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Chapter 166 – Retribution

This kind of look made the four of them feel very unpleasant. Xiao Chen’s wounded body got hit again.

“Who do you think you are? Do you think you are unparalleled with just the power of Exuvia Ninth Celestial Layer?”

“Today, we’ll taunt you until you die!”

The ruthless sound reverberated in the ruins.

While Xiao Chen was coughing out blood, he sneered, “Exuvia Ninth Celestial Layer may be nothing, but can you guys find a youth expert around my level in your family? I can sweep the floor with every youth in your family. Give me a few more years and even all of you would be nothing more than a poop at the side of the road.”

Xiao Chen did not lose because he did not have enough power, but rather because the enemies were too strong and were one generation older than him. The reason he kept arguing against the four was merely to stall for time.

As if it had hit their sore spot, the four of them relentlessly hit him again to humiliate Xiao Chen. A few more of his bones were shattered.

“The older generation cannot rashly make their move against the younger generation. You guys really want to go on regardless of those rules? You really want to continue this shameless act till the very end?” Xiao Chen’s eyes were brimming with contempt.

“Hmph! Rules are not alive, humans are alive! Nobody will know even if we kill you now! There’s no one except the beasts within a radius of ten meters. Even if you die, you will die for nothing! Un, everyone will think you lost your life in the south desolate region fighting over those young sacred beasts.”

“You guys are really shameless. Using four middle-aged men to deal with the next generation like this. As expected, the scums are born from the same tree!”

His sneer echoed in the ruins. The four of them stared at Xiao Chen with an ice-cold gaze.

“You can continue to flaunt your mouth. We will torment you slowly. Let’s see who ends up suffering more!”

“You guys can torment me now, but the four of you are also screwed.” Xiao Chen sneered and said, “Didn’t your family always harbor suspicions about my identity? I can tell you now, I came from the depths of the south!”

“Impossible!” The middle-aged person in the shadows was clearly shocked as he said, “We already investigated you thoroughly. You came from the mortal world, and not from the deepest part of the south.”

“You guys can go to the depths of this desolate region and ask. Someone definitely saw me when I showed up in the mountain woods with four young Dragon Kings. They are the young Dragon Kings that came from the deepest part of the south!” Xiao Chen’s voice was very cold, “You guys think that humiliating me is nothing? Just wait and see, you guys will definitely be wiped out without a trace!”

Hearing these, the four of them stopped involuntarily and didn’t make another move. That Psychic soared into the sky and quickly flew towards the depths of the south.

The other three quietly stood there, not making any sound.

In merely fifteen minutes later, that Psychic flew back and nodded towards the other three. Then he said, “Someone saw him make contact with a few Dragon Kings for a brief moment. I killed two of them, but from what the two were saying, there’s another two who saw it. They already left a long time ago, I am unable to find them.”

The gazes of the four were incomparably cold. They looked at Xiao Chen simultaneously. Their mood was constantly changing between hesitation and determination.

Just at this time, Xiao Chen suddenly shouted, “Seal the four of them!”

The four of them wanted to make their move immediately after hearing these, but the dazzling rainbow-colored radiance dropped down from all directions and submerged this place in a split second. The four of them were sealed within a glorious radiance.

The snow-white little Keke had returned! It was carrying a golden ginseng king about half a meter long. It was glaring at them furiously. Not far away, Tenax was also letting out a growl. It looked at them with an ominous glint.

“Good!” Xiao Chen clenched his teeth and said, “Keke, you just keep them like this for a while. I will personally dispose of them!”

The “domain” laid out by the four Historia level experts had already disappeared. It was completely dispersed by Keke’s mystical power. It was completely replaced by the rainbow-colored “prison”.

Xiao Chen clenched his teeth and struggled to sit down. After that, he began to adjust his breathing. Waves of jewel-like splendor emitted from his body. The bones produced a “cackling sound” and after executing his secret arts for a brief moment, the fractures were temporarily fixed. It was barely enough to let Xiao Chen move.

Pulling out that jet-black broken sword, Xiao Chen walked forward with unsteady steps. Without thinking twice, he directly chopped four left palms.



The miserable shriek reverberated in the ruins.

“Don’t worry, I will not let you guys die so quickly.”

The four had never thought that the snow-white little critter with Xiao Chen actually had the power to seal them. This was simply unbelievable. The pain from the bloody cut off palms made them break out cold sweat unceasingly.

“It seems like the four of you are very fond of humiliating people. I will serve you guys carefully today and let you enjoy this kind of pleasure yourselves.”

Xiao Chen really hated these four people to the extreme. With another wave of his jet-black broken sword, four left ears were cut off. At the same time, the hazy radiances shrouding the four person dispersed and revealed their real visage.

The four of them all had blonde hair, and around forty or so years old. Pain filled their whole face.

“So it is the Reagan Family’s people. I originally thought it was Zhuge Family’s. I will definitely not let Hofmann off this time!”

The four of them had bitter expressions as they stared at Xiao Chen fiercely.

“I am very displeased with your expressions. If you were begging for forgiveness or crying out in pain, maybe it would alleviate a little of my resentment.” Speaking until here, Xiao Chen waved the jet-black broken sword in his hand again.

“Pfff! Pfff!”

The blood splashed everywhere. Four legs were chopped off by Xiao Chen. Right now, he didn’t show any mercy or distraught. Just now, the four of them tormented him and broke the bones all over his body. He had already built up a bellyful of rage.



The sharp pain made the four of them let out a miserable shriek. They were unable to bear this kind of pain.

“I slapped Hofmann in the face, but that is because he is guilty and deserves to be punished. Murder and arson, raping female students, he has done all kind of bad deeds. If not because I was apprehensive of your family, I would have hanged him alive on that very day!” Xiao Chen’s words were very cold, “You guys humiliated me, only to take revenge for a scum. What kind of reasoning is that? Now I will give you a taste of your own medicine. Didn’t you guys want to torment me until I die? I will let you guys taste it yourselves.”

Xiao Chen consecutively waved the sword four times and shattered many bones in their bodies.

Since they were mortal enemies, there was no need to be merciful.

Being merciful to the enemies was the same as being cruel to oneself. Xiao Chen was determined to not let them off. With a raise of a hand, the sword dropped down on them. Their right legs were also separated from their bodies. The blood splashed very high and dyed the ruins red.

“Xiao Chen, you *******!”

The four of them cursed.

“Didn’t the four of you say that killing me was as easy as crushing a tick?”

Xiao Chen waved the sword again. Their arms were also chopped off. The blood gushed out unceasingly. The bloody mist pervaded the forest.

Xiao Chen carried the four of them and threw them beside an anthill. The poisonous ants in the forest were very violent, they crawled all over the four person’s body in a moment.

The miserable shrieks made one’s scalp feel numb. It sounded exceptionally painful and miserable.

Fifteen minutes later, Xiao Chen walked over and said, “I will relieve you of your pain!”

With the raise of a hand, the sword dropped down. After four black lights flickered, four heads were chopped off. The heads flew diagonally and dropped at the tip of a tree far away. The bloody mist drifted in the forest.

Xiao Chen brought Keke and Tenax along as they left this place. After that, he began to heal his wounds in a hidden precipice. Fractures were not a horrible injury for a Ninth Celestia Layer expert like Xiao Chen. He also practiced in the Vajra, as he wanted to train his body to the point it was capable of standing off against divine artifacts, as a result his body was the most resilient. In merely three days, his bones were completely reconnected. During this time, the joints were letting out cackling sounds and sounded especially scary.

These past three days, quite a commotion was raised in the south desolate region. Four experts from the Reagan Family were beheaded. Their heads hanging on the treetop attracted a lot of attention.

After another night of recuperating, Xiao Chen returned to the Celestial City with Keke and Tenax on the fourth day. He was not interested in those two young sacred beasts believed to be from the strongest race. He didn’t want to stay at that place and trod through mud and water anymore.

Just when he returned to the Celestial City, he ran into an acquaintance. It was the lofty Dugu Jianmo. He was currently holding a double-edged sword and confronting someone. It was a youth with demonic nature. It gave people the feeling of complete wildness. At the outer area, there was another youth with blue hair. He was looking at everything with a smile.

A lot of practitioners gathered in the surroundings.

“Dugu Jianmo and Windfeathers are about to fight!” Someone at the side commented in a low voice.

When Xiao Chen got closer to the battlefield, Dugu Jianmo, Windfeathers, and that blue-haired youth seemed to have felt something. They turned their sight towards him simultaneously. Xiao Chen could feel a powerful pressure. The power within his body was aroused.


The four experts let off a powerful energy fluctuation. A “domain” actually appeared in the field!

At the same time, the genius of the north, Wuxing Feng, also arrived with two more people. Just at this time, he also let off a powerful energy fluctuation.


The invisible “domain” had been reinforced one step further.


A rebellious voice was transmitted from not far away and another person walked towards the field from a different direction!

At this moment, the “domain” evoked by the strongest youth warriors suddenly became stronger in a flash!


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