Chapter 26 – King of Undead

Xiao Chen was enveloped by a bright radiance from head to toe, as if he was donning a layer of divine armor. He actually came out unscathed! The Qi-Training Diagram on the Ancient Stone Monolith was indeed very mysterious, he didn’t completely petrify due to the protection of the Mysterious Technique.

It was impossible to continue fighting under this kind of circumstances. His body was enveloped by a dim light as he soared into the sky like a bird. He landed on top of an ancient giant tree.

Zhao Lin Er and Gu Luo’s reacting speed were fast, they charged towards Xiao Chen in that instant. The experts in the surrounding chased after them in a flock, they wanted to work together and kill the tenacious Xiao Chen.

Gu Luo and Zhao Lin Er fought with Xiao Chen while in mid-air, dazzling radiance exploded in the sky constantly as they exchanged one blow after another. The forest trees in the vicinity were severely damaged, the branches, the leaves and the wood shavings fluttered about everywhere. Xiao Chen borrowed the force behind their palms and conveniently landed on top of a giant tree. After that, he trod on the branches and leaped to another giant tree like an energetic monkey.

Gu Luo had a really ugly complexion on his face, even though he was healed by the Radiance of Life, he still lost an excessive amount of blood, which depleted his strength. As a result, he was forced back to the ground by Xiao Chen. He finally lost his patience and bellowed in rage, leading several people to chase after him.

Just about this time, a shattering noise once more resounded. The three ice sculptures abruptly crumbled, the three skeletons actually did not get stranded to death! They broke out from the confinement, and regained their freedom. Moreover, they easily penetrated the three people next to them without any hesitation.

The forest immediately burst into a fit of chaos, the performance of the three undead creatures caused some of the servants to feel somewhat frightened. However, the three skeletons did not continue to massacre, they quickly flee towards the depths of the swamp like Xiao Chen did.

The setting sun already faded away a long time ago, the swamp was eerie and dark.

At this moment, Xiao Chen was holding his breath.

Gu Luo and Zhao Lin Er hastily led a group of people to pursue closely, they were unwilling to let Xiao Chen gain any more advantages.They must exterminate him in this woodland at all cost. However, they suddenly heard a “plop” sound around this time. Someone mysteriously fell in this dusky woodland.


Another one fell to the ground, never to rise again!

“Not good, it’s miasma! Quickly retreat, it’s undead miasma!” The instant first person fell, Gu Luo raised his eyebrow and responded immediately.

With the help of the deathly pale moonlight, they could see faint layers of fog rising from the swamp. The deathly swamp burst into a fit of chaos, all the people were terrified as they flee from the swamp. It was comparable to the day of the apocalypse.

Black fog was lingering around, the auras of death were fluctuating, the swamp had already changed into the Domain of Death!

With Zhao Lin Er and Gu Luo’s talent, they were able to hold their breath for a long time. The undead miasma was unable to affect them for the time being. However, it was a different story for the rest of them, every one of them felt their heads were spinning, someone would fell to the ground occasionally.

When they got out of the swamp, only five other people got out along with Gu Luo and Zhao Lin Er. The rest of the people all fell in the Domain of Death behind them.

Gu Luo’s face was deathly pale, his expression was very gloomy. If all those people died, he wouldn’t have any underlings to use anymore. He gritted his teeth as he faced Zhao Lin Er and said, “May I request Your Highness help, to enter the swamp with me and carry those people out. I have an idea how to help them recover.”

Zhao Lin Er felt a lingering fear, she felt that Xiao Chen was really difficult to deal with. She didn’t say much and rushed into the deathly swamp along with Gu Luo to carry all those unconscious people out.

Outside of the swamp, there were plenty of figures lying on a wide expanse of the ground. These people were about to cease breathing, one black thread after another appeared on the surface of their skin, the undead poison had already spread throughout their entire body.

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“Divine Purification” Following Gu Luo’s low howl, one scroll immediately spread out, a milky white radiance enveloped this vacant land like a light screen. Everyone who were heavily inflicted by the undead poison started to groan. Faint black mist leaked out from their body, then it generated a few “crackle” sound under the influence of the white radiance before it transformed into nothingness.

After the incomparably precious Purification Scroll had been used up, all the people were no longer in any life threatening danger.

Xiao Chen didn’t know Gu Luo would have this kind of life-saving tools. He already joined up with the three skeletons at the moment. They also walked out of the swamp, recovering their strength in the other direction.

“We can’t let him get away like this!” Gu Luo’s expression was really gloomy, he suffered a lot of damage today, he could feel the boiling rage deep in his heart.

Zhao Lin Er knitted her elegant eyebrow and said, “However, being hindered by this kind of natural undead miasma bring about a huge inconvenience for us.”

“No matter, I still have one scroll I haven’t used!”

Half an hour later, after everyone who were lying on the ground recovered, Gu Luo spread open a scroll and started to chant, “Disperse the evil and darkness, protect me with your divine radiance!”

As the scroll transformed into dust, half of the people were enveloped by a holy radiance. Their body emitted a faint radiance, which seemed especially eye-catching in the dim light of night. The other half who were not in the area-of-effect did not receive the “Divine Protection”, thus they stayed outside of the swamp to provide support.

Xiao Chen was gobsmacked when these people appeared in front of him again. He led the three skeletons back into the swamp again. However, this time, the undead miasma no longer had any effect on those people. It automatically dissipated upon making contact with the holy radiance, all of them were no longer afraid of the deathly swamp.

Gu Luo and Zhao Lin Er led the army to chase and kill, they forced Xiao Chen and the three skeletons to flee in a sorry figure. They were caught up in the boundary of death quite a few times. At last, Xiao Chen rushed into the dark and gloomy central region of the swamp despite being stopped by the three skeletons. Of course, during the course of events, he slowed down his pace, trying hard to keep the distance between them in a deadlock.


A very awe-inspiring and scary sharp screech suddenly resounded in the swamp. The screech of this netherworld ghost caused goosebumps to continuously emerge, the screech was extremely bizarre and scary.

The swamp ahead was incomparably dark, one could vaguely make out the figure of a huge undead creature that was about ten meters high, bellowing as it looked up to the sky. The aura of the death was fluctuating violently, it was as if they had just entered the eerie and terrifying underworld!


And yet another bone-chilling whistle of the ghost resounded, endless amount of darkness surged up violently in the twinkling of an eye. That was actually a surge of raging deathly aura!

The army that pursued Xiao Chen found in their dismay, the holy radiance that enveloped their body was extinguished in a split second. The terrifying deathly aura bested their “Divine Protection”.

“Not good, quickly retreat! It’s the Undead Emperor!” Even though Gu Luo’s voice was shaky, he still shouted loudly.

Everyone’s courage was entirely shattered, they were so terrified that their souls spirited away!

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The emperor of the undead creature had always only emerged in the legends, even a deity’s face would change color when facing one who had reached the peak state.

Every single person was running as if their life depended on it, everyone felt extreme fear in their heart. Why did they had to run into the emperor of the undead creature? In fear, Gu Luo was thinking about these angrily at the same time. However, once he recalled this big desolate ancient island was under a seal, he felt relieved.

Even though Xiao Chen had mentally prepared for this early on, he still felt a chill down his spine. He kept far away from the crowd and escaped at lightning speed. And just around this time, from who knows where, the three skeletons rushed over to Xiao Chen’s side and pulled him along as they ran in a zigzag formation in the dark swamp.

The inexhaustible deathly aura spread over a vast area, Gu Luo’s subordinates fell in the swamp one after another. Behind them was the figure of a huge terrifying undead, following them casually as it reaped their life!

Xiao Chen took a quick glance from a distant place, he couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath. He could vaguely see the a pair of huge rotten wings on the back of the ten meter tall undead figure!

The deathly aura bubbled up ⌈1⌋, the inexhaustible darkness obstructed his line of sight, he couldn’t see anything anymore……


  1. To rise or increase steadily in intensity. 

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