Chapter 37 – Jasper Egg

A dark green vicious dragon emitted a fiendish aura, it walked around slowly in the valley. Its body length could stretch up to twenty meter, it was as tall as ten meter, its body seemed as heavy as an elephant. But of course, its body was much bigger than an elephant. Its neck was as long as a huge snake, it was about eight meter long. Its draconic head was also very similar to that of a snake, except there was an addition of an incomparably sharp horn. Its tail was also just as scary, it appeared similar to the tail of a huge lizard, it was about ten meter long.

Elephant-like body, snake-like head, its entire body was covered in dark green scales, glittering like frost and snow. it seemed very imposing and fierce, the baleful aura released by the vicious beast filled the entire valley. It caused all the birds and beasts to stay away from this area.

This was the legendary Elephans Draco! ⌈1⌋ Even though it was not comparable to fierce dragons such as the Tyrannical Dragon and Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon, it was still as strong as the Sacred Dragon. However, on this sealed Dragon Island, it will never be able to use its legendary divine power anymore, it can only rely on its brute strength.

However, with its powerful body, as well as its tyrannical draconic strength, even if it lost all kinds of divine power, it was not affected much. It merely couldn’t attack from a distance only, it is still as powerful as a demigod in close-combat! Perhaps, practitioners that haven’t reached the level of demigods couldn’t even leave a slightest scratch on it.

In the dead center of the valley, there is a woodland that was destroyed a long time ago. The forest trees that was destroyed were used to build a simple dragon nest. Looking from the distant, there were actually several jade-like dragon eggs within the nest! The dragon eggs were as clear as green jade. Dazzling radiance was released by the eggs, a green mist lingered around, making that place glow with a divine radiance.

Xiao Chen and the three skeletons stood on top of the precipice at the side of the valley, they could see everything in the valley clearly. The Elephans Draco actually laid several dragon eggs. It was not a question of how many dragon eggs were laid, but rather how long ago did it lay the eggs. According to the legends, the Ancestral Dragon and Syndicate Dragon will make an appearance soon, it is hard to guarantee that it won’t emerge from the later generations of the Elephans Draco!

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”……

The quaking of earth was transmitted from the inner valley, the Elephans Draco walk with heavy steps towards the outside of the valley. After some time had passed, the wail of a wild elephant could be heard from the mountain forest. Not long later, the Elephans Draco dragged a huge elephant back to the valley. It lie on the valley and began to enjoy its food.

The scene was somewhat bloody, it makes one feel sick to watch it. Not far away from it, there were a big pile of bones. It must be the remains of the animals it hunted for food.

The vicious dragon was ruthless, in a short period of time, it swallowed the entire elephant. It seemed like it didn’t have enough yet, it moved its enormous body and went out of the valley again.

Meanwhile, Xiao Chen noticed Yan Qing Cheng, Lande, and seven other practitioners were attracted by the draconic roars. They were observing from the mountain forest just outside of the valley. It seemed like they wanted to make sure if this valley have any young dragon.

Xiao Chen tried to communicate with the three skeletons. Naturally, he needed to talk continuously, and using his hands to gesture. He couldn’t hear the voice of the three skeletons.

“Get down from this cliff, each person carry one dragon egg!”

“Clack! Clack……!” The three skeletons were puzzled as they open and closed their jaws.

“I am talking about those crystal clear thing that emitted divine radiance.” Xiao Chen used his finger to point those dragon egg within the dragon nest.


He wanted them to go steal the dragon eggs, the three skeletons were very unwilling. They knew the Elephans Draco was not to be trifled with. However, they were still persuaded by Xiao Chen in the end. They nimbly climbed down from the cliff, Xiao Chen nervously watched the entrance of the valley, keeping a “lookout” for the three skeletons. Last time the three skeletons wanted Xiao Chen to dig the divine sproutling no matter what, this time can be considered to be even.

Qinguang Wang and the other two were extremely fast, they only left behind three stripes of white light in the valley. They rushed close to the dragon nest in an instant. The three skeletons did not hesitate, each of them carried a millstone-sized jasper dragon egg, and make their getaway like a thief.

“Roar……” The bellow of the Elephans Draco was transmitted from a distant mountain forest, it seemed like the Elephans Draco already killed its prey.

Xiao Chen nervously observed the surrounding on top of the precipice. Lunhui Wang and the other two skeletons were more like their *** had been set on fire, they increased their speed to the limit. Fortunately, the valley was not even one square kilometer, it was not very wide, three stripes of white light rushed to the bottom of the cliff at lightning speed.

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The three skeletons were super strong, they carried the huge dragon egg with a single hand, and climbed up the cliff quickly. During the moment they rushed up the cliff, a “booming” sound was transmitted from the entrance of the valley. The earth quaked slightly, the imposing Elephans Draco dragged a huge tiger that was about five to six meter long back to the valley.

The three skeletons seemed to have lingering fears, Qinguang Wang was patting its chest like what a human would do. It doesn’t resembled a skeleton at all, it was clearly a human with deep emotion.

Even though the differences between Elephans Draco and Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon were rather big, their dragon eggs was about the same size, both was as big as a millstone. The glorious brilliance illuminated the plants on top of the cliff, the crystal clear eggshell was as beautiful and bright as a jadeite. The splendid afterglow was slowly circulating around the mountain forest, words can’t even begin to describe how miraculous it was.

Xiao Chen make the three skeletons move the dragon eggs to the rear of the mountain forest to prevent the Elephans Draco below to notice the multicolored light. This was indeed a heaven-sent opportunity.

After tearing apart more than half of the huge tiger, the Elephans Draco felt something was not right. It attentively walked towards the dragon nest, a world-shaking roar suddenly break out from the valley. The terrifying dragon roar pierced through the skies.

There were originally five jasper dragon eggs, now they are only two remaining. The Elephans Draco went into berserk-mode, it ran around the valley at high-speed, almost causing the valley itself to shake. After an incomparably furious roar, it dashed out of the valley like a madman.

Outside of the valley was utter chaos, the Elephans Draco already rushed into the primitive jungle, all the trees blocking its path was toppled over and turned upside down, the leaves swirled in the air, thousands of beast fleeing in all directions. It was rare for the Elephans Draco to go berserk like this, it was the overlord of this area. All the beasts in the field and the birds in the air flee in disarray, including many fierce-looking exotic beasts.

All the practitioners that were prying into the valley in hope to find the Syndicate Dragon, had the urge to utter a curse. How did it come to this? Who was it that provoked the Elephans Draco, could it be that there was really a young Dragon King within the valley, someone entered the valley to seize it, and was caught by this vicious dragon?

At the moment, they didn’t dare to think too much, they could only run with all their might. They wished that they had a pair of wings, this Elephans Draco was too terrifying. Everything in its path was destroyed, it was practically an enormous killing machine.

Yan Qing Cheng and Lande also suffered the same fate. At this moment, the two of them were also unable to keep their calm. Aside from the vicious dragon that was wrecking havoc, this area was also filled with many startled beasts. Their situation was extremely dangerous, the two of them mixed into the army of beasts to flee.


  1. 蛇象龙 ⇒ Snake-Elephant Dragon. I took the liberty to latinize the name;
    Elephans = Elephant
    Draco = Snake or Dragon 

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