Chapter 144 – Lecher

In a short half an hour later, Xiao Chen had already become a celebrity in the warbeast street. He actually made Katalina, the Mander Family’s baby girl, into his attendant. It made the spectators flabbergasted. They were secretly exclaiming that this youngster seriously had guts. Although the crowd was just adding fuel to the fire, he actually dared to do it. He’s really getting tired of living or what?

What’s more, this youngster, whose origin was unknown, actually did not understand the current circumstances. He was openly taking a stroll everywhere with the beautiful attendant. He appeared free and relaxed. It made the group of youngsters so envious that they started to drool.

“This arrogant guy is really too evil!’ The blue-haired girl furrowed her curvy eyebrows. Her vivid big eyes contained a hint of anger as she shouted, “You actually dared to make me your attendant?!”

“If you agree to bet, you must accept to lose. You must understand this logic. If you want to back out, you are free to leave. I didn’t force you to stay. But if you want me to cancel our bet, that’s a no go!” Xiao Chen had an unruly expression. After that, he went for a walk with the two little beasts, checking stuff out left and right.

“Admit defeat, admit defeat!” The crowd behind them shouted at the same time.

“Attaboy, just you wait, you will come to regret this later.” The blue-haired girl was no longer as prideful as a little phoenix. She was practically an ostrich at the moment. She lowered her beautiful face as much as possible and followed behind Xiao Chen, afraid that someone might recognize her. But how was that possible? Following behind them was a big crowd of rich kids spreading the news while laughing hehehaha, as if people didn’t already know. All of these rich kids had old grudges with the blue-haired girl.

Xiao Chen turned his head around to look at the crowd of rich kids following behind. He yelled at one unreasonably handsome boy, “Pretty boy…… speak up if you need something.”

That youngster was indeed very handsome. His age was about the same as Xiao Chen’s, he looked only about twenty years old. His long hair flowed down like waterfall, his skin was as pale as the snow, and his eyes were like limpid autumn waters. He had a slender figure, if not because of the Adam’s apple, Xiao Chen might mistook him as a beautiful girl in men’s cloth. He was seriously so beautiful that it was completely messed up. Even the young ladies would get jealous looking at him.

“Buddy, I am called Fairsky. We may be familiar with each other, but business is business. You cannot randomly call out to me. Otherwise, I’m not done with you.” That extremely beautiful hedonistic son walked over. Although he was speaking like this, he was still smiling. Just now, it was him who bought the rainbow crane for six thousand gold coins. It was easy to tell that he had some powerful backer. He was intentionally opposing the blue-haired girl, Katalina.

“Pretty boy, just you wait. I am not done with you yet. Nobody dared to buy it, but you actually dared to buy my rainbow crane and ruin my reputation. Hmph! When my elder brother returns, I will make him flatten you.” Katalina furiously shouted at Fairsky.

Xiao Chen could tell that they had a few conflicts in the past, but he didn’t care about those. Xiao Chen warmly said to Fairsky, “Pretty boy, I need your help. This is my first time in Celestial City so I’m not familiar with a lot of things. I want to buy a real estate, can you introduce some to me?”

“No problem, leave it to me.” The handsome Fairsky promised unreservedly. He was obviously not an ordinary guy. He had already made out Xiao Chen’s extraordinary strength. He came from a big family, and was interested in making friends with this kind of people.

The south desolate region had thousands of miles of territories, there was no lack of land, but that was outside of the Celestial City. It was a different story inside the Celestial City, in it, land could even be said to be extremely expensive.

Not only did all the wealthy ones in the south desolate region wanted to move to this place, even the aristocrats and millionaires from the mainland wanted to buy a real estate here. That was because there were many ancient legends in Celestial City. Legend has it that this was the Imperial City where the dragon veins gathered. There was a great benefit to live at this place, but nobody was able to speak out the particulars.

With two gold coins, one could fill their desk with a first class feast. One could very well imagine just how much wealth six thousand gold coins represented. Even so, Xiao Chen owed Fairsky five thousand gold coins after purchasing a courtyard.

It was as costly as eleven thousand gold coins!

However, Xiao Chen was rather fond of the three courtyards, the pavilions, and the bridge in the garden.

“Don’t feel bad about it brother. It is because I want to get on your good side, and know that you are on friendly term with that ******* Zhuge Liang, that I am willing to part with my treasure.” The unreasonably beautiful Fairsky seemed a little reluctant and said, “Do you know what kind of place this is?”

Speaking until here, his eyes suddenly lit up. It was extremely inharmonious with his beautiful appearance as he whispered, “This is but the Celestial City’s educational street. Raise your head to look across the street. Take a look at what’s over there.”

There was an unending ancient fence on the other side. There were lots of huge ancient castles beyond the fence. It looked nothing short of the Imperial City. The entrance was facing right here, exactly in front of Xiao Chen’s house. Looking through the gate that was widely open, they could see some young men and young ladies.

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“This is the renowned North Style Academy. Adjacent to it are the Wargod Academy and the White Elk Academy. If you ask where to find the most expensive territory in Celestial City, look no further than this educational street. The three big academies are right here, the girls inside are as beautiful as the clouds! If not because my tigress fiancee knows about this place, I wouldn’t resell it to you even if you killed me. Sitting at the gate every day at nightfall, looking at the beautiful ladies entering and exiting the academy one after another, such bliss. When you are bored, you can even sneak into the three big academies. Just thinking about it fills me with happiness!”

Pfft, Xiao Chen was really speechless. This unreasonably beautiful youngster was really such a lecher. However, it was true that his heart was itching when hearing his words. In regards to men, this place was really a treasure. It was truly a beautiful thing to stand in front of the gate to look at the beautiful ladies come and go quietly.

“Lecher!” The blue-haired Katalina curled her lips and said, “You and that pig head Zhuge Liang always come here to act as voyeurs. Both of you are already in the three big academy’s blacklist. If not because they know you have the warbeast castle behind you, the people here would already cut you into eight pieces. Pretty boy, just you wait. I will let that mad woman Pamela know you called her a tigress.”

“You dare……”


The blue-haired Katalina left gloomily. Even though Fairsky’s ridicule was not effective, she still ran away. Using that brat’s words, Xiao Chen didn’t seem like a good guy. He actually walked together with this perverted pretty boy. Her chastity would be in danger if she stayed at this place any longer. She would come back to settle the debt several days later.

“How did that brat get enrolled in the North Style Academy?”

“She is a student of the North Style Academy. But because she is the baby girl of the Mander Family, she is wild and barbarous. Skipping class is quite common for her.”

Fairsky also left.

Xiao Chen had finally settled down in Celestial City at last.

Everything was readily available in this courtyard. There was no need for him to decorate it again. When everything had finally calmed down, he began to fiddle with the white-shelled tortoise. After calming his heart, he shut his eyes and gripped that black chain with both hands. He used his spiritual sense to probe the black chain.

The dark iron chain was only as thick as a few hair strands, but at this moment, it seemed to have been magnified ten million times as it drew closer to Xiao Chen. In front of his keen spiritual sense was a pitch black as far as the eyes could see.

Within the darkness, many small letters were gradually emitting glorious rays of light. It was so bright that Xiao Chen felt his third eye had been pricked. It was a little hard to discern those letters.

Gritting his teeth, Xiao Chen kept calming down his undulating mind and made himself enter an ethereal state. He tried his best to probe forward with his spiritual sense.


Extreme pain!

It felt as if the spiritual sense was being eroded!

As if the body was about to be ripped apart!

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The sweat gushed out from his pores unceasingly. In the blink of an eye, Xiao Chen was thoroughly drenched. This made him feel worse than going through a desperate fight. His entire body was already trembling violently, as if he could collapse and fall apart at any time.


Xiao Chen finally saw the letters on the black chain clearly, but other than the “dragon” that frequently appeared, he couldn’t recognize the other characters! The complicated calligraphic style and strokes were practically like that of a divine document. Who knows how many centuries ago were these old characters used. He was simply unable to understand the meaning of these words.

The letters were densely packed. The black chain was only as thick as seven or eight strains of hair, and only about one foot long. It was actually carved with old characters from who knows when. Ordinary people were simply unable to see it at all with their eyes.

Even someone at Xiao Chen’s level, if they didn’t have an especially powerful spiritual sense, it was also impossible for them to pry into this secret.

Out of ordinary, this was definitely out of the ordinary!

After Xiao Chen withdrew his spiritual sense from that endless black zone with some difficulty, he almost collapsed. Only until one hour later did he recover. What made him surprised was that his spiritual sense seemed to have become much more condensed. His mind was feeling very refreshed!

Prying at the secret of the iron chain could actually help him develop his spiritual sense. He felt that it was necessary to make it a compulsory course for his daily activities.

After taking a bath, Xiao Chen looked at this fist-sized white-shelled tortoise. He was no longer looking at it contemptuously.

“Could it be a dragon?!” He had this kind of unfathomable thought in his heart. It was a very ridiculous conjecture, it was a bold and imaginative line of thought. The main reason was because he saw many “dragon” characters carved on the iron chain. And the tortoise was locked up by this iron chain.

“Who cares what you are, since I bought you, I will call you ‘Larcenist’ from now on.” Looking at the little tortoise sticking its head out and looking around sneakily, Xiao Chen gave it this kind of name.

Tenax was not concerned in the least. Keke was always rolling here and there as it looked at the tortoise. It seemed like Keke wanted to find some kind of secret or treasure from the tortoise’s body. However, Keke also couldn’t find anything special, it was just some kind of premonition only. It didn’t really sensed any substantial thing.

When night fell, the sunset dyed the sky red.

The fatty and Fairsky laughed heartily as they arrived at Xiao Chen’s residence. They sat on the balcony of the third floor contentedly and pulled Xiao Chen along to look at the students going through the gate of North Style Academy. Their eyes lit up unceasingly.

“Wow! That girl is too beautiful. Those curves. That shape. It’s too sexy!”

“Hoh, here comes a pretty girl from a respectful family. She’s quite youthful, and she has a special taste. Alas, it’s such a shame that she’s wasted on a cow dung. There’s an ugly man beside her.”

“Quick, look! That is definitely the most beautiful figure seen from behind. Just looking at her back makes one’s imagination run wild. Look at the way she walks, graceful and elegant. Just looking at her makes me drool. My god, why is it her? Mother f—! It’s that shameless girl, such a bad luck. Nobody is coming out anymore when she showed up.”


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The ******* fatty and pretty boy were practically two lechers. Their drool overflowed non-stop as they kept assessing the girls.

“Brother, you are so strong.” After half a day later, the fatty finally regained himself. He faced Xiao Chen and said, “You actually beat the baby girl from Mander Family and treated her as your attendant. It was truly satisfying, haha…… I always hoped someone would stand up and teach her a lesson, it seems like the Heavens have finally opened its eyes. Such a pity I didn’t see it with my own eyes. Otherwise, I would definitely taunt her nicely. Haha…… but brother, you should be careful. That brat is as crafty and unruly as it comes. Your average people don’t dare to provoke her. Did you know? She has a blood brother who is reputed as one of the strongest youths in the south desolate region. Other than that freak Solitary Sword Demon and a few others, nobody can stand up to him.”

Goodness gracious!

Xiao Chen only realized it now, it seemed like he got into quite a troublesome situation.

Mander Family was in control of the “Beast King Castle”, it was one of the major powers in Celestial City. Katalina was directly related to the Mander Family, she was pampered by the elders of the family, and moreover, with her unparalleled big brother whose name had spread throughout the south desolate region, she became especially ill-mannered.

“Quick, look! Another one with an exquisite body came out.” Fairsky shouted.

The fatty and Xiao Chen also couldn’t help but take a look without delay.

“Oh my god!”

“Mother f—! Why is it that brat Katalina, such bad luck!”

The fatty and Fairsky seemed to have shouted at the same time.

“Come, let me formally introduce you.” The fatty turned his head to face Xiao Chen and said, “This is Fairsky from the ‘Antarctic Warbeast Castle’. He is a genuine hedonistic son. Just like Katalina, he is the direct descendant of a renowned family. Unlike me, who is far from the core of the family.”

After a brief introduction, the three of them started to converse like close brothers.

“We must make the most of our time to train Tenax. I heard that three months from now the Celestial City will hold a large-scale warbeast competition. You will gain a generous reward for every win you achieve. This is no longer a contest between a few warbeast castles. Even the people from a few big cities in the northern side will come. I even heard it will be a battle between sacred beasts. Of course, they will be ranked accordingly. From what I heard through the grapevine, the Dragon Kings and powerful sacred beast with little to no difference in power level will engage in a life or death battle……”

“It will definitely shake the whole world. Rather than saying it is a warbeast competition, it would be better to say it is the confrontation between the major powers. It is definitely a perfect stage for them to compete fiercely and display their power……”

“Without a doubt, Celestial City will enter turbulent times! I heard many powerful youth practitioners will come along with the elders of their respective clan. It might very well lead to a big confrontation between the youth practitioners.”

Xiao Chen was very expectant for this day to come.

“You arrogant fellow, I am here again!”

The three of them were still in the middle of the conversation when the blue-haired Katalina burst into the courtyard. She poked her tiny waist into the building and blinked her watery big eyes as she shouted loudly, “Xiao Chen, my elder brother will come and have a decisive battle with you. Come down here at once and accept defeat. The venue is at the public square of the North Style Academy. Don’t forget to bring that cute little lion along.”

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“My god, that brat really went to look for her elder brother. We are in deep s—.” The fatty shrank back.

Fairsky’s hand shook momentarily and the tea spilled on the ground.

“What is there to be scared about, let us go and take a look.” Xiao Chen’s power had increased drastically in recent days. He really wanted to find a powerful opponent to have a few bouts. And that blue-haired girl’s brother was an existence on the same level as the Solitary Sword Demon. It was just as he wished.

“Come, let us go to North Style Academy’s public square.”


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