Chapter 97 – Heavenly Diagrams Appeared

The young Amethyst Dragon was the legendary Syndicate Dragon King. With it at their side, even if those dragons found them, they wouldn’t be attacked. Everyone comforted themselves like this. The Yin Warriors and Celestial Warriors at the back seemed to be anxious, they were unwilling to approach this place, and watched from a distant.

Letting out a growl, the Amethyst Dragon King moved away from the vicinity of the divine monolith. It ran towards the upstream of the blood river. This blood river with a nauseating smell could even be said to have nine bend eighteen curves. It was incomparably twisted.


With a loud sound, the rays of light soared into the sky from the divine monolith. The divine halberd with resplendent golden light and that jet-black metal engraving were sent flying away. Xiao Chen felt very excited, because at the time the divine monolith lit up, they arrived at the back of the divine monolith. He could vaguely see some diagrams within the divine radiance!

He was extremely excited at the moment, that was the continuation of the qi-training diagram bestowed by heaven. It was the piece of secret technique he had yearned for all along. The divine monolith on the dragon island really had some big connection with the ancient monolith in the Yellow River.

“Xiao Chen, what are you blanking out for?! Let’s go!” Lawrence noticed Xiao Chen was standing there with blank expression, he couldn’t help but pull his shirt.

“You guys go first. I will come after you soon.” Xiao Chen was absent-minded, his attention was fully focused on that indistinct qi-training diagram.

“Are you crazy?!” Lawrence exerted his strength to push Xiao Chen.

The Solitary Sword Demon at the side laughed grimly and said, “Hmhmhm. You wanted to memorize the qi-training diagram on the ancient monolith? I advise you to forget about it. Each and every practitioners who tried to practice the qi-training diagram on the dragon island’s ancient monolith ended up dead.”

Buddhist Yizhen also walked over when he heard these, then he said, “Xiao Chen, don’t be absurd and try to memorize the qi-training diagram, that is a technique that cannot be practiced. According to legend, someone had obtained the diagrams in the past. But all those who practiced this technique died tragically.”

“It doesn’t matter, you guys go first.” It was as if Xiao Chen had been possessed by ghost. His gaze was fixed at the ancient divine monolith firmly. But those diagrams already faded away as the rays of light receded.

Just at this time, a cry of alarm transmitted from the front. It seemed like the Amethyst Dragon King had led everyone to a bizarre location. Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen glanced at one another, then they pulled Xiao Chen at both sides and walked forward. It was easy to tell they were worried something would happen to Xiao Chen.

And just at this time, the Ancestral Dragon’s Horn, Buddha’s Eternal Wheel, Brass Trigram…… as well as numerous dragon’s spell bombarded the divine monolith again. The dazzling rays of light rose from the ancient monolith, the heavenly diagram appeared again!

This time, two terrifying rays of light shot out from Xiao Chen’s pair of eyes. It was just like an essence, his mind seemed to have left his body along with the two divine light. At this moment, he felt a large quantity of ancient aura pouncing on him directly. An ancient stone inscription deeply embedded into his brain.

That’s right, that was the follow-up of the martial arts he practiced! Moreover, he found four new techniques in that complicated diagram. It was four mysterious killing moves. Although there were only four moves, it meant the whole world to Xiao Chen.

It was impossible for Xiao Chen to completely assimilate the follow-up heavenly qi-training diagram in such a short period of time. He could only firmly embed them in his brain. However, he felt a sense of deja vu in regards to that four killing moves. After thinking about it for a while, it seemed like he had seen this One Scale: Half Claw before.

The first move from the four killing moves had a striking resemblance with the God Slayer Technique. But it was much more simpler than the God Slayer Technique. The more Xiao Chen analyzed, the more fearful he felt. The God Slayer Technique he found at the stone fence previously, when compared to the first move on the divine monolith, they were worlds apart. They couldn’t even be compared, it was hard to express just how profound it was with mere words.

Soon after, Xiao Chen found that the four killing moves on the divine monolith, a little trace of each could be found in the killing moves recorded on the stone fence. The second move of the four killing techniques actually had a little resemblance with “Chaotic Three-Way Patterns”. The third move of the four killing techniques actually had a little resemblance with “Eight Laws of Demon Suppression”. And the last of the killing techniques actually had a little resemblance with “Five Death Blow”.

The four killing techniques on the ancient divine monolith only required four signs, but so much skills had derived from such a simple diagram. Maybe this was the so-called main path.

The legendary Chaotic Three-Way Pattern, Eight Laws of Demon Suppression, Five Death Blow, etc were all evolved from one of the four killing techniques. And who knows just how many fold more refined were these techniques.

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The main path is simple…… the main path is simple! Xiao Chen kept muttering these few words. In the end, he dubbed the four killing moves as: God Slayer, Chaotic Patterns, Demon Suppression, and Death Blow!

“What are you muttering to yourself?”

Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen who were pulling Xiao Chen couldn’t help but shake him a few times after seeing his absent-minded look. Xiao Chen finally woke up from that kind of state. He gradually calmed down, and said, “I am fine.” Only then did Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen let go of him.

“What happened over there?” Xiao Chen looked ahead of him in shock, they were already a few hundred meter behind. The bloody light soared to the heavens ahead of them.

“The Amethyst Dragon King drew us here, who knows; there might really be a way to get out of here.”

In this area, the amount of ancient buildings decreased. The blood river nearby pervaded with negative aura, bloody fog drifted around. The soaring bloody light in front seemed to possess an ancient platform brimming with oppressive aura.

Xiao Chen and the others quickly rushed over there. They found out that was actually an ancient sacrifice altar. It was made by piling black boulders on top of one another, the height was at least twenty meter tall. It was brimming with the vicissitudes of time. It was surrounded by two meter tall stone monoliths. And the soaring bloody light was precisely emitted by those stone monoliths. It was like they were shielding the ancient sacrifice altar.

The blood river was connected to the ancient sacrifice altar, then it flowed towards the distant location. It seemed like the bloody light had great connection to the blood river. People couldn’t help but suspect, could this be the legendary blood sacrifice? Could it be that the blood river was made for the purpose of powering this ancient sacrifice altar?

Nearly all the survivors in the ancient city followed the Dragon King and escaped to this place. But there were only seventeen to eighteen people left. The rest were no longer alive. Xiao Chen found his enemy, the genius Illusion Master, Carlos, at this place. But the two of them didn’t start a fight, this is not the best time to settle their personal enmity.

The Amethyst Dragon King let out a growl, then it actually jumped, and leapt over the blood river. It crossed the stone monolith, and rushed into the bloody light. Then it got in front of the ancient sacrifice altar. It turned around and let out a few growl, it seemed to be asking everyone to follow.

Dozens of practitioners looked at each other in dismay, could they leave the ghost town by running to the sacrifice altar? That seemed unlikely. However, they didn’t have much time to think over it, because waves of stampeding sound was transmitted from a distant place. The Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors took a long detour from the divine monolith and finally arrived here. Furthermore, even more evil spirits were also rushing over. The sky was also covered by the densely packed skeleton birds.

What’s more shocking was that. Many of the former residences were no longer at a standstill. Waves of mournful roars were transmitted from those residences, those were definitely some super powerful monsters!

The practitioners were no longer hesitant. Since they are already here, might as well give it a try along with the Amethyst Dragon King. Dozens of people jumped over the sea of blood in succession and crossed the stone monolith.

Everyone followed the Amethyst Dragon King along the ancient stone steps and got to the top of the sacrifice altar. The stone altar that had endured the wind and frost over countless years had diagrams of the sun, the moon, and stars carved on the surface. Not only that, there were also many drawings of ancient figures, but they were unable to guess what it was.

When they walked on top of the sacrifice altar, everyone also noticed many bloody diagrams depicting dragons being offered as sacrifices to the gods. This made the Amethyst Dragon King very angry, it kept letting out a growl.

Just at this time, a big crowd of evil spirits arrived in front of the sacrifice altar. Black fog rolled over and over, the gloomy fiendish aura pervaded the air. And the sky was also covered by a black cloud. Not only was there the skeleton birds, there were also many other unknown evil spirits that could fly. All of them were staring at the sacrifice altar fiercely. But none of them had unleashed their attacks yet.

“What’s going on? Why do I feel something fishy is going on.” Someone said with bewildered look, “These monsters are swarming around us, don’t tell me…… are they going to treat us as live offerings?”

The evil spirits kept increasing in numbers. In the end, they let out a shriek. It made this place tremble unceasingly. Even the Amethyst Dragon King seemed somewhat anxious now, it kept raising its head to look around. Through the gap between the evil spirits in the sky, they could see the bloody sun was about to suspend over the ancient city.

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When the bloody sun gradually approached the center, the bloody light of the ancient sacrifice altar glinted incessantly. This sacrifice altar that had existed for god knows how many years was crazily drawing the surrounding blood river as if it had come to life. Dazzling rays of light rushed up.

The evil spirits that were besieging them raised an upheaval. Their mournful screech kept resounding non-stop. It seemed like they were watching a live sacrifice from taking place.

Just at this time, the building complex very close to the sacrifice altar suddenly turned chaotic. A violent rumbling noise resounded, the most majestic former residence in the center suddenly collapsed. The mournful screech was deafening, it seemed like another unique monster was born.

Everyone were overwhelmed with shock. This is something that never happened before since they entered the ancient city. Right now, even though many former residences were letting out a bizarre sound, they haven’t collapsed yet.

Following that, a streak of white light rushed out. They could only see a hairy and adorable little critter jumping from the rooftop of one building to another. The snow-white little critter was panting with rage while blinking its pair of glittering big eyes. It looked at that ruins and let out a “Squeak! Squeak!” sound that transmitted to everyone’s ears. ⌈1

“Shriek……!” The screech of the malicious spirit caused the evil spirits in the sky to tremble. They almost fell onto the ground. They could only see a tall man wearing ancient armor crawling out from that ruins.


“How could this be?!”

“That is……”

Everyone turned pale with fright. Because that was a headless angel, and yet it was actually able to let out a sound. Moreover, he had a pair of golden wings, that means he must be a god as depicted in legends! Why was he in the former residence? And where did his head go? But after a careful observation, they couldn’t sense a trace of holy aura from him. His entire body was brimming with terrifying baleful aura.

The headless golden-winged angel threw itself at the snow-white little critter. It destroyed that former residence in a flash, endless amount of smoke and dust were blasted into the air. The little critter seemed to be extremely fast, the headless angel’s golden wings were actually unable to catch up. In the end, the little critter rushed into another former residence, the headless angel also followed into the residence.

Every former residences had a super powerful monster in it. Along with the collapse of a few former residences, several monsters wearing ancient peasant clothing already rushed out. One couldn’t find anything special about them, but their terrifying strength made people felt very fearful. They were so much stronger than those evil spirits everyone had encountered before.

A seemingly very adorable snow-white little critter actually made such a huge ruckus. And it was actually able to come out in one piece even after entering a few former residences. It was completely inconceivable.

“Keke……!” Xiao Chen cried out in fear. He already recognized Keke, he absolutely never thought of the possibility that the little critter had actually entered the ancient city too.

Some people had seen this little critter following Xiao Chen before. They suddenly recalled it at the moment. But they never thought this little critter was so mystical. One must know that many practitioners who entered the former residences never seen the light again. They were reduced to the evil spirit’s ration. But this adorable little critter actually ran inside again and again, it really made everyone speechless.

Not only does it seem to be fearless, it appeared to be panting with rage. It was extremely cute and mystical.

Keke heard Xiao Chen calling out its name, it blinked its glittering eyes and looked over. After that, it ran over cheerfully as if it had found its close relative. It stepped on one after another former residences along the way.

Things have gotten really rowdy. The golden-winged headless angel and other monsters pursued at the rear, they frantically destroyed several haunted house along the way. The smoke and dust soared into the heavens at that area.

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Everyone was completely dumbstruck, this little critter…… was too unrestrained. Or was it because it was too pure and adorable? It actually rushed over here without a care in the world, all the while stirring up such a huge commotion on the way. Everyone was completely speechless.

While Xiao Chen was feeling anxious for Keke, he was also secretly guessing at the same time; Could those few people behind the golden-winged headless angel be celestial beings back in those time? After all, he was able to recognize one of them before. Even though these few people had unfamiliar faces, it was hard to say they don’t have similar status.


One after another former residences collapsed in succession. Keke was almost caught by one evil spirit, Xiao Chen was extremely nervous. In the end, he couldn’t stand it anymore and wanted to jump out of the sacrifice altar to provide support for Keke.

“Don’t go!” Lawrence and the woman shrouded in colorful mist stopped him at the same time. Xiao Chen was stopped by the power of Space and Time.

Fortunately, Keke was in good health. Moreover, it actually had enough time to angrily wave its little paw at the golden-winged angel.

In the end, Keke transformed into a streak of white light with a swish. It actually flew across a few dozen meter in the sky. It directly passed the blockade in front of the sacrifice altar, and leaped one more time to jump over the blood river. Then it ran towards the top of the sacrifice altar.

Keke was really too mystical. Its entire body was snow-white, that spotlessly white fur was flickering with a crystal clear luster. It was as if the fur was carved out attentively from soft and pure agate. Adding on to that, its pair of glittering big eyes made it extremely adorable. This little critter was seriously a goblet of intelligence.


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