Chapter 145 – Four Grand Experts

The North Style Academy was founded eight hundred years ago. It was one of the most powerful forces in Celestial City nowadays. It was said that the academy was founded by some scattered practitioners at that time.

The founders all possessed extraordinary strength. They did not have a powerful backer, all of them were some uncommon “hermit”. When facing big sects with long history, their individual power seemed somewhat weak. Precisely because of this very reason, some like-minded people gathered together and founded the North Style Academy in the Celestial City. After several hundreds years of growth, they had already turned into a big sect in the south desolate region. It could even be said to be incomprehensible.

In these eight hundred years, the North Style Academy had taken in numerous styles of training methods. After the elders in the institution studied them intensively, they created a few dozen top-notch techniques by getting rid of the weeds and keeping the flowers.

As for the Wargod Academy and the White Elk Academy adjacent to the North Style Academy, they both had their own histories.

The North Style Academy took up a huge space. The ancient fence was like a city wall and extended to both sides without an end in sight. The main gate was tall and imposing. It was just directly in front of Xiao Chen’s residence, only separated by a street.

Going across this educational street, Xiao Chen and company entered the North Style Academy with the baby brat of the Mander Family in the lead.

It was already the evening, the course of the day in the North Style Academy had already ended. It was the time for the students to relax. A lot of young men and young ladies were entering and exiting the academy. When they saw the blue-haired Katalina, many people greeted her rather warmly. It was easy to tell that she had quite the reputation in this academy.

There were also a lot of people staring at the fatty and Fairsky with unfriendly gazes. It was easy to tell that these two hedonistic sons were not very well-received. Even Xiao Chen who was following them got glared at a few times.

“Come, come, want to see an expert’s showdown? Want to see an Eight Celestial Layer expert persecute the perverts? Then come with me!” The blue-haired Katalina shouted as soon as she entered the North Style Academy, and waved her hands at everyone present.

“My god, does this brat from the Mander Family have to be this cruel?” The fatty felt a little uneasy. He and Fairsky were a pair of peeping toms, they frequently came to this place to steal a glance at the beautiful girls. So much so that they even came to take a stroll in the academy sometimes. Although they didn’t do any immoral act, their public reputation was nothing short of bad. When people started to surround them from all sides, he started to have a little guilty conscience.

Fairsky was not particularly scared. After all, he was a practitioner with considerable strength. Although he was somewhat crestfallen, he still had a faint smile on his beautiful face. It seemed like he couldn’t care less.

“Little brat, where is your big brother? Hurry and lead the way.” Xiao Chen didn’t care if there was an audiences or not. It made no differences.

“Come, everyone come with me to see our academy’s absolute expert defeating the perverts.” The baby girl of the Mander Family shouted with all her might. As if she had already anticipated Xiao Chen’s crushing defeat, she used this as a pretext to vent.

More and more people gathered. Everyone followed them into the inner part of the academy.

It must be mentioned, the North Style Academy was really out of the ordinary. Along the sides of the road, they passed by one hall after another. He had already seen seven or eight dojos, and even three extraordinarily beautiful gardens with different styles; The rocky mountain was simple and unadorned, the clear spring flowed into the huge courtyard, the fine woods were verdant, and the pavilions were as faintly discernable as the underground palaces of ghouls.

“Go to the central dojo, everyone come and watch.” The blue-haired young lady was getting more and more excited as she saw more people rushing towards them. She cast a provocative glance towards Xiao Chen and said, “You arrogant hedonistic son, you will be defeated today. Who told you to humiliate me, I will return it to you in a moment.”

Xiao Chen found it to be somewhat laughable. This brat was truly headstrong and unruly.

But the fatty and Fairsky were already in doubt. The fatty whispered, “Is that freak really back? That doesn’t seem like it, it is impossible for him to be this bombastic. He would definitely not let this little brat act arbitrarily regardless of the rules.”

Fairsky asked doubtfully, “Katalina, is it really your big brother that wants to have a showdown with Xiao Chen?”

“Of course!”

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The central dojo was extremely big. There was a sapphire-like lake beside the big hall. It appeared solemn and calm, lotus flowers were growing in the lake. The boat at the side of the lake caused a few ripples. The dojo was brimming with murderous aura. That was the aura left behind by the practitioners of the North Style Academy over many years.

Katalina, Fairsky, and everyone else had already come to a halt. Only Xiao Chen continued to take large strides into the center of the dojo. He stood in the center without saying a word as he swept his eyes over everyone.

Just at this time, a shocked voice suddenly transmitted from the crowd, “It is actually the four grand experts!”

“It really is the four grand experts!”


The fatty and Fairsky were also a little flabbergasted. They faced Katalina and said, “What’s wrong with you? Why are they the experts of the North Style Academy? And four of them appeared at once, where is your big brother?”

“You tell me, among the four of them, who’s not my brother?”

“They are only your cousins, and not your blood related brother.”

“But they are also my older brothers, and they are not any weaker than my blood related brother.” Katalina was smiling gleefully.

The fatty was a little depressed and said, “Xiao Chen is dead for sure.”

Fairsky faced Katalina and said, “This brat from Mander’s Family, aren’t you a little too shameless? You actually went to find him. He is already thirty years old, he is already one generation older than us. Why don’t you just go and find your uncle directly?!”

“Nonsense, big brother Lambda is only twenty nine years old. According to the unwritten rule of the mainland, he should still be considered the youth generation. Asking him to deal with Xiao Chen is not undue.” Katalina’s face was filled with a smile. Her pair of beautiful big eyes already bent into the crescent moon shape.

“F—! An expert half a generation older…… The Mander Family is despicable!” The fatty cursed in a low voice.

The four grand experts entered the field unhurriedly. They surrounded Xiao Chen from four sides.

Lambda stood with his hands at the back. His expression was cold and proud. Though he couldn’t be considered as handsome, he possessed the air of an expert.

The other three were also six to seven years older than Xiao Chen. They looked like they were around twenty five to twenty six years old. Their temperament was also out of ordinary.

Hearing that it was Lambda and the others at the central dojo, many other students rushed over at high speed. They wanted to see who actually dared to confront Lambda, an Eighth Celestial Layer expert.

“All four of you can come at once!” Although Xiao Chen’s voice was not loud, it clearly resounded in the dojo.

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There were already eight hundred people gathered at the site. They caused an uproar as soon as they heard these words. Wasn’t this youngster being too arrogant? He actually planned to fight the four grand experts by himself. One must know that Lambda was an Eight Celestial Layer expert. Only a few would be able to stand up to him among the youth generation.

“Who is this guy? He’s actually so arrogant.”

“I heard he won over that baby girl from Mander Family as an attendant. He really has guts. Does he not fear that once that brat’s freak of an older brother comes back, he will go find him to settle the debt?”

“Don’t need to wait for Katalina’s freak of an older brother to come back. This Lambda should be more than enough. He’s also an Eight Celestial Layer expert.”

“Just where did this Xiao Chen guy came from?!”

Xiao Chen’s name already spread all over the North Style Academy in an instant. Many male and female audiences were making inquiries about his origin.

The pervert group, Fairsky and the fatty; their eyes were turning left and right. The fatty couldn’t hold back anymore and said, “So it is actually that easy to attract beautiful young ladies, just look at those beautiful girls…… Alas, I wonder when will I be able to make them pay attention to me.”

“Wait ‘till you succeed your family’s Amber Warbeast Castle, the beautiful girls will naturally crowd around you.” Fairsky mercilessly brought him back to reality.

In the field, Lambda raised an eyebrow and said calmly, “I am almost ten years older than you. If I really make my move, it will be nothing more than bullying. I will let my three friends over there to fight with you one on one. If you can win, then I will not make things difficult for you.” He was very conceited. He responded to Xiao Chen’s ravings just now with these words.

“Then the three of you can come at once.” Xiao Chen was very calm, his words were very direct.

“This Xiao brat, don’t be so arrogant. Lambda was being modest to you, and yet you don’t know what is good for yourself. Let me, Rex, be the first to answer you!” A blue-clothed man with black hair moved like the wind. He left behind a blue afterimage in his original position and rushed towards Xiao Chen.

“Rex made his move, twenty five years old, Sixth Celestial Layer expert!” The people outside the field were making a racket. Many people knew he was the North Style Academy’s expert.

“He’s most proficient in the Ichor Blade. Quick, look! He’s about to execute it!”

A blood blade was rumbling like a bloody cloud, it was drizzling with bloody fog. The space in front of Rex was engulfed by the color of blood. The red lightning was crisscrossing in the dojo. Eighty genuine light blades slashed the air. The frantic bloody sword waves gathered together and formed a terrifying blade screen as they were launched towards Xiao Chen.

The surprised yell of the audiences already transmitted from the outside of the field. One sword-qi after another slashed through the space. The glorious radiance already caused everyone to narrow their eyes and watch what was happening in the field nervously.

No complicated maneuver, no intense collision as they expected, and no shocking energy fluctuation. They only saw a glaring ray of light flickering within the bloody light. Xiao Chen’s palm actually passed through layers upon layers of the blade screen and destroyed the sword-qi without making any sound!

“Demonic Seal!”

“It is actually the Undying Sect’s Demonic Seal!”

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“When did an expert like this emerge from the Undying Sect?!”

There were some experienced and knowledgeable persons outside of the field. They already cried out in surprise.

Demonic Seal, the methodology was not affected by the body. As long as the heart was not extinguished, the body would not extinguish! It was a valuable secret art for the weak to resist the strong!

“This guy’s power is more profound than Rex’s. He’s using the unrivalled secret arts, his superiority is unquestionable!”


When everyone was shouting in surprise, Xiao Chen took a step forward. When he flipped his hand over, Rex’s bloody blade broke down like fragile glassware. His entire person was like he had sustained a lightning strike; his body trembled violently before he was sent flying away.

With only a single strike, a Sixth Celestial Layer expert was defeated!

Numerous spectators caused an uproar. Many of them didn’t dare to believe the fact before their eyes.

“Rex was actually defeated, one hit knock out!” ⌈1


Hearing the racket at this place, many more people in the academy rushed over.


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