Chapter 11 – Reappearance of the Angel

All of a sudden, Xiao Chen’s complexion changed abruptly as he notice Wang Zi Feng revealed a demonic smile. His entire body was almost transparent as it emitted countless rays of dazzling light. As if his body was cracking, criss-crossed patterns started to emerge on the surface of his body. It resembled a piece of porcelain on the verge of breaking.

Xiao Chen’s body transformed into lightning as he retreated with all his might.

A boundless and formidable power exploded from within the mountain forest.


Accompanying the explosion of the terrifying energy, Wang Zi Feng’s body disintegrated. A wide area of surrounding forest was completely flattened by the impact of the explosion! Even though Xiao Chen’s body was enveloped by a hazy radiance, he was still unable to resist the shockwaves and was blown away by the force of the explosion. Only after a few ancient giant trees were snapped in his path did he fall on the ground.

Xiao Chen wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth as he struggled to get up from the ground. As if he was relieved from a burden, he finally smiled. With a firm intention to kill and execute it, he finally eliminated two powerful enemies who threatened his life.

As red light radiated on the top of the cliff, ripples of terrifying heat was transmitted from that location. To one’s surprise, the summit of the cliff was actually melting, boiling hot lava could be seen flowing down from the cliff!

The lava ignited the forest region below the cliff, causing all of the beasts in the vicinity of the forest to howl unceasingly. All the wild beasts started to scramble around.

The fire was spreading through in the forest, the flames soared high into the sky. It was especially dazzling in the middle of the night!

Xiao Chen dragged his injured body to pick up the longsword dropped by Wang Zi Feng. Then he retreated to the riverside nearby to watch the forest fire unfold. After that, he began to recuperate at the river bank.

The lightning and thunder was still rampaging a little less than half an hour later. However, there was still not a single drop of rain. A wide area of the primitive and ancient forest in the vicinity had already been scorched.

Around this time, Xiao Chen suddenly opened his eyes. He could feel a scary, murderous aura!

At the other side of the freshwater river, a beauty of peerless elegance flew at a high speed gracefully. She was so fast it seemed like a light ray was sweeping past. She looked like a fairy which had emerged from a drawing, it was as if a goddess had descended to Earth.

“Zhao Lin Er!” Xiao Chen never thought that Zhao Lin Er would appear at a time like this. She was most likely attracted here by the radiance of the flames.

Her face cover had been missing for awhile. Her skin was very smooth, her eyes was like a limpid autumn waters, her beautiful nose was sticking up, her red lips were moist, and her teeth were as fine as jade. The Imperial Angel’s devastating beauty was out of the world, she was so beautiful that it could cause the people around her to stifle. It was just like the fairy in Chinese mythology descending to the mundane world.

Zhao Lin Er was praised by others as the most beautiful girl in all of the nine states. However, Xiao Chen could only helplessly sigh when he was confronted by such an exceptionally charming woman. That was because a life or death fight was about to begin!

The soaring flames lit up both sides of the river bank brightly. Zhao Lin Er was standing on the other side quietly, her debut was just as awe-inspiring as when Goddess Luo ascended to the world of immortals. Her movements were faintly discernible, as if a thin cloud was shielding the moon, her figure was fluttering in the wind, like a revolving snowflake that was blew by stream of wind.1⌋ Looking from a distance, it was like the morning sun rising to the sky. On closer inspection, it was like a lotus sprouting from clear water.

Xiao Chen used the longsword as a prop to pull himself up from the ground. He faced the Imperial Angel and calmly said, “I never thought Her Highness had also entered the World of Immortals. To encounter someone from one’s homeland in this uncivilized island was truly a good fortune.”

Zhao Lin Er was a figure of peerless talent. She arrived in front of Xiao Chen with elegance. Her lucid and elegant face exposed a cold sneer as she said with a graceful voice free from vulgarity, “You really know how to speak. Could it be that you want me to cherish the feeling of my native country and not kill you? Do not forget how we got here in the first place!”

Xiao Chen tightly grasped the longsword in his hand and already finished his preparations to fight. He laughed helplessly as he said, “Entering the World of Immortals can also be considered a kind of fate. Since the ancient times, only how many people were able to accomplish this? Who knows, maybe Her Highness can live an eternal life in this world later. When you look back to the present at that time, our enmity now is not even comparable.”

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“Living an eternal life in this world? I am unable to envision such a future. I can only see the vicious beasts roaming about, the monsters going on a rampage, and the image of an uncultivated era. This is the equivalent of being banished to a wretched wasteland, and the main cause of this disaster was you! To make me bid farewell to the beautiful Sichuan Hill, depart from the prosperous golden age, and to part forever with the Emperor and Empress!” Zhao Lin Er stared at Xiao Chen coldly, a clear killing intend surfaced on her attractive face.

The flames were ebbing between the forest, making the night as bright as daytime. At this moment, the thunder was even more violent high above the sky. One after another, lightning strikes ripped through the vast sky and split unceasingly as they danced about. The black clouds were rolling about and rapidly fell towards the ground. A heavy rain was about to fall in any moment.

Xiao Chen looked at Zhao Lin Er and said earnestly, “The vicious beasts are running amuck and roam about only on this island. Furthermore, it is brimming with mystery. There are only two of us now, and we both hail from the mortal world. Your Highness, is it really necessary to fight one another to death? If that is the case, I feel extremely regrettable. After all, we came from the same place, we really shouldn’t slaughter one another in a foreign land. Since we already entered the World of Immortals, I think we should put the enmity from the mortal world between us behind? We can start over, we have to look out for each other while we are on this barren island.”

Zhao Lin Er’s laughter sounded like a bell, it was sharp and sweet-sounding, but her killing intent subsequently filled the air. Then she sneered coldly, “If the enmity from the mortal world didn’t exist, then we can get along. However, it is impossible now. Leaving you alive on this island would only invite trouble. Right now, you are only being humble because you have a serious injury. Otherwise, you would already attack me mercilessly.”

Xiao Chen had nothing else to say, they were both intelligent people, some things were better left unsaid. Otherwise, they would only sound superfluous.

The Imperial Angel had already noticed the corpse off in the distance. She faced Xiao Chen and said, “They must be the cause of your wounds. Why are there other people on this barren island, who are they?”

“The disciples of the Demon King, Pavilon!”

Zhao Lin Er was momentarily absent-minded after she heard this.

Xiao Chen’s body emitted a splendid radiance, it looked as if a legendary dragon had sprung out of his body and flee into the jungle. It was really impossible for him to face Zhao Lin Er at the moment. Wang Zi Feng’s last resort destroyed his own body; that surge of life energy brought a huge sense of dismay to Xiao Chen. Although he was able to withdraw and defend promptly, he still became gravely injured.

Zhao Lin Er recovered from her shock in an instant; her silhouette disappeared in the blink of an eye as she chased after Xiao Chen. She knew this was a rare opportunity, otherwise she would have a hard time suppressing Xiao Chen after he fully recovered.


After the sudden clap of the thunder, the heavy rain finally started to pour. The endless curtain of water enveloped the world, the forest fire was extinguished instantly.


  1. TLN: A Poem to describe a girl’s beauty and temperament are attractive and fascinating. 

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