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Chapter 126 – Encounter

The Sovereign King Ship slowed down quickly, it seemed like the ship really had intelligence. After getting close to the immortal’s mainland, a black light appeared and rushed towards the shore, it was just like a demonic bridge. Xiao Chen’s party were flung towards the bridge and slid down the demonic bridge.

When they stood on the shore and felt the aura of the mother earth, Xiao Chen and Yan Qing Cheng felt like it was a thing from the distant past, they finally arrived at the immortal’s mainland safely.

“Wuu~ Wuu~” A gloomy and indistinct sound came from the Sovereign King Ship, it was bursting out with demonic rays of light, and then caused endless bluish-green waves to rise. It distanced itself without even turning back, the ocean was cleaved in two by the ship’s wake.

The three skeletons followed Xiao Chen’s instruction and put on the demon’s casted off skin, then they wore clothes made out of hide. They walked over to the continent all together. But only after marching for a few steps, dozen of human figures crowded around them from the woodland near the beach.

Xiao Chen noticed this area had previously been through a fierce battle, there were a lot of huge cracks on the shore, and many places were stained by blood.

The people that crowded around them were young men and women, each and every one of them was uncommon, the men were handsome and confident, the women were as pretty as flower, it was clearly unusual for this kind of group to appear at the seaside. It was easy to tell that they were practitioners, and each of them were not weak.

“Junior Sister……”

“Junior Sister, you actually came back safe and sound……”


A cry of surprise could be heard from the front, some people were delighted, some were shocked, they had all sorts of expression.

Oh @¥#%!

Xiao Chen felt a little speechless, he never thought they’d actually encounter the people from the Undying Faction the moment they get onshore. However, he was not frenetic. Yan Qing Cheng rushed over there quickly and excitedly exchanged a few words with them.

Right now, Xiao Chen and Yan Qing Cheng’s fate were interlinked, it was impossible for Yan Qing Cheng to have a change of mind. On the contrary, she would do her utmost to “deny” everything that happened on the dragon island.

Yan Qing Cheng appeared very breathtaking when she stood there, although those youth could be regarded as outstanding, they still couldn’t be compared to her. A few very unfriendly gaze came from the opposite side, those came from a few young men. Although those women did not have any hostility, they still looked at Xiao Chen and company vigilantly.

Xiao Chen looked at those men fawning on Yan Qing Cheng, listening to their pick up lines calmly.

“Junior Sister, how did you ride on that kind of monster ship and come back alive?”

“It is also fortunate that you came back several months later, otherwise you would be in danger. Not long ago, when that divine ship returned, all the sects that were providing support at the vicinity of the dragon island had a fierce battle on this beach. There were countless casualties.”

“That’s right, in order to fight over those Syndicate Dragon Kings, so much blood had been spilled, even the demigods were dispatched. The shore was stained by the color of blood at that time.”

“It was too terrifying, the demigod, Fallen Angel, and even the Crimson Dragon appeared on that day……”


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Although their explanations were lacking in details, Xiao Chen already knew what happened clearly. He lightly furrowed his brows, this couldn’t be considered as good news, whether Lawrence and the others were alive was still unknown. But it could still be considered lucky for him since he actually avoided a massacre.

“Junior Sister, you are awesome as expected, not only did you manage to avoid that bloody battle and returned safely, you actually subdued a Dragon King too.”

“I believe the patriarch will certainly elevate your position in the sect.”


Yan Qing Cheng felt a little embarrassed, she did not know how to break the news that the tough little dragon was not hers, she glared at Xiao Chen ferociously.

“Junior Sister, what is this dragon called, what kind of name did you give it?” A young man from the Undying Faction walked towards the tough little dragon, and said, “The names of the eleven Dragon Kings could even be said to have shaken the entire world, Amethyst Dragon King, Azure Dragon King, Winged Dragon King, and so on had spread across the entire continent. What is our Undying Faction’s Dragon King called?”

“Just imagine, when it grows up dozen of years later, even deities won’t dare to provoke it.”


At this moment, not only those young men who were fawning on Yan Qing Cheng, even those women were a little excited, they all walked towards the tough little dragon.

“Roar……!” When a man tried to pet the tough little dragon, it let out an ear-splitting roar which caused his body to shiver uncontrollably. The thunderous dragon roar made him feel a bit dazed.

“What a powerful Dragon King!”

All of them sighed in succession.

“It didn’t belong to you.” Xiao Chen finally opened his mouth at this time. At the same time, the tough little dragon paid no attention to them, and proudly got beside Xiao Chen.

“Who are you?” A few men had actually noticed Xiao Chen a long time ago, they deliberately ignored him before, however, they had no choice but to open their mouth to ask now.

“Xiao Chen.” Xiao Chen answered calmly.

“Which sect did you come from?”

“Junior Sister, it was not you who brought this Dragon King back?”

Very clearly, a few people had an ugly expression.

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Yan Qing Cheng faced Xiao Chen, she seemed embarrassed and resentful. After letting out a cold snort, she answered the Undying Faction’s people, “This little dragon is not subdued by me.”

“Are you the one who subdued this little dragon?” One person casted a provocative glance at Xiao Chen.

“That’s right.”

“I don’t believe it, I only believe this is subdued by my junior sister.” The man sneered and closed in, wanting to get in between Xiao Chen and the little dragon.

“You better not stay too close to me.” Xiao Chen did not want to waste his time on this kind of person, rather than speaking nonsense, he’d rather take action. As for explaining, he believed Yan Qing Cheng would come up with something.

“How insolent, so what if I don’t keep away from you?” This was clearly a provocation.

“Then I will invite you to take a bath.” Xiao Chen didn’t say much, he grabbed that man’s collar as fast as lightning and tossed him into the ocean.

With a “splash”, the spindrift surged and that person fell into the seawater.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

The men at the side moved quickly and surrounded Xiao Chen.

“What are you guys doing?” Xiao Chen was not frenetic, although the few of them were pretty good, there were only two or three Exuvia Second Celestial Layer experts among them, the rest had not even breakthrough to Exuvia realm yet.

“Junior sister, just who is this guy?” While those men surrounded Xiao Chen, they also looked at three similar-looking old men. Their body stature were as thin as a match, and they had a deep set of eye sockets.

“Junior sister, did he take the Dragon King away from you by force?” These words could even be said to be false accusation, because the Undying Faction was pretty close from this place, they wanted to take the tough little dragon by force.

Just at this time the snow-white little Keke widened its big eyes and cast an angry look at these people. It quickly drew their attention.

“Is this a puppy? It looked quite adorable, it must be the pet junior sister found on the dragon island.”

“It should be a little lion, it is very intelligent as expected.”

“Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!” Keke shouted angrily, as if it was saying, “Go die! Go die! Go die!” It waved its little beast paw without holding back, the seven-colored radiance enveloped all those who pointed at it in an instant, and were tossed towards the ocean, the “splashing” sound repeated without an end in sight.

The few women who didn’t participate in this literally dropped their jaws in shock. And those people who were tossed into the ocean got back onshore with high speed, they were getting really furious due to humiliation, and about to rush over one more time.

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“Alright, stop making a fuss, that little dragon was subdued by Xiao Chen, it is unrelated to us.” Yan Qing Cheng finally opened her mouth to talk.

“Junior sister……” One man called out awkwardly and resentfully, it was very obvious that he wanted to take advantage of the fact that their sect was nearby to take away the little dragon by force. Even if they were no match for him, they could send someone to invite an expert.

“You guys can stop plotting behind my back now, the little dragon is not a Dragon King, but it is certainly my partner, I will not let you guys take it away.” While saying these, Xiao Chen laughed softly, then he said without holding back, “Oh I forgot to tell you, I am actually part of the family, Yan Qing Cheng is my wife.” ⌈1

This was a quick and heavy blow to few of the men, they shouted in succession:

“What…… nonsense are you spouting?!”

“This is blasphemy!”


Yan Qing Cheng was also very resentful, she said to Xiao Chen coldly, “Please conduct yourself with dignity, don’t speak nonsense!”

“Are you saying I am wrong? Our fates are interlinked together.” Xiao Chen was not the least bit concerned, but this only made people feel even more annoyed.

However, no one else dared to approach them, they had seen what Keke was capable of. At the same time, that tough little dragon had explosive battle intent, if it was really a Dragon King, its power would be very astonishing. In addition to the three identical old men not far away, it made them lose their guts to act blindly.

“Xiao Chen, don’t force me. Otherwise……” Yan Qing Cheng was so angry that she became a little speechless.

Just at this time, a powerful energy fluctuation rushed forth from a distant place, the figure of a man arrived at the beach without any sound.

“Second senior brother!”

“Second senior brother has arrived!”


Xiao Chen felt threatened, he gazed at that figure that suddenly appeared.

That was a middle-aged man around the age of forty, he had a middle-sized body stature, appearance-wise, he was very average, but his pair of eyes were very sharp. That person was without a doubt very powerful, he gave people a deep and immeasurable feeling. Xiao Chen felt quite shocked, although this person was of the same generation as Yan Qing Cheng and the others, his age and ability were already comparable to the previous generation experts.

“Junior sister, you have returned. The patriarch knew you were safe and sound all along because of the Undying Altar, that’s why we left some disciples to stand guard at the seaside to receive you.”

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Hearing these, Xiao Chen was even more shocked, the Undying Faction was truly profound and mysterious, that patriarch’s power was unfathomable, he was actually able to confirm Yan Qing Cheng, who was tens of thousands of miles away, was still alive by means of the sacrifice altar, it was really inconceivable.

“Greetings, second senior brother.” Yan Qing Cheng hastily saluted respectfully.

The Undying Faction’s second senior brother permitted Yan Qing Cheng to stand up, then he faced Xiao Chen and said, “This friend, you seem to have some relationship with my junior sister, please come with me to the Undying Faction.”

“Very well.” Xiao Chen didn’t hesitate and responded immediately, there was nothing to be afraid of.

“Then let us depart quickly.” The Undying Faction’s second senior brother looked at the tough little dragon profoundly, then he said to everyone else, “This is not a peaceful place, many practitioners are still scattered all over the place, if we keep staying at the coastal area, it will turn really ugly if they see us.”

Walking on the coastal area with flourishing forest, the immortal’s mainland seemed like a piece of desolate land.

The Undying Faction was at the South shore, it was only ten miles away from their original location. Xiao Chen was surprised to find that there were really a lot of practitioners pacing back and forth in this region.

When they were passing through the mountain woods, the Undying Faction’s second senior brother cautiously made everyone conceal themselves, a Fallen Angel flew past at lightning speed in the sky, it was lucky that they haven’t been discovered. And not long later, Xiao Chen found to his surprise, a black Winged Dragon was spiraling over the sea area not far away, fortunately it did not discover them.


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