Chapter 214 – Sense of Loss

The fresh blood flowed along the pole of the halberd, but Xiao Chen was indifferent to it.

He was using the golden divine halberd to pierce the tiger servant and rushed forward in the sky with extreme speed. They crashed into three lofty buildings before Xiao Chen finally let out a howl and brandished the ominous halberd. The tiger servant burst open; his internal organs, four limbs, and head flew in all directions, the stench of blood was dense. The sky was bloody red, the bloody mist drifted in the air, the fishy smell assailed the nostrils, and gave people the desire to throw up.

In the blood-dyed sky, a streak of light rushed out from the bloody mist. It wanted to run far, far away from here. It was the soul of the tiger servant.

The cold glint in Xiao Chen’s eyes flashed. With lightning fast speed, his Undying Wings sliced through the vast sky as he began to give chase.

The jet-black metal engravings in his left hand magnified at high speed. It became as big as a house in the blink of an eye. Xiao Chen ruthlessly smashed the tiger servant’s soul with the jet-black metal engravings that was distributing an endless black fog. Under the rumbling sound, the black lightning was dancing in the sky and annihilated the tiger servant’s soul in a split second. Not even a little bit of soul essence was left over.

Xiao Chen’s power shocked everyone, people were unable to comprehend it, how did he become this powerful so quickly. Moreover, the two ominous weapons in his hands were even more terrifying. They were practically unstoppable and destroyed any materials.

Far away, the tiger woman witnessed all of this. She let out a furious roar. He was originally an insignificant boy, but in the end, he actually killed demigods, and heavily wounded them.

The people from the Fair family was even more furious. They already had two demigods killed by Xiao Chen’s own hands. They were unable to bear such a great loss.

That ten odd meters tall giant from the Fair family let out a grievous roar. He covered at least ten meters with a single step, instantly running over from the sky, and attacked Xiao Chen with his gigantic palm.

The rays of light from the golden divine halberd illuminated the heavens and earth. The murderous aura seemed to pierce through the Ninth Heaven directly. One after another, sparkling ice crystals began to form in the sky as they drifted down unceasingly.

Xiao Chen soared into the sky, he raised the halberd with both hands and swung it downwards. The golden divine radiance sliced through the sky and instantly gave rise to a torrent of blood. The divine halberd had chopped off the giant’s arm. The huge arm brought forth a wide blanket of blood as it fell into the night sky.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!!!” The Fair family’s demigod let out a pained howl. He instantly reverted to his original form, regaining his normal build. With one arm cut off, the pain could even be said to have pervaded his inner heart. His five senses were almost warped and blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth.

Xiao Chen was calm and undisturbed. He continued to brandish the divine halberd with a cool face and began his assault again.

The gale rushed forth as Xiao Chen was being surrounded by a black fog. The other demigod from the Fair family came to provide support. His body had completely transformed into the black fog. It was possible for that black fog to even corrode a demigod level expert, but this demigod felt a little powerless when confronting the golden light of the divine halberd. He was heavily wounded the instant Xiao Chen waved it. The black fog was cut apart as the demigod coughed out blood. He reverted to his true body and fell back.

Unwilling to let them off so easily, Xiao Chen rushed over by himself while waving the golden halberd.

That demigod who possessed the Guardian Deity divine ability had a cruel smile on his face. He also rushed towards Xiao Chen, with his body emitting glaring rays of light. This was his most desperate, suicidal attack. He wanted to burn all the life energy in his body to finish off Xiao Chen.

Seeing the malevolent expression on his face, Xiao Chen did not feel anything in the slightest. With a vertical slash of the divine halberd, a streak of bloody light soared into the sky. It was all within his expectations. The demigod who possessed the Guardian Deity divine ability was cut in half from head to toe. Fresh blood wildly gushed out while the corpse exploded.

Xiao Chen made his moves at lightning speed. He instantly pulled out the jet-black metal engravings in his left hand. The metal engravings quickly grew in dimension, from the originally fist-sized engravings, to the size of a building. Xiao Chen grinded the carcass that had just exploded into a meat paste. All the energy waves were smashed to pieces by the jet-black radiance.

By the time Xiao Chen turned around, the demigod from the Fair family that could transform into black fog was long gone. And the tiger woman was already making her way towards the deepest part of the Celestial City.

Demigods were still humans in the end. They cared most about their own lives. The path of asceticism was not easy, they had to pay too much to be able to be at where they are now. Nobody wanted to die a tragic death, especially since they couldn’t win.

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The death of three demigods made the remaining two completely lose their will to fight. They were practically unable to resist, so they chose to quickly escape.

Since it was already like this, how could Xiao Chen give up now. With a flap of his Undying Wings, he immediately gave chase. No matter what, he couldn’t let the tiger woman off. Many of these events were directly related to her.

Three of the tiger woman’s Incarnations were pulverized, she was now as pressed as a stray dog. Her arrogant and dominating vibe was no more. It was more vital to run for her life now. Diving down from the sky, she quickly rushed into the complicated streets of the Celestial City. She wanted to hide in the Celestial City, to hide from this Death God.

However, how could Xiao Chen give her this chance? Since the beginning up until now, he had always kept her in check with his spiritual sense. He could let everyone else escape, all except her.

With a roaring gust, Xiao Chen threw the jet-black metal engravings in his hand. The dark clouds rolled over and over, the ink-like waves overflowed in the sky, the black radiance flickered. A streak of light was left behind in the sky as the jet-black metal engravings overtook the old woman in but an instant.

Under the world-shaking thunderous noise, the black-colored lightning tore the space apart as the old woman’s legs were mercilessly swept away by the metal engravings.

A miserable shriek was transmitted over in an instant. The old woman’s legs were completely smashed and transformed into a bloody paste as she fell from the starry sky. This kind of bone shattering pain almost made her crazy.

Xiao Chen quickly caught up. There was no need for words, it was not necessary to say anything, his actions were enough to reveal his intentions. The golden halberd was slashed down diagonally.


Blood splashed everywhere. The already deformed arm of the old woman was cut off. The pain made her roll around in the sky. Her ash-colored long hair was already a royal mess and her expression was extremely sinister.

She cursed at Xiao Chen threateningly, “You will ultimately die tragically… the tiger clan will not let you off, your negligible skill only amounts to as much as an ant in the eyes of the Middle Earth’s tiger clan, it’s so insignificant and pathetic…”

An explosion of light flashed as the bloody mist in the sky condensed into icicles. The blood-colored icicles fell down, and even more snowflakes were falling from the sky.


With another strike of the divine halberd, the old woman’s other arm was cut off. She let out an inhuman howl. Blood flowed along the pole of the halberd and dyed Xiao Chen’s hands red. However, he was as calm as an ancient well, he was so calm that it was scary. The radiance in his eyes were as cold as the severe winter.

“The Fierce Tiger from my tiger clan is already in the Southern Wasteland… you won’t live for much longer, he will take revenge for us, and torment you to death through the cruelest means!” The old woman revealed a malicious smile at Xiao Chen. At the same time, her body was emitting a hint of radiance, she wanted to self-destruct.


The rainbow-colored radiance flashed. The dragon’s confinement technique was executed. Xiao Chen sealed her in an instant and didn’t give her the chance to commit suicide.

Xiao Chen’s eyes emitted two cold glints as he penetrated the old woman’s chest with the halberd. It was not that easy to kill a demigod level expert. He violently shook the halberd as a ball of light drifted out. The old woman’s three souls and seven spirits were being deprived one by one.

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With a wave of the divine halberd, a head flew away. The old woman’s corpse fell from the high altitude.

God Slayer!

Xiao Chen’s palm blade left a rainbow-like arc as he slayed one of the old woman’s soul. After that, he waved his palm blade repeatedly and completely annihilated the three souls and seven spirits of the old woman.

The old woman was dead, but Xiao Chen’s heart was still empty. He didn’t feel the thrill of vengeance. Keke would never come back. Even if he managed to kill everyone, then what? Would it really change anything in the end?

However, he must do something, he couldn’t just give up like this. Soaring into the sky, he started to give chase to the last demigod who had run away.

In the Fair family’s mansion, it was very chaotic. Faircloud was standing high in the sky as his body quivered. His clan had lost three demigods, this was an unbearable loss.

The demigod who had transformed into the black fog already made it back to the Fair family’s mansion. He got beside Faircloud, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and said, “Please request the old masters for help.”

Faircloud raised his eyebrow and said, “They are currently training in seclusion. They had once said, unless the life or death of the family is at stake, do not disturb them.”

The demigod smiled bitterly, “Xiao Chen’s strength is already more than someone at the level of demigod can handle. I am worried that he will make his way here. The family will then face a huge disaster…”

At present, it was just as the demigod had said, Xiao Chen was already making his way here. His killing intent did not diminish even with the death of the tiger duo. There were already a few people on his must kill list among the Fair family, he intended to slaughter them mercilessly.

However, just when he was getting close to the Fair family’s mansion, the golden halberd and jet-black metal engravings were shaken as they transmitted via telepathy.

“This is bad!”

“There’s danger ahead.”

Hearing this. Xiao Chen stopped in the sky. After a brief moment of silence, he asked, “Is it impossible to win?”

“As you are now, it is enough to handle those who just broke into the demigod realm. It is barely enough to slaughter a warrior at the peak of demigod. However, any stronger than that, it might be somewhat difficult. If you want to take your chances, the two hundred years you offered to us are far from enough, we don’t want to make a loss.”

“You two scrap metals are deceiving me.”

“We already told you, it is enough to take revenge and safeguard your life. Among your sworn enemies, there’s nobody stronger than demigod. As such, we did not deceive you. However, you want to break into the Fair family’s mansion now, I’m afraid the circumstances there are far from good. I can feel the aura of true experts there. Although they are currently slumbering, it’s possible they might wake up at any moment.”

“Two scrap irons, greedy and shameless.” Xiao Chen let out a curse in a low voice. Then he asked coldly, “If I hit-and-run now, will I be able to escape?”

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“This… is possible!” This time, the two ominous weapons gave a definite answer.

In that instant, Xiao Chen mercilessly threw the jet-black metal engravings towards the Fair family’s mansion, then he turned around and ran towards the Northwest without looking back.

“Motherf—! What do you think I am…” The jet-black metal engravings transmitted an extremely angry message via telepathy. However, it didn’t turn back immediately and fell from the sky like a huge mountain.


The earth trembled as a majestic palace in the Fair family’s residence was crushed. Many buildings in the surroundings collapsed from the aftermath of the shock. Huge cracks appeared on the ground and half of the Fair family’s residence were transformed into ruins.

Faircloud saw all of this clearly from the sky, he was so angry that his face turned deathly pale.



The jet-black metal engravings soared into the sky while giving rise to a thousand layers of ink-like waves.

Then it flew towards the Southern Wasteland!

Although he killed many powerful enemies, Xiao Chen still had a sense of loss. He felt like his heart was tearing apart. This time, he was completely and thoroughly defeated…… he had lost too much at this place, too much.

He didn’t want to make a childish vow, he didn’t shout out his desire. He kept the heartache to himself and flew Northwest silently.

He was getting further away from the Celestial City, he didn’t know when he would be able to return.

Xiao Chen quickly strode through the endless wasteland even while bearing an indescribable fatigue.

After getting five hundred miles away from the Celestial City, a streak of light appeared in front of Xiao Chen’s path and stopped him. It was actually that lazy-looking Draco.

Xiao Chen came to a stop as he held the golden halberd in his hand. If not for the warning of the two ominous weapons, Xiao Chen really would’ve struck the guy before his eyes.

Draco was like a bringer of calamity, he was the one who had encouraged this incident to get bigger. Xiao Chen already lost all of his good impression of the dragons in the Southern Wasteland. They were truly too heartless. How could they look on indifferently as Keke was killed?

“Sorry, it seems like you have taken something you should not.” Draco stood there lazily, with an unconcerned expression. Although he was talking to Xiao Chen, he was looking all around without a destination.

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Xiao Chen did not say anything and flew towards another direction as soon as he turned.


With a flash, Draco cut off Xiao Chen’s path, and said, “Something unpleasant happened, sigh, I am also very sad, but since it has already happened, there’s nothing else we can do about it. I am following the old man’s order to come and retrieve the dragon’s sacred tree. Please cooperate.” ⌈1

Suppressing his urge to smash Draco with the jet-black metal engravings, Xiao Chen readjusted his unstable mood and said, “That belongs to the little critter, I will not hand it over.”

“Sigh, this is such a headache. I must retrieve it at all cost. I really don’t want to kill you, otherwise the little critter would have died for nothing… but if you must force my hand, then I don’t have any other choice.” Draco seemed to be very relaxed as he walked towards Xiao Chen in the sky absent-mindedly.

Just at this time, a tiger roar transmitted over as a streak of white light flew over like a shooting star. A rough looking and bulky person appeared in the front.

“I finally caught up. Do you think you can walk away after killing the experts of my tiger clan? Brat, compensate me with the sacred tree.”

“Fierce Tiger, your hand is too long!” Draco turned around and his expression gradually grew colder.

“Is it now? I don’t think so. He killed the experts of my clan, he must die today. As for the sacred tree, it is not the property of the dragons. It originally belonged to the snow-white little critter, and the dragons were not its owner.”

After communicating with the two weapons for a short while, Xiao Chen already understood. The two before his eyes might possibly be Immortalis level experts. He was practically no match for them. However, the two weapons did give him a definite answer, that it was possible to escape from here.

Since that was the case, Xiao Chen urged the divine halberd and metal engravings to get away from here. Two terrifying streak of lights were instantly left behind in the sky. The black light and golden light flickered as they sliced through the void. It was as if two rainbows had combined as he streaked through the air. The trail immediately disappeared. He was traveling at a speed several thousands of times faster than before.

As strong as Draco and the Fierce Tiger were, even if they raised their speed to the limit, they were still unable to catch up.

Xiao Chen didn’t know where he was flying to, nor did he know how long had he been flying. The sun had ascended, it was yet another new day. Until his strength was finally exhausted, he fell from the sky.

The blue sky looked as if it had been washed by water, it was clean and freed from impurities. It was like a huge sapphire. Yet, it was so far away from the earth, and gave people an extremely natural feeling. The earth, which was connected to the blue sky, was full of vitality. Every kind of flower and plant decorated the land, it was beautiful and vibrant.

A bluish green river was meandering across the fragrant grassland like a green belt. All kinds of flowers were blooming atop this pure land and rustled as the wind blew past.

He was feeling light-headed, but it seemed that Xiao Chen had returned to his homeland. His white-haired parents were standing in front of the village, gazing at the muddy road that led to the outside of the village. He could vaguely see the aged face of his parents, old and gray-haired, faces filled with tears. They looked outside of the village day after day, month after month, waiting for him to return home.

At the riverside, the willows were brushed by the wind as she sang a sad melody, gazing at the Kunlun mountain range day after day, year after year, until the merciless time had taken away her youth…… As time passed, her beautiful figure gradually aged, and gray hair had already taken roots. But even so, she was gazing at the Kunlun mountain range all year round. The crystal-clear water flowed unceasingly and erased the footprints at the riverside with the passage of time… ⌈2

During the bloody battle in the Celestial City, the little critter was reluctant to part and cast one last glance at him before it soared into the sky. Blood sprinkled everywhere and from then on, it hadn’t appeared again……

The half-conscious Xiao Chen felt a splitting headache. He suddenly let out a loud shout and sat on the grassland. His head was covered in cold sweat as he stared fixedly at the pure land before him.

In the village not far ahead, an old couple was standing there. The willow trees were brushed by the wind, and at the riverside ahead, a beauty was standing there.

“Xiao Chen…” The familiar voice transmitted clearly to Xiao Chen’s ears.

It was as if Xiao Chen had been struck by lightning. His cheeks were streaming with tears as he muttered, “I have returned to my hometown…”


  1. Silva: F— Draco!!! Not only Keke and Tenax, you even have to take the sacred tree? HOW FAR DO YOU GUYS HAVE TO GO!! EVEN A CLAYMAN’S PATIENCE ONLY GOES THIS FAR! 
  2. Silva: … I guess Xiao Chen was seeing an illusion, or a dream…
    Fade: This is sad dude. 

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