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Chapter 21 – Skeleton with Wisdom

The moon rose to the sky as night approached, the moonlight was so very pale in this deathly quiet region, it was especially frightening. Meanwhile, without the slightest delay, Xiao Chen quickly dashed out of the swamp as soon as he detected signs of danger.

Faint black fog emerged from the mud and puddle, as they started to linger in this swamp forest. Xiao Chen was startled, he already guessed that this was a miasma. Not only that, it might even be the most malicious ones in the legend, the undead miasma.

Standing outside of this deathly region, and looking at the situation inside the miasma, Xiao Chen started to ponder, wondering if he could take advantage of this area? If he could attract Zhao Lin Er and that brown-haired man there……


He heard the noise generated by the movement of the bones again!

“Snap! Snap!”

A white figure was swaying in the dusky swamp forest, a human-shaped skeleton actually stood up!

Xiao Chen was extremely shocked, he stood at the borderline zone and properly concealed himself. He observed the moving skeleton from there.

The initial movement of the skeleton was mechanical and stiff, however after it adjusted its crooked body with a few cracking sound, the movement of the skeleton became much more agile. It was walking around back and forth in the swamp, it seemed to be looking for something.

Xiao Chen held his breath and didn’t utter a single sound, he continued to observe quietly.

The snow-white human-shaped skeleton appeared eerie and frightening under the deathly pale moonlight, especially when it could move around freely, making it appear even more frightening! When it turned around and faced Xiao Chen’s direction, Xiao Chen saw a dim light flickering from its hollow eye socket. It was extremely bizarre and scary.

“Snap! Snap!”

The cracking sound of the bones could be heard from two other direction, two more human-shaped skeleton stood up within the forest. They walked past the muddy puddle, and joined up with the other skeleton. They also had faint flickering lights on their skull, it seemed they could communicate with each other. Every time they faced each other, the faint light in their eye sockets would flicker constantly.

Xiao Chen couldn’t understand anything, were they ghost? He don’t think so!

One hour after that, no other similar skeletons showed up.

The entire time, Xiao Chen had concealed himself and watched from the sidelines. He discovered the three skeletons flipping over the skeletal remains in the swamp unceasingly, as if they were looking for something. One could tell how much power they possessed by seeing them easily flip over gigantic skeletal remains that weighed over five hundred kilograms! Only until one of the skeletons scooped out a bright crystal stone from the pile of bones did Xiao Chen realize what they were doing.

That skeleton who was holding the crystal seemed very excited, it moved its chin up and down, generating a clacking sound to attract the other two skeletons. It was eerie, but also slightly comical.

When the three skeletons gathered in one place under the deathly pale moonlight, they seemed very awe-inspiring and terrifying.


That light blue crystal was split open by the skeleton, and divided into three pieces about the same size. Each skeleton took one piece and stuff it into their own eye sockets. Bright rays of light emitted from their eye sockets, the light blue radiance flowed like a river stream from their head all the way down to their body.

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The snow-white skeletons were flickering with a faint blue radiance, the gentle rays of light quickly enveloped the three skeletons. After a long time later, the blue radiance finally diminished gradually. The white skeletons seemed more sparkly than before.

Xiao Chen was very shocked, the skeletons were actually capable of absorbing the energy within the crystal stone, was that some kind of weird evolution? He simply doesn’t know how they were born in the first place.

Under the deathly pale moonlight, the undead miasma drifted in the swamp, three skeletons were walking around freely, the entire scene was really bizarre!

Suddenly, the skeleton that walked at the edge of the swamp seemed to have found something, it doubtfully walked towards Xiao Chen’s hiding place. Xiao Chen started to feel anxious, however he didn’t withdraw immediately. Rather, he turned around the giant tree to face the human skeleton.

The human skeleton was at a loss, it turned around to look at its two companion at the back, then turned back to look at Xiao Chen. The weak light in its eye sockets was flashing and flickering indefinitely, it seemed to be thinking of something. The other two human skeleton also walked over there, they were also as baffled as they looked at Xiao Chen. They seemed to be thinking the guy brimming with life energy in front of them was very “weird”.

Xiao Chen wanted to observe them in a close range, he wanted to see if there were anything special about them. However, other than the mysterious energy in their skull that provided the energy to move their entire body, he couldn’t find anything unusual about them.

All of a sudden, he had an excellent idea, taking out a brown crystal stone he retrieved from the corpse of a beast, he held it in the palm of his hand. The three human skeletons’ eye sockets suddenly emitted flickering lights indefinitely. At the same time, they extended their bony claws toward the crystal stone.

Xiao Chen stepped backwards once, the three human skeletons followed closely and got out of the swamp.

Xiao Chen didn’t detect any killing intent from them, so he hand the crystal over to them. They easily split the brown crystal into three pieces. After that, they threw the tiny pieces of brown crystal into their eye sockets. Brown radiance flickered, the radiance spread from their skull towards their lower body.

A clattering noise resounded from their joints. Watching closely, the radiance was circulating around the skeleton, the three human skeleton was as bright as a jade. This kind of strange scenario finally receded after the energy from the crystal was thoroughly absorbed. However, their bones seemed much more glossy than before!

One of the human skeleton stretched out its bony claw to strike the giant tree beside it. With a “Plop!” sound, the snow-white bony claw penetrated deeply into the tree trunk, half of its bony arm had penetrated the tree trunk.

An ordinary strike already possessed this much power, one could tell just how formidable these human skeletons were! Xiao Chen was extremely startled, the power of these human skeletons exceeded his imagination by a huge margin!

The radiance in the eyes of the three human skeletons flashed, they stood in front of Xiao Chen and quietly observing him. Until a long time later, they moved their chin repeatedly to generate a clacking sound. It seemed like they wanted to say something. After that, they walked back to the depths of the swamp simultaneously, slowly disappearing in the forest permeated by thick layer of negative energy.

A formidable and knowledgeable human skeleton!

All of these made Xiao Chen felt somewhat inconceivable, he explored this deathly swamp by going around it. After walking for half an hour, he discovered that place was at least a few dozen square kilometer. The inside was filled with layer upon layer of undead miasma, and dense negative energy, it seemed very mysterious yet frightening.

During the midnight, the undead miasma in the swamp was the strongest, the heavy black fog actually blocked the deathly pale moonlight.

Only until the latter half of the night did the undead miasma gradually decline, becoming thinner and thinner.

Around this time, Xiao Chen suddenly heard a commotion in the surrounding of this deathly swamp. Apparently…… someone was fighting in this swamp! He bypassed the swamp and ran towards where the sound transmitted from. A short while later, he saw a really startling scene!

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