Chapter 185 – White Tiger

The marble white color of the dawn sky emerged from the horizon as the bright red sun rose from between the mountains. The dazzling sunlight sprinkled down on the Celestial City, making this ancient city with grand history to flicker with a faint gold luster. The entire city was overflowing with thriving vitality, as if it was a wilting ancient tree given a new lease of life.

Early in the morning, every street in the huge city was already filled with stream of people. It became a boiling cauldron of voices not long after sunrise. Another noisy day had begun in the flourishing Celestial City.

The tempest last night, apart from washing the street clean and making the leaves of all kinds of plant more verdant than ever, it didn’t have the slightest influence on the inhabitants of the city. Everyone who lived at this place for a long time had already gotten used to this bizarre rain that only happened once or twice annually. They didn’t pay much attention to it.

Xiao Chen brought Keke along and leisurely walked into the North Style Academy to get breakfast. This was his daily habit. He was very satisfied to be living at the educational street. The atmosphere from this kind of faculty was most fitting for his training.

Of course, using Fairsky and Zhuge fatty’s words, Xiao Chen was also not a “virtuous type”. As far as the girls were concerned, he must have some “ulterior motive” for entering the North Style Academy’s dining hall and antique store.

Xiao Chen just ignored their words. There was no place more peaceful than the academy. Although he was very young, he would often lament at the fact that it was truly good to be young. There was nobody trying to outwit the others in the academy, everyone was very sincere. Things would become very complicated once he’s outside of the academy.

After eating breakfast, Xiao Chen took along two big chunks of roasted meat for Tenax and the Azure Dragon King. Taking two Dragon Kings to go out everyday would cause a huge commotion, so he had no other choice.

Quietly meditating until the sun was as high as three bamboos ⌈1⌋, Xiao Chen then left by himself for the warbeast street.

The roars of the beast shook the earth. At the present stage, every warbeast arena was packed with people. It was already the final round of the knockout competition. It was the last match to decide the beast kings that would advance to the grand battle.

Dragon King and sacred beast were without a doubt, the king of the beasts. So they didn’t need to participate in the knockout competition. They only needed to wait until the knockout competition concluded and directly join the Grand Battle!

After paying a large amount for the ticket, Xiao Chen entered the Antarctic Warbeast Castle. The grade of the knockout competition at this place was very high. Only by winning seven consecutive fights would they be able to advance to the grand battle. There was no need to conduct elimination rounds.

Of course, the knockout competition conducted by the three major warbeast castles had very high standards. Only a true beast king could participate. They always conducted less than ten matches per day.

It must be mentioned, once a warbeast arena had attained the title of “castle”, there was indeed a qualitative leap. The entire building was really as magnificent as a castle.

Even with six thousand seats, it was not crowded. The seats surrounded the warbeast stage in a circle with flight of steps, allowing six thousand people to see the true beast kings fighting on the stage clearly.

Of course, since they were called the “warbeast castle”, that was not all they had to offer. They had some other three hundred VIP lounges. Every lounge was a dazzling sight. They had set up a big screen on the wall and projected the fight on the stage with a crystal ball made by Psychic. It allowed the people in the VIP lounge to watch everything on the stage clearly.

Moreover, the three hundred VIP lounges were also divided by grade. The best lounge at this place provided many special services. They had invited the beauties from Moonflower Castle to pour wine for you, they had also invited the girls from Spellbind Castle to massage your back. The service was so luxurious that it was unimaginable.

Antarctic Warbeast Castle was the Fair family’s biggest industry. Xiao Chen did not disturb anyone after he came in. There were only less than ten seats remaining among the six thousand general seats. However, people recognized him the moment he sat down.

The middle-aged man was Fairsky’s housekeeper. He immediately brought Xiao Chen to a VIP lounge. Without a doubt, all the best VIP lounges were already occupied. However, this lounge was not bad either. It was richly ornamented and everything was tastefully chosen.

A big screen was set on all sides of the walls, they could watch the battle from all around. There were even some lovable girls nearby waiting to serve the guests. This was practically a castle. Other than the long talk of the dozen of people, watching the battle was absolutely not a problem.

From this, it was easy to imagine how luxurious was the Antarctic Warbeast Castle. After all, they had three hundred VIP lounges all together!

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“Roar…” The roar of a tiger caused the VIP lounge to shake. That sound was completely transmitted from the crystal screen. The White Tiger was only 1.5 meter long. It looked very ordinary, but its roar was very terrifying, it was forceful and vigorous.

The tiger raised its hip, moved its tail to and fro, then it pounced on its opponent. Those were the standard moves of the tiger. It looked very ordinary, but the Winged Leopard flickering with yellow light all over was actually pushed down and got ripped apart by the White Tiger. ⌈2

An ordinary-looking White Tiger, yet it possessed out of the ordinary strength. It easily ripped apart a true beast king. It was easy to imagine how powerful was the White Tiger. Xiao Chen instantly became interested in it.

Without a doubt, this was a young warbeast. It was definitely coming for the groups of cub. Its adversary shall be the sacred beasts and Dragon Kings!

The White Tiger’s second opponent appeared. This was a golden eagle, about two meters long. It was like a ball of flame as it was flying in circle above the warbeast stage. After that, with a clear whistle, it transformed into a gold radiance as it dived down fast. Its sharp golden claws were even brighter than the sword-qi, they were sharper than the sword-qi. It was aiming straight for the ordinary-looking White Tiger’s head.

The one meter long White Tiger jumped to the side nimbly and dodged this attack.


The sound of cracking transmitted outward. The resplendent claws of the golden eagle left a crack on the diamond floor. The surface that was claimed to be as hard as the adamantium was practically like a mud under its talons. The floor was unable to withstand even a single blow.


The gold radiance flashed as the golden eagle spread out its steel-like wings and swept towards the White Tiger. In the end, the little White Tiger lightly jumped to the side and dodged again. The golden eagle soared into the sky and opened its beak. It actually launched a golden beam of light to attack the White Tiger. This golden eagle was a true beast king, there was no need to doubt its strength. It was able to control the spiritual energy. Compared to the powerful Psychic and Spell Master, it was even more powerful.

The little white Tiger jumped up and nimbly dodged the attack again. The golden light beam directly split open the surface of the stage. The violent energy billow was rumbling. This attack was actually not weaker than the power of the Exuvia Sixth or Seventh Celestial Layer. It was completely capable of fighting against the genuine young sacred beast!

The smoke and dust filled the air. The golden eagle swooped down, its sharp beak was pecking towards the little White Tiger’s eyeball, and its pair of glittering talons were aiming for the White Tiger’s abdomen. It was incomparably vicious.

This time, the little White Tiger did not dodge. It was actually waiting for the golden eagle unmovingly. Only until the golden light in the sky got within one feet did it suddenly jump to the side. It was unimaginably fast as it turned its body around and pounced back.

Even someone on Xiao Chen’s level was shocked. The White Tiger was really too fast. It only left behind two afterimages and soon after, the golden eagle was already pushed to the ground. It snapped the golden eagle’s neck with a bite and then transformed into a streak of white light as it fell back.

The headless golden eagle was rampaging on the ground for a while. Its sharp talons had ripped apart the diamond floor until it was beyond recognition!

“Can you find out who is the owner of this White Tiger?” Xiao Chen asked the beautiful lady waiting upon to serve him. He instinctively felt that, although this one meter long White Tiger might look mediocre, its strength could be ranked among the sacred beast. So much so that it might be more powerful than some sacred beasts!

“We tried to investigate before, but unable to find anything.” The lovely girl cast a glance at Xiao Chen and said softly.

The White Tiger’s next opponent was a young wolf. Although it was also one meter long, it was very magical. Its entire body was flickering with purple light. Just a slight movement and it would emit resplendent purple radiance that made people unable to open their eyes. The most peculiar part was that it didn’t have any wings, yet it was floating in the sky. It was able to defy gravity and fly!

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This was definitely an exotic primal beast. This kind of warbeasts were usually powerful and terrifying.

As expected, when the purple wolf let out a long howl, it caused the entire warbeast castle to shake slightly. It was moving like a streak of purple lightning in the sky, shooting down one purple lightning after another to attack the White Tiger on the ground.

The purple wolf was extraordinarily powerful. Although it was evaluated as a true beast king, it already had the strength equivalent to a young sacred beast. It was completely possible to put it under the beast king group!


The smoke and dust filled the air. The warbeast stage actually crumbled apart. It was destroyed by the divine radiance of the purple wolf. However, the White Tiger did not receive any injury. It was as swift as a streak of light as it made one unpredictable maneuver after another on the ruins.

It miraculously dodged all the attacks. Then it provocatively tilted its head to the side as it looked at the young wolf in the sky. The White Tiger proceeded to extend its paw like a human and beckoned the purple wolf.

The young wolf in the sky was also an extremely intelligent cub. It squinted its eyes and launched two more purple light beams. After much consideration, it swooped down over and over again. That was because it was more terrifying in close quarter combat compared to controlling the spiritual energy.

They only saw a streak of purple light rushing towards the ruins in the twinkling of an eye and the dazzling rays of light stirred up the smoke and dust. A roar was transmitted from the ruins.

When everything finally calmed down, when the dust and smoke dissipated, everyone revealed an inconceivable expression. The chest of the incomparably powerful purple wolf was actually cut open. The purple blood flowed all over the ground. The glint in its eyes was getting dimmer gradually. And the White Tiger came out unscathed. Its body was not even stained by a drop of blood.

The White Tiger looked mediocre. There was nothing special about it at first glance. However, it possessed this kind of frightening power. It was scarily strong. Even some of the little sacred beasts wouldn’t be this powerful right? This was what everyone was thinking about.

For some reason, when Xiao Chen saw the White Tiger’s movements, Tenax’s dragon martial skill came to mind. He felt that the White Tiger must have received something similar. Its movements looked ordinary and mediocre, but it was too antiquated. Thinking about it carefully, that was definitely a very valuable ancient martial skill of the beasts!


  1. The time of day after the dew on the leaves has already evaporated
    but before afternoon. 
  2. Silva: Tsk… expectation betrayed again… I thought the White Tiger in the title was referring to Keke…
    Chanayh: Why do you think Keke belongs to the “tiger” group? At least as a dragon…
    Silva: Ehh… but Keke doesn’t even look remotely dragon. White Tiger is the closest mythological creature I can relate it to. 

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