Chapter 4 – Uncivilized Island

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Xiao Chen moved away from the depths of the coconut grove and began to observe the vast ocean attentively, recalling the frightful scene of the huge monster flaunting its strength in the ocean. That really was an exceptionally vicious beast!

After a night of rehabilitation, Xiao Chen’s body felt much better. As long as he didn’t move around too violently, his wounds shouldn’t obstruct his actions. Laying down on the beach while facing the morning sun, he began to gather the worldly essence and practice the mysterious training method from the ancient monolith. His entire body was as still as a pine tree.

The gentle morning sun shone upon Xiao Chen’s body, and his breathing was consistent and smooth. One after another, miniature light rays that couldn’t be seen by the naked eye rushed forth and breached his skin before entering his body. The light rays were moving about energetically within his body.

Xiao Chen was rather proficient in meditation as he had studied the mysterious Qi-Training Diagram since childhood. The entrance to a vast divine castle was already slowly opening up for him!

The rising morning sun was emitting multicolored rays of light.

Xiao Chen began to divide his breathing into a stable tempo, and a magnificent golden ray entered his body each time he inhaled. He guided the air through his flesh and into his internal organs and bones, allowing the golden rays to rush forth into every inch of his body. As he breathed out, the impure power within the internal organs, bones, and flesh were all expelled out of his body through his skin.

His flesh was being purified and improved by the purest energy, causing his physique to constantly change day after day, and year after year.

The essence of training was to constantly break through the limits of the human body, and constantly transform the body in order to rise it to a higher level. Xiao Chen firmly believed that sooner or later, he would break through the boundary between life and death and take a step into the realm of immortals. As described in legends, he would then become one of those people whose names had shaken the world for eternity!

A lot of shells, shrimps, crabs, sea urchins, as well as some other lively saltwater fishes were left on the beach after the morning tide retreated, making Xian Chen’s breakfast incomparably sumptuous. The flame was throbbing about at one side of the coconut grove, and on top of the flame was a shell about the size of a washbowl. Coconut juice was being boiled inside of the shell while the seafood was already releasing alluring aromas.

After enjoying the sumptuous meal, Xiao Chen decided to investigate the circumstances of the terrain within the vicinity to find a place to stay temporarily.

Beyond the coconut groves was a forest that was even more concentrated. The area was full of vitality, thick foliage and an abundance of vegetation. There were Parashorea Chinensis ⌈1⌋, white Costus Roots ⌈2⌋, yellow Aleurites Cordata ⌈3⌋, olive trees, palm trees, rubber trees, and so on. Ancient trees of great height hid the sky and covered the earth.

When Xiao Chen entered the territory of the seabirds, countless seabirds in the jungle were frightened and flew off. These seabirds began to circle the horizon while chirping, the feathers of the birds filled the entire sky as they fluttered while gently floating downwards.

A thick layer of bird excrement covered the ground, there were bird nests everywhere from the branches all the way to the ground. One could clearly see bird eggs everywhere, there were even nestlings crying piteously for food. Countless fully grown seabirds were flying in circles while crying out in fear.

Only after he left the jungle for an extremely long time did that place slowly regain its previous tranquility.

Walking forwards for roughly one and a half to two kilometer, Xiao Chen entered a primitive and ancient region of the forest. The roots of the thousand year old ancient trees were twisted into a complicated and tricky position. Vines that were a few centuries old coiled around the trees, and the residents that lived in this part of the forest consisted of primal beasts that were ready to go on a rampage.


A fierce Saber-Toothed Tiger snarled and exposed its thick and sharp teeth before lunging at Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen quickly turned his body around and swept his right leg out with all his might to trip the vicious tiger.

Just around this time, the howl of another beast could be heard from nearby. A violent ape with two heads that was roughly five meter tall dashed straight towards this area. It was especially frightening with its tall and demonic body, it’s dark and forbidding fur, as well as its pair of sinister heads, which only contributed further to its intimidation.

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Xiao Chen did not want to provoke these exotic monsters, so he hastily turned around and rushed into the mountain forest. That Saber-Toothed Tiger faced the Double-Headed Ape.


The roar of the tiger suddenly came to a stop, and Xiao Chen turned around to take a quick glance. What he saw was a bloody scene where the Double-Headed Ape unexpectedly tore the Saber-Toothed Tiger apart, causing the ape’s dark and forbidding fur to be stained with blood.

Xiao Chen became more cautious as he ran away with speed as fast as lightning while avoiding the various exotic beasts. He didn’t want to have a direct confrontation with them.

Xiao Chen hadn’t even moved that far before he ran into a bunch of primal beasts that he previously only heard about from legends. He saw even more bloody scenes, on one occasion, he saw a Heavenly Leopard with a pair of wings rip apart a Two-Headed Elephant. In another instance, he saw an enormous horned python devouring a Three-Headed Tiger……

Walking in the endless primitive forest, Xiao Chen could frequently see some skeletal remains. These were the remains of tigers, lions and elephants, as well as some unknown gigantic skeletons. There were dozens of seven to eight meter long disintegrated skeletons hidden between the woods and grass, making the forest seem especially frightening.


A huge roar was suddenly transmitted from the depths of the mountain ridge. The roar was ear-splitting as it pierced the sky! Countless beasts were startled by the roar and started to wail, causing a huge chaos to erupt in the depths of the mountain ridge.

Xiao Chen had also been shaken to his core. His body trembled violently, and his eardrums nearly ruptured.

It was only natural as this was comparable to the roar of a legendary dragon!

This roar was by no means any bit inferior to the ancient Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon’s roar! It was hard to imagine what kind of primal beast it came from.

Xiao Chen was anxious, but he was not surprised as he had already discovered two huge primal beast at the external regions of the island. This island was indeed incomparably mysterious. His wounds had not fully recovered yet, so he didn’t dare to take the risk of moving any further ahead. He retraced his steps and returned.

Finally, Xiao Chen searched for a place suitable for recuperation in the external region of the island. The distance at this place was only about one and a half kilometer away from the beach. It was close to the dwelling of the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon, so ordinary primal beasts wouldn’t dare to rashly approach this area.

A clear spring that looked like a jade-colored ribbon flowed continuously as it gathered into a small lake in the forest. The surface of the lake was as clear as sapphire, and the tall, crowded forest encircled the small lake. The trees blocked the scorching sun, creating a spacious and cool shelter.

The surroundings of the small lake was covered in layers of Wisterias ⌈4⌋, all kinds of unknown beautiful purple and brilliant red-colored flowers were in full bloom. With the fragrance of the flowers in the air and the pleasant song of the birds, it was indeed a good hiding place.

Moreover, there were many fruit trees in the vicinity. Not only was there a tall coconut tree, there were also somewhat short pineapple plants, lemon trees, lychee trees and so on. The branches were heavily laden with fruits, and they emitted a sweet fruity aroma that filled the surrounding woods. It was especially alluring.

Xiao Chen discovered a bamboo forest somewhere not far away. He tried to control his strength carefully so as not to affect the condition of his wounds as he chopped some of the green bamboo with a stone hatchet to bring back. He then went to search for strips of flexible vines.

At the side of the sapphire-like lake, Xiao Chen built a green bamboo house, and in the house was a bed made entirely out of bamboo. The house made out of natural wood was brimming with the sweet fragrance of plants, it felt extremely refined and free from worry.

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It should be mentioned that the ocean weather was rather unpredictable. Until that afternoon, there were no clouds in the sky, but in the blink of an eye, the weather suddenly became dusky and gloomy. A wide expanse of black clouds covered the entire sky in an instant.


The black clouds rumbled over the island as lightning flashed, thunder resounded; and a heavy downpour began to fall. Xiao Chen was glad that he built a bamboo house in time. Looking at the heavy rain outside the window, he started to ponder.

After entering the World of Immortals, he kept thinking about the spatial distortion, and about the figures who left their fame behind in the mortal world for all eternity. Would he be able to meet them one of these days?

With a single sword, Dugu Qiubai shocked the entire martial world. There was not a single person who could stand up to him…

Li Xunhuan, who was nicknamed Xiao Li Flying Dagger, never missed his target and his throwing knife was capable of splitting the air…

Shi Feixuan, an extremely gifted fairy whose beauty was out of this world…..

Wan Wan, who possessed worldly intelligence and was as quick-witted as the Elves…

Pangban, an unrivalled demonic ruler who planted fear in the hearts of the devils, making them cower for all eternity…..

Lang Fanyun, an individual who was extremely passionate and his love for the sword was unmatchable. Because of love, he took up the sword and entered the path of Daoism…

Those mighty names that shook the world for all eternity emerged from Xiao Chen’s mind one after another. Since those figures had already entered the realm of immortals, he believed that there might be a chance to meet them in the future. This was absolutely not an empty dream!


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