getting one of them would be more than sufficient!”


Due to this, all the spectators sighed with sorrow. These kind of young sacred beasts, just losing one of them would be a great loss! However, if they wanted to mature and evolve quickly, this kind of battle was the only way. That was because the essence of an ordinary beast king did not have much effect on them. The sacred beasts with unlimited potential required sacrificial victims on the same level!

The more they fight, the stronger they get!

If the young sacred beasts grow up and never experienced any life or death battle, they would be the weakest among the sacred beasts.

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Within the VIP lounge, beside Xiao Chen, Keke was feeling restless as it looked at the big crystal screen. It even discarded the ginseng king skewers in its paws. Oh, how it wished it could immediately rush into the warbeast stage.

“Calm down. Don’t think about it, you must remain calm and collected…” Xiao Chen pulled the black chains firmly. He must not let the little thing get out at this time. Otherwise, god knows how much disorder it would cause in its wake.

“Squeak! Squeak!!” The little critter couldn’t remain calm and protested stubbornly. That means: “Calm and collected”? What’s that? I want to sweep the floor with the six saints!

And just at this time, Tenax and the Crimson Dragon King finally made their moves.

The battle of the Dragon Kings shook everyone to the core. They did not try out the opponents like the previous two did. They immediately faced off in a life or death battle!

Tenax executed the Dragon Countersteps at the very beginning. The powerful energy nearly caused the space to distort. The bloody light on the Crimson Dragon King’s body soared towards the sky. The bloody light was driven to the sky by a pure “martial” power. The light was moving vertically and horizontally in the sky, and on the ground, making it hard for Tenax to complete the seven steps!

Two Dragon Kings had ascended from the ground and defied the gravity with their respective dragon martial skills. This was very frightening. One must know that they did not use spiritual spells like the Golden Lion King and Peacock King to fly ⌈5⌋. They were flying by completely relying on the ancient martial skills!

Using martial skills to fly, that was the strength only the demigods possessed. However, they were relying on the dragon martial skills to manifest their hidden potentials in advance, thus allowing them to soar at the horizon.


The Crimson Dragon King harnessed power in its tail and the instant it swept past Tenax, it waved its tail over like a divine blade.


The Dragon Countersteps couldn’t be completed. Every time, it was only able to take up to five steps. Tenax disappeared in thin air and appeared in another location.

The Crimson Dragon King followed relentlessly. It turned its body around and rushed over immediately. Tenax broke out of its dragon martial skills and aimed for the Crimson Dragon King’s chest with its dragon claw, while the dragon horns were swept toward the neck.

“Bang! Bang!”

The two Dragon Kings clashed fiercely for a few times in the sky. They were so fast that the older generation figures were a little dazzled. After that, they separated in an instant and appeared in different directions.

The dragon blood splashed everywhere as wounds appeared on the body of the two Dragon Kings.

This was a life or death battle without any fancy moves! It was a true test of strength.

“Swish! Swish!”

As the two Dragon Kings glided in the sky, they seemed as if they were passing through empty space and constantly changed from one direction to another direction. People were unable to imagine how did they accomplish such a feat.

Xiao Chen felt very shocked. Tenax’s growth was extremely fast. It was getting more and more proficient with the dragon martial skills. How could people guard against such a martial art? The only thing it lacked at the moment was raw power. If it had enough power, it could attain an invincible position.

This life or death confrontation made every spectator in front of the crystal screen very excited. The dragons were truly worthy to be called the strongest race. The battle of the Dragon Kings produced a change in everyone’s heart. Even though the two Dragon Kings hadn’t revealed their divine abilities, just this sky battle was enough to prove their formidability. If they revealed the dragon specific divine ability, then everyone would certainly become all the more excited.


Not far away, a lion roar reverberated. The Golden Lion King and Peacock King broke the silence as they resumed their battle.

Something unexpected happened at this time, the Golden Lion King opened its second vertical eye. The black light instantly became the only thing in this region!

“Oh my god, it’s the Revolver!”

“It’s the Eye of Reincarnation!”

“Quick, look! It opened the gate to hell. It wants to send its opponent back to the cycle of life!”


The Golden Lion King’s power was beyond everyone’s estimation. One eye represented destruction, one eye represented reincarnation, it was capable of annihilating any enemy the moment it opened the vertical eyes!

Within the VIP lounge, Keke was unable to sit calmly anymore. It exerted all of its strength to shake Xiao Chen’s arm.

“This won’t work, stay calm, stay collected…”


This time, the snow-white little critter was very blunt. It didn’t listen to Xiao Chen’s “nagging” anymore and immediately disappeared in thin air. ⌈6

Xiao Chen was gobsmacked, since when did Keke come to possess this kind of divine ability? He actually didn’t know what kind of spiritual spell did the little thing use. It actually disappeared in thin air just like this.

“Oh no!” He quickly looked towards the big screen, to find if the little critter had appeared on the stage.


  1. 得理不少饶人; A Chinese proverb: as long as one is justified in a conflict, they wouldn’t back down. Commonly used to describes a powerful person couldn’t be provoked. 
  2. Silva: Wot?! A black hole? 
  3. Silva: How come this reminds me of the new Pokemon; Incineroar
  4. Silva: Goldie used double team, it was super effective. 
  5. Silva: eh? You saying peacock can’t fly using its wings? 
  6. Silva: kekekekekekekeke!! A good show’s definitely coming in the next chapter! 

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