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Chapter 172 – Suppressing the Demon Beast

The North Star light screen, a dazzling divine light, just like a golden battle armor, it was emitting inexhaustible amount of baleful aura!

North Star light screen, it was also known by Xiao Chen as Sealed God light screen. It was once regarded as an extremely important technique, but in the wake of the four major techniques, the North Star light screen was situated at the edge of Xiao Chen’s battle skills. However, this time, with the further reinforcement of the divinized acupoints, the vigorous life essence was circulating within the eight moon-like acupoints unceasingly. The North Star light screen seemed to have received nourishment from these, it was several fold stronger than before.

Like an ancient armor that was give a new lease of life, it already formed the North Star light shield, and transformed into a dazzling battle armor.

After the Sealed God light screen had regained its brilliance, this was the first time Xiao Chen donned an armor to face the enemy! He could feel how terrifying and powerful was Windfeathers. This was a demonic young expert that couldn’t be judged by common sense. The domain that could only be used after advancing to the Historia realm was not something any average person could fend off!

Just at this time, Windfeathers had already arrived. The scarlet beast domain exploded with a heart-racing fluctuation. A sharp and yet terrifying fiendish aura pounced over directly. Layer upon layer of bloody waves dyed the sky red. The blood red divine flame was jumping about.

The sound of a great number of beasts galloping reverberated. It was ear-splitting. There was even a surge of sound wave given rise by the bellow of the beast. The terrifying sound wave actually made the lake water split open unceasingly. In that instant, Xiao Chen felt a splitting headache. The sound wave actually passed through the physical body directly and attacked his soul!

In the end, the North Star light screen also enveloped Xiao Chen’s head completely. Only his pair of eyes were not covered, they were flickering with a cold glint.


Even the sky was trembling. Windfeathers pressed on with the domain. His power was really too astonishing. With one punch, the space completely distorted. The domain was capable of affecting the space and burst out with the strongest power.

Xiao Chen jumped into the sky and brandished the God Slayer repeatedly. The scarlet blood-qi was broken unceasingly. Then, he dived down from the sky, head first. It’s a test of strength! He didn’t have the slightest amount of intention to fall back.

The domain was driven by a bizarre power. Within the range enveloped by it, every pressure from outside was neutralized by it to the greatest limit. And the power commanded by itself was reinforced unceasingly.


The lake water was boiling. The inexhaustible bloody light soared, a great number of beasts roared, the lake water actually evaporated and gave rise to endless white mist. The entire lake surface was shrouded by the mist.

Xiao Chen was sent flying by a powerful impact. Windfeathers trod on the surface of the lake and his body appeared like a streak of bloody shadow. He was as swift as the wind and lightning.

“Go to hell!”

Windfeathers was this crazy. The Demon Beast Art seemed to be connected to the movements of the world. Within the bloody light, it seemed as if he was possessed by the Demon God and linked up with the worldly power. Surge of worldly energy gathered from all directions. Because of the field, it gathered. Because of his fist, it burst out.

He brandished his demonic fists continuously. Thirteen punches, with the next punch stronger than the former. A torrential wave surged towards the sky from the public lake. The lake was actually split in half by him. The mud at the base of the lake was exposed. One sixth of the lake water actually surged towards the sky because of his attack.

Xiao Chen leapt over gracefully as he quickly adjusted his stance. He was actually going against the bloody rays of light and pounced directly at Windfeathers. It was not because he was acting recklessly, but rather he felt that he could hold out against Windfeathers. He only needed to get as close as possible to find the weak point of the domain.

God Slayer!

Demon Suppression!

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Death Blow!

Three major techniques fused as one and was concentrated on Xiao Chen’s two palms. An earth-shattering power surged on and on like the stormy sea, and yet it was also like a meteorite streaking across the vast sky. The inexhaustible divine light drowned the small lake. It made the bright moon and starlight in the sky to lose their splendor.

It was omnipresent!

Xiao Chen did not hold back at all this time. It seemed like he had utilized all of his power.

But the scarlet beast domain was really too bizarre. As if it was a world of its own, the inside was a collection of supreme laws. He actually disregarded the boundless energy wave.

Layer upon layer of huge energy waves seemed to have hit the empty space. The scarlet blood-qi throbbed and welled up with an overflowing bloody light.

Windfeathers bore through the layer upon layer of stormy seas. Every time he took a step, he’d appear on the other side of the lake. He quickly rushed in front of Xiao Chen. The “Chaotic Order” of the Demon Beast Art was executed. It rumbled with a loud sound as the bloody rays of light burst out. The shadow of an ancient primal beast let out a roar and charged towards Xiao Chen.

An explosive noise transmitted outwards. Although Xiao Chen resisted with all his might, he was still sent flying away and coughed out a big mouthful of blood.

“Ha… Haha… Hahaha…” Windfeathers faced upwards and let out an extended laugh. He was insufferably arrogant. He revealed himself from the bloody beast domain and said coldly, “I have already learned the domain. How can you fight me? How will you fight me? Killing you is not at all difficult. In the face of my scarlet beast domain, all of your power is like flowers in a mirror and the moon reflected in the lake. They will not work on me. Because it is simply impossible for you to rip apart my beast domain. You — cannot — do it!”

The music from the zither and flute became heavier. The tinkling and blowing sound drifted along with the wind at the quiet lakeside.

Xiao Chen wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. The glint in his eyes burned more fiercely than ever. He didn’t have a trace of foreboding feeling. His undefeatable battle intent became more and more vigorous. He exactly needed this kind of enemy tonight. His blood was boiling at this very moment. Judging from his nature, he was a madman, just that he didn’t usually display it.

Ordinarily, people don’t offend me, I don’t convict them. That was his rule of life. Right now, his madness was driven out.

Xiao Chen stood on the surface of the lake and forged ahead by stepping on the ripples. His bearing was getting more and more vigorous. In the end, a blazing ray of light actually rose from his body. It was rushing up the sky like a huge sword.

His entire person had entered the strongest fighting mode.

God Slayer!

Demon Suppression!

Death Blow!

Chaotic Patterns!

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Four major techniques were executed at the same time. The target was only a single point! And that was precisely Windfeathers’ throat.

Although his view was blocked by the bloody mist, Xiao Chen’s keen spiritual sense had already firmly locked onto that point!

God Slayer, untold numbers of tiny multicolored light condensed to form the swords!

Demon Suppression, as if the gate to the pitch-black hell was widely open, one sacred writing after another were lined up in the air and pressed forward!

Death Blow, as if the empty sky was smashed to pieces, one after another cracks could be found throughout the sky. It seemed as if it had opened up a new space by itself!

Chaotic Patterns, by means of numerous complicated techniques, a profound and indescribable Imprint of Dao was launched. The yin and yang were reversed. One light beam after another were swept towards the bloody light unceasingly. It actually wanted to cut open the scarlet beast domain from the opposite direction!

The four major techniques were all concentrated on a single point of Windfeathers’ throat. The burst of power was unimaginable! It was boundless like the abyss and the ocean. The momentum couldn’t be stopped!

Overpowering every obstruction, destroying every tangible thing!

Windfeathers finally changed his stance and fortified his domain. He felt an extreme danger oppressing him, especially his neck. He actually shivered due to this and a tiny layer of goose bumps appeared on his skin.

He fell back like a ghost. He could even be said to be as swift as the shooting star as he disappeared from the original position in a flash.

But Xiao Chen was like the shadow following the body. He already firmly locked onto Windfeathers. The four major techniques fused together and burst out at the same time. It was pointed straight at his throat.

Windfeathers’ face changed again and again. He was wild like the vicious beast. He had abundance of gain while training at the depths of the south for one year. He was keeping company with the wild beasts all day long and possessed a keen intuition like that of the beast’s. He was most sensitive to dangers.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The two of them changed position unceasingly. It seemed as if two shadows were tangled together in the public lake.


The fusion of the four major techniques finally burst out. Windfeathers protected his throat with one hand, and used the other hand to maintain the scarlet beast domain in order to receive this powerful attack.

The both of them were sent flying and coughed out a few mouthful of blood respectively.

“This is the feeling I’m seeking for!” Xiao Chen muttered under his breath. Although he was wounded, his expression became brighter. He felt that the door to the sealed treasure in his body was pushed open forcefully and a tiny crack appeared. The seal on the door has loosened!

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Windfeathers stabilized his figure and didn’t say anything. He trod on the surface of the lake, one step at a time. His speed was very slow, but it was exceptionally heavy. It was as if one huge mountain after another had descended on the lake. This was an indescribable pressure which made people unable to breathe.

The scarlet beast domain was expanding unceasingly. One after another, fierce spirit beasts ran out and surrounded Xiao Chen. The public lake was submerged by the beast domain!

Looking from a distant, this place was soaring with bloody light. The scarlet domain had trapped Xiao Chen within.

Xiao Chen was not afraid. When he thought that the door in his body had slackened just now, those eight divinized acupoints actually emitted dazzling rays of light.

The Baihui Acupoint at the top of the head, the Shang Hill Acupoints at the ankle of his feet, the Shoulder Well Acupoints at his shoulders, the Toil Palace Acupoints on his palms, and the Center Palace Acupoint at his chest were linked up by a few light beams. Unlike before where he could only feel and unable to see, the linkage could now be seen clearly with naked eyes.

Those golden lines had linked the eight divinized acupoints together. The linkage between the head, the four limbs, and the chest formed a “big” character, which literally looked like “大”. The golden light ray penetrated the body, and the North Star light screen became all the more powerful. It formed a golden battle armor that was almost just as real.

The life essence was like a flood that burst out of a dam. It was surging forward violently and rushed through every part of Xiao Chen’s body in that instant. The power that should have been exhausted was completely recovered and became more powerful than ever.

The blazing rays of light completely submerged Xiao Chen. Although that scarlet beast domain had enveloped him, it was unable to draw near!

This was a life energy as boundless as the ocean. Xiao Chen’s body had received the purest baptism in that brief moment, making him more powerful than ever.

The glints in his eyes were resplendent. He was adorned with a golden divine armor. Xiao Chen’s fingers were as sharp as the blades. With a single step, his body directly appeared beyond eighty feet. He went after Windfeathers and actually overcame the confinement of the scarlet beast domain.

“Impossible!” Windfeathers exposed a shocked expression.


His palm was like a blade and shook continuously. The spiral-like energy charged into Windfeather’s fist, and spiralled towards his body. It stubbornly cut open that layer of scarlet bloody-qi on the surface of his body.


Windfeathers violently coughed out three big mouthful of blood. His body shook as he was sent flying backward. He didn’t dare to believe it and said in shock, “Domain, you actually learned the domain just now?!”

He felt that this was the power of the domain. It directly destroyed his scarlet beast domain.

“There’s nothing special about a domain. There’s no such thing as an unparalleled divine ability in this world. There’s only unequalled man!” Xiao Chen marched forward and brandished the palm blade again. The resplendent sword-qi slashed towards Windfeathers’ chest diagonally.

“This is definitely a domain!” Windfeathers released a new scarlet beast domain and exchanged blows with Xiao Chen’s palm blade.

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The explosive sound transmitted outwards. The public lake was drowned by the divine radiance. Windfeathers and Xiao Chen coughed out blood at the same time. However, Windfeathers fell back while Xiao Chen took a step forward!

Only advancing and not retreat! Xiao Chen was seriously too resolute, his greatness could even be said to be as bright as the rainbow.

Eight divinized acupoints were linked up by a golden line. They seemed to have formed a new divine artery. His power was multiplying without end and imitated a real domain.

Although it was not a domain, it wasn’t weaker than a domain!

After the essence hidden in the eight divinized acupoints circulated around the body several times, all of them returned to the acupoints. However, that imitated domain did not disappear and merged into the North Star light screen. The rays of light burst out from the golden divine armor had the same properties as the scarlet beast domain. The surrounding space was affected. It was difficult for other power to come in, and yet he was able to manifest his power to the highest limit.

In fact, Xiao Chen’s biggest gain this time was the golden line in his body. It connected the eight divinized acupoints. Just what kind of changes would occur in the future? It’s hard to tell at the moment.

The palm blade left a streak of light in the air like the rainbow. Xiao Chen was getting more and more vigorous.

Xiao Chen used raw power against raw power. He made his move boldly and attacked Windfeathers violently!

Windfeathers always relied on raw power, but now he was countered by Xiao Chen using his own method. Incomparably tyrannical.

Two great experts exchanged another hundred blows in the blink of an eye. Their fight caused the lake water to surge towards the sky.

Windfeathers was being suppressed by Xiao Chen!

This defeat couldn’t be described with words. That was because Xiao Chen completely used power to resist power. He faced his opponent head-on and used Windfeathers’ strong point to suppress him.

Crazy? I’m more crazy than you!

Fierce? I’m fiercer than you!

When one was defeated in their own specialty, it was the most unbearable.


Windfeathers faced upwards and bellowed. He leapt high into the air and exchanged three more blows with Xiao Chen.




Under the deafening sound, under the glaring light, the bone snapping sound clearly transmitted to their ears.

Windfeathers was sent flying away. His fists were trembling slightly. Four of his fingers actually broke.

And Xiao Chen’s palm was also incomparably painful. There was a crack in his palm bone. He could clearly feel the flesh at the location of the crack jerking. However, he did not hesitate to lift his injured palm to cut at Windfeathers.



Windfeathers’ broken fists were trembling unceasingly. He tried to grip his fists, but he was unable to bring five fingers together. In the end, he faced upwards and let out a long roar before he ran towards the Moonflower Castle. He was leaping over the castle roofs like a ghost.

Xiao Chen’s killing intent already welled up for a long time. He unfolded the Undying Divine Wings and quickly rushed over there. He caught up to Windfeathers very quickly.


With a wave of the palm blade, Windfeathers’ lofty demonic body was directly sent flying by the energy wave as he coughed out blood. However, at the same time, he fell outside the perimeter wall of the Moonflower Castle’s courtyard. Seeing a river in front of him, he rushed over there without the slightest hesitation and jumped into the river head first.

Almost at the same time, Xiao Chen also jumped into the river. However, his keen spiritual sense was unable to detect Windfeathers. The presence perception actually lose its effectiveness.

Without stay for long, Xiao Chen rushed out of the river, then he calmly stood in the sky to adjust his breathing, and heal his wound.

Only until half an hour later did he open his eyes again.

Not far away, Carmina swung her hips and walked over gracefully. Lyria, who was wearing a white dress that prevailed over the snow, was also standing in front of the Moonflower Castle’s gate.

“Brother Xiao, we are intending to give the victor tonight a big gift.” Carmina was extremely lovely. Her watery big eyes blinked as she gazed at Xiao Chen.

“I will take note of the big gift today and come to receive it some other day.” After he finished speaking, Xiao Chen soared high into the sky and flew towards a distant location.

“The next one, Dugu Jianmo!”

Only until Xiao Chen had left for a long time — several hundred meters at the downstream — did Windfeathers struggle to crawl out from the mud at the river base. He was covered in mud all over. He was like a wounded beast. There were ominous glints in his eyes. After that, he let out an extremely furious roar.

He was feeling very sour. The magnificent Windfeathers, he had already learned the domain, he was known as the unequalled young warrior of the south, yet he was actually forced by Xiao Chen to hide in the mud at the river base. This was a gargantuan blow to him!

“I want to become stronger! I — want — to — become — stronger!” Windfeathers faced upward and let out a sorrowful shout.

At the same time, a faintly discernible dragon roar transmitted from the underground labyrinth of Moonflower Castle. The sharp glint in Windfeathers’ eyes was chilly as he looked at the towering halls at the distant.


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