Chapter 96 – Amethyst Dragon King

The dragons that are currently attacking the divine monolith at the core of the ancient city noticed the abnormal situation in this area. A Monarch Lion Dragon with golden scales all over its body rushed over. It opened its mouth and spouted a golden ray. The blazing radiance made the practitioners unable to open their eyes.

The mournful screech of ghosts resounded. Hundreds of skeleton birds fell from the sky, their feathers fluttered about and danced in the sky. In the face of the king of dragons, the Monarch Lion Dragon, all the skeleton birds flew off like rockets. And that thirty meter tall demon was also dominated by the Monarch Lion Dragon’s intimidating aura, it stopped its footstep.

The Monarch Lion Dragon let out another roar, a golden rain of light fell from the sky, its target was the gigantic demon. The rain of light was as terrifying as unstoppable sword-qi. The huge demon had no other choice but to fall back at lightning speed.

However, it seemed like the Monarch Lion Dragon did not plan to let him go. It suddenly swooped down from the sky, a streak of enormous golden ray cuts through the void like lightning. Everyone felt their vision blurred. After that, they heard a loud “splashing” sound. The billows from the blood river soared into the sky, the Monarch Lion Dragon actually swept the huge demon into the blood river.

When the demon let out a mournful screech, bubbles surfaced on the blood river as if it was boiling. The demon struggled violently, it seemed like a monster was pulling his huge body into the river. The bloody waves rolled over and over. It finally calmed down after a while, that thirty meter huge demon was silenced in the blood river.

The Monarch Lion Dragon in the sky coldly swept its eyes across the young practitioners. But it didn’t attack them, the reason it rushed over here was to wipe out the evil spirits. In the end, the majestic Monarch Lion Dragon flickered with golden radiance, and ran towards the core of the ancient city in the sky.

Not far away, the three skeletons slowly reassembled their framework, and exercised their joints. The survivors were in a dreamy state, to find a way out from a desperate strait, all of them were brimming with joy.

However, their smiles were frozen again in the next instant, because a gloomy fiendish aura pressed towards this place once more. Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang were extremely fast at this moment, they reassembled their framework with a “clattering” sound, and then rushed beside Xiao Chen in the blink of an eye.

At a distant place, fifty plus Yin Warriors adorned with the ancient armor were closing in one step at a time. Although the bronze and iron spear in their hands were rusty, they still contained a skyrocketing murderous aura. It was as if they had vowed to massacre anything in their paths, even if it was a Dragon King.

And behind the Yin Warriors, there was another fifty Celestial Warriors. They were also wearing similar ancient armor that carried the vicissitudes of time. They looked almost like an ancient fossil. The killing intent was similarly skyrocketing.

Everyone did not know how powerful was the Celestial Warrior, but they had already experienced the strength of the Yin Warrior. And now so many of the Yin Warriors and Celestial Warriors had come together, it was impossible for them to resist.

Moreover, the eyes of these Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors were very clear. This means that they are very clear-headed. The Yin Warriors they killed earlier were far from comparable to these warriors! It was very possible that any of these Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors could wipe the floor with them!

Xiao Chen lamented inwardly. This is really a ghost town, even if the deity ventured too deeply, they might not be able to leave without a hitch.

“Let’s run!” Someone shouted. All of them ran forward along the ancient street. Facing this many Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors head-on was equivalent to suicide.

It was not only the Celestial Warrior and Yin Warrior that were closing in, those skeleton birds that were scattered by the Monarch Lion Dragon started to gather together and flew towards this region once more. Even the Spell Master and Psychic had no other choice but to fly at low altitude, otherwise they’d be sitting ducks for the several hundreds of skeleton birds.

Xiao Chen and the rest were running quickly on the ancient street, this moment was indeed a great escape with their life on the line. Even though the Yin Warrior and Celestial Warrior’s pace were not fast, they still closed in the distance with ease, as if they possessed the Ground Shrink ability.

The skeleton birds in the sky were increasing in numbers. Already a few hundreds were assembled. They started to launch their attacks on Xiao Chen and the gang again. At the same time, evil spirits lingering with black fog rushed out from the alleys every now and then. God knows just how powerful were these evil spirits. They also gathered in the same place and chased after the group of practitioners. ⌈1

At the central zone. The divine monolith trembled violently. The entire ancient city shook slightly. And the door of many former residences also opened with “creaking” sounds at this time. That was a very bad signal, it seemed like the monsters that always remained idle until now were finally making their move.

At the same time, waves of trembling sound transmitted from a distant place, it sounded like the stampede of numerous huge monsters.

At this moment, the baleful aura in the ancient city skyrocketed, the deathly aura filled the air, all the evil spirits became restless. Xiao Chen and the rest felt they were caught up in a desperate strait, if this goes on, where else could they run to? It was only a matter of time until they were wiped out.

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The cry of a young dragon transmitted over. That’s right. It was a soft and immature cry. That was obviously the cry of a young dragon. With a flash of purple light, a one meter long young dragon rushed over, it was shrouded by purple clouds. Its appearance was very much identical to the legendary Qilin.

It possessed a deer-like and horse-like body, four wolf-like feet, and dragon scales, but it also possessed some distinctive differences from the legendary Qilin; It had a crocodile-shaped divine tail. The resplendent purple radiance was glorious, its scales were gorgeous, and the pair of amethyst horn on the side of its head resembled the antler. Its head looked just like the legendary Ancestral Dragon’s!

It was actually the Amethyst Dragon King, many practitioners here had once encountered this little dragon. And Yan Qing Cheng, along with Carlos and Wharton, even tried to ambush this Syndicate Dragon King. But they still failed to subdue it in the end.

Although the young Amethyst Dragon King was only one meter long, it emitted a powerful dragon-qi. It possessed a pressure worthy of the king of the beast. It looked at everyone vigilantly, and then cheerfully ran beside the mysterious woman shrouded in colorful mist. It intimately rubbed against the side of the mysterious woman. ⌈2

This outcome made everyone stupefied. The Amethyst Dragon King was actually subdued by her!

That was but the first Dragon King they encountered on this dragon island, it might be the very first Syndicate Dragon King to be born. That means it might be the young Ancestral Dragon’s most powerful adversary. So much so that it might even take down the young Ancestral Dragon and replace it. If it can grow up smoothly, it will definitely become a terrifying existence that even the god don’t dare to provoke.

The young Amethyst Dragon King turned around and ran forward. It seemed to be guiding the mysterious woman shrouded in colorful mist.

“Everyone follow me.” The mysterious woman’s angelic voice transmitted outwards, then she ran after the Amethyst Dragon King.

The monsters and evil spirit behind them continued the chase, and as for those skeleton birds in the sky that saw the young Syndicate Dragon King, they started to hesitate. They were afraid of drawing the attention of those fully grown dragons behind the young Dragon King.

The Yin Warriors and Celestial Warriors did not stop, and those evil spirits covered by black fog were even more fearless, they also quickly closed in. The Amethyst Dragon King suddenly turned its body around. Purple divine flame pulsed all over its body, then it let out a roar towards the evil spirits at the rear.

Although its gentle cry was soft and immature, when it gets angry, the roar was as ear-splitting as the sudden clap of thunder that resounded in the heavens. It caused those evil spirits to slow down their footsteps in the twinkling of an eye. The Amethyst Dragon King’s appearance made them recall some ancient memories.

Everyone had noticed, the young Amethyst Dragon King actually led everyone to the vicinity of the divine monolith. It caused many evil spirits to stop advancing as a result. Only the Yin Warriors and Celestial Warriors chased after them with a pace that was not too slow nor too fast.

“Can this Dragon King be trusted?” Someone raised a question.

The young Amethyst Dragon King turned its head around to take a glimpse at the practitioner and let out a growl. It was very sensitive to sound, and possessed expressions like that of a human. This made Xiao Chen thought about Keke, that adorable little beast couldn’t still be sleeping right? Let’s hope nothing bad happened to it.

“If we don’t believe it now, then what other choice do we have?” Someone refuted.

“You guys just keep moving, it will not do harm to us.” The mysterious woman shrouded in colorful mist had a really gentle voice, while advancing as if she was flying, she gently caressed the dragon horn of the Amethyst Dragon King.

“How did you subdue it?” Someone finally couldn’t resist and asked. One must know many people originally planned to subdue this Amethyst Dragon King. But all of them failed in the end.

The mysterious woman was flabbergasted as she said, “I have never subdued it. I only treated it as a friend, that’s why it would frequently appear beside me when we were at the mountain woods out there. But… I never thought it also entered the ancient city, it seemed to be showing us the way now.”

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The practitioners looked at each other in dismay when that heard what she said. The mysterious woman had such a pure characteristic, she actually obtained the trust of the Amethyst Dragon King like this. It seriously made people jealous and envious of her. But some people were not convinced, if not for the Dragon King, then for what reason would she enter the dragon island. ⌈3

“I wonder why you guys were always at each other’s neck, especially you, Solitary Sword Demon. If I didn’t stop you several times, you might have killed even more.” The mysterious woman had some complaints for the Solitary Sword Demon.

These words caused to other practitioners to feel amazed. Could this girl really be that pure-hearted? Could she really be an oddball from some noble family? Even though they have their doubts, they didn’t think about it too much. It is more important to run for their life now.

“Hmph!” The Solitary Sword Demon only gave a snort in return.

Xiao Chen felt all the more familiar with this mysterious woman, but he just couldn’t recall where he met her before. ⌈4⌋ He had seen many female practitioners on this dragon island, perhaps she was among one of them.

As they were talking, everyone had already been led by the young Amethyst Dragon King to the vicinity of the divine monolith. But of course, the so-called “vicinity” was a place where the energy rays couldn’t reach. Rays of light flickered in front of them, the Buddha’s Eternal Wheel, Brass Trigrams, etc were still bombarding the divine monolith. High up in the sky, there were even more dragons……


  1. Silva: Even I wanted to cry now, the situation seemed more hopeless than ever… 
  2. Silva: Gasp… she subdued the Dragon King! 
  3. Silva: 120% confirmed, she is Lan Nuo!!!
    Chanayh: Why?
    Silva: Who else can she be other than Lan Nuo? It can’t be possible for her to end up in a different place from Xiao Chen and Zhao Lin Er, she opened the portal after all. 
  4. Silva: Oh c’mon, are you a blockhead? It’s Lan Nuo I tell ya! 

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