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Chapter 36 – Nine Celestial Layers

Exuvia, Historia, Zephyrus, Nirvana, Immortalis, these five major realm clearly distinguished the strength of every experts in the world.

Only people who entered these five realms could be considered a real expert. The realm of Exuvia was precisely a wall that divides the weak and the strong, it was like a heavenly wall that prevents overwhelming majority of the people from entering.

However, bottlenecks of Historia, Zephyrus, Nirvana, and Immortalis were not much easier to breakthrough! After entering the realm of Exuvia, and comprehended the true essence of meditation, there are still four more bottlenecks to breakthrough!

Thus, the gaps of strength between the five major realms were very huge. Very few could defeat an expert that was one rank higher. Moreover, the gaps between the same rank were also considerably big. Such as the junior of a certain realm vs the peak expert of the same realm, the differences between them were like heaven and earth.

Therefore, people made a subdivision, for every realm, they divided it into Nine Celestial Layers. Thus, Exuvia, Historia, Zephyrus, Nirvana, and Immortalis, these five major realms each possessed nine subcategories.

Five Major Realm! Every realms possessed Nine Celestial Layers!

The realm of the emperor, the peak of Immortalis! It is the ultimate realm that every practitioner yearns for! However, since ancient times, how many people were able to achieve this goal?

According to the ranking system, Xiao Chen already stepped into the realm of Exuvia. After understanding the five major realms in details, he felt deeply moved.

Among these five major realms, the Immortalis rarely made an appearance. As far as the majority of people were concerned, they were simply a legendary existence. The practitioners of Nirvana were painstakingly overcoming death, it was even harder to encounter them. It was nearly impossible to find any traces of them.

The practitioners of the top two rank hardly appears on the mundane world. In a sense, the experts of Zephyrus were the really terrifying figures. They could resist gravity and fly freely, control the power of the worldly essence, and possessed various kinds of divine ability. It seemed like they could easily wipe out an entire region. As a result, they were revered as demigods!

Xiao Chen had seen the fight between the Fallen Angel and Sacred Dragon. They are precisely existences on this level! Without a doubt, even though they are as rare as phoenix feather and unicorn horn, the experts among them are not limited to this realm only. According to ancient legend, these ancient race were the offshoots of deities!

However, even though it is possible to see demigod level experts in the world of immortals, they would rarely get into a fight. After all, their power is too formidable, they could practically destroy everything in their path. When they really make their moves, it will inevitably cause a huge commotion on the mainland.

Demigod experts often intimidated their opponents, discouraging them from engaging in combats. On the contrary, Historia level experts were much closer to the ordinary people, so they had the chance to watch their fight. Therefore the practitioners of Historia were revered as war-god in the eyes of common people.

Among the experts of the five realms, the one that was most actively discussed was undoubtedly the practitioners of Exuvia. That is because some of the outstanding youths also stepped into this realm. With these group of youngsters among them, it would be hard not to enliven it. These experts are the closest to common people.

Yan Qing Cheng and Lande’s abilities were around the third or fourth celestial layer of Exuvia realm, they already broke through the first bottleneck. They could be considered one of the few young experts, they indeed had the capability back up their arrogance.

“Immortalis, the dream of every practitioner!” Xiao Chen heaved a sigh.

“In our eyes, the Immortalis realm is a goal too high to reach. However, in the eyes of those immortals, it might be a new beginning.” Buddhist Yizhen appeared to be rather moved, his expression seemed somewhat absent-minded, “Maybe they are pursuing the vast…… long forgotten…… ancient fairy tale world.”

Xiao Chen did not know much about the history of the world of immortals, so he didn’t pay much attention to these. What he wanted to know is, the fate of those historical figures that came from human world by distorting the dimension.

Dugu Qiubai, with a single sword, he looked at the whole world indifferently, and destroyed everything under the sun. What level did he reach now? With limpid autumn waters to serve as her guise, and jade to serve as her bone, where did the Fairy Shi Feixuan go? With worldly intelligence, and quick thinking of the elves, where is the Sorceress Wan Wan nowadays?

And many more figures……

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Buddhist Yizhen already got out from the dazed state, the three skeletons were no longer acting foolishly. They lazily stretched their joints, Yanluo Wang even did a three hundred sixty degree somersault. There is not a single trace of foolishness left on their expression.

Originally, Xiao Chen wanted to leave this place, but his keen intuition detected several practitioners are currently closing in. They were carrying a hint of murderous aura, it seemed like someone wanted to kill him!

Everything was for the Syndicate Dragon, there were claw prints of a young dragon nearby. All the experts who entered this region wanted to fight over the legendary Dragon King, therefore they mutually slaughtered one another.

Xiao Chen laughed grimly, this kind of thing is not worthwhile for him to handle it himself. He retreated quickly with the three skeletons, trying to lure their pursuers to the waterfall. They planned to let Yan Qing Cheng and Lande handle them. The primitive jungle was verdant and lush, if one discovered that they were being tailed, it was very easy to break away from them. After they arrived at their destination, Xiao Chen and the three skeletons quickly changed direction, disappearing in the dense jungle.

The claw prints of the young dragon was even more concentrated in this area, the five practitioners quickly bumped into Yan Qing Cheng and Lande. Xiao Chen stood at the tip of a tall ancient tree, he could vaguely see an energy-generated sword ray wrecking havoc in the forest. Soon after, a huge savage dragon created from condensed energy soared into the sky, producing a rumbling noise and entangled the sword ray.

This seemed like a battle between two Spell Master!

Xiao Chen didn’t believe the power of Spell Masters originated from an esteemed god, he believed those ancient spell was a peculiar Heavenly Voice Regulation Technique that was capable of communicating with the worldly essence. Thus they were able to call upon the worldly essence and use it as they like. Naturally, this was merely Xiao Chen’s wishful thinking.

The fight was very intense, rumbling noise echoed in the entire forest. A few purple lightning was actually dancing wildly in the woodland, many forest trees were destroyed by the lightning! Soon after, a light blade was moving back and forth in the woodland under the waterfall like a meteor. It caused the leaves in the mountain forest to flutter about, and countless forest trees to fall one after another.

The electric light flickered, more than half of the forest region was actually destroyed. A few human figures were faintly discernible, there were actually four to five people fighting against Lande, and Yan Qing Cheng haven’t even made her moves yet.

The noise of the fight attracted several practitioners, they were like a tiger watching their prey at the side.


Not far away, a huge draconic sound was transmitted over. The ear-splitting sound wave caused the entire mountain forest to shake, and the dead leaves to swirl in the air, it was extremely terrifying. It frightened the mountain birds, causing them all to soar into the sky unceasingly. Many wild beasts flee in every directions, this region burst into a fit of chaos.

A vicious dragon was disturbed by the fight! It was very close to this area, it was in the valley only one mile away from here.

The fight in the vicinity of the waterfall ceased immediately, three party retreated in three different direction, quickly disappearing in the mountain forest. The vicious dragon didn’t chase after them, it only bellowed for a few times and finally calmed down. The dangerous situation in their imagination didn’t come to light.

However, Xiao Chen had a different ideas in mind, if he was to leave here, it just so happens that he needed to pass through that valley. He might as well go find out the situation of the vicious dragon, maybe there will be a nice surprise to be discovered.

The valley was not very wide, it was not even one square kilometer. The trees were very sparse in the valley, there were barely a few dozens of tall ancient trees. The other areas were flattened by the vicious dragon, not even a blade of grass grows.


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