Chapter 31 – Winged Dragon VS Demigod

The fourth person was a tall and handsome youngster. It was the young expert who was flying in the sky earlier. His seemed to be roughly twenty or so years old, his long golden hair was as bright and beautiful as a golden flame. And his skin was so pretty, it was as if it was finely crafted out of precious jade. His entire person emitted a noble aura, even if he was standing in a sea of people, it still wouldn’t take a long time for people to start noticing him, because he was as bright as a golden sun.

Buddhist Yizhen whispered, “Lande, a young expert from the Western clan. He is a Divine Spell Master, this kind of practitioner is also known as Spell Master. It is said that they can borrow the power from their venerable god.”

Xiao Chen was very envious of Spell Master Lande’s ability to fly in the sky. As a Martial Artist himself, he wanted to ride the wind and fly in the sky. The path ahead is extremely long and complicated.

When both parties already gathered together, Buddhist Yizhen laughed as he introduced, “Allow me to introduce a new friend to everyone, this is Xiao Chen who came from the human world.”

The four who just entered the coconut grove were astonished, they gazed at Xiao Chen with amazement.

Xiao Chen knew they have misunderstood, so he explained, “I didn’t distort the dimension and come here by myself, it was only an accident that I was brought here.”

As soon as the four heard the brief explanation, their expression loosened and no longer paying attention to Xiao Chen. Evidently, the four didn’t care about Xiao Chen, they were not as friendly as Buddhist Yizhen. They didn’t even bother to say as much as a single word to him.

Xiao Chen laughed at himself mockingly, the world of immortals was just like the human world. Without any background, nobody would pay much attention to you.


An ear-splitting dragon roar resounded from the depths of the ocean. That roar resembled the rumble of the thunder. The sea waves rise and fall violently, two distant big ships on the sea quickly fell apart. A huge draconic figure could be seen rampaging over there, it destroyed the ships as easily as breaking a dried up rotten stick.

“Those are our ships!” Chaos, the young expert from the Barbarian Tribe shouted angrily, the muscles on his entire body tightly packed together. He was emitting a dangerous beastly aura.

“The distance is too far, our people might not make it to the coast. It will be somewhat troublesome to leave this island hereafter.” The voice of the young expert from the Jungle Tribe, Yaluo De, was very easy-going. He doesn’t seem to feel anxious at all.

Buddhist Yizhen looked at the huge draconic figure in the ocean and said, “Not long later, there will be even more practitioners coming to this Dragon Island. At that time, we can ask them to give us a ride.”

“Roar…… Roar……”

Everyone slowly started to feel that something is fishy, the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon already disappeared in the ocean a while ago, but the roar of a dragon could be heard from time to time. Moreover, the voice seemed a little different from that overlord of the ocean.

The white-clothed Buddhist Yizhen pointed his finger at a distant sky and shouted in surprise, “There’s an expert brawling with a dragon!”

The few young experts at the coast were incomparably shocked!

At a distant horizon, one dragon was spiralling in the sky while engaging in a fierce fight with a human figure. A dazzling divine radiance burst forth from time to time.

An expert capable of fighting against a dragon, even if one was not a god, they shouldn’t be too far behind!

The fight in the sky was very intense, one bright rays of light break out one after another. One man and one dragon gradually get closer to the island from the distant sky. They can see the battle progress clearly now.

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That is a Winged Dragon, it could stretch up to fifteen meter. The dragon scales all over its body were flickering with glorious radiance. It was emitting an unearthly pressure, as soon as the Winged Dragon get close to the island, the beastly roar in borderline zone of the island immediately faded away.

This was absolutely one formidable beast, its pair of draconic wings could stretch up to thirty meter when unfolded. Its wide shadow covered an extensive amount of land, the gale generated by its flapping wings could even be felt on the surface.

What makes Xiao Chen the most baffled was that, this silver dragon that emitted divine radiance was able to freely use its divine ability. It seemed like this dragon was different from the rest of the sealed dragon races.

One after another terrifying lightning shoot out from its mouth frenzily. The rumbling of the thunders resounded throughout the horizon, it was truly ear-splitting.The terrifying electric light interlinked in the sky, covering the entire sky with frightening lightning!

In addition, the Winged Dragon also discharged its sacred fire unceasingly, filling the entire sky with raging flames. The raging flames seemed like it would burn the void itself. The entire sky was transformed into a sea of flames, spreading a terrifying aura over a vast expanse!

“Master Yizhen, didn’t you say all the dragon races had been sealed? How come that Winged Dragon can use its divine ability freely?” Xiao Chen couldn’t help but ask.

“Winged Dragon? I haven’t heard that name in a long time, I nearly forget its name.” Yizhen explained while looking at the fight in the sky, “At present, on the vast and boundless mainland, they already become the trademark of the dragon races. The ordinary people just called it ‘dragon’. I forgot to tell you, they are the only dragon race that has not been sealed. They are one of the strongest creature on the mainland now. A fully grown Winged Dragon is as powerful as a Demigod. However, their population is really small, it is very rare to encounter them.”

According to Xiao Chen’s knowledge, among the ancient dragon race, the Winged Dragon was far from the strongest species. And yet, they still possessed such unreasonable strength, then just how formidable would a genuine powerful ancient dragon race be? But the other dragon races had been sealed, the only Winged Dragon race that had been exempted turned into the ‘dragon’ in ordinary people’s eyes.

Buddhist Yizhen continued, “The Winged Dragons can also be divided into a few type, such as the Black Dragon, the Sacred Dragon, the Golden Dragon, and so on. Apparently, they are originated from the Western Clan, you can inquire from Spell Master Lande. Surely, he should know more than me.”

The golden-haired youth, Lande, was very handsome, he was as dazzling as a golden sun. His sapphire-colored eyes swept Xiao Chen a glance, whether it was because the fight in the sky was too fascinating, or he thought it was not worth the time explaining to Xiao Chen, his expression was somewhat cold.

“The human figure that is fighting with the Sacred Dragon is actually a Fallen Angel!” Yaluo De from the Jungle Tribe involuntarily shouted, “Fallen Angel didn’t made an appearance in the world for more than a few centuries already, I didn’t expect we could catch a glimpse of their figure here!”

The Sacred Dragon’s huge body was flickering with holy radiance from beginning to end, and the human figure that was fighting with it was covered by a black fog. Only now did the few people on the ground see her true body clearly.

Her long jet-black hair fluttered like a waterfall, even though they could not see her appearance clearly, her devilish-like figure was really exceedingly enticing.

Half of her exquisite body was naked, and the other half was covered by an almost transparent black clothing. Her outstanding twin peaks, her slim waist, her perfectly round buttocks, her slender snow-white legs. Her beauty was out of the world, all living things who gazed her would turn upside down.

Of course, the thing that drew the most attention was that angel’s elegant and delicate back. There was actually a pair of black wings growing from her back. As she emitted waves after waves of dark radiance, a powerful energy fluctuation raged in the sky. It actually extinguished the thunders and raging flames coming straight at her.

The Fallen Angel’s strength was formidable, at the same time, her posture was very elegant. Even though she was in the middle of an intense fight, the way she linked up various kind of fighting styles was like a beautiful black swan dancing gracefully in the sky.

The huge Sacred Dragon actually didn’t dominate the fight. On the contrary, it was being suppressed by the beautiful Fallen Angel. Her pair of slender lily-white hands were holding a huge ten meter long energy broadsword. A black fog drifted about, the sword ray suddenly exploded, illuminating the entire sky.


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