Chapter 180 – Disturbance

Ever since she came across Xiao Chen, Yan Qingcheng ran out of luck through and through. First, she was caught as a slave and was put in a difficult situation. Then, she was forced to train the Obliterate Demon Absolute God. On the surface, Xiao Chen was her vessel, but in reality, she was controlled by Xiao Chen. Since then, she was unable to do anything to him.

Although it was unlikely for Yan Qingcheng to harbor killing intent, every time she thought of these, she would still get so angry to the point that the roots of her teeth were itching. In the past, she also had an ambitious ideal, but now, she only had one desire; to master the Obliterate Demon Absolute God as soon as possible and break away from this awkward relations with Xiao Chen.

Looking at her former top ranked enemy getting stronger and stronger, Yan Qingcheng felt all the more powerless. She had already heard about Xiao Chen’s crazy action last night. In order to breakthrough the Ninth Celestial Layer, he went all over the place challenging the youth experts. He engaged in several life and death battle in one night, oppressing one powerful enemy after another in succession.

Although she didn’t get the exact information, Yan Qingcheng had an indistinct feeling that this hateful guy before her would most likely break through the bottleneck successfully. If that was the case, it would be all the more challenging to break away from Xiao Chen. The first requirement to break away from the restriction of the vessel was to surpass the vessel in power.

“Thank you!” Xiao Chen received the invitation card and said to Yan Qingcheng with a smile, “I’ll treat you to something another day.”

“Hmph!” Yan Qingcheng let out a cold humph. She shot a glance at him with her limpid water eyes. Then she swung her beautiful hips as she turned around. Her ice-cold voice contained a hint of taunting, “You are not thinking of inviting me to the Moonflower Castle to have a meal right?”

“Hehe…” Xiao Chen did not mind and said with a very sincere expression, “We are a family anyway, it’s the same wherever we go.”

Yan Qingcheng stamped on the ground with her slender body and turned around immediately, “Who are family with you?!”

Xiao Chen said very calmly, “The elders from your family said it with their own mouth that you are already betrothed to me. Because of this, someone tried to mount a sneak attack on me with the god killing weapon, Pasteur. I narrowly lost my life in the hand of this ancient weapon! This kind of thing already happened, there’s no way your Undying Sect can refuse to admit it anymore. Or did you have a sudden change of mind?”

“You…” Yan Qingcheng said furiously, “I never heard of this before. You better stop acting so shamelessly, otherwise don’t blame the Undying Sect for showing no mercy.”

“Very well, I will go to the Undying Sect with you now and ask your elders face-to-face. If they are not intent on marrying you off, then why are they setting me up like this?” Xiao Chen did not feel embarrassed at all and talked confidently.

If Yan Qingcheng was stronger, she really wanted to teach Xiao Chen a lesson or two. However, right now, she could only let out a humph, unfold the Undying Divine Wings, and run away without turning back.

“Go after her quickly!” Zhuge fatty said as he was wiping his drool.

“There’s no reason to chase after her now. If I have free time several days later, I will directly go to the Undying Sect to receive my wife.” Xiao Chen replied very bluntly, but nevertheless, he had an indifferent expression.

His voice transmitted clearly to Yan Qingcheng, who was flying in the sky. When she heard these words, her beautiful body inclined towards the side and narrowly fell from the sky.

“Xiao Chen, why don’t you drop dead and dream on!”

“Whether it’s a dream or not, you will know once you go back to your sect several days later.”

Looking at the absolutely beautiful figure making her getaway, Zhuge fatty said with envy, “To be able to marry a beauty as equally famous as Fairsnow, it’s worth it even if I end up dead.”


At the side, Fairsky directly sent the fatty flying again with a kick. “You ******* fatty, you really are the worst. For the past many years, you were actually fantasizing about my sister all along…”

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“Filthy! This is called a secret crush, do you understand?” The fatty was explaining as he climbed up from the ground. He had a confident expression and did not feel embarrassed.

During the afternoon, the Honrado Auction House finally dropped their curtains.

The price reached in the auction was eight hundred thousand gold coins.

The instant they received this news, Zhuge fatty immediately jumped up and shouted, “Black-box operation, it’s definitely black-box operation!”

The fatty patted his thigh and said with certainty, “According to the momentum this noon, let’s not say one million gold coins, even reaching 1.5 million wouldn’t be that hard. How come it reached a deal with only eight hundred thousand gold coins? There must be some dark secrets!”

Fairsky was also very furious. He had once went to the scene to find out the situation. He knew this price level was relatively low compared to the actual value of the ancient spear Pasteur.

As a result, when the people they sent to find out the inside story returned, the two of them immediately became speechless. That was because the Zhuge family and the Fair family were suspected to be involved in this dark secrets.

Few big families in Celestial City worked together to manipulate the price under-the-table. Their powerful force made the other competitors choose to give up grudgingly.

Within the Celestial City, the old bastards from a few big families worked together to obtain the ancient spear Pasteur. They were preparing to do a collaborative research on this ominous weapon that was passed down by the ancient clan.

After all, the price of the ancient spear Pasteur was too high. Even the big families would feel dizzy just looking at the amount. That’s why they played this kind of dirty hand.

Zhuge fatty and Fairsky felt a bit awkward. After all, their respective families were involved.

Xiao Chen did not feel particularly furious. A lot of things in this world couldn’t be done in earnest, otherwise they would die an unsightly death.

However, the old bastards from the big families still gave Xiao Chen some face. They sent someone to pass on a message to Xiao Chen: Don’t need to worry about the true owner of the ancient spear Pasteur, we will take care of him.

Xiao Chen had yet to reach that height, so he didn’t know how would the elders cope with it.

Relatively speaking, this outcome was pretty good. He received eight hundred thousand gold coins without any foundation. No matter how they put it, this was still an extravagant amount.

However, Xiao Chen knew these large sum of gold coins would be spent like running water. That was because he wanted to buy spiritual items. And this time, he was no longer buying any ordinary old ginsengs or reishi mushrooms. He entrusted all the money to the fatty, telling him that if he wanted to buy, he should be buying those rarely seen spiritual items!

After hearing how Xiao Chen wanted to spend these money, the fatty still felt heartache even though the money was not his. He kept muttering to himself, “He’s really such a spendthrift! There are so many well off families in the south, but I have never seen anyone spending so crazily on spiritual items before.”

Without a doubt, Xiao Chen was a genuine spendthrift in the fatty’s eyes, and a crazy practitioner beyond redemption in the eyes of Fairsky.

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“You sure there are really that kind of legendary items?” After all, the amount was too enormous. Even Xiao Chen was afraid of spending but getting nothing in return.

“As long as you are willing to pay, the goods will definitely be worth your money. In the Celestial City, there are at least fix to six rare spiritual items! What kind of place do you think is the south? A Pure Land where the spiritual items are growing within thousands of miles of territory, so of course they are the genuine articles! I am talking about those few over there, they are the most valuable treasure in this store. Each of them cost two to three hundred thousand gold coins. Even those big families would feel heartache to buy it. That’s why nobody is interested in them all along. Only a real spendthrift like you would spend money on them like it is nothing.”

According to his prediction, eight hundred thousand gold coins could more or less divinize three of his acupoints. However, he had to plan carefully and buy the right stuff.

I will let you handle this matter. I’m not afraid of spending, but you must make sure they are the genuine articles!”

Any ordinary spiritual items only had a little effect on Xiao Chen. What he required was an absolute gem like the dragon ginseng. However, those kind of things could only be found serendipitously.

“Alright, I will help you cut down the price of this Grade Nine Lotus in the next two days.” This was the first time the fatty was in control of this much gold coins. Although it was not his money, he still felt his back getting very stiff.

In the evening, the Celestial City burst into disorder. The ancient spear Pasteur had been stolen!

The representative of the buyer was turned into meat paste on the spot. It seemed like everyone was not able to react in time as a black shadow swept along with the bloody spear towards a distant location.

It was extremely noisy. A lot of experts were dispatched, but they were unable to catch up to that black shadow.

Only until the evening did the rumor spread out. The true owner of the ancient spear Pasteur made his move and got far away from Celestial City after snatching the bloody spear.

This night was just as noisy as the last.

Of course, the leading role tonight was no longer Xiao Chen. It was that super powerful warrior from the small tribe of the west. According to the grapevine, an old ******* from a certain family was heavily injured by the true owner of Pasteur. He was coughing out blood incessantly.

Although a lot of experts were chasing all the way, the outcome was very disappointing. They didn’t manage to get back Pasteur.

This was a sleepless night for many people.

However, Xiao Chen was sleeping very soundly. He already got hold of a huge amount of gold coins. Even the commission had already been paid for by the major families. The loss of the ancient weapon was no longer related to him.

The true owner made his move against the buyer and shifted his enmity to them. In regards to him, there were no better news than this.

The next day, this event was known by everyone in the Celestial City. The few major families lost their faces, but there’s nothing they could do about it. ⌈1

Leaving the south and go after him in the west? That’s impossible! Legend said that although the tribe was small, they were still the descendant of the ancient race. Even though their blood was already not as pure, they were still not a bunch that could be easily provoked.

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“Interesting, so interesting!”

“Haha, this is a gargantuan mockery.”


Many people rejoiced in other people’s misfortune. There were also many people feeling very regretful. They were not able to keep the god killing weapon in the south, that’s such a pity.

The evening of the next day, that important banquet mentioned by the fatty was about to begin.

The venue; Mander family’s mansion.

The warbeast tournament was about to begin. Mander family, Zhuge family, and Fair family were the owners of three major warbeast castles in the Celestial City. The Mander family was in control of the Beast King Castle, the Zhuge Family was in control of the Amber Warbeast Castle, and the Fair family was in control of the Antarctic Warbeast Castle, they were in charge of the warbeast tournament this time. Before the tournament, they hereby conducted a banquet and invited many celebrities, as well as major competitors.

The starlight flickered in the night sky. Mander family’s ancient castle was imposing. It gave off a heavy pressure like a lofty mountain under the dim light of the night.

“Please present your invitation card.” The head of the imperial guard strictly inspected every guest’s invitation card at the entrance.

When Xiao Chen arrived with the fatty and Fairsky, they just happened to come across Hofmann and Lidong Bo at the entrance. When Hofmann saw Xiao Chen, his eyes turned red as he turned around to glare at him ferociously.

Endless stream of people were entering and exiting the ancient castle of the Mander family. Naturally, each and every one of them were aristocrats with some influence and powerful practitioners. Of course, there were no lack of upper-class women and young ladies.

The wide hall was a dazzling sight, it was not crowded even with several hundred people attending the banquet. The light spilled by the crystal chandelier made the hall incomparably gorgeous in contrast. Numerous aristocrats and practitioners were divided into groups of three or four. They bumped their cups repeatedly and had a lively chat.

In the front, there was a tall and extremely handsome youth with aqua blue long hair. Even if he was in a crowd, he still stood out from the masses. He possessed an indescribable temperament.

Obviously, he was very popular. There’s a lot of people surrounding him. More than half of them were female, he was surrounded by well developed young married women and good-looking young ladies. However, although these beauties were graceful, the passion in their eyes were not in agreement with their status.

“Did you see it? This is the freak from Mander family, Katalina’s flesh and blood brother.” Fairsky introduced to Xiao Chen.

This was not the first time Xiao Chen had heard people addressing Katalina’s eldest brother like this. This was obviously a handsome youth, but he was actually called a freak in the world of martial arts. It was easy to imagine how powerful and dreadful he was.

He had encountered him at the city gate of Celestial City once. That time, numerous Ninth Celestial Layer experts had clashed with Xiao Chen once, but this blue-haired youth didn’t attack him at that time. It made Xiao Chen unable to grasp his true strength.

“This guy… you actually dare to come to my house?!” A lovely young lady with blue hair flung her beautiful long hair with one hand and got in front of Xiao Chen while panting with rage.

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“Why can’t I come? I received an invitation.” When Xiao Chen saw Katalina, he couldn’t help but recall that ‘event’ at the Paradise Spa, and a smile bloomed on his face.

Katalina’s lively big eyes immediately welled up with fury. She could guess what Xiao Chen was thinking from his expression.

“This repulsive guy is really too despicable!” Speaking until here, she turned around and shouted towards that blue-haired youth, “Big bro, come over here, this guy is bullying me.”

When the blue haired-youth heard these, he smiled towards the few girls beside him and walked towards Xiao Chen and company’s direction.

Not far away, Hofmann and Lidong Bo revealed a smile.

On the other side, Fairsnow and the other beauties also turned their head over to watch closely.


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