Chapter 151 – Unparalleled Strength

Although there were great talents that matured slowly in this world, that was only the minority after all. Talent, it was usually manifested in juvenile stage and made them stand out from the masses.

That was all the more so in the path of Daoism. As long as one had a divine ability, they would surpass the majority of their peers. Therefore, people paid particular attention to the youths that were in the forefront positions. That was because in the twenty or thirty years to come, they might become an all-powerful figure.

Especially the twenty odd years practitioners. These distinguished figures were subjected to constant observation. Such as Windfeathers, Zhao Chongyang, and the Solitary Sword Demon of the south. Their strength was indisputable. There was hardly anyone who could stand up to them among their peers.

Although Lambda in the Eight Celestial Layer could also be considered a powerful youth, his age was still a little too old. What people cared about was potential!

If a twenty odd years person was put up against a thirty odd years warrior and still came out on top, that was what people paid the most particular attention to!

Wuxing Feng, his reputation was really too great. He was the legend of the north. It was true that none among his peers could stand up to him. Of course, the so-called “north” did not mean the northern part of the immortal’s mainland. Rather, it was to the north of the Celestial City; the Terra Empire that was only thousands of miles away.

Although the territory in the north was not much bigger than the south desolate region, it was not densely covered by primitive forest like the south. The north was a rich and powerful country, with high population, and concentrated towns.

In this kind of genuine nation, the warriors had to trample on the glory of countless people to make themselves stand out. After all, the population was really too high.

Wuxing Feng, nobody from the youth generation knew of his true strength. He had never been defeated among his peers. When confronting his enemies, he always finished the battle within a second! All he needed was a few strikes!

This kind of figure was nothing in the eyes of the older generation, but he was practically a god in the eyes of the youth generation. In the north, there were only one or two young warriors capable of standing up against him.

Nobody expected that Aeon would bring someone like this to the south.

Wuxing Feng ⌈1⌋, with a tall and straight stature, long eyelashes, and star-like pupils. Although he was very calm, the moment he showed himself, everyone could feel a huge pressure weighing down on them. He did not do it deliberately. This was naturally developed!

Looking at his attitude, it seemed like he was not submissive towards Prince Li and was completely treated as an equal.

The elites at present seemed to have realized something. Wuxing Feng came from an ancient clan and possessed extremely huge power. An outstanding talent of his age wouldn’t choose to become the prince’s commander.

When he made an appearance, everyone could link it to many things. Maybe Prince Li did not come to the south merely for the “warbeast tournament”. It was very possible that he was given some kind of royal mission. As for Wuxing Feng, seemed like his job was to deal with the young warriors of the south. Maybe the Terra Empire wanted to suppress the youth with the youth, thereby displaying the absolute strength of the empire. This might be a sign that they wanted to regain the south desolate region.

The older generation must not get involved in the battles of the youth. This was the unwritten rule of the immortal’s mainland. Otherwise many young warriors might had already been strangled to death in the cradle.This unwritten rule was indispensable.

“Xiao Chen, I’ve heard of you.” With a dull expression and bright gaze, Wuxing Feng already walked in front of Xiao Chen and stood there quietly.

“I haven’t heard of you.” Xiao Chen said casually. The two of them really had a striking resemblance. Their body stature, black hair, long eyelashes, and sharp gaze were similar.

Everyone at present was shocked that Wuxing Feng had actually heard of Xiao Chen already, and yet, Aeon didn’t know about him. It was made clear that he had nothing to do with Aeon. He was really not a very good fit as a “commander”. As such, they could also tell that the people of the south had underestimated Xiao Chen. That was because he had actually caught the attention of Wuxing Feng.

At the same time, everyone was shocked by Xiao Chen’s words. This Xiao Chen was really…… too arrogant! He actually spoke to Wuxing Feng with such an attitude and said that he had never heard of him. Wasn’t this a little too much?!

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Wuxing Feng smiled. His snow-white teeth and handsome face seemed to be glittering. The pressure engulfed all directions like a storm. Everyone couldn’t help but retreat backwards. The ruins on the ground were rumbling. The debris and broken beams under Wuxing Feng’s feet floated up unceasingly before they broke into tiny pieces.

Only Xiao Chen and himself were left in the field.

“Alright, now that you know me, you will never forget about me in the future.”

Hearing his words, everyone at present knew what it meant. According to the rumors, he wouldn’t kill an opponent which he regarded as important. He wanted to spare their lives and challenge them again in the future. That’s right, that was the point of view of the victor. As for losing, he had never considered it.

Looking at this powerful, calm, and handsome man, a few beauties outside of the field felt that their heartstrings had been struck. Their beautiful eyes possessed a strange glint.

“It is impossible not to get acquainted with you anymore. Come! This battle cannot be avoided.” Xiao Chen wasn’t really an egomaniac. He could feel an unprecedented pressure. This powerful opponent was really very formidable. He might be in for a trouble today.

A simple punch. Wuxing Feng’s movement was very slow, his punch was slowly pushing on, but that powerful pressure was as sharp as a knife blade. It made the spectators far away feel extreme pain on their cheeks.

Before the right fist, the strong wind and golden rays of light were smacking Xiao Chen like a fierce ocean wave. The forceful aura couldn’t be stopped.

This was a true expert. Or at the very least, there was really no one among the peers who could stand up against him. It made Xiao Chen feel an unprecedented pressure. Although the opponent’s golden fist was pushing on very slowly, it sealed off all of his ways out. If he dared to dodge out of the way, then that fist which had accumulated an unimaginable amount of power would definitely increase its speed to an unfathomable level and deliver a fatal blow to Xiao Chen. There was no opening for him to break out, a punch with boundless pressure, a punch that couldn’t be avoided!

God Slayer!

Xiao Chen used this technique without the slightest hesitation. He felt a huge pressure and had no choice but to spare no effort to shake it off. Wuxing Feng was forcing him to go all out.

From this, they could tell that Wuxing Feng was a powerful figure. Even in a battle, he wanted to direct everything and force his opponent to stake it all.

Countless golden radiance flickered, the three inches swords and blades made out of concentrated golden rays of light were filled with an ancient vibe, as if they were ancient divine weapons that just got unearthed a moment ago. Untold numbers of swords gathered together and formed a golden sea of swords. They surged forward with great momentum.

Everyone was shocked. The elites had already heard of this; Xiao Chen used a never seen before technique to break the legendary mystic art of the south, the Yin Yang Annihilation. It was precisely this technique right before their eyes. Hundreds and thousands of swords, it was truly terrifying.

“Crack! Crack…!”

The debris of the ruins floated up. After that, they unceasingly exploded into tiny pieces!

The hundreds and thousands of swords sliced everything in their path!

A resplendent divine ray emitted from Wuxing Feng’s eyes. He suddenly launched his slowly approaching right fist with sudden force. It was as quick as lightning. The golden ocean wave became fiercer than ever. Its presence was really omnipresent as the golden ocean wave materialized and sealed off the entire space in the front. It was clashing with those untold numbers of swords unceasingly.

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A big collision!

Golden sword versus golden ocean wave!

The earth trembled violently. Every spectator was forced to fall back quickly. One after another, huge cracks appeared on the ground and kept extending towards a distant place. Moreover, a golden storm already broke out in the sky. It was as if a golden sun had just exploded.

“The Fist of Iron, it is the real deal!”

Outside of the field, everyone had an uncommon bloodline. However, all of them were unable to remain calm. Many people practiced the Quinctus Techniques ⌈2⌋, but only one ancient clan had mastered the most profound of them all. That was precisely Wuxing Feng’s clan.

The Quinctus Techniques. They were claimed to be capable of turning the sky and earth upside down!

As if a huge earthquake was taking place, the violent golden billows wreaked havoc all over the place and crushed every tangible thing.

After Xiao Chen and Wuxing Feng exchanged a single blow, they moved as fast as lightning and had a fierce confrontation under the glaring gold radiance. They left behind one afterimage after another. In the end, only the light remained, not even their shadows could be seen. The two of them were like the lights of destruction. Everywhere they passed by, everything was destroyed and crushed. Nothing could bar their way.

The hall turned into dust, the running water evaporated, and the greenery disappeared without a trace.

When the golden storm faded away, the two of them were standing in the center of the field. They looked into each other’s eyes without blinking. Wuxing Feng’s expression did not change, it was still the same as before.

Xiao Chen’s battle intent was high. Just now he had ran into a great danger. This guy before his eyes was really too powerful. He almost couldn’t stop that fierce and violent attack. If not because the God Slayer was extremely mighty, and sealed those golden billows, the outcome might be unthinkable.

He was not scared of this kind of opponent. On the contrary, his blood was boiling. This opponent had aroused his battle intent. He was getting fired up.

Wuxing Feng wore the same expression as ever. He slowly launched another punch. An earth-shattering dusky qi-wave tried to swallow up Xiao Chen.

“Fist of Earth!”

“It is the genuine Earth Style Ability!”

One of the spectators cried out in surprise.

Parry! Xiao Chen used the Demonic Seal, using as little power as possible to guide the power of the earth to resist the all-powerful Fist of Earth.

However, the Fist of Earth was really too powerful. The dust seemed to have enveloped the entire world and was going to swallow up Xiao Chen. No matter how he much he resisted, he was unable to neutralize it.

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“Boom! Boom! Boom…”

The big collision had begun. The dust filled the entire sky, but that was not real sand. They were materialized from the Fist of Earth’s radiance.

Xiao Chen fell back, and Wuxing Feng followed up in a split second. When he brandished his fist again, green radiance glinted. That was the Fist of Wood!

He made a mysterious maneuver. The Fist of Wood seemed to glow with the vitality of mother earth, it seemed to contain the power of life. All of it was directed towards Xiao Chen, the boundless energy couldn’t be stopped. The green splendor was dazzling.

And Wuxing Feng seemed to have become incomparably lofty in contrast. Xiao Chen fell back again, seemed like it was not easy to ward off the attack.

Every spectator could feel how powerful Wuxing Feng was. The eyes of a few beauties were flickering repeatedly. Aeon even revealed a smile. ⌈3


  1. Silva: Oh god… F U Chen Dong, enough with the gibberish 
  2. Silva: The Chinese characters of Quinctus Fist is 五行拳 (Wuxing Quan), which literally translates to Five Style Fist. Wuxing Feng (伍行风)’s name is Five Style Wind. Talk about unproductive naming sense XD 
  3. Silva: That cliff… >__<  

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