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Chapter 130 – Disturbance

Xiao Chen was dumbstruck, this was such a strong aphrodisiac! Suppose if he had mistakenly taken a dose of it, even if there wouldn’t be a big problem, he would definitely be humiliated.

This fellow Qinyi was seriously not a good person, but at least he was not cold-hearted, he didn’t use a strong poison. Xiao Chen did not hesitate, if he wanted to play, so can play along. Using his secret arts to cautiously absorb fine powder on the foodstuff into his palm, he threw the majority of it into the water jar without any hesitation.

“Equal opportunity”, since everyone in the back mountain was some super powerful experts anyway, it probably wouldn’t cause some huge disturbance. At most, the uncle and aunt would only jump up and down for a while. If they want to have a thorough investigation, they will have to get even with Qinyi.

Of course, Xiao Chen also didn’t want to let Qinyi off this easily, he arrived at Qinyi’s residence without making any sound. This lateral court couldn’t be regarded as small, there was actually a specialized waiter. He didn’t hold back and mixed the remaining fine powder with the tea leaves.

The next day was lively as expected, a few angry roars could be heard from the back mountain, but it quickly calmed down. However, this matter had definitely not ended yet, the kitchen would definitely be investigated thoroughly.

What Xiao Chen didn’t expect was that, although the uncle and aunt at the back mountain acted like nothing had happened, there was another person he didn’t expect. It was precisely Yan Qing Cheng who was under house arrest at the back mountain, she kept shouting in the woodland of the back mountain.

“Get over here Xiao Chen!”

“I know it was you who set me up……”

“Ahhh, that damned Xiao Chen……”

In the end, Yan Qing Cheng stubbornly stormed Xiao Chen’s residence. Her cheeks were flushed, and her entire body was shuddering, the drug was obviously very intense, but with her ability, it didn’t pose to be much of a problem.

After this had happened, Qinyi was very nervous. And Qing Zhang Feng who knew his own son very well seemed to have realized something. As a result, after entering Qinyi’s residence for a short while, a bellow of rage resounded after they drank the tea. The old man did not get affected, but Qinyi began to run in the courtyard naked.

This matter was left unsettled in the end, but it was rumored that Qinyi was ruthlessly admonished by the patriarch. If it was not for giving Qin Zhang Feng face, Qinyi might have been punished severely.

But the matter regarding how Yan Qing Cheng was “dancing” in Xiao Chen’s courtyard with flushed cheeks, when she was in fact “flipping out”, was spread by a few woman in the Undying Sect. They made it seem so “vivid” and naturally made it seem more erotic.

Time passed very quickly, Xiao Chen had already spent three months in the Undying Sect. He spent every day meditating quietly. Among the four killing moves, God Slayer, Chaotic Patterns, Demon Suppression, and Death Blow, he was already able to control the God Slayer. As for the Chaotic Patterns, he already comprehended it to some extent. As far as Demon Suppression and Death Blow were concerned, he could only put them to simple application.

Of course, it was not because he didn’t have enough talent. The main reason was that he was studying the Undying Sect’s scripture meticulously. He was researching the “Immortal Demonic Seal” very carefully, he wanted to try and extract this technique into a single killing move. A “Demonic Seal” that allowed the weak to fight the strong.

Without a doubt, the Undying Sect’s scripture was broad and deep, but he didn’t want to dip into it completely, so long as he could draw out the most important part, it was more than enough. If he could really assimilate it into his martial arts effectively, it would inevitably allow his martial arts to level up.

This way of thinking was not bad, but it was really too hard to carry it out. He tried to force it a few times during these three months. As a result, his coughed up blood incessantly for five times, his body nearly collapsed, and his soul was also wounded several times. One could imagine just how profound and complicated was this martial arts.

And this was only from extracting the most essential part, if he really completely practiced this technique from the beginning, it might even be more strenuous. No wonder the Undying Sect was able to flourish for so long, their future was all but guaranteed with this kind of abnormal arts to comprehend.

During the fourth month of training, Xiao Chen finally had a little accomplishment, the “Demonic Seal” was finally taking shape. At the same time, he could control the Chaotic Patterns of the four major killing moves at long last.

And during these four months, Xiao Chen also strenuously comprehended this “Undying Wings”. To be able to fly freely in the sky was something he longed for day and night. Even if he was unable to cultivate the Demonic Seal, he must absolutely cultivate this divine wing. This was something he spent the most attention on the past four months.

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Apparently, the Undying Wings was much harder to practice than the Demonic Seal, he thought hard and long about it every single day, but the progress was very slow. He was only able to form two hazy purple mist behind his back, it was far from materializing the divine wings.

During these past few months, the three skeletons spent every day meditating in silence. They almost never left the residence. For them, all they needed was a quiet place to train, they need not anything else. The snow-white little Keke always appeared and disappeared unpredictably, who knew just what was it doing so busily. Fortunately, it was still obedient and didn’t enter those forbidden area of the Undying Sect.

As for that tough little dragon, it was still as competitive as before, it went back and forth to the underground labyrinth everyday. It seemed to be challenging the little Winged Dragon at the back mountain to close quarter combat almost everyday. Although that Winged Dragon could be considered a “little dragon”, it was already three to four meter long, it was much bigger than the tough little dragon. The tough little dragon could be said to keep on fighting despite continual setbacks, everyday it crawled back to the underground labyrinth while dripping with blood. It recovered its physical strength by devouring the Cloudfire Fruit.

In the end, even the little Winged Dragon was getting scared of the tough little dragon’s desperate struggle. It was not that the Winged Dragon didn’t want to kill the tough little dragon to settle this once and for all, it was that the tough little dragon seemed to be immortal, no matter how severe it was wounded, it would still live on to see another day, as if it had an undying body. And every time they fought, it became stronger.

Everyone in the Undying Sect was already used to the dragon roars on a daily basis. And some people, including the Undying patriarch, gradually started to look at the tough little dragon in a different light, they had finally realized the tough little dragon was not ordinary.

Time always passed by without one noticing, Xiao Chen had already stayed in the Undying Sect for half a year. He finally mastered the Demonic Seal. Of course, the so-called mastered was the same as how he could control the three major killing moves, the God Slayer, Chaotic Pattern, and Demon Suppression. It was not on the level where he could exhibit its full potential.

After adding the Demonic Seal to the four major killing moves, it could now be known as the five major killing moves. And in regards to practicing the Undying Wings, Xiao Chen could be said to be unfaltering and kept on fighting despite continual setbacks. He was enlightened when he looked at how the tough little dragon was challenging the little Winged Dragon everyday.

It was yet another early morning, the sunlight spilled on the back mountain. The hazy mist flickered with multi-colored radiance, It was lingering on the woodland, and among the flowers and plants, enhancing their beauty. This beautiful pure land was just like the fairyland.

“Xiao Chen, how dare you! The patriarch didn’t allow you to break into the back mountain, he only allowed you to train quietly in the front, you actually had the impertinence to run into my sect’s important location……” Yan Qing Cheng was currently facing the morning sun to take in and send out the multi-colored sunlight. One after another fantasy-like luster were lingering on her body. It made her seem extraordinary in contrast, her beauty was capable of causing the downfall of a city. It made people unable to look at her directly.

“Heh-heh, why don’t you just go and complain to the patriarch.” Xiao Chen chuckled. He came to this back mountain almost every day, since those older generation figures of the Undying Sect who lived at this place did not say anything, how could Yan Qing Cheng do anything to him.

Seeing Xiao Chen’s unperturbed smile, Yan Qing Cheng hated him to the point the root of her teeth started to itch. She had been enduring this anger for so many days, there were many rumors regarding the relationship between Xiao Chen and herself in the sect. Although she knew that it was her junior and senior sisters who were adding fuel to the fire, it wasn’t without reasons.

The disturbance caused by the Dragon King war in the outside world had gradually calmed down, many events that happened on the dragon island at that time had already spread out, the entanglements between Xiao Chen and herself had already been known to everyone in the Undying Sect. It made her eyes turn black the moment she saw Xiao Chen. ⌈1⌋ Especially when she thought about practicing the Obliterate Demon Absolute God, the consequences might turn even more serious in the future. She couldn’t help but vent on Xiao Chen by biting back twice.

“Mr. Xiao, don’t be so complacent. I will pay back everything you’ve done to me sooner or later.”

“That’s good, I will look forward to it. In half a year later, I assume your Undying Demon Technique will have completely changed into Obliterate Demon Absolute God. At that time, it seems like I will be able to give you any orders. Oh, let me think about it, I am an ordinary man, I have all the needs an ordinary man requires. It seems like it is about time to stop this monk-like practice, it is uninteresting. We should have a good talk, and discuss about our future.”

“Drop dead! Know your place, I am far above and beyond where you are! There’s nothing to discuss between us.”

“I am a man, you are a woman, discussing the matter between us is simply discussing the matter between a man and a woman.”

Speaking until here, Xiao Chen turned around and left, because he knew if he kept going, Yan Qing Cheng would completely flip out. At the same time, it was because he felt some uncles were looking at him in the dark.

Yan Qing Cheng’s beautiful face was gloomy, her graceful body was shaking slightly, she really wanted to rush over there to kick Xiao Chen onto the ground and ruthlessly stamp on his hateful smiling face.

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Not long later the tough little dragon had arrived, it let out a long roar towards the dragon cave below the cliff. It was provoking the young Winged Dragon in the cave. The three meter long little Winged Dragon always passively accepted the challenge recently, it was feeling furious and depressed in its heart. Just because it didn’t have anything better to do, this strange little dragon always came to look for a fight. The Winged Dragon was furious at how it was unable to kill the tough little dragon no matter what.

It flew out of the cave once its wings were unfolded, then it suddenly swoop down. It seemed like the Winged Dragon wanted to end the battle today as early as possible, it fought with full strength at the beginning. The pair of sharp dragon claws resembled the divine hook, it gave rise to a strong wind as it swept towards the tough little dragon’s back.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

The dragon’s shadow swayed, the tough little dragon left a few afterimages in its original place. Its speed was unbelievable as it dodged the attack. As a result, the rock in its original place was shattered by the Winged Dragon’s claw.

Xiao Chen was secretly apprehensive when he saw it, the tough little dragon’s improvement was really too fast, just now it was using substitution technique consecutively, it was just like when human experts were using the profound movement arts. Nobody taught this tough little dragon the human’s martial arts, could it be that this tough little dragon was the same as Keke; that they were born with the knowledge of some profound secret arts to begin with? But wasn’t that the privilege of the Dragon King?

He didn’t pay attention to it for a long time, but the tough little dragon’s single horn had already sprouted completely. It was flickering with glorious radiance, it seemed unusually mystical, the tough little dragon’s physique seemed to have gone through a huge transformation, its power was much greater than before, the speed was also much faster.


The two dragons had an intense battle, although the tough little dragon was still not the Winged Dragon’s opponent, it was unafraid of death and was exceptionally fierce. That tough little dragon was really a little reckless, it made the Winged Dragon feel helpless.

In the end, the tough little dragon ran away in defeat with blood flowing all over. And just at this time, Xiao Chen made his move, he used the Sealed God Light Screen to envelop the little Winged Dragon that was about to fly back into the dragon cave. It made this little Winged Dragon very furious, it was struggling unceasingly.

“Don’t panic little guy, I just wanted to see how you operate the dragon force and the pair of wings, I will release you in a while.” Xiao Chen spared no effort to constrain the little Winged Dragon and probed around unceasingly.

Using both hands to feel the fragment of scales, sensing the surge of dragon force within, he observed how those power was circulating on the Winged Dragon’s pair of wings. Linking it with the Undying Wings technique, Xiao Chen sent the secret arts to the blood vessels at his back while in deep thoughts.

After half an hour later, Xiao Chen finally had some insight, but it was also at this time he felt something was fishy. The little Winged Dragon was no longer struggling, and at the same time, he found that there were huge shadows on the ground. Raising his head, he saw two huge monsters descending from the sky while giving rise to strong wind.

Goodness gracious!

Xiao Chen released the little Winged Dragon and ran away immediately. The two fully grown Winged Dragons that were on patrol had returned, just in time to see these event unfolding.

How was it possible to get away, those huge dragon claws swept towards Xiao Chen in but a moment. However, the claws did not tear him apart, two adult Winged Dragons landed in front and behind Xiao Chen. The rays of light flickered, and the huge draconic body disappeared without a trace, a pair of male and female youth blocked his way, the man was tall and soldierly, the woman was tender and beautiful.

Although he knew the adult Winged Dragons had power equivalent to demigod realm, and was capable of transforming into humans, Xiao Chen still felt a little shocked to see it with his own eyes. And the main reason was that; he was caught bullying their child red-handed earlier, how could he not feel apprehensive.

“That was, uh…… I didn’t have any evil intention.” Xiao Chen was caught red-handed, he really didn’t know what to say anymore, these were two demigods for crying out loud. He only wanted to study the Undying Heavenly Wings, how did he end up enraging the little Winged Dragon’s parents.

“Wuu~ Wuu~ He was bullying me. And he wanted to steal our treasure.” That little Winged Dragon was flying over from nearby while weeping, then it began to accuse Xiao Chen while whining like a baby.

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That @#%¥…… Xiao Chen was a little speechless, that little Winged Dragon actually knew how to speak human tongue, and it was very fluent! It was obviously accusing him! One must know that the Winged Dragons were obsessed with treasures, almost all the adult Winged Dragons had fortune that were not too big nor too small. Was it trying to frame him? But thinking about it meticulously, it couldn’t really be considered framing him either, this was the best way to deal with him.

With a swish, the rays of light glinted and Xiao Chen was brought into the dragon cave by these couple.

“If you want us to forgive you, think of a way to make that little dragon that came from the dragon island to pass the legendary dragon martial skill to our child.”


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