Chapter 164 – Suiren Gimlet

Xiao Chen was incomparably frustrated. The two little beasts were taken away just like this. He stood in the empty sky silently and swept his eyes over all directions. He had gotten along with the two little beasts for such a long time already, the sudden separation made him really frustrated.

The black beastly figure, the ice-cold scales, with only such little information, Xiao Chen firmly memorized it in his heart. He was determined to train properly. If he made some accomplishment sometime in the future, he would definitely come back to search for the two little beasts. But he was not hopeful, it was obvious at first glance that the madman in the black gale was not someone he could handle.

Xiao Chen landed on the floating isle and surveyed the scene from an elevated position. Although he didn’t hold much hope, he still wanted to wait for a few days. It would be great if those old farts who had entered the desolate region came into contact with that madman. Although the chance to triumph was very uncertain, there was still a tiny bit of possibility.

All of a sudden, Xiao Chen felt that something was very strange. The package he was carrying on his back was suddenly shaking. When he opened it up to take a look, it was actually the black cloth. The cloth was black not because it was not clean, but because the cloth was encroached by blood, and due to the vicissitudes of time, it had turned pitch black.

It was actually Suirenshi’s burial cloth!

The sacred cloth encroached by blood he obtained from the dragon island. Of course, there was no way to ascertain if it was really Suirenshi’s burial cloth. This was only the demon’s deduction at that time, as well as Xiao Chen’s speculation.

If his speculation was correct, then without a doubt, Suirenshi died a long time ago. However, there were a lot of legends regarding the immortal’s mainland. Most of them pointed towards this region. In other words, the south desolate region. Legend said that Suirenshi had lived in seclusion in the south desolate region all along.

Looking at this black sacred cloth encroached by blood, Xiao Chen was endlessly shocked. One must know that since he had obtained this cloth, he had never seen it showing such an anomaly. Even when they were sailing on the Taboo Ocean.

And this ordinary looking blood-stained cloth actually showed an abnormal fluctuation for the first time today.

When he grabbed this blood-stained cloth in his hands, it moved by itself without the wind. Then, with a “flapping” sound, it started fluttering like a black banner in the air.

The mountain woods were very tranquil. There wasn’t the slightest of breeze. Even the divine island suspending in midair didn’t have any abnormal energy fluctuation. However, the black cloth was fluttering violently under such circumstances, as if it was being waved by a pair of invisible hands.

Xiao Chen grabbed one end of the cloth to let it flutter with a “crashing sound”. Then he observed the surroundings cautiously and attentively. His spiritual sense was released and swept through all directions.

No abnormal circumstances in the surroundings, no one was approaching. Except for the beast roars that could constantly be heard from the surroundings, nothing around this place seemed inappropriate.

What’s going on?

Could it be that someone was spying on him in the dark?

Was it related to the burial cloth?

After Xiao Chen silently swept his eyes over the surroundings for fifteen minutes, he negated this conjecture and thought about a different possibility. Could this place be the reason? Could it be that this divine island was related to Suirenshi’s burial cloth?

The brownish-black divine island was like a piece of meteorite. There was not the slightest breath of life on the isle. Only the fragments of debris that seemed to stand as a testament to its glorious past.

“Flap! Flap! Flap!”

The burial cloth suddenly shook violently, as if it wanted to break away from his hand. Xiao Chen hastily strengthened his grip, but his body was still moving towards the direction the burial cloth was fluttering.

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Their destination, the center of the ruins!

It was as if the black sacred cloth had intelligence. It was pointing towards one direction and leading Xiao Chen to the center of the ruins at every step.

At this moment, Xiao Chen’s heart was thumping like crazy. The ancestral god’s burial cloth was guiding him forward. It seemed like he was going to run into an out of the ordinary opportunity. He never thought that this ordinary-looking burial cloth actually had intelligence. He was under the impression that it was just an ancient cloth encroached by sacred blood.

When Xiao Chen arrived at the center of the divine island, and after he stood on top of a ruin, the blood-stained cloth suddenly shook violently and forcibly separated from his control. It flew out of his palm and gave rise to a gale in the center of the divine island. The black sacred cloth shook violently in the air. The debris in the ruins were lifted up from the ground and danced in the empty sky.

All of the debris in the ruins were cleared.

The black sacred cloth was stretched and became as straight as a javelin. It was pointing at the base of the ruins.

The base was entirely made by piling up solid mountain rocks. However, they had been polished. The edges and corners were not crude and they were piled up neatly. It made the base seem heavy and firm.

Xiao Chen was already certain, there was definitely something down there!

But he didn’t know if there were any dangers involved. After experiencing a little too much, he had become all the more cautious and timid. That was because strange things were likely to appear in this kind of ancient remains. After that experience in the ghost town, he always felt a lingering fear whenever he saw ancient buildings.

A strong wind rushed forth, Xiao Chen split open the base while flying in the sky. He had already unfolded the Undying Divine Wings and was floating in the sky. If something bizarre were to happen, he would withdraw from this place in the first moments.

The boulders were sent flying as the base was split open by him. The black layers of soil on both sides were blown away by the surge of energy and the base revealed itself. There was nothing special below, not the slightest anomaly. However, just at this time, the black cloth shook even more violently. After it gave rise to a violent gale, it suddenly stopped. Then it fell towards the ground so quick as if it weighed a thousand kilograms.

It fell like this among a pile of rubble and covered a certain area.

After watching quietly for a while, Xiao Chen did not find anything inappropriate. He landed in front of the burial cloth and lifted it up.

With a “crash”, the black cloth pulled out a stone wedge.

It was a very ordinary stone. Greyish in color, and appeared very rustic. It was as thick as two fingers and as long as a palm. One side was a little pointed and it looked like a stone gimlet. Of course, it looked more like a stone wedge. It was originally used to fill in a gap in the base. However, it was actually hooked up by the black cloth.

Xiao Chen didn’t pay much attention to it. He thought that there should be some other secret hidden under the base, but after lifting the huge rocks, he couldn’t find anything special. All the while, the burial cloth trembled unceasingly while covering that ordinary-looking stone wedge.

The stone wedge!

This… Xiao Chen was very surprised. Could this ordinary-looking stone wedge actually be the reason that this intelligent sacred cloth was shaking?

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But this was just an ordinary piece of rock! The kind that could be found everywhere in the mountains! Moreover, the one who build this palace also considered it as a waste material. He didn’t treat it as anything great, and only used it to fill in the gap on the ground.

How did it become like this?

Xiao Chen remained puzzled despite much thought. He couldn’t find anything particular even after observing for a really long time. His sharp spiritual sense also couldn’t find any energy fluctuation, it was just a normal rock.

Xiao Chen was obviously the last to reach this place. A lot of practitioners had already arrived before him and rummaged through this divine temple. If there was any treasure, it was very unlikely for those old farts to miss it. How could there be any good thing remaining after the place had been searched attentively by everyone?

However, the burial cloth pointed at this ordinary-looking stone. Even if it was an ordinary stone, Xiao Chen couldn’t think of it as one anymore. He held the stone in his hand and turned it upside down to examine it. After a careful examination, he found that this ordinary stone was a little light. It was a little like the wood.

“Eh? It’s a wood?”

With this thought, Xiao Chen found to his surprise, that it looked more like a block of wood that had been polished. The more he looked, the more he believed it was a greyish ancient wood.

It was too bizarre, how was it that he was unable to differentiate it between an ordinary stone or wood? Was it a stone or a wood, it was hard to tell.

He threw it towards a boulder. The boulder didn’t break up as he expected and the rock wedge fell not far away. There was nothing unusual about it.

Xiao Chen decided to put it away carefully. Although he was unable to make out its usefulness for the time being, it shouldn’t be an ordinary item.

In the vicinity of the divine island, no more practitioners were appearing. It seemed that all of them went to chase after the two young sacred beasts. This caused Xiao Chen to laugh at himself, “You guys went to fight over the sacred beasts suspected to be from the strongest race, and I am here picking up a stone.”

After waiting quietly on the divine island for two days, Keke and Tenax never returned. Xiao Chen’s delusion had been shattered. He decided not to wait any longer. It was time to go take a look at the depths of the desolate region.

In the following day, he found the traces of some practitioners. It was precisely from those who came to track down the young sacred beasts. Of course, these people were not all that strong and fell behind. Those powerful ones had already disappeared into the depths.

At the same time, Xiao Chen unexpectedly found a few natives who lived in this mountain woods. They lived a very primitive life, just like the barbarians. And it was at this kind of small tribe that he saw a certain scene. It was as if he was struck by a thunderbolt immediately. He saw that this primitive little tribe was drilling wood to make fire!

In that instant, it was as if a lightning had illuminated Xiao Chen’s sea of consciousness. He felt his blood racing momentarily!

That ordinary-looking stone-wood he obtained from the ruins no longer looked like an ordinary item anymore. He already knew what it was! How did Suirenshi achieve the truth? It was because of this!

This seemed like the sacred item he achieved the truth with, the Suiren Gimlet!

Thinking back to its shape; it looked like a rock, yet not a rock, it felt like a wood, yet not a wood. Xiao Chen immediately linked it to the Suiren Gimlet that the ancestral god had achieved the truth with.

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Every person knew about the story of how the ancestral god made fire by drilling the wood at that time.

But it seemed like this sacred item had never been described with much detail. It seemed like nobody had ever thought of it as a sacred item. It didn’t seem to possess any formidable power. The ancestral god had never used it to deal with an opponent back in those days either.

But all in all, this was definitely not an ordinary artifact!

Just when Xiao Chen was getting excited thinking about it, the roars of a dragon were transmitted from the depths of the primitive mountain range.

It was Tenax!

Xiao Chen was pleasantly surprised to the extreme. He unfolded the Undying Divine Wings and rushed forward as quick as lightning.

In the earth-shattering primitive forest, the dragon roar reverberated. It was just ahead. Xiao Chen quickly passed through one mountain wood after another and arrived at that place. He found that Tenax and Keke were safe and sound. Apart from them, there were actually another three little beasts behind. Ancestral dragon heads and ancestral dragon tails, covered by glittering scales from head to foot.

It was actually three young Dragon Kings!

But regarding these three Dragon Kings, Xiao Chen had never seen them on the dragon island before. It was impossible for Xiao Chen not to recognize them. He was certain that he had never seen them before.

Xiao Chen simply didn’t dare to believe his own eyes. This was enough to make him stupefied. Just where did Tenax and Keke find these three Dragon Kings?!

It really made one too speechless!


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