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Chapter 210 – Shred of Tears

Xiao Chen knew that, without any miracles, he’s definitely screwed.

After all, he was only twenty one years old. Even if he was talented, he too was helpless in the face of time. Time could erase everything, but it could also bring up everything. The older generation experts had already been through the baptism of time, their power was not something a youth like him could hope to compare to.

All four directions were already sealed off, the sky was already enclosed, and there were no less than six demigod level experts. How would he be able to escape?

“I will reap your two souls and seven spirits, leaving one soul behind and then seal it in front of the White Tiger’s grave for all eternity!” The tiger woman had already landed on the ground as she walked towards Xiao Chen, one step at a time. Her face was cold, as if there were thousands of layers of ice covering it. Her cold tone felt like it came directly from the lowest depths of hell, “Do you have anything to say before your death?”

“None.” In the face of death, Xiao Chen was very calm.

It was brightly lit all around, the entire street was light up as hundreds of experts from the Fair family surrounded the area. There were also many people from various major clans watching this in dark, distant places.

Fairsky was hiding in the shadows. It was impossible to judge his state of mind as he stayed completely indifferent. On the other hand, Fairsnow remained easy-going from start to finish, as if she was watching a show completely unrelated to her.

The tiger woman laughed coldly, “You sure are lamentable. In the end, you are going to die like this, and you don’t even have any last words nor reluctance to leave this world!”

“Since I am going to die, what’s the point of saying too much. Do you want me to beg you in order to satisfy your crazy mind? I’m afraid to disappoint you.” Xiao Chen was as calm as a cloud, as if he was not the one going to die.

“I am already very satisfied. My parents bestowed life upon me and allowed me to grow up happily. I was very happy for the past twenty years of my life. Apart from the love of my parents, I have many genuine friends, and even a girl who liked me. Since I was born, I have experienced love, friendship, and romance. What more could I ask for? I am not a greedy person, such simple happiness is enough for me. Of course, this might be too mediocre for you guys. Everyone of you here wants to rise to a higher position and look down at the whole world, even to the point of sweeping the floor with experts all over the world. You guys will never understand such a simple happiness.”

Fairsnow smiled softly. Under the moonlit night, she appeared like a fairy who had descended upon the mundane world. Words failed to describe her beauty. “I always thought you were a decisive and frightening person. Never have I thought you had such a naive and cute side to you. Just thinking about how you would become my greatest enemy in the future… but alas! Such a pity, your family, your friends, and even the girl who likes you. They will not be able to see you anymore.”

At these words, Xiao Chen did not feel sorrow. His words were incomparably dull, “Who in this world can possess eternity? The most important point is, I am able to feel satisfied before my life comes to a conclusion. My friends can help me take care of my parents. Even if I die, true friendship will not water down even with the passage of time. The girl I once liked, even if I have missed this opportunity forever, she no longer belongs to me. There’s nothing for me to regret before I die. The friendship we once had will remain in my heart forever.”

“Then you can go and die!” The tiger woman pressed forward. She didn’t see him begging for forgiveness. On the contrary, what she saw was Xiao Chen’s calm and easygoing demeanor. This made her feel very disappointed.

Out of everyone’s expectation, Xiao Chen did not choose to suicide, but rather, he pointed his sword towards the tiger woman.

“Haha… You want to fight against me? Aren’t you overestimating yourself too much?”

“No matter what I do, I will not give up until the very last moment. On what basis do you want me to attempt suicide? That is a insult to me! I, Xiao Chen, can only die in a battle. I will not perform a cowardly act such as suicide.”

His dull and calm demeanor had already vanished. The Xiao Chen right now had revealed a different side. He braced himself and the divine light in his eyes sparkled. Even when facing a demigod, he didn’t have a hint of fear.

Being looked down upon by Xiao Chen, the tiger woman immediately became hot-headed. She really wished she could turn Xiao Chen into meat paste with a slap. However, she quickly changed her way of thinking. Ending Xiao Chen’s life like this was going too easy on him. She should torment him slowly until he died.

Leaving an afterimage in her original position, the old woman appeared in front of Xiao Chen in a flash. The hand that was shaped like a demonic claw swiped downward. Her speed had exceeded everyone’s expectations. Many people were unable to see her movements.

Xiao Chen lifted the sword to block. With a “snapping” sound, the longsword shattered. It scattered, one dazzling radiance after another streaked across the sky like shooting stars.

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The second claw swipe was fast approaching. Xiao Chen did not have a sword left in his hands, but he was not worried. As if his entire person had transformed into a sword itself, a resplendent sword-qi cut through the night as as he tried to behead the old woman.


The palm blade struck the old woman’s demonic claw and produced an oppressive noise. Xiao Chen was sent somersaulting by the blow, but the old woman did not move an inch. She sneered as she pressed onward.

Xiao Chen wiped the blood stain at the corner of his mouth and faced the old woman coldly. Just now, although the Weapon Fusion was able to neutralize more than half of the power, he was still unable to resist the torrential power of that claw attack.

“Rips! Rips!”

The ripping sound of space transmitted over as the old woman moved her hands. A few jet-black claws of light seemed to be ripping apart the void in the sky as they created one dreadful trajectory after another. And then, instantly afterward, this space was confined and trapped Xiao Chen within its domain.

“I will take my time with you!”

Such was reality, although Xiao Chen couldn’t find a worthy opponent among the youth generation, the gap was still too big when compared to a demigod. He was practically unable to resist.

He moved his fingers with difficulty, a hint of blood spilled out from Xiao Chen’s mouth. While bearing the pain, he successfully launched the Death Blow technique. The brilliance illuminated all ten directions as the energy fluctuations transmitted outside of the domain. The old woman was slightly surprised as she walked into the domain.


It was like a volcanic eruption as dazzling rays of light illuminated the entire night sky. Xiao Chen repeatedly shook his hands and launched the four major techniques at full power. Regardless of the results, he did try his best.

The rays of light were dazzling, they were like millions upon millions of starlight pouring down in torrents. The entire street was illuminated brightly. The old woman was forced to take half a step back, but Xiao Chen was already covered in blood from head to foot. The blood vessels all over his body were ruptured.

However, the divine light did not stop at this point. On the contrary, it became even fiercer as it rushed towards the sky like a raging flame. Even the heaven and earth itself were trembling.

The entire street was destroyed, all those desolate ancient houses in the surroundings instantly turned to dust.

Xiao Chen’s battle intent was skyrocketing. Despite being fully aware of his imminent death, he was still as unyielding. He wanted to let his accumulated anger completely burst out. With the cost of his life, he wanted to shake off the old woman, and fight against his inevitable fate.

Under the dazzling divine light, the entire region completely collapsed. The uninhabited houses were all destroyed without a trace, as if they never existed to begin with. The entire region was flattened and crushed.

The fire of life dimmed over time, this was Xiao Chen’s complete loss. However, the unbending will in his eyes was completely undisguised. He quietly stood on the spot with his tall figure as he coldly looked at all the enemies in front of him.

Death, it was not at all scary. It was but the call of nature. Xiao Chen felt as if his soul was going to drift away from his body. He did not have any regret. Regardless of the result, he had already tried his best to struggle.

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Far away, the sound of a flute transmitted over. The sad and beautiful melody sounded like a soul depriving song as it guided Xiao Chen’s soul towards a distant place.

The area was very quiet. All the people had witnessed everything just now. If not because he was facing a demigod opponent, perhaps even the Historia level practitioners would have a hard time fending off that attack. That inextinguishable fire of life, that unbending fighting intent, they were enough to make everyone shudder in fear. Even the old woman was forced to take a step back, and more than half of her sleeves were burned.

“I am not afraid of death!” Xiao Chen cast an angry look at the blue dome of heaven. The sharp glint in his eyes gradually became dimmer.

For some reason, although they were only killing a Historia level youth, everyone felt heavy hearted. Even if Xiao Chen was killed, they still felt a slight chill. For a Historia level expert to give them this kind of feeling, many people felt alarmed and constrained. Fortunately, this youth was really going to die!

“Haha…” Loud laughter transmitted from a distant place as a few youngsters from the major clans walked over with large strides.

The old woman did not prevent them from approaching as she was silently recalling the four major techniques, namely the God Slayer, Chaotic Patterns, Demon Suppression, and Death Blow. She had the lingering feeling that it was a little weird, it was hard for her to imagine how Xiao Chen was able to practice these legendary secret arts.

“So, even you have days like this, Xiao Chen!” Hofmann was the first to walk over as he laughed heartily. Behind him was Zhuge Kun, Lidong Bo, Austrian, and company.

As if he had heard their taunt, Xiao Chen’s originally lifeless eyes suddenly emitted two sharp glints as they pressed on toward Hofmann and company like two streak of lightnings.

“He’s alive…”

“How come he’s still alive…”

Hofmann and Zhuge Kun were so startled that they immediately ran back. The other two behind them couldn’t bear it and directly fell on the ground.

“Haha… so it’s actually the dying flash.” Seeing that it was a false alarm, Hofmann felt a little embarrassed. After adjusting himself, he bowed deeply towards the tiger woman and said, “Can senior give junior permission to get even with him? After that you can deprive him of his three souls and seven spirits.”

The tiger woman silently nodded her head. Hofmann, Zhuge Kun, and company slowly approached. Seeing the light that’s gradually getting dimmer, they smiled without restraint.

“Xiao Chen, on what basis are you going against us for?”

“You are but only a very small practitioner from the mortal world, how dare you fight against us?”

“Today, even after death, I will not let you go peacefully!” Hofmann revealed a malicious, yet fanatic smile as he said, “In the end, you still end up being trampled under my foot!”

Zhuge Kun mustered up his courage to push lightly, and Xiao Chen fell on the pool of blood. Seeing this, Hofmann and company laughed loudly as they stepped forward.

Hofmann stepped on Xiao Chen’s chest and said maliciously, “I am stepping on you, what are you going to do about it, hanh?”

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Zhuge Kun also kicked him repeatedly as he said, “I already vowed at an earlier time, that I will pay you back a hundredfold!”

Xiao Chen’s consciousness was already fuzzy as the heartwarming scenes in the mortal world flashed through his mind.

He could see his grey-haired parents, see his childhood friends, and even that girl he once loved… He could feel a shred of tears about to leak out from the corner of his eyes. I can’t cry, I’ve never cried before, how can I cry now?

“I always thought the world of immortals was a transcendental world, I always thought it was an auspicious world ruled by multitudes of immortals… but, that was only my ideal nation. Dreams can never become reality.” At the end of Xiao Chen’s life, his train of thought was very chaotic.

The cruel world of immortals was even more vicious and realistic than the mortal world. Strength and background represented everything here. In his final moments, Xiao Chen thought of Tenax and Keke. Generally speaking, he was all alone in this world. Only these two little beasts were with him as they went through many trials and hardships.

Lan Nuo, Lawrence, Yizhen, Oxmen, Rowena, and the rest from the dragon island. Where are they now? The friends who once went through life and death tribulations with him, he still hasn’t gotten in touch with them, but it seems like there’s no chance for that now.

“Haha… Can this guy finally feel the pain?” Hofmann laughed loudly and grabbed Xiao Chen’s collar violently. Then he lifted Xiao Chen’s body up from the pool of blood as he sneered, “He’s about to die, and at the corner of his left eye, there’s actually a hint of tears, haha…”

At a distant place, Fairsky remained indifferent. Fairsnow looked closely as she heard this. They knew Xiao Chen did not shed tears because of the few young ruffians. This man didn’t even fear death, just what could those tears be for?

“Squeak…” A sorrowful whimper transmitted from a distant location as a streak of white light vanished and flickered in the sky unceasingly. A snow-white little critter approached while slicing through the air. ⌈1

“Wuu~ Wuu~” The sobbing sound was like a sad melody. It made people feel heartbroken just from hearing it. Keke had returned after it escaped from the depths of the Southern Wasteland.

Before it was detained, Keke already knew about Xiao Chen’s situation. In the end, Keke broke out of the Southern Wasteland and rushed to Celestial City regardless of everything. For a little critter to attach importance to friendship, it made some people feel touched.

“Wuu~ Wuu~”

Seeing Xiao Chen lying on the pool of blood, Keke transformed into a streak of divine light and appeared at that spot. It abruptly waved its little paws, Hofmann and company were sent flying away by the rainbow-colored radiance.

“Squeak… Wuu~ Wuu~” The snow-white little critter shouted in fear as it shook Xiao Chen’s head. The rainbow-colored radiance was injected into Xiao Chen’s body, one after another. It was trying to preserve Xiao Chen’s life with all of its ability.

The always naughty and mischievous little critter was actually weeping at the moment. This was the first time it revealed such a terrified and scared expression, for fear that Xiao Chen might die at this point.

“Very good! I originally wanted to kill this little thing anyways. Now it delivered itself in front of me!” The tiger woman was smiling coldly.

The demigod experts moved simultaneously and sealed all four directions. They blocked off all and every possible escape route.

“Wuu~ Wuu~” The little critter was crying as it kept shaking Xiao Chen.

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Under the illumination of the rainbow-colored radiance, Xiao Chen opened his eyes and coughed out a small mouthful of blood. He quietly swept his eyes all over and used his bloodstained palm to pat Keke’s head. Then he said weakly, “Go, quickly… you won’t be able to save me… come back here… when you have enough strength…”

“Squeak… Wuu~ Wuu~” Keke shook its head strongly as it was weeping. Its pair of glittering big eyes were already filled with glistening teardrops. It confined Xiao Chen within the rainbow-colored radiance and carried him with its puny body. Then the little critter flew towards the sky.

However, with a loud bang, it was knocked to the ground by layer upon layer of divine lights.

Four directions, six demigod experts, all paths were blocked.

“Put me down… Escape by yourself, avenge me in the future, you must remember everyone’s face here…” Speaking until here, Xiao Chen stopped. And everyone here immediately felt a chill. The snow-white little critter’s potential was obvious to all. If it remembered them, then in the future… they wouldn’t dare to imagine.

Xiao Chen stopped, because he thought of another problem. The snow-white little critter was still too young, if he was to let it carry such a burden, it was hard to imagine what would become of it in the future. Even though he really wanted to kill everyone who besieged him today, for the little critter’s future however, he stopped and heaved a sigh, “I don’t wish… for a cute little beast to become a freakish killing machine… I don’t want hatred to cloud your mind… In the future, those two elders… and those few youngsters… kill them for me… don’t kill anyone else… otherwise I won’t forgive you.”

Keke was still very young, it was impossible for it to understand that Xiao Chen was still concerned about its future while he was at death’s door. However, the spectators could roughly guess his train of thoughts.

“Wuu~ Wuu~” Keke shook its head strongly while still weeping. It carried Xiao Chen and soared up once more. It crossed the empty space and suddenly appeared at the other direction. However, the six demigods had sealed all ten directions and could predict its path accurately. A divine radiance was launched and shot them down from the sky.

“Let go… just remember my words…”

The tiger woman smiled sarcastically, “It’s impossible for the two of you to escape from here, all of you must die!”

“Run, you must get out of here!”


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