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Chapter 236 – The Battle… Intensified!

Part 1

The Sword Demon who had suffered hardship since childhood had only ever lived for the swords. However, because the Southern Wasteland’s experts were being insulted, he stepped forward bravely and faced outstanding heroes with his ******* sword. He triumphed over the Amethyst Prison and Hades’ Wheel, defeated the key figures from several supreme clans, and had dominated every experts in the surroundings.

And now, one of the strongest four in Yindu had returned. He declared he would defeat Dugu Jianmo within eighty rounds, seemingly looking down on the barbarians of the Southern Wasteland.

Chulain’s purple gown flapped along with the wind as he surged up with violent energy. The rich kids around him were forced to fall back. His eyes were emitting two seemingly materialized purple rays of about two meters long.

Many of the weaker practitioners nearby let out a miserable shriek as they hastily shut their eyes. During that instant just now, whether it was due to the purple rays, or because of Chulain’s sky-high killing intent, plenty of people in the surroundings were trembling as if they had been struck by a lightning.

One could easily imagine just how powerful this Chulain was. The reputation of the Heroic Four had already shaken the imperial capital for numerous years, it was absolutely no undeserved!

Xiao Chen was as still as a pine and seemed to be at peace despite the fact that the murderous aura had already surged towards him like a violent wave. The dense murderous aura had almost drowned him, yet he stood there like an unmovable boulder.

At this time, he was the focus of everyone’s attention.

It was very rare for the third princess to remove her veil, but she lifted her veil and revealed half of her charming face. Her fixed one of her beautiful eye on the esteemed expert recommended by Dugu Jianmo. The other young ladies also looked at this mysterious expert with glittering eyes.

Bosch and Chen Hanggin gazed at Xiao Chen without batting an eye. Dugu Jianmo himself had dominated everyone at the Sword Verse Tea Party with his ******* sword, and yet he pronounced this person to be stronger than him. Just what kind of person was he?

Their eyes were bright, as if they wanted bore through Xiao Chen’s body with their gaze and examine him thoroughly.

The surrounding was very quiet. Only the feeble sound of breathing could be heard. Everyone’s gaze was completely focused on that sole figure.

At a distant location, Yin Feng’s eyes lit up as he said, “It’s him, he’s finally here.”

They once had a battle at the Lunar Pavilion, Yin Feng was fully aware of this mysterious expert’s power. Perhaps he might even stand toe-to-toe with Chulain. As for the outcome, he did not dare imagine it. After all, Yindu’s Heroic Four had left a lasting impression in their mind.

Yan Qingcheng revealed a hint of doubt in her beautiful eyes, how come it’s him again? This person was an expert from the South? How come she’ve never heard of him? Could he be the mysterious Zhao Chongyang?

Xiao Chen had changed his appearance and restrained his aura. He was already not at all the same compared to his former self, she couldn’t recognize him at all.

Lazio and Windfeathers also had doubts in their heart. They knew that this person was definitely not Zhao Chongyang, because they once had an encounter with him.

They were unable to guess who it was. Nobody from the Southern Wasteland knew of this youth’s identity.

“You are the strongest expert from the Southern Wasteland?!” Chulain raised his sword-like brow. His entire person released an indescribable aura, it was a fitting aura for someone who had been through a real battlefield. It caused everyone heart’s to race faster.

His heroic figure even caused some of the young ladies to cast him a sidelong glance. After all, he was Yindu’s Heroic Four and was once admired by many women.

“I am not.” Xiao Chen answered calmly. While facing the gazes of experts from all direction, he seemed relaxed and easygoing. He stood there calmly like an evergreen pine tree.

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Part 2

“You are not?!” Chulain raised his sword-like brows.

Countless people raised an uproar, could it be that he recognized the wrong person, or was Dugu Jianmo just making fun of them? Confusion started to spread.

Even the third princess revealed a doubtful expression as more people made a racket. Many people started to point their gaze towards Dugu Jianmo.

“I am a travelling artist.” Just at this time, Xiao Chen spoke up. With this one sentence, he became the focal point of everyone again.

Dugu Jianmo followed up, “I did not say he is the strongest one in the Southern Wasteland. I only said that he is stronger than me. He had once fought with the strongest expert of the Southern Wasteland for one night. The outcome was a draw.”

The lakeside was brimming with noises of everyone discussing spiritedly. All the while looking at Xiao Chen with shocked expression. Now that they thought about it, Dugu Jianmo indeed did not say this person was the strongest in the Southern Wasteland, he only said that this person was stronger than him. They’ve all been led to a false conclusion.

To fight to a draw with the Southern Wasteland’s number one, and to draw this much respect from Dugu Jianmo, Xiao Chen had become the focal point of everyone here.

Regarding these, Xiao Chen did not continue to deny it. He only looked at Dugu Jianmo quietly.

“Haha… That means defeating him is equal to defeating the strongest one in Southern Wasteland?” Chulain laughed out loud, he was brimming with confidence.

Thousands of people were getting roused up. They were looking forward to the battle between one of Yindu’s Heroic Four and the travelling artist who tied with Southern Wasteland’s number one. After all, this was bound to be a confrontation between the top!

“Who is Southern Wasteland’s strongest?” Seemingly still possessing a slight doubt, Chulain turned around to face Dugu Jianmo and asked him this question.

“He is no longer in this world.” Dugu Jianmo hadn’t spoke as much as today compared to the past year. Especially when the Southern Wasteland’s strongest was mentioned, Dugu Jianmo no longer kept his mouth shut.

“Who is it?” Chulain seemed to be very interested.

Everyone was hooked by what Dugu Jianmo about to say. Everyone at the lakeside wanted to know who that person was. After all, Dugu Jianmo himself had admitted he was no match for this so-called number one expert.

Even Yan Qingcheng, Lazio, and Windfeathers were paying close attention. They wanted to know the definite answer.

“Xiao Chen.”

With only these two words, Dugu Jianmo finished with what he had to say and left with large strides.

“Xiao Chen…” Everyone was reciting this name. A moment later, many of them gasped in shock, especially the rich kids of Yindu. They were well-informed and naturally knew of the event that took place in Southern Wasteland before.

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Even Yin Feng had mentioned his name once at the Lunar Pavilion. Only Xiao Chen from the Southern Wasteland could stand a sliver of chance against the strongest of Yindu.

Bosch and Chen Hangging even had a hint of flash while astonished. Without any exception, all the supreme clans knew of the bloody event that took place at Celestial City.

Part 3

The Shang Dynasty’s third princess seemed to be recalling an event from the past. Then she heaved a sigh in pity and whispered to herself, “So it is him…”

The beauties surrounding the princess were not stupid either. One of them asked with a smile, “The princess had seen that person before?” ⌈1

The third princess shook her head with a smile, no longer saying a word.

After hearing this, Yan Qingcheng was stunned momentarily as she memories from her past resurfaced. That guy from three years ago… she felt a little complicated, but calmed down soon after.

Lazio and Windfeathers even had a hint of flash. Especially Windfeathers, since he had suffered a crushing defeat under Xiao Chen’s hands before. However, now that he thought about it calmly, he couldn’t help but admit it. That year, he did not lose the fight unjustly.

“Haha…” Chulain faced the sky and laughed out loud, “And here I thought who is it, so it’s that guy. I’ve once heard of him. If that guy is truly the strongest, then I must say, this is all the Southern barbarian could amount to!”

“How arrogant!”

“This guy is much too arrogant!”

There were many people who hailed from the West, the North, and the South at this Sword Verse Tea Party. All of them were extremely angry and disgusted with his display of arrogance.

Chulain looked at the surrounding people with cold gaze, then he said, “I heard that he grasped some sort of secret arte. By burning his own life force, he managed to kill some demigods. What about it? That’s not his own power. If he don’t use this kind of self-harming technique, what would he amount to? Would he dare to face me in that condition? I will finish him off in ninety rounds!”

Chulain’s personality was like this. He might have a foul mouth, but he was not a reckless person. He always looked down on his opponent and believed that he was the strongest, but once they’re truly engaged in a battle, he would never get careless.


He cast a chilly glance at everyone and said while pointing at Xiao Chen, “You guys don’t believe it? Then look at how I defeat him.”

Now, Dugu Jianmo had arrived in front of Xiao Chen with his ******* sword tightly secured on his back. Then he whispered in Xiao Chen’s ear, “Now I am certain… it’s you.”

Three days ago, when Dugu Jianmo saw Xiao Chen at the Lunar Pavilion, he already had a slight suspicion. Today, he arrived early at the Moon Garden and waited until Xiao Chen showed up.

People once said those who truly understood you was your not friend, but your enemy instead. Perhaps it really had some basis behind it. Dugu Jianmo and Xiao Chen couldn’t really be considered friends. In Dugu Jianmo’s heart, Xiao Chen was only a powerful opponent.

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He couldn’t have guessed his identity from his aura nor his appearance, Dugu Jianmo only recognized him due to some kind of intuition.

Xiao Chen was speechless.

Dugu Jianmo left and become one of the many spectators.

Chulain walked forward with large strides. He stood face-to-face with Xiao Chen. Then he swept his gaze over the Yindu’s rich kids and said, “I will recover the disgrace you guys brought to Yindu today by beheading him.”

The surrounding immediately quietened down, Madman Chu versus the Traveling Artist, this was a battle worth looking forward to.

“Are you prepared?” Chulain gazed at Xiao Chen with overbearing attitude.

Part 4

“Why should I fight with you? I don’t want to do it.” Although he was in the middle of a whirlpool, Xiao Chen was as easygoing as ever.

“Because I want to fight with you!” Chulain’s aura was overbearing. His power was obvious to all, “You have no choice but to fight!”

“Who gives you the right?” As if he was making fun of him, Xiao Chen spoke calmly. Then he turned around and walked away.

“Haha…” Chulain laughed, “Want to leave? That’s not possible!”


He instantly waved his palm with lightning fast movement. The surrounding energy seemed to be boiling up as layers purple energy waves started to roll up.

The energy wave was about to swallow up Xiao Chen, but he did not even bother to turn around. He only bend his fingers and lightly flicked it.

Telepathic Sword Wave. This technique passed down by Elder Rhino of the beastman was not any ordinary sword-qi. With Xiao Chen as the center, the ripples started to spread out.

It seemed very weak at first glance, but once it made contact with the purple-qi, the sword wave immediately went wild like thousands of sea waves rolling over and over. A loud rumbling sound resonated at the lakeside.

Everyone could see it clearly, the light source with one hundred and thirty feet diameter was raging like the ocean wave! And in the heart of the light source was Xiao Chen.

All the purple-qi had been routed up. Chulain was even sent tumbling away from the forty meters huge circle.

Although his reaction speed was fast, he couldn’t get away from the huge circle in time and half of his long sleeves were turned into dust.

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One move had forced Chulain to fall back. Everyone was endlessly shocked. Countless people had their jaw dropped.

Some quick-witted practitioner tried to do a little experiment and threw a training sword into the light source. The forty meter sword waves had yet to disappear, and although the ripples had become weaker than before, it still crushed that training sword in an instant and turned it into dust.

Thousands of people were dumbstruck. The Telepathic Sword Wave was really too formidable! No wonder Chulain were sent flying away in the first moments.

Could this be the experts that Dugu Jianmo revered? The one who fought the Southern Wasteland’s strongest to a draw?

The third princess and dozen of other beauties jumped up from the seats without exception. Bosch, Chen Hangging, and the other supreme clans candidate were so shocked that they took a few steps forward.

Yan Qingcheng, Lazio, and Windfeathers were all endlessly shocked. Aqua, Frosty, and Tenvis from the West were just as amazed.

There was none who were not shocked. The entire place had entered a moment of deathly silence. This mysterious travelling artist seemed to possess unimaginable strength and attracted everyone’s attention.

Chulain did not feel awkward at all. On the contrary, he nodded and said, “It seems like I’ve looked down on you before. You are better than I thought.”

“And your name is?” Only now did Chulain finally ask Xiao Chen for his name.

Part 5

Everyone was feeling apprehensive in their heart. This madman was really too arrogant. Only now did he finally recognize the other as his equal. Putting that aside, everyone was equally interested to know the mysterious travelling artist’s name.

Xiao Chen looked all over the place before he said, “I am called Xiao Shishui. The reason I came here is not to fight, I don’t want to fight with anyone.”

“Telepathic Sword Wave had once shook the whole world in a certain era, and now it make an appearance once more, how can this make me disappointed?” Chulain sneered and said, “Today, I will take back what I said, I will not kill you, so just go ahead and fight with ease of mind.”

Chulain’s arrogance and confidence could be said to be a little too much.

Xiao Chen stared at him coldly. He did not want to get into a quarrel, but that didn’t mean he was afraid to get into trouble. Now that he had learned Eightfold World, he was confident in his speed. Regardless of its might, just from its speed alone, he was confident that even an Immortalis expert couldn’t block his escape route. So even if he really did get into a quarrel, he had enough confidence that he could get away.

“Don’t force me to kill you.”

Just as these six words left Xiao Chen’s mouth, not only did Chulain black out momentarily, even the thousands of spectators were dumbstruck.

This guy… seemed to be even more powerful!

These six words made it clear, it was not that he was scared to fight, it was just that he was not willing to do. Because, once he made a move, he would go for the kill!

Everyone was completely stupefied. This travelling artist was really a big shot, he was even colder and fiercer than Dugu Jianmo, and even madder than Chulain. Under the cover of his calmness, there was the heart of a combatant.

Xiao Shishui, this name had been engraved deeply into everyone’s mind at the moment.

“Let’s fight!”

“Travelling artist versus Madman Chu!”

Everyone shouted in succession, they were all the more looking forward to this fight.

Chulain smiled grimly, not minding what Xiao Chen said before, he rushed forward as though he was flying and shouted, “Let me see whether you’ve understood the real essence of the Telepathic Sword Wave.”

Chulain rushed over in an instant, his body was like a screw as he revolved in midair. Purple light lingered all over his body, then they condensed and transformed into a divine sword in his hand as he slashed it downward.

Xiao Chen was as steady as a boulder; majestic and motionless. However, his eyes were emitting two light beams that danced in the sky like lightning.

This time, he did not use the Telepathic Sword Wave. Xiao Chen moved his body as his heart desired. His hands moved to form an indescribable maneuver. He used his body to form a connection with the heart, and the magic circle formed by itself.

The Seal of Leo!

The powerful force from his punch felt as if the comet was about to ram into the mother earth. It left a dazzling ray of light as he lifted his fist upward. It clashed with the purple divine sword with a loud clank.

He was like a pine tree as he remained motionless, but he was like a gale once he moved.

Xiao Chen soared up and instantly exchanged hundreds of blow with Chulain. They left behind one afterimage after another. The Seal of Leo had brought Xiao Chen’s raw power to a whole nother level.

Part 6

After the two had hundreds of exchange, they landed at each side respectively.

Chulain raised the sword and rushed forward. He made his moves boldly and slashed at Xiao Chen. The divine sword constantly shook the very space itself. The power it contained was obvious to all. It kept giving out a faintly discernable “Woong— Woong—” sound as it was waved around, each slight movement caused the earth to shake.

Xiao Chen was not fearful. With the execution of the Seal of Leo, his body was like a phantom. He was as quick as the wind, and as frantic as the lightning.

“Clank! Clank!”

Xiao Chen clashed with the divine sword with his bare hand. The clash between the two caused sparks to fly off like meteor shower.

Xiao Chen finally clapped his palms together. A world-shaking lion roar transmitted outward. The shadow of a three-headed Golden Lion King actually showed up and pounced at Chulain.

This was the true essence of the Seal of Leo!

The shadow of the lion had extreme resemblance to that three-headed Golden Lion King from Celestial City’s Warbeast tournament three years ago!

The Seal Technique was a skill Xiao Chen picked up from the Pure Land. Granny Phoebe who passed this technique to him had combined the Profound Mystery of Supreme Buddhism and the Secret Artes of Jungle Tribe to create her own unworldly technique. However, she had never forgotten those divine abilities from Buddhism and passed them to Xiao Chen.

After practicing the Seal of Leo, Xiao Chen once had a suspicion that the Golden Lion King from the Warbeast Tournament might really be an ancient Buddhist!


The Golden Lion seemed to have materialized completely. Three of its head faced upward as it let out a roar before pouncing at Chulain. Glaring gold light burst out and forced everyone to cover their eyes.

It was as if the earth and sky had turned upside down, the energy waves kept pouring out and caused even the water in the lake to roll over and over. Many of the spectators were getting unsteady on their feet and some of them even fell on the ground.

That lasted until the brilliant rays were totally dispersed. The Golden Lion King was gone, and Chulain’s divine sword was totally crushed by the Seal of Leo.

Everyone was very shocked. This travelling artist Xiao Shishui was really too strong. They originally thought the Telepathic Sword Wave was his thrump card, but it seemed like he had more than one divine ability.


Chulain snorted and stepped forward. At the same time, purple brilliance circulated around his hand with a resounding noise, and the purple divine sword was reformed.

Xiao Chen just stood there and looked on with a cold gaze as Chulain closed in. The seal technique he executed this time was not at all the same.

Seal of Immortal King!

This time, Xiao Chen clapped his palms together at once. The shadow of a powerful entity showed up and its huge figure blocked half of the sky. With a loud rumble, it swatted the ground with his huge palm and caused an earthquake.


It crushed the purple divine sword and swept across Chulain, causing him to flip away in an awkward position.

Part 7

A commotion broke out soon after. It wasn’t that they hadn’t thought about how powerful was Xiao Chen, it was just that his skill was so powerful that none of them could believe it.

After Chulain hit the ground, instead of feeling awkward, he was feeling more competitive. He had an imposing expression as he stood on the ground. Seeing how Xiao Chen had used his divine abilities consecutively, he finally decided to stop holding back. He’s about to unleash his power that secured his top position of the youth generation!


Just at this time, a yell could be heard from a distant as a full plated soldier ran over. He knelt down with one knee touching the ground and reported to Chulain, “It’s an urgent message!”

Chulain fell back and left the battlefield.

The duel had been interrupted.

Before Chulain had the time to open the envelop, two practitioners surrounded him.

“Brother Chu, allow us to take him down in your stead.”

One of them was tall, about three heads taller than an ordinary person. His gaze was chilly. One look and you could tell he was an untamed beast. The other one had a pale face with gloomy expression, tall stature and looked somewhat frail, yet he gave of a gentle impression.

“No, just let me read the letter first, then I will continue.” Chulain firmly refused.

“We insists!”

Everyone saw how the three of them were arguing and began to wonder about the two person’s identity. They actually dared to speak to Chulain like this, they must be anything but ordinary.

One of them even ignored Chulain’s protest and charged into the battlefield. He soon appeared in close proximity of Xiao Chen.

Chulain was furious, but in the end, he forcefully restrained his fury. These two were guests that he just recently invited. Their identity were extraordinary. They were from the powerful yet mysterious Tiger Clan of Middle Earth.

The White Tiger shan’t be easily provoked. If not because he was apprehensive of their identity, and that the two were indeed very powerful, Chulain would have already ordered someone to kill them.

However, after he tore the envelope and read the content of the letter, his mood brightened up again. He laughed and said, “Hahaha, this scoundrel is also back? He actually tried to play tricks on me by using an urgent message. This should be interesting, hehe…”

The tigerman was tall and untamed. One look and you could tell that he was a person you wouldn’t want to provoke. He stared at Xiao Chen and asked, “You once had a duel with Xiao Chen three years ago?”

“What do you want to know?” Xiao Chen looked at him calmly.

“You guys fought to a draw?”

Xiao Chen declined to comment by letting out a snort.

“Then does that mean you guys have some friendly relations?”

“What about it?”

Part 8

“I knew it, you guys befriended due to your bullshit camaraderie. Then you won’t have to feel wronged if I kill you today!” The tall and savage tigerman roared at the top of his lungs.

“Who are you, what makes you say this?” Xiao Chen looked at him coldly.

The wild and untamed giant restrained his voice and said, “My name is Huzuni. Three years ago that damned Xiao Chen killed one of our brother. He even killed two demigods from our clan! Us brother had vowed to destroy his everything! If he is still alive, he will definitely show himself if you kill you.”

“What kind of logic is that?” Xiao Chen’s gaze gradually turned colder as he said, “This is not the Tiger Clan’s territory. If you die here, nobody Will be able to speak up for you!”

“Haha!!!” Huzuni faced upward and laughed out loud, “In the face of the Tiger Clan’s divine skill, you think you stand a chance? Moreover, I have half of the White Tiger’s bloodline within me.”

Xiao Chen smiled and said indifferently, “Then how about we prove it with action?”

He actually ran into someone from the Tiger Clan. Xiao Chen originally did not plan to kill the innocent ones. He did not want to involve the Tiger Clan’s common disciple. However, after seeing the other side’s attitude, he instantly changed his mind.

Want me to let you go now? In your dream!

You’re dead, no discussion!

Even if Huzuni wanted to avoid the battle, Xiao Chen wouldn’t let him go anymore. He had already given him the death penalty. Xiao Chen decided to show all his hands, without holding anything back!


Like the flickering light, Xiao Chen disappeared from his original spot. He executed the Telepathic Sword Wave taught by Elder Rhino, no holds barred!

He flicked his forefinger and middle finger simultaneously. A sixty meter destructive circle appeared. The ripples were fluctuating at a terrifying rate.

“Open!” Sensing the danger, Huzuni roared loudly, His entire body flickered with white ray as a White Tiger manifested behind him. It was baring its fangs and burst forth with unparalleled power. He launched a single punch, and there were actually lightnings scattering everywhere. This was his divine ability — Destruction Lightning.


It didn’t even stand one nanometer of a chance. The lightnings were instantly destroyed by the sword waves.

The sword waves continued to ripple. It was emitting a faintly discernable ringing sound like that of a bell.


The lingering sound lasted for a long time.


Huzuni screamed miserably. Both of his legs were turned into dust in a fraction of a second. He flew towards the sky in fright and barely kept on to his dear life.

Although he had escaped from the effective area of the huge circle, with two of his legs gone, how fast could he be? Xiao Chen sneered; he left an afterimage in his originary location and rushed over there.

Part 9

The most profound technique passed to him by granny Phoebe.

The Seal of Flora!

A huge shadow appeared in thin air. The figure possessed extremely similar poise as Xiao Chen and wore a faint smile despite the uncaring expression. There was a flower of unknown origin in the hand of said figure.


The mysterious flower left its hand and transformed to the size of a house. The crystal clear petals fell from the sky like countless razor-sharp blades.


Blood splashed forth as Huzuni’s two arms and chest were broken into pieces. Not even a single piece remained as they all wafted in the air as bloody mist.

The only thing remained was his head full of frightened expression. It floated in the sky, among the flower petals.

Not far away, the pale-faced Kazeni almost fainted. Not only did his cousin suffered a crushing defeat, he was even killed within the blink of an eye. He almost couldn’t believe his own eyes as he instinctively rushed over while letting out a furious roar.

A little further away, Chulain saw it all happened with his own eyes. Even if he was feeling anxious, there was nothing he could do about it. It was already too late to stop them.

“Damn it! These two bastards… are they that eager to die?! ****… there’s even a strong tiger in town, they’re only inviting trouble for me!”

Chulain felt very remorseful, he shouldn’t have received these two as his guests. They were very strong, but now that a problem had occurred, their backers… definitely wouldn’t sit tight.

Huzuni’s head that was still floating among the flower petals wore a frightened expression. He transmitted his thought filled with unwillingness, “****! ****! ****! ****! ****! I am an expert who just tapped into Historia’s Sixth Celestial Layer. How can I be killed!!!”

“The end result will be the same even if you are at the Seventh Layer!”

Xiao Chen’s ice-cold voice was the last time he heard. Before Kazeni could get close enough, Xiao Chen bent his ring finger and flicked it lightly.

The head was crushed by the sword waves with a “bang”!

The lakeside was completely filled with noise as several thousand people cried out at once. Xiao Chen’s performance was really too shocking to them.


  1. Oh… was the princess the one who tried to invite Xiao Chen to her nation before? The one who came with Goldie (I believe)? 
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