Chapter 234 – Unshakeable Sword!

“I am also not the strongest in the Southern Wasteland.” The cold voice was ruthless. Despite the coldness, he was very calm.

Once he declared that, everyone turned pale. An expert this powerful was still not the strongest in the South? Could it be that the South was not as simple as it looked on the surface? There was still an expert hiding in the South?

However, the youths of Yindu were unwilling to lose their limelight.

“Haha…” Many of them started to laugh out loud.

“You dare to be this arrogant when you are not even the strongest in the South?”

Although that’s what they were saying, no one dared to look down on him. After all, two experts were beheaded just now.

As some of the scions waved their hand, a group of people besieged the sword. Few of the Psychics took off to the sky in attempt to seal off the sword.

Two of them took the initiatives and launched their divine abilities at the iron sword floating in the sky. They wanted to seal off the iron sword just like this, and force the one hiding into the open.

Without any unnecessary word, the iron sword directly pierced through the sky. The master of the sword didn’t seem to attach any importance to them.


With a flash of light, the iron sword looked like a dragon waving its tail in midair. It turned around and did a diagonal slash. The two had only just threw themselves over, yet the divine abilities they launched had instantly shattered into small pieces like a broken glass.

With two “swish” sound from the sword, blood splattered everywhere. The fresh blood dyed the grassland with its color. Two guests were chopped in half at the waist, and their corpses fell on the ground.

The remaining guests shouted simultaneously as they charged altogether, some released glaring sword-qi, while others released bizarre artes. Their target? The iron sword.

And the outcome was just as disappointing.

The iron sword was unstoppable, it transformed into a streak of light in the sky, dashing all over the place and cut up all the guests. Everyone only saw a streak of light flickering before the blood sprinkled everywhere.

The blood had dyed the vast sky red…

No matter how complex was your spell, no matter how tyrannical was your energy, you still couldn’t resist one strike from the iron sword!

The iron sword swept across all directions and instantly killed more than ten guests, leaving their corpses behind on the spot.

The blood gushed not non-stop, dying the grassland red. Even the sky was filled with bloody mist.

The facial expressions of everyone immediately changed due to the death of many practitioners. This Sword Verse Tea Party was a convention to pick out geniuses. Although they had expected a fight to break out, nobody had ever imagined someone would go on a killing spree without any qualms in such a situation.

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At the distant, many of the beauties turned pale. Each and everyone of them was so scared that they dare not utter a single word.

The third princess of Shang Dynasty and a few dozen young ladies of Yindu were attracted by the iron sword in the battlefield. Although they were all outstanding beauties, they were not frail either. They had bountiful of experiences, their father and elder brothers were all experts of high calibre, so they were not scared at all.

“Princess… shall we go search for him and teach that arrogant boy a lesson?” Someone put forward a suggestion to the third princess.

She turned around and glared at that imperial bodyguard. The masked third princess said in a cold tone, “I will behead anyone who dares to act arbitrarily! An expert like this, must be recruited at all cost, don’t act recklessly.”

That imperial bodyguard backed away in embarrassment.

Not only the third princess, the other noble ladies beside her also had the same line of thought. All of them wanted to recruit this peak-level youth expert.

Just at this time, Bosch laughed heartily and said, “Do you dare to challenge me?” He walked into the battlefield as he said this. Such a provocative word could only serve to rouse up the crowd and made him the sole target.


Someone stopped him and said, “Bosch, let me test out his strength first.”

Bosch turned around and saw that it was his good friend, Xushan. He knew that Xushan was worried about his well being and wanted to test out the opponent’s strength first.

“I don’t think it’s necessary.”

“No, that guy is too formidable. Let me test him first.” Xushan was around twenty six to twenty seven years old. His appearance was very ordinary. Although he was a clansman of the East, his hair was tinged with blond. He said with a very serious expression, “Let me go first. Yindu’s strongest clans are waiting to see us make a fool of ourselves. You are the strongest among us. If you were to lose in the hands of this South barbarian, we will become a laughing stock and lose our face.”

Bosch silently nodded in the end. The power structure in Yindu was very complicated. Although they were all loyal to the imperial household, the powerful clans were endlessly clashing with one another. They were split into a few major clans and their relationship were far from harmonious.

Back in those days, the Lord of Shang Dynasty was only a king in name. However, as their territories expanded, he began to consider himself as an emperor. Nobility was bestowed to the powerful clans which existed since a millennium ago.

As long as there were people, war ensued. Moreover, this was one of the most intense battlefield. For as long as a millennium, these power clans never stopped clashing against one another.

These clans possessed tremendous strength, each and every one of them was in possession of an ungodly expert. After so many generations, their foundation was already deep-rooted. If not because of the support of some renowned figures, the imperial family of Shang Dynasty would already fall in the hands of these powerful clans.

The Bo family was one such powerful clan, and Bosch was the leading youth of their clan.

Xushan entered the battlefield with large strides. He faced the iron sword and shouted, “Please show yourself, let us have a fair duel!”

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“Needless!” The cold voice spread to the whole audience. It was brief and clear, as if there was no need to say more than that; the cold voice was brimming with strong confidence.

Xushan was furious. He was not an ordinary man, he was one of the experts in Bosch’s party and came from a prestigious house. He soared into the sky and spread out his arms. It was a very bizarre sight as two black clouds seemed to be pressing against the iron sword. His sleeves were enlarging and enveloping the iron sword.

He was a powerful Spiritual Master, his divine ability was known as Astina Universe. At peak power, this ability could transform the very nature itself. It was a really terrifying forbidden technique.

Precisely because of this ability, he was thought of highly by the older generation. Without a doubt, he had a bright future ahead of him. He would undoubtedly become a prominent figure in the future. Although his power level was only at Historia’s Fourth Celestial Layer, Xushan had enough powerful to face experts of Sixth Celestial Layer.

“Crack! Crack!”

The powerful pressure felt like Mt Tai weighing down on the ground. It caused a fissure on the ground below. The sleeves had already expanded to the size of a hill. It was scattering black clouds and mist as it pressed down.

It felt as terrifying as the birth of a Great Demon. It was easy to imagine just how powerful was this Astina Universe.

Many people who were sitting around the battlefield were sent flying away by the pure pressure.

This caused confusion and disorder at the site. However, it was rather fortunate that everyone here was not an ordinary group of people. They quickly calmed down after the brief disturbance.

A shocking event occurred right at this time. The iron sword remained motionless under the mountain-like pressure. The moment that the sleeves started to fall, the iron sword rose into the sky like a streak of rainbow. It broke into the rolling black clouds and flew up in a straight line.


Xushan let out a snort. The might of the Astina Universe was unpredictable. With a ferocious swing of the sleeves, the mountain-sized sleeves discharged endless black fog and rose in a circular moment in a flash.

With a loud explosive noise, the omnipresent sleeves gathered in one spot and received the attack head-on. The black fog covering more than half of the sky was gradually shrinking along with the sleeves. Eventually the black cloud finally dispersed.


The rich kids of Yindu laughed out loud.

“Is that all you got? Ridiculous!”

“This is the so-called expert from the Southern Wasteland?”

“His weapon was taken away so easily, and here I thought he was oh-so-powerful!”

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However, everyone’s smile froze in an instant, the laughter came to a sudden stop. A streak of divine ray streaked across the sky and forcefully broke free from the huge iron sleeve.

The sleeve broke into pieces and danced lightly in the air like butterflies. That sharp iron sword broke through by force!

It had completely triumphed over the Astina Universe.

The iron sword was like a rainbow. After breaking through the Astina Universe, it transformed into a light beam and headed straight for Xushan.

Although Xushan was an expert, even he had lost the power to retaliate in the face of such a matchless iron sword. He used whatever remained of the sleeves to counter the iron sword without rest. Every time the sleeves and iron sword made contact, they produced a thunderous noise. It sounded just like a divine iron being struck by a huge hammer. The sonorous noise continued to linger on.

This outcome caused huge commotion among the numerous spectators. Everyone cried out in surprise one after another.

The master of the iron sword was too strong. He actually broke through the Astina Universe without breaking much of a sweat. His confidence and strength made everyone gasp in surprise.

“Get back!” Bosch shouted out loud from below. Just as he wanted to rush in, someone beside him pulled him and already soared into the sky by himself.

After all, Bosch was the leading person of their clan’s youth generation. He must not be defeated so easily. Their side didn’t wish for him to participate in a battle with uncertainties.

Although the person who rushed in was very fast, he was still not as fast as the iron sword. After a few strikes from the dazzling sword-qi, Xushan’s hair was already dishevelled. Half of his long hair was cut by the iron sword as they were carried off by the wind.

He had received two terrifying wounds. Although he was only lightly poked by the iron sword, the blood was already flowing like rapid water. Eerie white bones could be seen beyond the wound.


Xushan spat out a big mouthful of blood. He clamped down the resplendent sword ray with Astina Universe with all his might. After he did so, he was sent flying away by the violent force of the sword strike, leaving behind a huge quantity of blood spatter.

With a loud “bang”, Xushan crashed onto the ground.

The rich kid who just flew into the sky was also a Spiritual Master. His power was without a doubt on the higher tier. Those who walked together with Bosch were all the cream of the crops.

Seeing that another foolish guy had come forward, he didn’t say anything and sent the iron sword flying towards him. The sword-qi was as thick as a water jar, and the pressure was as heavy as a lofty mountain. The iron sword cut through the sky and engaged in a fierce battle with that Spiritual Master.


That Spiritual Master was overwhelmed with shock. Although it was just an iron sword, it contained power beyond imagination. The shockwaves caused him to spat out blood on the spot. As his injuries accumulate, he became unable to keep up with his spells.

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Finally, when the sword hurled at him, he was so terrified that he immediately rolled his body in the sky without paying any heed to his posture. He rolled away just as such and narrow avoided life-threatening attack. His hair was a royal mess and fresh blood dripped from his neck. Just a little bit more and his head would already be detached from his body.

His eyelid became heavy as the Spiritual Master fell from the sky.

The iron sword was ruthless and went after the fallen target. It wanted to deprive the target of its life in the sky. A few silhouettes from below immediately rushed to the rescue. Even with their combined forces, it was only barely enough to stop the iron sword. However, it was fortunate that they were able to save their comrade.

“Don’t run away, why don’t you come at me all at once?!” The cold and ruthless voice contained strong confidence.

The iron sword flew in circles, streaking across all directions as it unleashed a blazing sword-qi. Murderous aura filled the air.

“How arrogant!”

“Don’t be so full of yourself!”

When they heard the provocative words, all of them were furious and jumped into the fray altogether.

Just who was this ferocious man? All the spectators were totally overwhelmed. A youth expert of this level could be ranked in the foremost even in this Great Shang Dynasty.

And he had said it himself… that he was not the strongest of the youth generation from the Southern Wasteland.

Yan Qingcheng, Lazio, and Windfeathers were really excited. Especially Windfeathers, due to his excitement, his entire body was shaking. It was as if he was fighting those experts from Yindu himself. It was as if his former humiliation had been washed off.

At a distant place, the third princess of Shang Dynasty and dozens of other beauties had glittering eyes. As far as they were concerned, they must recruit a youth expert of this level by all means.

Some of the young ladies were already in a world of their own imagination…

Although the confrontation in the sky was very intense, it only lasted for a short duration. Nobody was actually capable of stopping the iron sword’s path. In only a dozen or more rounds, three of them already spat out blood and fell from the sky.

As if it was only natural, the iron sword was grabbed by an illusory hand at this time. The mysterious master of the sword showed a shadow of himself. However, this made everyone ever more shocked because that hand was completely made out of one’s Qi Energy. It was not External Incarnation, it was completely materialized with the will and qi of the sword.

With a sword in hand, it swept through all directions!

The materialized figure held the sword and went on a massacre all over the place. In the next instant, everyone was cut and fell from the sky.

His might had intimidated everyone. None of the young experts in Bosch’s party were actually capable of standing up to him.


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