Chapter 78 – Anything Could Happen

The bitter cold wind blew past Xiao Chen’s clothes, generating a flapping sound. His long black hair danced hysterically with the wind, his handsome face was very stern, his pupils emitted rays of light as sharp as the sword. At this moment, Xiao Chen’s lofty and unfaltering figure was deeply carved into everyone’s mind, he was like a monster, more like a demon!

“Goodness gracious, what did I just see?!”

“Too scary!”

“Divine Dragon Protection, unbelievable!”


The practitioners at the other snowy peak began to clamor.

Among the practitioners that were trapped on the dragon island, not only Xiao Chen was training diligently to improve his own ability. The other people also advanced by leaps and bounds, this was due to the huge pressure on every one of them. If they don’t make any progression, it signifies their death, because everyone knows only with enough strength would they be able to survive on this dragon island.

Recently, almost every practitioners have improved, Xiao Chen was not the only one that’s been getting stronger. Everyone had painstakingly worked hard to improve themselves.

When people saw Xiao Chen’s body was surrounded by the dragon shadows, they were shocked, but still somewhat dejected. This miraculous scene makes them realize just how big Xiao Chen’s improvement was.

However, it seemed like they were thinking too much, because even Xiao Chen himself did not know how it happened. The dragon shadows that were revolving around Xiao Chen already disappeared. He didn’t know why something like that happened just now, because when he attempted to summon them again, the dragons converted from light energy did not make another appearance.

Xiao Chen pondered silently, he felt that it must be due to the total discharge of the powerful energy he gathered after breaking through to Exuvia Sixth Celestial Layer. After breaking through, he kept maintaining the ethereal state until those people infuriated him. The dragon power hidden within those divinized acupoints must have been aroused by his state of mind, which brought about that miraculous scene just now as a result.

He always knew the divinized acupoints would unleash a formidable power sooner or later. This might be the manifestation of his divine ability in advance.

Xiao Chen and numerous practitioners were standing on two separate snowy peaks, they looked at one another at a distance. God knows when the world had suddenly become silent, the morning sun gleamed on the snowy peak, the worldly essence lingered around unhurriedly, the intense clamor from a moment ago gradually calmed down.

“Xiao Chen, hand over the dragon eggs!” A yell suddenly resounded, this person was obviously a “spear” incited by others. Following that, the same speech resounded from other direction among the crowds. There were seven to eight people shouting altogether.

Xiao Chen’s gaze was like a torch, the two snowy peaks were very close to each other, he could see a few face clearly. Three from Yaluo De’s Nature Alliance, three from the Imperial Angel Zhao Lin Er’s Treant’s Valley Alliance.

Evidently, their goal was not the dragon eggs, Yaluo De and Zhao Lin Er wanted to incite people to take care of Xiao Chen. People were often blinded by greed, even if the majority of them seemed rational, some still got agitated, and started to hoot along with the rest.

“Hand over the dragon eggs!”

“The dragon eggs belong to everyone!”

“Don’t attempt to secretly take one for yourself!”


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As Xiao Chen waved his right hand, a huge palm completely made out of divine radiance rushed towards the icy cave behind him. It grabbed the broken pieces of the Monarch Lion Dragon’s egg, and then tossed it towards the peak on the opposite side with all its might.

After the golden eggshell were injected with enough energy, it burst forth with resplendent rays of light, and produced a dazzling golden radiance. It flew towards the snowy peak on the other side like a meteor shower.

“This is the dragon egg that you guys want, I already treated it as my breakfast and consumed it. If you guys want a dragon egg, you could find one at the dragon’s nest, why must you all reap without sowing?” ⌈1

The crystal clear eggshell was like a fine jade, even though it was already not as dazzling as it was when it was still in a good condition, there was still a brilliance lingering about. Words couldn’t even begin to describe how miraculous it was, one could tell from a glance that it was a rare item.

Everyone was clearly stupefied by Xiao Chen’s words, does this person know how to use things sparingly?! He actually…… ate a dragon egg! This…… really made people speechless! This means that he had consumed a future dragon! ⌈2

Very soon, everyone believed that Xiao Chen was not lying. The dragon egg did not shatter due to the birth of the little dragon; Rather, it was broken by a human, because the crystal clear eggshell had some frozen egg whites sticking on it. ⌈3

Everyone had the urge to throw up blood, this Xiao Chen was really driving everyone mad. He actually treated dragon eggs as food, even deity wouldn’t have that much luxury!

“Xiao Chen, you *******!”

“Xiao Chen, this is taking it too far!”


Someone even called him a “good-for-nothing”, they loathed him to the extreme. It was a dragon egg for god’s sake! He actually treated it as a breakfast?!

“I risked my life to fetch the dragon eggs, it was only natural that I get to decide what to do with them. If you guys want to eat it, go get it yourself.”

Veins were practically popping out on everyone’s forehead, even those who were not interested in the dragon eggs also wanted to throw up blood. Who in their right mind would want to eat a dragon egg? This guy actually thought everyone came here because they wanted to eat the dragon egg, they believed Xiao Chen must be doing this on purpose, he was intentionally provoking everyone!

“Xiao Chen, you really are a *******!”

“Xiao Chen, you…… Do you think you’re a deity?! How dare you treat the dragon egg as nothing more but food?!”


The practitioners on the other side started to make a clamor. And this time, Yaluo De and Zhao Lin Er’s people began to incite everyone again.

“Yesterday, someone discovered Xiao Chen obtains more than one dragon egg, there must be more in the icy cave behind him.”

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“Hand over the remaining dragon eggs!”

“Hand over the dragon eggs, you can’t hog them all to yourself, they belong to everyone!”


Xiao Chen turned around to order the three skeletons, “The three of you, take the dragon eggs and get away from here. Set out towards the depths of the snowy mountain!” Even if he didn’t have the “Dragon King Cultivation Plan” before, being forced by so many people now, he couldn’t help but give rise to that kind of intention.

The three skeletons didn’t move, they stood in their original position and looked at him silently. Xiao Chen shook his head and said, “There’s no need for you guys here, nobody can stop me if I want to retreat. More importantly, we cannot let them steal the dragon eggs we obtained through many trials and tribulations.”

The three skeletons no longer hesitated, their body glowed with the spiritual light, making their white bones sparkling clear in contrast. They looked like precious jade flowing with luster, they quickly rushed into the icy cave, then grabbed the resplendent dragon egg, smashed the icy wall on the other side, and ran towards the back of the snowy peak.

“Keke, you also leave this place.” Xiao Chen shouted at Keke who was rolling here and there on the snowy ground.

Keke didn’t seem to feel the tense atmosphere of the approaching war, it was playing around like a naive child. It shook its head like a plump little snowman, blinked its glittering big eyes, and looked at Xiao Chen.

“Keke, don’t you want to eat delicious food anymore? Don’t you want to get rid of your plump little belly anymore?

“Squeak……” Keke hanged its head down furiously, after that it curled up its plump little body into a ball, which looked exactly like a snowball. And it actually rolled down the mountain peak while chasing after the three skeletons like this. ⌈4

The people on the other snowy peak only saw three skeletons enter the icy cave, they didn’t know the three skeletons already escaped from the other side.

“Everyone go together, what is there to hesitate?!” The ones in the dark tried to incite the others again. However, no one dare to take the first step. After all, the avalanche just now was too shocking, if it happened again, they will die an unworthy death.

“There is nothing to be afraid of, the avalanche just now already caused the snow to slide down, let’s go together.” Someone finally took the first step. If someone took the first step, someone else will follow, dozens of people quickly rushed towards where Xiao Chen was located.

Regarding this group of people, Xiao Chen knew it was useless no matter what he said to them, everyone clearly understood what was going on, this can only be settled with one word, that is — kill! He coldly swept his glance at the practitioners rushing at him. His sharp gaze swept past everyone, but he did not find Yan Qing Cheng and the others. ⌈5


  1.  This proverb is the opposite of the English proverb ‘Reap what you sow’, which means the hard effort you put in will be rewarded. This proverb is about something unearned. To reap without sowing or to have the rewards without having put the effort in. 
  2.  Silva: Future Dragon sounds… kind of awkward?
    Selutu: I think its okay 
  3. Silva: uh…. what kind of reasoning is that? The egg white will still be there even if it was a natural birth… 
  4. Silva: Too cute~! 
  5. Silva: Awtz…… one whole chapter and no action… 

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