Chapter 38 – The Power of Elephans Draco

One could only describe the scenario before their eyes as total chaos, bellow of the beasts shook the heaven, the mountain forest quaking like never before, dead leaves swirling in the air, all kind of creatures running in every directions, if Yan Qing Cheng and the rest knew it was Xiao Chen who caused this mess, they will certainly vow to tear him into pieces. Right now, all of them were caught up in a dangerous situation.

The mountain forest on the other side was in total chaos, but the primitive forest behind the valley is still as peaceful as before. Xiao Chen let the three skeletons seize the opportunity to escape, he stayed behind to cover their retreat.

Yanluo Wang, Qinguang Wang, and Lunhui Wang were each carrying a dragon egg while making their escape without leaving a trace. They headed towards the deathly swamp at lightning speed. Seeing that everything is normal, Xiao Chen also retreated quickly, he didn’t continue to observe whether the Elephans Draco could kill Yan Qing Cheng and the rest of them. The most important thing is to leave this chaotic mountain forest as soon as possible. After all, he was the main culprit.

In regards to Yan Qing Cheng, Lande, and the rest of them, today is an incomparably vexing day. However, for Xiao Chen, it is a very refreshing and incomparably carefree day. This could also be regarded as an indirect response to Yan Qing Cheng and Lande’s taunt.

By the time Xiao Chen returned to the deathly swamp, the sunset glow was lingering on the Western horizon, a large number of clouds rendered the entire sky bright red. The day is already getting late.

The reason why he treated this deathly swamp as his temporary residence was because there is an Undead King here that will not move unless something big occurred. It can intimidate the monsters, making them not dare to approach. Moreover, the three skeletons are more familiar with this area, if they encounter any danger, this place can act as a pretty good buffer zone.

The three skeletons had returned a long time ago, three crystal clear jasper eggs were made to stay put in the swamp by them. They were actually treating the eggs as stools and sit on top of it. They are really…… unique.

Out of Xiao Chen’s expectation, the giant tree that was rooted by the divine sproutling did not wilt and die. On the contrary, its leaves were emerald-green, it seemed as if a layer of faint green radiance was flickering. The surrounding was filled with dense spiritual energy. It makes the swamp around the giant tree full of vitality.

Xiao Chen understood in a moment, the divine sproutling was not scary at all. It didn’t simply absorb the vitality of the giant tree, but rather gaining the benefits together. With its existence, the giant tree could draw the worldly essence at high-speed. Compared to the past, it is many fold faster!

Last time, the reason why the giant tree dried up was most likely because of Xiao Chen and the three skeletons. The four of them drew most of the energy, their demands exceeded the supply, which resulted in the decline of the ancient tree.

Lunhui Wang and the other two were sitting on the dragon eggs, the spiritual light in their eye sockets were throbbing. They were looking at the seven-colored radiance lingering around the sapling impatiently. Xiao Chen spent a lot of effort to persuade them to take turns, they must not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Three dragon eggs were glittering with green radiance, this was a really huge gain!

After the sunset glow faded away, Xiao Chen and the three skeletons arrived at the forest region around the edge of the swamp. Qinguang Wang and the others were not affected by the undead miasma, but if Xiao Chen was exposed to it for a long period of time, he would definitely be unable to endure it.

The shiny sacred tree, and the glittering dragon eggs, set each other off nicely. It caused the spiritual energy in the forest to become denser, the radiance was flowing like the ripples of the water.

The three skeletons could absorb the power of the crystal stone, and the pure energy lingering around the sacred tree. However, they could not absorb the life energy of the dragon egg. It was because the dragon egg contained enormous amount of life energy, they needed to refine it one step further to change it into the pure energy that they can absorb.

Yanluo Wang and the other two did a great job, Xiao Chen allowed them to absorb the energy from the tiny sacred tree one by one, and leave the divine sproutling some time to recover. He hoped that the tiny sacred tree could grow one step further after accumulating and refining enough worldly essence.

In addition, Xiao Chen gave the three skeletons all the remaining few dozens of high-class crystal stones that he was keeping. This made the three undead creatures so excited that they did a few somersault in succession. The more time Xiao Chen spent with these skeletons, he discovered that these three were not lacking vigour at all. On the contrary, they are very lively.

Night time, a bright radiance was lingering around the woods. Xiao Chen split one of the dragon eggs. A boundless life energy spread over a large area in a split second, it transformed into a miniature Elephans Draco. It makes a threatening gesture and threw itself at Xiao Chen. It was quickly captured by Xiao Chen and brought into his body.

After experiencing it once, it was not as painful as the last time. While refining the life energy of the fierce dragon, he guided the boundless energy to circulate within his body.

One dragon egg doesn’t seem to be very big, but the life energy contained within it was immeasurable. After all, it will grow into a vicious dragon in the future! An inexhaustible green divine radiance wrapped Xiao Chen within, it was throbbing like a searing divine flame. The fluctuation of life energy was very fierce, looking from the distant, it was like a lump of raging divine flame.

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The three skeletons were a little amazed as they looked at Xiao Chen. They could vaguely see an Elephans Draco that was twinkling with green divine radiance coiling around Xiao Chen while making a threatening gesture. It was swallowing and nipping the life energy forcefully.

However, with the passage of time, the light and shadow of the Elephans Draco gradually dimmed. On the other hand, Xiao Chen’s skin was flickering with crystal clear light. The “power” emitted from his entire person seemed much more powerful than before.

It lasted until the midnight, the searing divine flame throbbing outside of Xiao Chen’s body finally died down and entered his body. His expression became sharper, it was as he expected, the enormous life energy of the dragon did not merge with the pure energy he personally developed. On the contrary, all the them gathered in the “Center Palace Acupoint” ⌈1⌋ to form into a tiny light speck. One more acupuncture point was divinized!

The “Center Palace Acupoint” is located around the chest area, at the bottom most of the sternum. At the moment, the “Center Palace Acupoint” was filled with a glorious speck of light, however it was not completely filled yet.

Elephans Draco could not resist the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon, the life energy contained in the dragon egg it laid was also incomparable to the dragon egg of the Tyrant Dragon. One could clearly feel the differences between the vicious dragon from this. Fortunately, Xiao Chen still had two more dragon eggs, he was convinced that he will be able to completely transform the “Center Palace Acupoint” today.

Today, after condensing the enormous dragon energy into his acupoint, he felt somewhat different from before. Apparently, his own life energy had increased tremendously, he could feel an indescribable amount of life energy.

Without thinking too much, Xiao Chen split the second dragon egg. The dazzling radiance of life once more lingered around the woods, a lump of raging divine flame wrapped Xiao Chen within it.

The three skeletons were no longer interested, they also started to concentrate on drawing the energy of the crystal stones. Dozens of high quality crystals were crushed by their spiritual light, refined into multicolored lights that slowly merged with the bones all over their body. After that, it entered their spiritual light again, their spiritual light were slowly expanding, the bones were gradually gaining another few layers of luster……


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