Chapter 149 – Arrogant and Egotistical

The ladies in the hall were all extremely beautiful, they were unmatched in the south desolate region. Aeon was the prince of the Terra Empire, he had seen countless of beautiful ladies, but even his heart skipped a beat at this moment.

These past few days, city lord Liu Daoming didn’t come to see him. It seemed like he didn’t even care about this prince. Aeon’s anger was accumulating over the past few days, but after seeing the beauties of the south desolate region chatting with each other, he suddenly had a different thought. If he could take these ladies in the hall as his concubines, how happy would he be. His heart skipped a beat, but he silently heaved a sigh soon after.

What kind of person were these girls? They were the cream of the crop from some super major powers. These major powers were not so simple that they were only limited to the Celestial City. The entire south desolate region was ruled by them. The south desolate region was an ancient region brimming with legends. The people at this place would never obey the Terra Empire. Although the empire was powerful, their influence still couldn’t reach this place.

The uncrowned kings of the south desolate region were precisely these people’s clans. In a sense, these young peoples were on equal footing with him. Even if he used some underhanded methods, obtaining one or two was his limits. Taking in all the beauties from the south desolate region as his concubines was nothing more than a pipe dream. Even the emperor was not capable of it!

After everyone had seated, Aeon asked, “Qingcheng, do you know this guy called Xiao Chen?”

Addressing her in such a way, as well as that gentle tone, few people in the hall realized something. ⌈1

The corners of Fairsnow’s mouth lifted into a smile. She felt relieved. If this young prince were to make a pledge with her family and tried to rope her in with everything he got, she would be very troubled. As the children of an influential family, they had to comply with some of the family’s orders, especially when it came to women.

Zhuge Ming who looked like he had too much to drink frowned a little. Who didn’t like a stunning lady? As a man, it was only natural for him to be attracted. Especially towards this kind lady that came from a big faction like the Undying Sect. If they could form an alliance, that could be very beneficial. But after he thought about it for a while, he thought it was not worth it. This was the prince of an empire after all. If he wanted to go to the northern side, there was a need for him to support Aeon. It was not like Yan Qingcheng was the only beauty in the south desolate region. The few high-class ladies in this hall all had powerful backers.

These gentlemen and ladies all revealed different expressions momentarily.

Yan Qingcheng thought that Aeon had learned about the events on the dragon island, about the matter that she had once been captured by Xiao Chen. Every time she thought of this, she would feel very angry and humiliated. And now, being asked in front of so many people, her cheeks became a little flushed.

Indeed, there were two or three people at present who knew about some events that occurred on the dragon island. They were the core members of some major powers after all. They could get their hands on many classified information. But not everyone knew about this. When they saw her expression, they felt very astonished and thought that there must be some “story” between them.

“This guy is pretty powerful, he is not someone who willingly puts himself at a disadvantageous situation.” Yan Qingcheng said as such. These young elites were unable to figure out why she would say something like this.

“There are indeed a lot of talented individuals hiding in the south desolate region. Today, this Xiao Chen actually oppressed our personal guards.” Although Aeon’s words were calm, the people at present could feel his anger. Maybe it was because of Yan Qingcheng’s expression in the beginning that caused this young prince to be even more resentful.

“Our mansion also has a few outstanding talents. They are very dedicated to the path of Daoism and have followed us to the south desolate region. We want to experience the mystic arts of a very able person in the south desolate region. Let’s have them compete with this Xiao Chen, what of everyone’s opinion?”

Aeon was the prince of Terra Empire. He had great responsibilities at such tender age, he was not an ordinary person. These words had displayed his authority as he conveyed some information to the south. At the same time, his last words to seek for other’s opinion was to inquire if these people had any connection with Xiao Chen, so as to avoid any internal conflicts.

“Hehe, of course it’s good. I can’t wait for this battle to take place.” Katalina was smiling innocently. Everyone felt a bit speechless. How could the Mander Family send someone like her? She was obviously not fit to be the representative of the family. Perhaps, she was the only one at present who would make such “irresponsible remarks”.

Zhuge Ming revealed a faint smile and said, “This might be a good idea……”

The other few also nodded their heads. Although they didn’t say anything, they had given their consent. They all had different purposes, so what if Xiao Chen was to provoke this prince? Xiao Chen definitely had the support of a major power. They were more than happy to see this happening.

Fairsnow looked at this event with a smile, she didn’t say anything.

Yan Qingcheng knitted her brows. She wanted to say something, but after seeing everyone’s attitude, she pondered over it for a while and didn’t declare her position.

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Aeon was carefully observing everyone’s attitude. After he understood everyone’s position, he smiled calmly and said, “If that’s the case, then I will send someone to invite that Xiao Chen.”

He had a lot to think about. No matter if this Xiao Chen guy was ordered by the city lord Liu Daoming or not, he had to pinch back once or twice. After all, his personal guards being trampled on was an undeniable fact.

After staying low-key at home and training for a few days, Xiao Chen was met by an unreasonable event. He was very furious today. Unconsciously, he arrived at the warbeast street.

The three skeletons, Keke, and Tenax didn’t follow him and stayed at home.

In regards to those warbeasts that were unheard of, it always gave people a sense of novelty. Xiao Chen was constantly evaluating those extremely powerful cubs, imagining what kind of realm they could reach after growing up.

But just at this time, someone broke his mood again. It was actually the people of Prince Li.

As a result of knowing the former was not a person to be trifled with, the personal guard that came this time didn’t dare to be arrogant or bossy. However, that kind of superiority was undisguised. This made Xiao Chen feel very disgusted and directly refused to comply. What’s so amazing about a prince? This is the Celestial City, not the Terra Empire, what can you do to me?!

“Not going, no time!”

These personal guards were immediately dumbstruck. Wasn’t this guy a little too arrogant? Was this the guy who claimed to be low-key? He actually didn’t give the prince any face. He was way too arrogant and egotistical.

“This brother, please make the trip with us. Our lord really wants to meet you.”

“Is this how you invite people? The first time you come and make trouble for me, the second time you came to seize me. Even a clay figure can lose its temper!”

“Wasn’t it all a misunderstanding before? Please take no offense of it.” To be able to make these personal guards say these, it could already be considered an exception. These people were already used to being arrogant in the Terra Empire, they had never lowered their voice to speak with others before.

“I really don’t have time.” Xiao Chen really didn’t want to go. If he went to other people’s territory, once they fought, he would most likely get the worst of it.

After saying these, Xiao Chen turned around and left.

“What’s so amazing about him? Isn’t he just a hoodlum that can fight a little? If the commanders were to be dispatched, let’s see if he could keep acting so arrogant.” Someone whispered at the side.

Xiao Chen got furious immediately. These guys needed a serious spanking.

“You guys better stay away from me. Don’t even let me catch sight of your irksome figures again.”

The small-time captain among these personal guards was embarrassed and furious, but he still maintained a smile as much as possible. However, those proud soldiers behind him couldn’t stand it anymore, they were mumbling resentfully in succession.

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“I have never seen such a lunatic before.”

“That style is truly befitting of the barbarians.”

“The prince is only giving us more work than it is necessary. Why did he insist on inviting him over? He could just directly dispatch a few commanders to put him out of commission and drag him back.”

“Looks like the commanders really need to be dispatched.”


Damn your maternal grandfather!

Xiao Chen immediately got furious. He already understood everything. The reason that Prince Li sent people to call for him was actually because he wanted Xiao Chen to have a showdown with the others. Calling him to the mansion and having their underlings fight with him, while Prince Li and the noble guests would drink wine at the side as they watched the battle.

They were making fun of him! Just who were they taking Xiao Chen for?!

“Ping! Pang! Clink! Clang!”

They were beaten to a pulp. More than ten soldiers of Prince Li were lying flat on the ground after they got beaten by Xiao Chen. After that, Xiao Chen ruthlessly stamped on them again and again. Broken arms and legs were unavoidable. The busy street burst into a clamor. A lot of people surrounded them and watched.

“Isn’t this the guy who won over the Mander Family’s baby girl as an attendant?”

“This guy is truly appalling, he actually beat up Prince Li’s personal guards to a pulp.”

“Just where did this guy come from? His conduct is so high-profile.”

“Feels so great. Just looking at it, is enough to vent my anger.”


After the dozen or more personal guards returned in defeat, Aeon almost flipped the table at once. Xiao Chen was seriously not giving him any face by sending his personal guards packing. Just who was this guy? That mother f—! He was practically a lunatic! Enough was enough!

“Your Highness, I will go fetch him for you!” The youth behind Aeon, whose age was about twenty seven or twenty eight years old, stepped forward. His appearance was so-so, but he had a hint of sharpness.

“Very well, Nishikawa. You go and bring him to me.” Speaking until here, Aeon knitted his brows again. It seemed like he recalled something. Then he said, “Liu Haibo, you go with him.”

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Today, he had embarrassed himself over and over again in the presence of a few guests. He already lost his temper a long time ago, but since he already knew this hoodlum was not to be trifled with, he dispatched two newly recruited young experts.

Right now, Xiao Chen was already walking side by side with Fairsky. It must be mentioned that the Antarctic Warbeast Castle was very powerful. Fairsky had already received some news and understood what was going on after finding Xiao Chen.

He knitted his brows and said, “This guy is very fearsome. I don’t have any favorable impression of him. He actually wanted to woo my sister, I really want to teach him a lesson.”

After finding out everything about the prince from Fairsky, Xiao Chen pondered for a moment and said, “If they come to invite me again, I will go with them. Let’s see what he can do to me.”

“Un, I will get in touch with some hedonistic sons in the city lord’s manor. Let’s see if I can request one of them to come with me and let them have a talk with that fearsome prince.”

Hearing these words, Xiao Chen immediately smiled.

“The chance of success is slim. Those hedonistic sons are not idiots. They are not easy to deal with. They will most likely take advantage of a crisis for some personal gain.” Fairsky pondered for a while, then he bid farewell to Xiao Chen and departed.

Nishikawa led a group of people and found Xiao Chen immediately after they stepped out. He was actually walking towards them along the main street.

This was really so irritating. Could this guy be deliberately hanging around nearby, waiting for his chance to beat up some people?! Thinking thus far, Nishikawa and Liu Haibo quickly went to welcome him.

“Are you Xiao Chen?”

“That’s me. I heard your Highness wants to meet me no matter what, so I will go and see him.”

“Hmph! Your Highness is not someone any average person can meet just like that!” Nishikawa clearly showed his intention to make a move at the main street.

Just who do you think you are? Speaking to me with such an attitude. If not because your Highness dispatched people to disturb me, to invite me, do you really think I would come here on my own accord? Xiao Chen directly ignored him and walked forward.

“Did you not hear what I said?!” Nishikawa shouted from behind.

“Who do you think you are? Your words are nothing more than dung!” Because of the events that happened today, Xiao Chen was already very furious. As a result, his words were very vulgar.

He didn’t even turn his head back as he continued to advance.

Nishikawa almost couldn’t hold back anymore. He was extremely furious. This hoodlum was really too savage. He actually dared to talk to him, Prince Li’s deputy commander, in such a disrespectful way. He was indeed a barbarian of this land.

But he was stopped by Liu Haibo beside him. He said, “Since this guy wants to enter the prince’s mansion, there’s no need for us to make our move now. Afterwards, we can make him suffer a crushing defeat in front of numerous guests. Wouldn’t that disgrace him even more?”

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“That’s right!” Nishikawa was gnashing his teeth.

The group of people walked towards the prince’s mansion with extreme anger.

The so-called prince’s mansion, was the real estate purchased by Aeon in Celestial City. Because Celestial City was too famous, the super aristocrats from the North and West had established their estates at this place.

The prince’s mansion occupied a wide space. The layout was very exquisite. There were western style buildings that looked like castles and also eastern style buildings like pavilions. The halls were all interconnected. Chinese-Western fusion, gardens of totally different styles, it gave people the feeling of novelty.

The fountain sprinkled jets of water into the air. Below the stone bridge, the stream was flowing and golden carps were swimming to and fro. The marbles were piled up and the fine woods were flourishing. Rare flowers could be seen everywhere.

Nishikawa and Xiao Chen entered the prince’s mansion side by side. Both of them were extremely furious and didn’t say a single word along the way.

Without anyone reporting Xiao Chen’s arrival, he directly crashed his way through and entered Aeon’s entertainment hall.

Within the hall, a really thick gold carpet was spread on the ground. The esteemed guests each had their own table and sat cross-legged. As the host, Aeon was sitting at the center and a total of ten esteemed guests were sitting on each side of the hall.

After he saw the elegant Fairsnow, Xiao Chen obviously blanked out for a moment. He knew that this beautiful girl with lily-white skin was certainly Fairsky’s older sister. Soon after, he saw the beautiful Yan Qingcheng. After sweeping his eyes over the hall once, he sat beside the blue-haired Katalina without any qualms.

“Little attendant, you haven’t been discharged of your duties yet, why haven’t you reported to my residence during the past few days?”

Seeing that Xiao Chen sat beside her, Katalina frowned immediately. And now, hearing such words coming from him, her beautiful cheeks immediately became as red as apple. She panted with rage and said, “You… This *******, I will settle this with you later!”

Arrogant, absolutely arrogant! This guy actually crashed in like this and boldly sat down, ignoring Prince Li that was in the center of the hall.

Zhuge Ming, Fairsnow, Yan Qingcheng, and the others all had different expressions. Everyone knew there was going to be a good show to watch.


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