Chapter 65 – Taking the Initiative

Xiao Chen and Lawrence were completely exhausted, after having sufficient rest, Lawrence entered the black cloud again to continue training in the vile environment. The Spiritual Power of the Void protected his body, his entire person is as motionless as a fossil. And Xiao Chen on the other hand continued to roam around the enchanted black cloud.

The battle earlier was fast and brief, and it was carried out in the sealed-space, so the three skeletons and Keke were not alarmed. Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang didn’t follow after Xiao Chen. The restricted area where the divine monolith is located seems to have a great influence on them, it caused their state of mind to be very uneasy. Keke also didn’t follow Xiao Chen, it is pacing back and forth all alone at a distant place.

After circling around the divine monolith, Xiao Chen discovered that it is not possible to enter the restricted area. At most they can only enter a few meter like Lawrence, and would be stopped by a terrifying destructive aura!

When Xiao Chen returned, Keke approached while squeaking unceasingly. It pointed at the hundred meter tall divine monolith in front of it, and keep gesturing non-stop, it seems to have found something.

“Clatter! Clatter!”

Keke seemed to be very dissatisfied that Xiao Chen did not understand what it means. It actually started to throw a tantrum, it stubbornly broke the ten meter tall skeleton beside it. In the end, it even waved its snow-white little paws fiercely, but it didn’t possess the slightest bit of violent nature. Xiao Chen couldn’t help but chuckle at this laughable scene, then he stroked the little guy’s hairy body.

Five days passed in the blink of an eye, Xiao Chen continuously roam around the sea of bones, searching for the secrets of this place. But of course, he spent the majority of his time training around the vicinity of the divine monolith, using the destructive aura emitted by the divine monolith to arouse his hidden potential. The surrounding of the restricted area is indeed a great place to train.

During these past few days, Xiao Chen discovered that there are indeed practitioners other than Lawrence in this area. He knew that they must be true experts that entered the depths of the island since a long time ago. They must be very confident with their own ability.

Keke did not really follow Xiao Chen, it is merely brimming with curiosity regarding all the fresh experience. These past few days it keeps wandering around the divine monolith, letting out a “Squeak! Squeak!” sound from its mouth unceasingly, it seems to be thinking about something aloud. Xiao Chen just let it be, this exotic little critter is not something that can be subdued with brute strength.

And the three skeletons seem very unwilling to get close to the divine monolith, they are even unwilling to enter this sea of bones. They chose to meditate in the deathly still forest neighboring the sea of bones. The lotus insignia on the foreheads are getting brighter and brighter, one can clearly see the sign that they are about to make a breakthrough.

On the eighth day, a few more humanoid figures could be seen within the sea of bones, and a few dozen practitioners also appeared in the deathly still forest, filling this incomparably quiet and deathly region with more vitality.

The people from the outer region finally arrived!

Within a mountain forest a few dozen miles from here, there are even more humanoid figures roaming about. Many people had found a suitable base to train and built wooden houses at the mountain woods. The people from the outer region actually migrated to the depths of the Dragon Island!

Actually, this is something very obvious, since all of them had been trapped on the Dragon Island, this signify that they had no choice but to spend the rest of their life here. And there are plenty of monsters running amuck on the island, only by gathering together in the same region would they be able to guarantee their own safety.

The Dragon Island is vast, they needed to explore all the area sooner or later, it is impossible for them to only limit themselves to the outer region of the island. This time, they marched to the heart of the island, it was what everyone had decided. In the future, they plan to explore all the area one after another.

Of course, it is impossible for every practitioners to follow the masses, quite a few people had already departed by themselves.

Several hundred people scattered over more than ten mountain ranges, each and every alliance is separated by quite a few distance. This area is close neighbor of the deathly still forest, it is a few dozen miles away from the sea of bones. When Xiao Chen made an appearance, it immediately aroused everyone’s attention. Since the battle last time, every alliances became aware of his formidable strength. He is a “sharp sword” not to be trifled with.

Xiao Chen discovered all the practitioners that he came across had a peculiar expression in their eyes. Later, he found out from the mouth of an alliance founder who wanted to recruit him, that Yan Qing Cheng had declared she will lead the Undying Alliance to play a “Hide and Seek” game with him that last for a month. And after disappearing for so many days, he actually came here openly, people couldn’t help but feel perplexed.

Xiao Chen felt really shocked when he received the news, the thing he was worried about is finally happening. The restrictions were set up by various alliances to prevent someone to rise as the king, but it is still heading towards a bad direction. Even though it seems like the alliance is being restricted on the surface, as long as one has enough power, they can still control everything in the dark!

It is only because the rules had just been set, nobody wants to be the first to break the rules. But now that something like this had happened, it will be unavoidable in the future, everything will be controlled in the dark. This is the main reason why Xiao Chen chose to leave immediately after the battle, he already expected this to happen sooner or later.

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He had already speculated, all kinds of restrictions from before are only effective for a period of time only. It will eventually be broken by various schemers behind the scenes, the Dragon Island will be extremely cruel in the future! The people who are brimming with desires, and the schemers who are unwilling to remain idle, will eventually gather some alliances together in secret to form a powerful force.

It is very obvious that once they have ascertained the situation on the Dragon Island, there will inevitably be another terrifying big purge, the powerful forces will lit the fire in the dark. When that time comes, half of the six to seven hundred people now will probably lose their life in the uproar!

Xiao Chen became aware of the upcoming crisis, he felt that it might finally be the time to establish an alliance. But all the genuine experts had long been fished by other people. After carefully reflecting upon it, he felt that it might not be necessary to establish an alliance. As long as he can pull a few experts as powerful as Lawrence to look out for each other, it will be much better than forming an alliance!

Lawrence definitely had the strength to single-handedly fight with an average alliance. If three or five experts of this level come together, nobody will dare to provoke them.

Xiao Chen’s appearance aroused the attention of many people, but in order to prevent needless inconvenience, he immediately disappeared in front of everyone. He spent a lot of time to locate the site of Yizhen and Yichi’s Dharma Alliance.

Two monks with transcendental auras are currently enjoying their lunch. Without a doubt, it is dishes with generous amounts of meat and fish. It is really not in harmony with their transcendental auras, every time Xiao Chen see them like this, he couldn’t help but laugh.

“What a rare guest.”

“Come and eat some vegetarian food with us.”

The two monks are very passionate, Xiao Chen felt a bit dumbfounded. Before them is such a sumptuous meat feast, yet they are able to say vegetarian food, these two monks are really carefree. Having a lunch with them, Xiao Chen was able to get many information from these two monks. As expected, Yan Qing Cheng led a group of people to track down Xiao Chen, but it seems like they chase after the wrong direction, they actually didn’t come to the depths of the Dragon Island, they entered a primitive mountain range halfway on the road.

Buddhist Yichi speculated that Yan Qing Cheng and the rest most likely discovered the tracks of a young Syndicate Dragon King, and wanted to capture it. Even though they are unable to leave the Dragon Island now, if they can subdue a Syndicate Dragon King, who would dare to go make trouble for them when the young dragon completely evolved? As long as the Ancestral Dragon doesn’t make an appearance, the Syndicate Dragon will become an extremely terrifying king without a rival.

After finishing their meal, Xiao Chen sipped a cup of coconut juice, and inquired Buddhist Yizhen, “Will the Undying Alliance be going all out?”

“Are you going to……” Buddhist Yizhen quickly understood what Xiao Chen was thinking.

“Since they already make their moves against me, why should I be polite with them?! I have already inflicted a serious injury on Lande, he wouldn’t be able to team up with Yan Qing Cheng anymore, I want to dispose of their remaining troops.”

Translator’s Note:

The author actually mistook Yan Qing Cheng as Zhao Lin Er in this chapter! XD

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