Chapter 73 – A Glimpse of Hell

Everything seemed so strange and terrifying, one must know that the Monarch Lion Dragon possess unmatched strength. It actually disappeared wordlessly like that, it did not seem like it even had the time to struggle.

It seemed like the three skeletons could feel something, divine radiance started to lit up like a throbbing flame from the lotus insignia on their foreheads. They vigilantly swept their eyes all over the place, and got into battle position.

Keke directly jumped on top of Qinguang Wang’s skull, its snow-white body actually emitted waves after waves of multicolored radiance. It stared at the sacred mountain without even blinking its glittering big eyes.

An incomparably bizarre aura spread out from the sacred mountain, enveloping the endless mountain woods. The sacred mountain become even more indistinguishable, even if one was standing on the right spot, even if the moonlight was bright, the imposing sacred mountain in front still become fuzzier, it was as if it was enveloped by a thick fog that could never be lifted.

The aura emitted by the sacred mountain makes one feel very uneasy. It seemed like an eerie field with floating corpses everywhere, it made people feel a chill down their spine.

The snow-white fur all over Keke’s body was standing on end, with a “swish” it actually dashed forward. Its target was actually the terrifying sacred mountain ahead. Xiao Chen hastily went after it, the three skeletons looked at each other in dismay, and also followed after them. However, Keke was really too fast, Xiao Chen was actually unable to catch up to it immediately.

But fortunately, Keke stopped right before the sacred mountain’s foot. Xiao Chen immediately grabbed this hairy “little snowball”, it was rare for it to not make a threatening gesture, it just quietly stared at the sacred mountain before its eyes.

Seven to eight huge monolith are standing tall and upright at the foot of the mountain, each measuring up to fifty or sixty meter tall. They casted huge shadows on the ground, it was extremely frightening. The diagram of the vicious dragons were carved on the face of the lifeless monolith, the craftsmanship is remarkable, the carvings seemed incomparably realistic, the Tyrannical Dragon, Monarch Lion Dragon, Saber Dragon, Thunder Dragon……… they were all here!

After arriving at the foot of the mountain, they did not need to change their position anymore, they could see the sacred mountain from every spot. After getting here, Xiao Chen was unable to stop himself from moving forward. Even though he knew it was going to be very dangerous, his desire to explore the unknown was much stronger.

“I will come back after twenty meter.” He reminded himself like this, he very much wanted to know why the Monarch Lion Dragon became soundless in the twinkling of an eye. He wanted to see what kind of secret this sacred mountain was hiding.

One meter, two meter…… ten meter……

Xiao Chen kept going until twenty meter, but nothing had happened. But of course, twenty meter is nothing to the sacred mountain, it was but only a little higher than the foot of the mountain.

There was literally no plants on the sacred mountain, its entire body was dark red in color, as if it had been contaminated by watery blood. In front appeared the first ancient and mysterious castle. It just stood there majestically, the damages from the passage of time was clearly visible, it gave people a really bizarre feeling.

At the same time, due to the deathly silence on the sacred mountain, as well as the indescribable sensation, it made the huge castle seem somewhat bizarre.

Twenty meter, twenty five meter…… thirty meter!

Xiao Chen was already completely mesmerized, he forgot the twenty meter bottom line he set upon himself, he really wanted to enter that ancient castle that seemed like it might collapse any given time to take a good look.

Just when he was about twenty meter away from that magnificent castle, Xiao Chen felt as if he had suddenly been thrown into a bottomless abyss. The moonlight in his immediate surrounding disappeared instantly, he was surrounded by deathly stillness in a flash. He felt as if he was falling into the underworld!

However, for a brief moment, dazzling rays of light suddenly burst forth in the endless darkness. Xiao Chen was wrapped up by the resplendent radiance, and then he got pulled into the light.

Xiao Chen immediately broke out in cold sweat, he returned to the moonlit sacred mountain in the blink of an eye. What happened just now?

He noticed that the hazy radiance is still enveloping his body, and not far behind him, Keke who is on top of Qinguang Wang’s skull, is currently waving its little paws, and used the divine radiance to pull him back.

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It was Keke who saved him!

After retreating for five to six meter, Xiao Chen arrived next to the three skeletons and Keke. He already calmed down, but he still didn’t know what happened just now, why did he suddenly feel like falling into a bottomless abyss?

“Keke, what did you guys see just now?”

Keke is making a threatening gesture on top of Qinguang Wang’s skull, seemingly trying to describe something. Xiao Chen was unable to make head and tail out of it, he failed to understand what Keke was trying to say.

“Let me try it again, if something happens, you need to be swift.” Even though Xiao Chen felt this place was incomparably mind-boggling, he didn’t feel extreme fear. He walked forward one more time, but nothing happened this time. Keke also curiously walked over there, it was jumping and hopping all over the place, ⌈1⌋ but nothing happened at all.

Xiao Chen once again tried to make his way towards the ancient castle. This time, he suddenly felt his blood run cold after advancing ten meter. In that instant, he felt like he had entered the bottomless abyss again. The soundless abyss is somewhat frightening, not a single trace of light could be seen, he was falling towards the underworld brimming with the aura of death!

However, the divine radiance is one step faster, Xiao Chen was once again pulled back under the moonlit night by Keke.

Cold sweat rolled down from Xiao Chen’s face, he felt a slight chill down his spine. It felt as if he really made a trip to the underworld just now, he didn’t dare to try it one more time. He backed away slowly, and took a quick glance at the ancient castle that was almost within reach before he left with large strides.

“Let’s go, this place is too bizarre, we cannot stay here much longer!” Xiao Chen made a firm decision to retreat.

There are not many ancient castle at the bottom of the sacred mountain, only from halfway up the mountain did it gradually starts to increase in number. If in the vicinity of every castle is this bizarre and frightening, then this sacred mountain is a really ominous place!

The dense aura pervaded in the vicinity of the sacred mountain, Xiao Chen and the gang already arrived at the foot of the mountain. Even though Keke seemed very interested in this huge mountain, it was rather quiet and didn’t try to charge in.

Just at this time, a sky-piercing dragon roar sudden break out, the forest tree swayed hysterically! For such an ear-piercing dragon roar to break out in the middle of a quiet night all of a sudden, it was somewhat frightening. Xiao Chen hastily block up his ears, so as to avoid his eardrum from rupturing. He turned his head around to watch, and only saw the Monarch Lion Dragon that disappeared at the sacred mountain earlier suddenly reappeared!

It reappeared in the thin air close to the castle just now, the brilliant golden light flickered all over its body. It immediately scuttled down from that place, its fifty meter long huge body was like a small hill. The moment it landed at the foot of the mountain, many small cracks appeared.

The Monarch Lion Dragon appear somewhat dispirited and listless. It didn’t stay in place for too long, an incomparably menacing fiendish aura rushed forth, and gave rise to a bloody gale. It immediately dashed out of this mountainous region, causing the earth the tremble endlessly.

Keke seemed very discontent with the Monarch Lion Dragon’s roar, it seemed like a very upset little critter. It let out a few snarl towards the back of the Monarch Lion Dragon, it even crouched low and bend its body forward, like it wanted to chase after the dragon.

This make Xiao Chen feel endlessly amazed, this little muddle-head is really mysterious. It was not fearful even under the formidable might of the Monarch Lion Dragon, if it was any ordinary beasts, they would already be crouching on the ground, and trembling in fear. After all, even if the dragons had lost their Magic Power, they are still the king of beasts. Moreover, that was the Monarch Lion Dragon, one of the overlords among the dragon race!


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