Chapter 106 – Seeking Power

Speechless…… Totally speechless.

Habit was not easy to change, Xiao Chen really didn’t know what to say to this little critter anymore. He really wanted to pull its hairy ear to awaken it, but he restrained himself in the end. This little critter was born not long ago, it was still too young, having this kind of habit was normal.

It seemed like the demon had completely disappeared, it didn’t show up all along, but Xiao Chen knew it was certainly in the vicinity. The sun sets in the West, the twilight dyed half of the sky red. Xiao Chen walked in the mountain woods aimlessly, he gradually calmed down as he listened to the bellow of the vicious beasts at a distant place. Having a demon following him around, he couldn’t go back to Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen’s side at the moment.

After Xiao Chen left, the old woman, the little fatty, the Solitary Sword Demon, and the others immediately began to move. The demon’s words couldn’t be trusted, they wanted gather all the experts together and mobilize everyone to search for the Syndicate Dragon Kings. If they can really gather nine Dragon Kings, then leaving this dragon island is no longer a dream.

On this night, many practitioners received news that made them extremely moved. They finally had hope of escaping from this dragon island, this seriously raised their morale. But of course, regarding the appearance of the demon, everyone had a sense of foreboding, which fueled their desire to leave this place as soon as possible.

This was a very lively night, everyone who received the news was unable to fall asleep. All of them wanted to find the Syndicate Dragon Kings urgently.

Without a doubt, when nine young Dragon Kings were gathered, the curtains shall rise!

During the midnight, an open-air fire was throbbing, Xiao Chen sat in front of the flame and meditated calmly. And that snow-white little monster, Keke, was still maintaining the cross-legged posture with the treasured tree on top of its head. It sat on Xiao Chen’s shoulder and let out a sweet sounding snore. It appeared cute and laughable at the same time.

However, Xiao Chen found that Keke was not really sleeping, because he noticed the ripple-like multicolored radiance that was lingering around the little critter all along fluctuated unceasingly. Moreover, the sapling on its head actually turned from its previously dim state to the now brilliant state since a long time ago. It seemed like there was a fantastic connection between the two.

Could it be that it really knows some kind of peculiar training method? Xiao Chen speculated inwardly, he had heard of this before; The dragons and some uncommon races would inherit a training method specific to their race the moment they were born. Keke should be one of those uncommon race.

Chilly wind brushed past, the temperature in the forest rapidly declined, it blew past like the winter’s cold wind. There was a bone-chilling nip in the air, the open-air fire throbbed violently and changed into pale green in a flash, it was very eerie.

Without any sound, the evil spirit sat at the opposite side of the open-air fire. It was only one meter away from Xiao Chen.

“A thousand years ago when I saw the sacred tree, it only had a single black leaf. A thousand years later, it already have three divine leaves.” The demon’s pale complexion was emphasized even further by the throbbing flame. If he said he was not a ghost, nobody would believe him.

Without a doubt, Xiao Chen was hooked by his words. At this very moment, he was absolutely fearless. It was a matter that will happen sooner or later, there’s no point in avoiding it. He opened his mouth to ask, “You saw it at the Heavenly Tree?”

“That’s right, I found it on the stump of the Sacred Tree. The sapling is precisely the stump’s alternate rebirth. However, it’s already not the same Sacred Tree, because it has six more luster compared to the Heavenly Tree.” The demon’s reply affirmed Xiao Chen’s conjecture at that time.

“Although legend says the Heavenly Tree was the dragon’s Sacred Tree, it didn’t belong to the dragons originally. The Sacred Tree was transplanted by the dragons on this island.” The indistinct ghost whistle recounted the tale unhurriedly. The demon was in deep thoughts after saying these, then he said with a perplexed expression, “I actually know this much……”

His behavior made Xiao Chen flabbergasted. And just at this time Keke finally woke up. When it saw the demon was sitting just across of them, the little critter almost wanted to jump over there. Xiao Chen stopped it hastily and asked the demon, “You seemed to have forgotten a lot of thing……”

The demon recovered from his brief bewilderment, he nodded his head and then he shook his head. A negative aura swept past as he said, “Regarding my memories from the ancient times, it was a piece of blank. I can only remember that I escaped from the ghost town.”

Xiao Chen felt a bit disappointed, he wouldn’t be able to draw out the secret of the ghost town from him.

Fog lingered in the mountain woods and merged with the gloomy aura released by the demon. It made this area really bewitching. After a long period of silence, the demon broke the ice and said, “I believe you are an intelligent man. You should know that I don’t want to take it by force, but that doesn’t mean I really don’t dare to make a move. I only wish to borrow the sacred tree from your hands, I will certainly return the favor in at most one year. Moreover, there will certainly be a generous reward.”

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“What are you worried about?” Xiao Chen couldn’t understand no matter how much he thought about it.

“Although it is true that my memories regarding the distant past is a piece of blank, I still know who can I provoke and who I should not provoke.” The demon said very directly, “I didn’t dare to start a feud with the dragons, that’s why I was unwilling to kill the two Dragon Kings. Same as the former, I felt apprehensive towards this little critter, I am not willing to provoke its parents.”

Keke’s glittering big eyes immediately filled with hope, it seemed to be loathing the demon no more. Its long eyelashes were quivering, it was listening attentively, it seemed like it really wanted to know the whereabout of its parents.

Xiao Chen understood the little critter’s frame of mind and asked the demon, “You know of Keke’s origin?”

“I don’t know, but I can be sure this little critter is certainly not weaker than Syndicate Dragon King. Its parents ought to be existences on equal footing with a matured Dragon King, otherwise I doubt they would dare to touch the dragon’s sacred tree. When I saw the sacred tree sprouting the black leaf a thousand years ago, I also found a seven-colored egg. It was side by side with the little sacred tree, they were sealed together by a mysterious power. I suspect that should be Keke.” After the demon said these, he got a good look at the little critter.

Keke blinked its big eyes half-consciously, and on the other side, Xiao Chen was shocked. One thousand years ago, Keke was already born in this world as the jade egg? However, he had already interacted with Keke, the little critter was indeed born not too long ago. If that’s the case, then doesn’t that mean the seven-colored jade egg had nurtured it for at least a thousand years?

Keke’s identity had always been a mystery.

“How long is required for dragons to break out of their shell?” Xiao Chen wanted to use those dragons to compare with Keke.

“That is hard to say, generally speaking it requires at least several hundred years, but since the dragon island had been sealed, this standard will be completely shattered, because there will be a bizarre power at work this time. All the dragon eggs on the dragon island will crack in the shortest possible time and give birth to the young dragons. What they needed ultimately was the nourishment of the boundless worldly essence. If they were provided with endless spiritual energy, maybe the eggshell would crack in just a few days.”

A few days in contrast to hundred years was really somewhat exaggerated. Thinking about it carefully, comparing several hundred years to a thousand years, Keke couldn’t really be considered to be in defiance of the natural order.

“Squeak……” The little critter cried out softly, it had a somewhat lonely expression, it seemed to be thinking about its parents again. Its miserable appearance made people want to spoil it.

“After learning all these, you should understand now, I really only wanted to borrow it.” The demon fixed its eyes of Xiao Chen and said, “I am fearful of its parents, but I don’t feel apprehensive towards you. Killing you won’t bring any trouble to me.”

Hearing these words, the little critter broke free from the sense of loss, it fiercely waved its little paws at the demon.

Xiao Chen was fearless and said, “You want to kill me? Keke will remember you and avenge me in the future. I understand why you don’t dare to do anything to it, otherwise you will certainly be trapped in a hopeless situation with its parent’s divine ability.”

With a sigh, the demon faded away along with a cloudy fog. An indistinct ghost whistle transmitted from the forest not far away, “Whether it really have a parent or not, or whether if its parents are still alive, it is very hard to say. I was only being too cautious before. My patience have limits, I won’t give you too long to reconsider. If…… you insist on shedding blood, then I will not be lenient!”

The dragon’s Sacred Mountain, it was lofty and majestic. The atmosphere was intimidating, it seemed like a huge divine pillar that supported the heaven and earth.

Xiao Chen brought Keke back to this region again. Standing on the thousand meter high Heavenly Tree’s stump, he looked at the majestic Sacred Mountain at the correct position.

The demon’s words last night made Xiao Chen realize he will not become hostile for a short period of time. He could ignore the threat for a few days. The reason he came here was to find a powerful force to suppress the demon. He placed his hopes on the experts among the dragons, but to his dismay, those Greater Dragons, such as the Tyrannical Dragon, the Monarch Lion Dragon, the Saber Dragon, etc. had also lost the divine ability they displayed at the ghost town. Their brutality won over their divinity at present, he certainly won’t be able to communicate with them.

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Without a doubt, the demon also followed them. Even though he couldn’t find his whereabouts, Xiao Chen could feel he was just nearby.


A dragon roar transmitted from a distant place, it was a young dragon according to his intuition. Looking down at the shadows dancing in the forest below, Xiao Chen could see the figures of a few practitioners. They seemed to be pursuing a golden young dragon. The two words “Dragon King” immediately surfaced in Xiao Chen’s mind. The practitioners should have obtained the news that they could summon the divine ship by gathering nine Dragon Kings, but chasing the young Dragon King until this region was really too reckless.

This region seemed to be the dragon’s holy land, not only was there the powerful Tyrannical Dragon, Monarch Lion Dragon, and so on, this place was filled with primal beasts as powerful as the dragons. The consequences will be dire if they run into them.


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