Chapter 29 – Bequeathing the Legend of God

Gu Luo’s miserable scream resounded in the horizon, the sharp pain makes him unable to keep his balance in the sky. The scroll was wobbling as it carried him forward, it was actually losing altitude constantly.

Xiao Chen stepped on the tip of the tree, leaping from the crown of one tree to another, his body transformed into a blur. After chasing for a few dozens of meter, he launched the second sword!

The bright longsword emitted a dazzling radiance, like a meteor that glides through the sky, it left behind a trail of light as it hits Gu Luo!


Watery blood sprinkled everywhere, the second sword hit the target again!

This sword directly pierced Gu Luo’s chest, it nearly took his life! An earsplitting scream resounded in the sky, the blood flowed down from the sky like a waterfall. Gu Luo was heavily wounded and on the verge of dying, he directed the scroll with all his remaining strength to fly towards a distant location at high-speed.

Under the bright moonlight, Xiao Chen was standing on the highest point of the tree, he faced upwards and let out a long howl. His long hair danced about hysterically, his eyes were as sharp as the blade of a sword, he finally turned the entire situation around tonight. After clearing all the malice in his heart, he need not to flee anymore.

Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang climbed up the tree, and arrived at Xiao Chen’s side. Under the moonlight, the three snow-white skeletons fixed their gaze on the bright moon in the sky. The spiritual light in their skull fluctuated, seemingly to recall something……




The latter half of the night, the roar of the beast was gone, it was especially calm in the mountain forest. The gentle moonlight spread throughout the entire forest, like a really huge feather of pure white. The mountain forest was harmonious and tranquil.

Xiao Chen seated cross-legged on the tree crown, he started to operate the mysterious technique of his to draw in the moonlight. The essence of the moonlight was flowing unhurriedly like the water ripples, a faint divine fog was circulating around the treetop, making this place appear especially auspicious and peaceful.

After an intense fight, Xiao Chen’s body was already running out of gas 1⌋, the essence of the pure moonlight energy was assimilated by his body unceasingly. The essence of the moonlight replenished the energy of his dried up body.

The three skeletons were also quietly refining the crystals Xiao Chen had provided them. Their snow-white framework gained another layer of luster, especially their skulls which were set off by the spiritual lights. Their skulls appeared crystal clear, as if they were transformed into jade.

This was a really peaceful and tranquil night……

The light of the stars in the night sky gradually became weaker, a speck of red light gradually exposed itself from the East. The dawn approached, the bird was the first to get up in the peaceful primitive forest. The pleasing birdsong was melodious and sweet-sounding, after that the roar of the beast sounded unceasingly.

Xiao Chen’s entire body was enveloped by a hazy radiance, a few birds were hopping around him and chirping happily. He already became one with nature. It last until he opened his pair of eyes, the forest birds were startled and flew off like rockets. He could feel a surge of qi-energy all over his body, the glorious radiance constantly circulated around the surface of his body.

He washed the bloodstains all over his body at a limpid streamlet 2⌋ nearby. After eating a incomparably sumptuous breakfast, he led the three skeletons and be on their way.

A group of huge elephants galloping, a divine panther with a pair of wings, a huge golden centipede with body as thick as a bucket, a three-headed tiger overlord that was as big as a small hill, the howl of huge and terrifying beasts could be heard during the whole journey. It echoed in the primitive ancient forest unceasingly.

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Passing through layer upon layers of mountain forest, Xiao Chen brought the three skeletons back to his previous dwelling place. Beside the sapphire-like small lake, the bluish-green bamboo house was still standing upright, emitting the sweet scent of plants. The wisterias meandering around the lake, discharging the fragrance of flowers and plants.

They didn’t stop over here, they passed through the dense woodland and arrived at the coast. Xiao Chen began to bask the sea salt under the sun, he was preparing to go after Zhao Lin Er and Gu Luo after gathering enough.

The early morning sunlight was golden-bright and dazzling, the three skeletons hate the sunshine very much, they hid under the shade of the coconut grove nearby, unwilling to come out. Xiao Chen used the coconut shell to collect seawater to make the sea salt by himself. However, just around this time, he discovered a human figure in the ocean.

A white-clothed man was dashing towards him from the depths of the ocean at lightning speed, he was like a divine fish rending the sea waves! The most shocking thing was, the white-clothed man was not swimming across the ocean, he was standing above the sea level!

He could finally see clearly after the distance was shortened!

A white-clothed young monk was pedaling atop a wooden boat. His movement was carefree, as if he was an immortal who trod across the ocean waves, his unworldly gracefulness cannot be described with mere words.

The Light Weight Technique of Bodhidharma! The supreme technique that was lost in the human world for countless years!

Xiao Chen was rather astonished, that was obviously an expert. He couldn’t help but raise his guard.

The slightly salty sea breeze brushed lightly against the white-clothed monk as he braved the waves and arrived at the coast. He was somewhat surprised when he looked at Xiao Chen, but he quickly calmed down, took a single step forward and moved on top of the beach.

“You are……?” The white-clothed monk was different from the usual monk, he didn’t recite the chant nor did he refer to common people as almsgiver, he inquired like an ordinary person.

Seeing that this young monk was out of the ordinary, Xiao Chen introduced himself briefly. If he was to continue living in this world of immortals, he should build a good relationship with the practitioners of this world.

The white-clothed monk was seemingly very astonished, he opened his mouth and starts to talk, “My religious name is Yizhen.” Unlike an ordinary monk, he didn’t claim “himself” as a “Wise Monk”. ⌈3⌋ Even though he didn’t speak like a Buddhist monk, he revealed a super-refined aura. Judging from his bearing alone, he seemed to be a senior monk who had achieved enlightenment.

The two chatted naturally as they walked towards the coconut grove automatically. The three skeletons could feel a stranger approaching so they stealthily retreated.

“Master Yizhen, is there anything bizarre on this island?” Xiao Chen had too much question in his heart, Wang Zi Feng, and even Gu Luo had come to this island in succession. They clearly have a main objective, even Yizhen has come to this island now. It further emphasized the distinction of this uninhabited island.

“This island is known as the Dragon Island. During the ancient barren era, this island was eternally subdued by the Heavenly Monolith. All the dragon race that were capable of oppressing the deities lost their magic power eternally, and was confined on this uninhabited island.”

Xiao Chen finally understood why the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon that could fight toe-to-toe with Neptune, and the king of dragons, the Tyrannical Dragon, were demonstrating more brutality than divinity. They already lost their powerful Divine Ability on this eternally subdued island.

“Why did something like that happened?” Xiao Chen asked curiously.

Buddhist Yizhen understood Xiao Chen’s current way of thinking, he briefly explained all the important events of the past to him.

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“Nobody knows for sure. After the dragon race was subdued, Suirenshi, Youchaoshi, Emperor Fuxi, the rest of the ancestral god disappeared. Even powerful figures like Laozi, Yuanshi, Tongtian, Gautama, and so on, also disappeared. ⌈4⌋ Perhaps some unfortunate event occurred around that era. Those respectable deities all disappeared without a trace.”

“How did something like that happen……” Xiao Chen couldn’t understand, he turned his head to face Buddhist Yizhen and said, “Don’t tell me, there is no more god in this world?”

“That is not exactly right, the world of immortal is immeasurably vast, there are many different kinds of race. The ancestral gods are no longer here, and even the powerful Laozi, Gautama and the others had also disappeared, the exotic tribes still continued to spread the legends of venerable gods. There are many things that cannot be explained clearly, only after you walk through the vast continent and experience it yourself would you truly understand.”


  1. TLN: The original translation says ‘empty’ but that just sound weird… 
  2. Streamlet means a “small mountain stream” for those who didn’t know. 
  3. TLN: The original translation is “Poor Monk (贫僧)” but it just doesn’t make sense, so I looked into the synonym of Poor > Abysmal > Profound and then I settled with Wise Monk. 
  4. Laozi (老子)、Yuanshi (原始)、Tongtian (通天)、Gautama (佛陀

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