Chapter 157 – Paradise Spa

The faintly discernible mist, the fragrance of flowers. The Paradise Spa was filled with rarely seen flowers. Lots of vines intertwined together to form a natural screen which separated each VIP area.

Xiao Chen had indeed crossed the boundary. When he saw Yan Qingcheng and Fairsnow, who were covered with towels, he knew that the situation was far from good. Fortunately, his ability was profound. With a flap of his Undying Divine Wings, he quickly flew more than ten meters away.

Keke and Tenax looked at each other in dismay. They lowered their heads and turned back.

Fortunately, nobody took notice as this occurred. Otherwise a huge disturbance would arise.

After Xiao Chen took off the clothes and soaked in the hot spring, a beautiful maid came and delivered a good wine. This was a beastkin, her fair skin was as tender as the water, and her pair of cute ears were hairy. Behind her was a fox tail. After the beautiful beastkin maid lightly put the wooden tray with the good wine on the hot spring, she asked with a gentle voice, “Do you need any other service?”

“Hm?” Xiao Chen was shocked, but when he looked at the maid’s watery big eyes, he immediately had a flash and said, “No need.”

“Oh… very well, if you need anything, just pull this bell rope. We will rush over and satisfy any request.” The maid twisted her waist and left.

The mist was hazy. Xiao Chen was soaking in a warm hot spring, leaning against the wall while looking upward, taking a whiff of the refreshing flowery fragrance, and taking a sip of the wine on the wooden tray. He felt very much relaxed. This was indeed one kind of pleasure.

“Let’s relax the body first. After that, we’ll go find the scum to settle the score.”

It must be mentioned that the arrangements of the Paradise Spa were very pleasing to the eyes. With the hills, the gardens, and the flowery fragrance, it was just like a Pure Land in the bustling Celestial City.

One must know that with the mist lingering on like this, it was very hard for those delicate flowers to survive. But this place was filled with all kinds of flowers, the fine woods were lush and verdant, and the vines folded over in layers.

The excellent wine was fresh and tasty, Xiao Chen seldom had this kind of opportunity to relax. The pores all over his body had opened up, his entire body felt incomparably relaxed. For a long time now, his body was always in an extremely stiff state. When he was drinking by himself at this moment, he actually felt a little drunk in the hot spring.

Right at this moment, he thought about many, many things. He arrived at the world of immortals very unexpectedly, what path should he take from hereafter?

He really wanted to return to the mortal world. He longed for his parents, his friends, and the people he was familiar with. Even when he thought about a few of his enemies in the olden days, he no longer thought that they were that hateful anymore.

Just, how to return to the mortal world? The information he got after arriving at this world made him feel powerless. Even after breaking through the bounds of life and death, after reaching the realm of Immortalis, it was still impossible to open a spatial rift to the mortal world.

With the power to open a spatial rift, going from the mortal world to the world of immortals was like going along with the flow. But going from the world of immortals to the mortal world was like going against a torrential current. The difficulty of the two was not on the same level.

“Even if it is impossible, I still want to go back and take a look.” When Xiao Chen entered the world of immortals, he was always advancing towards this direction. That was what had been driving him to train so hard, he hoped that one day he could make it to the Immortalis realm.

Like Lan Nuo who had stopped aging and achieved immortality at the age of thirty, not even one had appeared in a millennium. She was truly an extremely gifted fairy. Especially in the mortal world where the spiritual energy was lacking, to be able to reach this realm under that kind of circumstances, it made Lan Nuo even more otherworldly. She was a peerless genius not only in name but also in reality.

Xiao Chen did not have extravagant hope that he could breakthrough to the Immortalis realm at the age of thirty. The time limit he set upon himself was before reaching forty five years old. This was already a goal too high to reach for any ordinary people.

Xiao Chen had no choice but to be strict with himself. He was already twenty one years old, and his parents were already nearly fifty years old. Who knew if his parents would still be in this world twenty four years later. He was not allowed to waste too much time.

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The next twenty four years were a human’s most important years. It was the time when they entered the middle age. Who knew if that girl in the mortal world would already become other people’s wife during this time?

Just like flowers were perishable, young beauties would also grow old.

The romance they once shared, it would be mercilessly shattered with the passage of time. Xiao Chen didn’t have any extravagant hope. If she still remembered a guy called Xiao Chen after twenty four years later, he would be contented.

“Twenty four years… I sacrificed my youth to train, but I still can’t see the ending.”

Xiao Chen had a forlorn feeling. He helplessly heaved a sigh. Those clear eyes, those long eyelashes, that sincere smile, that delicate rear view, they were slowly getting further apart, slowly fading away. Xiao Chen exerted his strength to pull the long hair, then he suddenly lifted his head.

“I’m just bringing trouble to myself. I just need to know that I liked her once, that’s more than enough.” It must be mentioned that Xiao Chen was strong-willed. He quickly casted his downcast mood away.

“I hope you can find a man who you can truly trust.” Xiao Chen’s eyes seemed to cut across space-time. As if he could see that girl again.

After that, he pushed the wooden tray away and began to train in the hot spring. If people saw him like this, they would definitely say he was a battle maniac.

Keke was also soaking in the hot spring comfortably. And Tenax also seemed to feel relaxed. They exposed a satisfied expression and swam in the hot spring. In the end, Keke swam over to the wooden tray. It grabbed the wine cup and gulped down the wine. As a result, the snow-white little critter choked until its big eyes gleamed with tears. It threw the wine cup on the spot and ran away from the hot spring like a wisp of smoke.

Xiao Chen did not fully indulge himself in training. He quickly detected someone was getting near. It was that beastkin girl with hairy ears.

“My lord, I’m here to deliver the wine.”

“Just put it over there.”

When the maid put the tray on the water, Xiao Chen asked, “Is that scum from the Reagan Family here?”

“This… Are you talking about Master Hofmann?”

“Yes, I’m talking about that scum.”

“This…” The maid was hesitating, it seemed like she was having a hard time deciding whether to answer or not.

“Don’t worry, I will not cause havoc here. From your expression, I can already tell that the scum is here.” Xiao Chen’s words were very calm, but it still gave people an extremely forceful feeling as he said, “Go tell him that I will not look for him, instead he should to bring his *** here!”

“You…… You sure?” The maid felt her heart thumping like crazy. Just who was this guy? He was actually so arrogant. That was the scion of the Reagan Family, just how many people would dare to provoke him?

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“That’s right, just say it like this!”

“What if he asks for your name?”

“He knows who I am. If he don’t know, then he’s screwed!”

“Oh… alright… I will go immediately.” The maid lost her head out of fear and ran away. She felt that this guy must definitely be a madman.

When the maid arrived at the VIP area seven, a few hedonistic son were currently teasing a few beautiful women in the hot spring.

“Is Master Hofmann still around?” The beastkin maid was fully aware of these hedonistic son’s bad habits. She was apprehensive of these scions who made such brazen moves in full daylight.

“Heh-heh, so it is a beastkin chick. Come and accompany this young master.” A little fatty, who harbored malicious intentions towards the beastkin maid, smiled and said, “This young master is fond of a woman from a different tribe.”

The beastkind maid quickly lowered her voice and said, “Master Zhuge, someone is looking for Master Hofmann, do you know if he’s still around?”

“Heh-heh…” A few hedonistic sons laughed at the same time.

A few flirtatious girls also giggled. One of the girls pouted and said, “He’s in the room.”

Not far from the hot spring, there was a small wooden house. The house was covered by vines and looked to be in harmony with nature. A moaning sound was transmitted from the small wooden house. Just listening to it made one flush with excitement.

“Hofmann, someone is looking for you.” The little fatty harbored malicious intents and shouted loudly.

“Don’t disturb me!” An impatient voice transmitted from the small wooden house.

“You are really not coming out? It’s a beastkin chick. If you don’t come out, I will take her.”


The door of the small wooden house was pushed open abruptly. A blondie which a wrapped bath towel around himself, hastily walked out with large strides. He had a lot of body hair. The ones in his thigh and chest were nearly one inch long. They were thick and rather scary. With his lofty build, he looked like a gorilla.

“Tsk, tsk. It really is a beastkin chick. Haha…” Hofmann laughed out loud. He quickly walked over. Behind him was a black-haired girl with messy clothes. A single glance was enough to tell that she was a charming lady. When she twisted her waist, it was moving about like a water snake. Her entire face was filled with lust.

“Master Hofmann, s… someone wanted you to go over there.”

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“Huh? What’s going on?!” Hofmann immediately stopped smiling. His eyes became vigilant and asked, “What is it?”

“This… I do not know. He asked you to go over there. At VIP area two.”

Listening until here, Hofmann thought about it carefully and asked in a deep voice, “What did he tell you? Recite everything he said word by word.”

After he heard the beastkin maid recite the words, Hofmann became furious and shouted, “Mother f—! Just who is that arrogant *******! He actually dared to call me a scum and make me go over there? Is he tired of living?! He actually dared to speak conceited nonsense. That mother f— has gall!”

From the hot spring came the laughter of the little fatty, “Your moral standing is really the worst. You have offended so many people that you actually don’t know who it is.”

Hofmann glared at him and said, “Zhuge Kun, stop making sarcastic remarks. You did just as much bad deeds! Not only two or three times, instead people are coming to get back at you almost everyday. Can you still even remember clearly how much trouble you’ve caused?”

From the hot spring, a young man holding a pretty girl in his arms said, “This guy is indeed very arrogant. If he dared to speak like this, he probably has the backing of some major power. I think it might be someone you guys had provoked recently.”

“I have provoked too many people, how am I supposed to know who this is.” Hofmann cursed fiercely and put on a bathrobe. Then he said to the brothers in the hot spring, “Come, let’s go and take a look together. We will teach this ******* a lesson.”

After pushing away those hot girls, the few of them walked away from the hot spring and headed towards Xiao Chen’s VIP area two in a group.

“Isn’t this ******* too arrogant? He actually dared to ask me, Hofmann, to drop in and apologize. Is he tired of living?!” He hadn’t arrived, but his voice already transmitted over. With the thick hair exposed in his chest, it made the lofty Hofmann look like a gorilla.

Xiao Chen took a glance at him. Then he found an acquaintance. Among the four of them, there was a man with a barely passable appearance. That was the Mander Family’s baby girl Katalina’s so-called seventh brother. This guy had once invited Xiao Chen to the Mander Family as a guest at the warbeast street with a rather haughty attitude. As a result, Xiao Chen didn’t go and it led to a series of events.

Xiao Chen did not respond to Hofmann, he looked at Katalina’s seventh brother and asked, “We have met before, how shall I address you?”

“Austrian.” For some reason, Austrian did not reveal Xiao Chen’s identity.

“Announce your name one by one.” Xiao Chen’s words were very indifferent. He carried a commanding tone, just like a general rebuking the new recruits.

“Who the f— do you think you are?!” Don’t you dare talk so big, you want to die?!” Among the four, a black-haired man with many freckles revealed a sinister expression and said, “Remember my name, it’s Lidong Bo. I am not someone you can provoke, if you don’t have anything important, you better stop acting like our boss.”

Speaking until here, he took a step forward. It seemed like he wanted to slap Xiao Chen who was still in the hot spring.


The slap resounded clearly. It was a big slap in the face, but it was not Lidong Bo who did it. Instead, Xiao Chen ruthlessly slapped Lidong Bo on the face, causing him to splash across and drop into the hot spring with a plop.

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“How dare you!” After Lidong Bo fell into the water, he quickly jumped up and shouted with rage, “You f—— *******, you are dead for sure this time.”

Xiao Chen did not respond to him. He faced Hofmann and company, then he said, “Announce your names by yourselves.”

“F—, just who do you think you are? The great me is called Hofmann.” The tall Hofmann repressed his anger and stepped into the hot spring. He sat opposite of Xiao Chen. He had incurred the hatred of many people. He wanted to see what this know-it-all could do.

“I am called Zhuge Kun.” The little fatty was very easy-going as he slowly stepped into the hot spring.

Xiao Chen found it quite amusing. How did the Zhuge Family produce this many fatties? This one had outdone both Zhuge Liang and Zhuge Ming combined, his waist measurement, that is. The excess fats on his cheeks trembled with every slight movement. Xiao Chen originally wanted to go find this guy, but he never thought that he would be together with Hofmann. This could save a lot of trouble.

Lastly, Austrian also entered the hot spring.

Among the four of them, Lidong Bo and Hofmann were the most enraged. That guy directly in front of them was too arrogant. They really wanted to beat him up immediately.

“Boy, if you want to court death, this is not how you do it.” Hofmann stared at Xiao Chen coldly. He was carrying a hint of contempt. As long as he gave the order, more than ten of his bodyguards would rush in immediately and turn Xiao Chen into mincemeat. This was the reason of his confidence.

“I really don’t understand. This gold-haired gorilla is so arrogant, how did he live until now.” Xiao Chen heaved a sigh. It almost caused Hofmann to die from an excess of anger, he almost caused him to choke to death.

“F—!” Hofmann really wanted to jump over there immediately, but he endured and smiled brutishly, “Very well, I will play with you for now.”

“Keke, go and catch the guys outside. Hm?” Xiao Chen stared blankly for a moment. He found that the snow-white little critter had disappeared from who knows when. He felt that something bad was about to happen. This little thing was the best at causing trouble. Just where did it go in the blink of an eye? The next door seemed to be where the beauties were soaking. Could it be that it had ran over there to stir up trouble?

At the hot spring next door. A few beauties were in a fluster as they surrounded the snow-white little critter floating on the water. ⌈1

“Catch it, quick! Just a little bit more…”

“Over there, don’t let it go!”

“Aww, I almost caught it.”

The snow-white little critter was having a lot of fun in the water. It caused the few girls to run and jump all over the place. They disregarded their dignity and surrounded it.

Those snow-white slender thighs, those smooth delicate arms, those thin and curvy waists, the towels dancing in the air, and those soft boobies swaying left and right, it was a sexually arousing scene.

If a man was standing at this place, he would definitely not be able to bear it. If he did not die from blood loss, he would faint from overexcitement.

Pitiful Keke, it had gulped down two big mouthfuls of wine due to curiosity. As a result, its throat was burning. It escaped from the VIP area two and wanted to find some gourmet food to press down that spicy hot taste of the wine. It unexpectedly came to the few beautiful ladies’ hot spring and immediately cleaned up their desserts. But as a result, it caused the group of girls to surround it. All of them had stars in their eyes. They looked like they would embrace the little critter with all their might as soon as it was caught.

The snow-white little critter could differentiate between good and bad, it knew that they didn’t have any evil intention. On the contrary, they seemed to be very fond of it. But precisely because of this, it made the little critter more afraid of them. It didn’t want to use its divine ability to deal with them, so it was running all over the hot spring.

Only Yan Qingcheng did not participate in this, because she recognized Keke and knew who it belonged to. She rolled her beautiful eyes a few times, then the corner of her mouth gradually curved up.


“Kya! How did I suddenly fly up and fall into the water?”

Keke still made its move in the end. After using the confinement technique to seal the movements of two girls, it ran back to VIP area two like a wisp of smoke.


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