Chapter 58 – Challenging an Alliance

Gu Luo had a malicious gaze, he looked at Xiao Chen with bitter resentment, and said, “Since you already agreed to fight, we will face each other in a life and death battle when the time comes!”

It is meaningless to say more than this, Xiao Chen only nodded his head. After that, he seemed to have thought of something, and said, “I am facing ten people individually, it is impossible for me to have a direct confrontation with all of you. If we make the entire Dragon Island into the war zone, the battlefront seems a little too big. How about this, let us compromise a little, and choose a sealed up valley to start the war. What do you think?” However, only god knows if he really don’t have to guts to face them head on.

Gu Luo was originally planning to fight Xiao Chen head on, but after hearing his opinion, it seems like he wants to use the hit-and-run tactics. This make him feel very inappropriate, but after hearing that kind of compromise, he immediately consented. In a sealed up valley, he is but an easy target for The Avenger.

Xiao Chen turned around to face the audiences, and exclaimed, “We will select a sealed up valley to do battle, the kind that is not too big nor too small……” He quickly expressed his opinion to the audiences.

The mountain range moved up and down within the Dragon Island, there is no shortage of valley. They quickly found a suitable location, the horizontal and vertical length within the valley is about three to four miles. Dense jungle covered the entire valley, it is full of vitality, it is a pretty good place to conduct a life and death battle here.

Many alliances chose this valley because the trees are not very crowded, they do not want to miss an interesting battle due to the exuberant forest trees. Standing on top of the valley, they can see everything that is happening inside. However, this is a little bit unfair to Xiao Chen who did not want to fight recklessly. After all, the cover provided by a reasonable terrain is more important for a single person.

The battle is finally beginning, Xiao Chen’s performance caused everyone to drop their jaws. He didn’t adopt the guerrilla warfare tactics, he actually dashed towards Gu Luo and the rest as soon as it began.

At present, Xiao Chen’s body is enveloped by a bright divine radiance that looked just like a raging flame. His entire person is filled with an outrageous battle intent. The murderous aura pervaded the entire forest, the tree leaves were ravaged by an invisible murderous aura and withered one after another. The green leaves fell gently as far as the eyes can see!

A powerful intimidating aura! The scene that shatters the will of the people!

Both sides clashed with one another, when they were still a few meter away, Xiao Chen violently brandished both hands like a blade. Two incomparably sharp point slashed through the air like the resplendent rainbow light. In that instant, it swept past the neck of one member from The Avenger. The head rose high up into the sky, it flew ten meter away from the body, surge of blood spurted up to three meter high.

Absolutely shocking!

As soon as Xiao Chen approached them, he killed one of the experts among their group right away. He is like a undefeatable ⌈1⌋ Demon Lord, his long black hair swayed with the wind, and danced about hysterically.

Gu Luo, Psychic Li Ling Feng, and Spell Master Carter, launched their attacks continuously. An endless stream of berserking energy filled with killing intent were executed one after another. Their target is undoubtedly Xiao Chen. He left an afterimage in his original position, and disappeared in an instant. After that, he ambushed them with a dazzling radiance from the other side, a wide expanse of forest trees were destroyed in an instant, the terrifying radiance had submerged that area!

The Fifth Celestial Layer of Exuvia! This is an overwhelming dominance, it makes Xiao Chen as terrifying as a war-god!

Two experts in the frontmost position of Gu Luo’s party throw up blood, and retreat in defeat. Just when one of them moved five steps backward, his entire body suddenly split up into pieces, he actually collapsed in that instant! As for the other person, he also met the same fate after retreating for seven steps. Their eyes were brimming with a frightened look even after their death!

Everything happened too quickly, the battle has only just began, and Gu Luo’s party already lost three people. This is a terrifying result, one person picking a fight with an alliance, and he is actually capable of dominating everyone!

A commotion break out on top of the valley, everyone was very shocked, Xiao Chen is practically a killing machine, he possessed an overwhelming strength!

Within the valley, Xiao Chen restrained his own power, and very naturally exhibit power up to the Fourth Celestial Layer. Almost no one discovered this kind of power shift, since Xiao Chen had only been using power up to the Fourth Celestial Layer of Exuvia all along.

“Everyone gather together, don’t separate!” Gu Luo shouted loudly. At this moment, he felt cold sweat rolling down from his spine. Xiao Chen is too terrifying, picking a valley to do battle was part of his plot!

Who says Xiao Chen is afraid to face them head on, the reason he chose to fight in a valley is because he is afraid that Gu Luo and the rest will run away due to fear after he exposed his true strength. At the moment, the audiences on top of the valley guessed the reason why Xiao Chen chose to fight here.

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This is indeed the case in reality, Xiao Chen possessed the strength of Fifth Celestial Layer, he is not afraid of this alliance at all! However, he only revealed the strength of Fourth Celestial Layer at this time, he wanted to keep this a secret, so that he can give his opponent a “pleasant surprise” when the time is right.

Gu Luo propped himself with the double-edged sword, the sword aura fluctuated indefinitely. He didn’t have any scrolls left, he could only rely on his base power to fight. Psychic Li Ling Feng floated in the sky, a green radiance rushed forth from his entire body, raising his Spiritual Power to the limit. Spell Master Carter was also in midair, chanting an incantation unceasingly, a ferocious magic attack is about to descend.

And just at this time, Xiao Chen disappeared immediately, he is changing his position in the woods unceasingly, and began to slaughter everyone apart from these three experts. He decided to dispose of the weaker practitioners first, and then go all-out to defeat Carter and Li Ling Feng that are capable of flying.

Gu Luo, Carter, and Li Ling Feng, began their all-out assault. They didn’t want to let Xiao Chen exterminate them one by one. Carter finished his incantation, one after another terrifying lightning hacked downwards in a frenzy, chasing after Xiao Chen. At the same time, one after another energy blade fell like a meteor shower.

Xiao Chen kept changing his position, leaving one after another afterimages on the ground. He dodged endless stream of magic attack, and went after the few remaining practitioners.

Psychic possessed innate Spiritual Power, after fostering that Spiritual Power for innumerable days, all kinds of exotic ability could take shape. Now, Li Ling Feng is trying to use that powerful exotic ability to confine Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen was indeed restrained, he felt his body gradually become as heavy as a mountain. It is difficult to even move a single step, his movement become very sluggish. If not for the searing divine flame throbbing outside of his body, he might have been ripped apart by the energy blades dropped by Carter.

“Hah……!” ⌈2⌋ Xiao Chen howled loudly, his entire body shook, and broke the mysterious energy that was confining him. And Psychic Li Ling Feng who was in midair suffered a recoil, he spit out a big mouthful of blood. His strength is truly powerful, but the person he is attacking, is actually a practitioner at the Fifth Celestial Layer of Exuvia. He is two level stronger than him.

In a short period of time, Xiao Chen killed six practitioners from The Avenger. Except Gu Luo, Li Ling Feng, and Carter, only one more practitioner who ran into the depths of the valley is left from the opposing side.

Now is the time to settle the dispute between Gu Luo and him.


  1. I originally write “an undefeatable” but WordPress Proofread says otherwise. 
  2. Original Chinese word literally translates to “Ah”, but that sounds kind of gay, hence I changed it to “Hah!!!!” 

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