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Chapter 237 – Destiny Twin

Part 1

The sunset glow dyed the western part of the sky red. The lake also shone with a bright red tint. The ripples on the lake looked like red crystals breaking apart. The beautiful lake was gleaming reflection of waves in sunlight.

At the lake side, there was a boiling cauldron of voices. Xiao Chen killed the Sixth Level Huzuni with just a lift of the hand. He killed the Tiger Clan’s expert like slaughtering chickens. Everyone in the park was dominated by his sheer power.


“This is the one who fought the Southern Wasteland’s number one expert to a draw? Perhaps he wouldn’t even lose against the Heroic Four of Yindu!”

Thousand plus people got excited over this and started to discuss spiritedly.

The scions of some supreme clans involuntarily took a few steps forward to take a closer look at that majestic and unmoving figure.

The third princess and dozen other beauties also stood up from their seats to look at the powerful youth in the middle of the battlefield.

Dugu Jianmo still remained as silent as ever. Only that his entire person released a razor sharp aura. The surrounding people were frightened by him and quickly moved to the side.

Lazio and Windfeathers had complicated feelings as they clenched their fists tightly.

Yan Qingcheng revealed a doubtful expression as she looked at the figure suspiciously. She kept having this feeling that she had seen this man before. But of course, Xiao Chen was the last thing that would come to mind. After all, their fighting styles were completely different.

“Xiao Shishui!!!” Kazeni rushed over with a roar, but all he could see was the head that got crushed by the Telepathic Sword Wave.

The pale-faced Kazeni looked gentle and reserved on the outside, but now, he looked exceptionally fierce. He transformed into a streak of light and charged at Xiao Chen while gnashing his teeth.

Xiao Chen suddenly lifted his head as his eyes emitted two glaring light. The golden light that was as thin as needles shot straight at Kazeni.

“AHHH!!” Kazeni covered his two eyes and screamed. However, due to his sharp intuition, he instantly fell back. He arrived fast, but he retreated even faster.

Xiao Chen didn’t even move, he just stood there and looked at Kazeni.

Kazeni flew back for several tens of meter until he crashed into the ground with a thump. Blood leaked out from the space between his fingers, that were still covering his eyes, as he groaned in pain.

When he finally put down his hands, everyone involuntarily sucked in cold air. Kazeni’s eyes were actually bleeding. The golden light shot out from Xiao Chen’s eyes earlier were no illusions, they were actually real and dealt heavy damage to Kazeni!

Fortunately, he missed a little and didn’t hit the pupil. However, the scleras were pierced and two bloody holes were visible on the eyelid.

Everyone at the lakeside shivered in fear. Even the eyes could be targeted, this was just too terrifying!

Only those who had profound abilities knew, what Xiao Chen used earlier was not any particular divine ability. Due to his strong confidence and extreme disdain of his enemy, he brazenly condensed his battle aura and used it directly.

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Part 2

The two golden lights were completely formed by a portion Xiao Chen’s energy. He released the said energy from his body and retracted it immediately after injuring the opponent’s eyes.

“Xiao Shishui…” The Kazeni who nearly lost his eyesight due to a fit of anger finally calmed down. He gnashed his teeth and said, “You forced me to do this. Today, you must die!” Speaking until here, he retrieved a crystal clear bottle gourd from his bosom. The gourd was only one inch long. He twisted off the lid the poured the content into his mouth.

Those who had sharp eyes could see red liquid flowing into his mouth.

“White Tiger’s Blood?”

“It should be, looks like he’s going to stake everything in this fight!”

It was a common knowledge, the founder of the Tiger clan was a genuine White Tiger. Due to his union with mankind, his offsprings were all in human form. And as a result of continuous propagation, the White Tiger’s bloodline was getting thinner and thinner.

To this end, he once chose a few descendants with extremely huge potential and baptized them with its blood. As a result, their bloodline got closer to the White Tiger’s and their power increased to the point that they even surpassed some of the ordinary White Tigers.

Although only a limited few could enjoy this blessing, the Tiger clan had thought of a way to benefit the later generations. They diluted the remaining blood bestowed to them by the old ancestor and passed them to the important members of the clan. It was to be used as a last resort to save their life.

Due to the tiny portion of diluted blood, it was impossible for any physical changes to occur. However, it was still capable of granting a power up for a short duration. The liquid Kazeni drank was precisely the diluted blood of the Holy Emperor. He appeared extremely fierce at the moment and actually let out a tiger-like roar before throwing himself at Xiao Chen again.

His speed was so fast that it seemed as if a streak of lightning had tore through the sky.

“Historia’s Seventh Layer!”

Bosch, Chen Hangging, and the other supreme clan candidates sucked in a breath of cold air. Experts on their level could tell Kazeni’s current strength from just a glance.


That roar came from a real tiger. In front of Kazeni, the shadow of a White Tiger appeared from thin air and pounced at Xiao Chen. The enormous White Tiger was at least ten meters long. The way it brandished its claws looked really threatening.

Xiao Chen didn’t move a muscle, as if he had no intention of dodging at all. His hands quickly formed the Seal of Leo. A burst of world-shaking lion roar transmitted outwards as he clapped his hands. The figure of the Golden Lion King emerged as three heads faced upward and let out a roar.

Golden divine light illuminated the entire area. The golden light spread out in all directions like a ripple.

The Golden Lion King soared high into the sky and rushed towards the enormous White Tiger.


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The roars of the tiger and lion resounded simultaneously as disastrous energy wave engulfed the battlefield. The glaring light made it hard for everyone to keep their eyes open, and they were forced to step back due to the violent energy wave.

“Crack! Crack!”

The sound of space collapsing could be heard. Following immediately, as if the world itself was turned upside down, the lake water started to surge up violently and the earth began to shake.

Part 3


Nobody left was able to look at the battlefield. The brilliant rays were a hundred times more intense than the lightning. It caused everyone to tear up and unable to open their eyes.

Along with the weakening of the tiger roar and the disappearance of the lion howl, the battlefield was finally observable to the audience. The first thing they saw was the blood leaking out from the corner of Kazeni’s mouth. He was looking at Xiao Chen with baffling expression, as if he had never thought the result would end up like this. Xiao Chen actually crushed the attack of a Historia’s Seventh Layer expert.

Xiao Chen still stood at the same spot calmly.

Kazeni broke out in cold sweat. Even with the power of Historia’s Seveth Layer, he was still unable to deal any damage to his opponent. This made him somewhat discouraged, but since the arrow had already been nocked, it was impossible to stop anymore. Since he had already issued the challenge, he couldn’t fall back now, he had no choice but to clench his teeth and rush forward.

As he executed the Asura’s Avenger, a long sword appeared in front of Kazeni. This was a divine ability he cultivated by condensing his battle aura. The Asura’s Avenger was not the same technique as External Incarnation, but it had far surpassed the External Incarnation.

Asura’s Avenger produced one sword wave after another, it was like thousands of ocean waves stacking up.

Not only did Xiao Chen not fall back, he dashed forward instead. He activated the Seal of Leo and clashed with the Asura’s Blade with his fists, giving off sonorous clashing noise.

Kazeni coughed out blood unceasingly as he was forced to fall back again and again. In the end, he received a direct hit to the chest by Xiao Chen’s Lion Fists. At this moment, he could clearly hear the cracking sounds of his breastbone. Even the arteries connected to his heart were snapped.

Since he knew he was about to die, Kazeni laughed hysterically. He did a flip in the sky before hitting the ground with his legs, then he darted at Xiao Chen like a wind. His clothes shattered in that instant and his body turned almost transparent. His veins and bones could be seen clearly through his flesh.

He planned to self-destruct and pull Xiao Chen along with him in death.

But how could Xiao Chen let him do as he wished?

Xiao Chen cast a cold glance at him, then he calmly formed the Seal of Aquarius. A huge crystal vase appeared atop him as it radiated with divine light.


The crystal vase spit out a dazzling rays of light and made contact with Kazeni in a flash.

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Blood splashed forth as Kazeni’s body was crushed by a mountain-like force. His lower body had been turned into meat paste. As for his upper body, it had already flipped over.

The place was in absolute silence. Everyone felt deeply just how strong and formidable this traveling artist was. Moreover, he didn’t even bat an eye while killing his opponent. If this kind of man was to become an enemy, that would definitely be a nightmare.

The sun sets in the west as the lakeside became dusky. Only the smell of blood drifted in the air. The audience only regained their composure after a long time later.

“How scary!”

“I definitely don’t want to make him my enemy.”

Chulain had a very ugly expression. The two brothers were dead, and this gave him a severe headache. Just how should he explain this to that old tiger in town?

Part 4


Kazeni, who no longer had a lower body, still managed to keep on to his consciousness. He pointed at Xiao Chen with resentment and fear. It seemed like he wanted to say something, but was unable to spit out the words.

Seal of Immortal King!

Xiao Chen formed the seal and launched it forward.

A giant figure appeared behind him. Its huge palm slapped down along with his movement.


The Immortal King’s palm was as big as a house. The moment it hit the ground, Kazeni’s body was turned into meat paste and blended with the soil.

He killed a Seventh Celestial Layer expert like slaughtering dogs! It seemed like it was nothing special to him.

“Want me to spare you? It’s unlikely.” Xiao Chen sighed softly. It was not a pretentious sigh, he truly felt remorseful. He originally didn’t want to kill ordinary members of the Tiger clan, but the other side was simply courting death. He had no choice but to kill.”

The surrounding area turned deathly silent. Many people felt endlessly shocked, especially the scions of the Shang Dynasty’s clans. They always thought the most powerful experts only existed in the five great nations, and that the Shang Dynasty’s experts ought to be at the top of the chain. However, the traveling artist in front of them had crushed their confidence.

“I’m definitely keeping this guy!” The Shang Dynasty’s third princess had sparkles in her beautiful eyes. Her words contained conviction, as if warning the beauties around her not to scheme anything.

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However, those young ladies were not stupid either. Although they didn’t say anything, they already had a plan of their own devices. They must spare no effort to enlist an expert as powerful as this to their clan.

Chulain took large steps forward, but when three of his subordinates noticed it, they made a move first. They were loyal and devoted. After seeing Xiao Chen’s strength, they were afraid… they were afraid that Chulain would die in the upcoming match, so they wanted to diminish a portion of Xiao Chen’s strength first.

Seeing those three charging into the battlefield in succession, many people were triggered. This was clearly not fair. Even the third princess frowned at their action. Just when she was about to order someone to stop them, Xiao Chen spoke up at this moment.

“Three are not enough…” His voice was full of compassion. However, since the other party had chosen to attack him, he wouldn’t go easy on them either.

Hearing these, everyone was overwhelmed with shock. The third princess even choked on her words.

The scions of Yindu’s supreme clans were getting more shocked than ever. That was because with their powerful ability, they could tell the strength of the three who rushed into the battle. Those were Historia’s Fourth to Fifth Celestial Layer experts. Not one, but three! If they had grasped some special divine abilities, a youth expert wouldn’t be able to take them head-on.




The trio were lightning fast and got within attacking range in a flash. One after another dazzling rays of light were launched forward like meteor shower and Xiao Chen’s location was quickly submerged by the flood of light.

Part 5

A melodious ringing sound reverberated. Xiao Chen bent his forefinger, middle finger and ring finger at the same time, then he flicked them in the twinkling of an eye. Telepathic Sword Waves spread out with ringing sound like it came from the bell of the Grim Reaper.

Although the sword waves spread out like a calm ripple, in the eyes of everyone else, it was as terrifying as the sickle of the Death God!

An eighty meter sphere formed with Xiao Chen at the center. Although the sword waves seemed gentle at first glance, everything in its vicinity were disintegrated with no exception!


The subordinate at the frontmost position was killed in the first moments. Not even a drop of blood remained. His entire person disintegrated into dust directly, an insignificant dust!

The second one wanted to get out of the effective range, but it was already too late as he looked at his body disintegrating bit by bit. Starting with his legs, then his chest, and finally his head.

It was like two rays of light suddenly disappeared. The instant that the light dulled, two lives were reaped.

The last one was a little luckier, he still didn’t get into the effective range of the sword wave.

He tried to fall back, but Xiao Chen wouldn’t give him the chance to retreat. Since the other party wanted him dead, then they were already his mortal enemy. There was no mercy in the battlefield. In order to live, one only had to be firm!


He rushed forward like a streak of light.

As a matter of fact, that guy still had the intention to kill Xiao Chen. After escaping this calamity, he would find another way to kill him. However, he never thought that Xiao Chen would be this fast and already got before his eyes in an instant.

“I’ll kill you, no discussion!”

After saying these, the Telepathic Sword Waves spread out once more. In such a close range, the third subordinate was instantly turned into specks of dust and dissipated in the air.

In just a moment, three Historia Fourth to Fifth Celestial Layer experts were all turned into dust and disappeared from the lakeside.

Even Bosch and Chen Hanggin had a pale complexion. An opponent like this made them feel very agitated.

Chulain walked into the battlefield with large strides. Regarding the death of the duo from Tiger clan, although he felt troubled, he was not distressed. However, the death of the trio made him feel bitter. After all, they were his loyal subordinates.

“Still want to continue?” Xiao Chen’s voice was very cold.

In fact, Chulain had finally revealed a grave expression. He vaguely felt that he might not necessarily be capable of killing Xiao Chen.

However, once he rode a tiger, it’s hard to get off. The bold and visionary words he said before still vaguely echoed at the lakeside.

He said that he would kill Dugu Jianmo within eighty moves. He said that he would kill the number one expert of Southern Wasteland in ninety moves. He said that he would kill Xiao Shishui in front of everyone and let all the outsiders tremble with fear at the news…

If he was to withdraw now, he wouldn’t be able to show his face in Yindu anymore.

Part 6

“Fight!” Chulain only uttered one word. His entire body surged with energy as his purple gown fluttered.

The bright moon was high in the sky and scattered its moonlight down. The faintly discernable mist drifted atop the Moon Lake. It looked as though it was a fairyland. This place was the best location to admire the full moon.

Xiao Chen didn’t say anything and walked forward. It was as if the person he was facing was not an opponent, but a commoner instead.

Chulain’s eyes shone with purple light as he split into two person in seconds. One of them seemed forlorn and wore a merciful face. The other one was wearing a baleful look and was cladded in a dark aura.

“Divine Ability — Destiny Twin.”

“This is claimed as one of the peerless Divine Abilities!”

Everyone talked about it in whispers, but soon after, they closed their mouth and looked at the battlefield tensely.

One body splits into two, the Destiny Twin; it represented the good and the evil. This was a rare Divine Ability. Even in history, only a few practitioners had ever mastered this ability. Its power was unimaginable!

The only reason Chulain stood at the top of the youth generation in Shang Dynasty was because of this divine ability. Even Bosch and Chen Hanggin’s cousins, those who were seven to eight years older than them, had suffered defeat from this ability.

Even while facing two Chulains, Xiao Chen was not fearful. He activated the Telepathic Sword Wave in an instant. A hundred meter sphere was formed and the sword waves spread out quickly.

Every spectator had a change of expression. Every time the Telepathic Sword Wave was activated, all enemies within its range were crushed. The impression it left behind in the mind of every audience was too deep.

At first, the ripples were gentle, then it suddenly turned berserk. The sword waves disintegrated anything within fifty meter radius. Without anything unexpected happening, the Destiny Twins disintegrated and transformed into dusts wordlessly.

It’s over already?

Everyone didn’t dare to imagine it. Could it really be? Chulain, whose name had shaken the imperial capital as one of the Heroic Four. Did he really lose in one hit and turned into dust?

Xiao Chen didn’t seem to be wearing the expression of a victor. He immediately flew away from his original position.

Without any sound, the evil counterpart of the Destiny Twin appeared at where Xiao Chen was standing earlier, and the space around that part was twisted. If Xiao Chen was one step slower, his body and soul might already be obliterated.

As soon as Xiao Chen stabilized his steps, he changed his position again.

And again, the good counterpart of the Destiny Twin appeared at that location and shattered that space.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air, this was just too terrifying! They clearly saw it with their own eyes when the Destiny Twins were turned into dusts by the Telepathic Sword Wave, but why did they appear again?

So this was the true power of the Heroic Four, it was terrifying indeed! It was only rightfully so for their names to have shaken the imperial capital for countless years.

Xiao Chen stood in the battlefield and gazed at the Destiny Twins. His body moved according to his heart, the seal formed along with his body. The formation for the Perfected Seal of Aquarius was completed as a huge crystal vase appeared above his head. A dazzling radiance was circulating in the crystal vase and leaking out holy energy fluctuation.

The Perfected Seal of Aquarius was unleashed!

Part 7

A dazzling divine light gushed out from the huge crystal vase. Its target was the Destiny Twins.


An explosive noise rang out. Though the violent energy did not make any contact with the ground, it actually caused the meadow to crack up. One after another two meter wide crack spread out far away.

The lakeside was full of chaos. Everyone retreated at once, but even so, many of them still fell into the huge crack and called for help.

And the Moon Lake was even more frenzied; the lake water surged up violently and caused the reflection of the moon to break up into many pieces of fine jade.

The Seal of Aquarius was incomparably powerful. This was the technique developed by Granny Phoebe of the Jungle Tribe. The Destiny Twins were destroyed in an instant and left nothing behind.

But Xiao Chen was still on full alert. He left behind an afterimage and hastily soared into the sky, then he landed on the other side of the crack.

And sure enough, the Destiny Twins reappeared, they were reborn again!

Everyone cried out in fright. This was too terrifying, the powerful Destiny Twins actually couldn’t be killed!

Only the people of Yindu knew just how terrifying the Heroic Four were.

In regards to the Destiny Twins, they’ve already heard of the rumors; that they cannot be killed! It was equivalent to possessing an immortality spell. Die once, reborn again, and their strength were not diminished in the slightest. Even those who were much stronger than Chulain had suffered losses due to this rare divine ability.

“The Twins cannot be killed.”

“They can keep coming back to life no matter how many times you kill them.”

Bosch, Chen Hanggin, and few other scions of the supreme clans were having discussions in a low voice.

As for the rest of the spectators, they were already holding on to their breath and paid close attention to the battlefield. This kind of battle was too spine-chilling and exciting.

The evil twin had a sinister look as he threw himself at Xiao Chen. Baleful aura lingered on his body like he was a Death God.

The virtuous twin wore a merciful face, but he was just as ruthless when making his move. Purple light flickered as he swept it at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen formed the Seal of Leo and faced the Destiny Twins in a fierce battle.

This was undoubtedly a fierce battle between dragon and tiger. Xiao Chen and Chulain’s speed were fast to the extreme point. They clashed unceasingly and had already exchanged more than a hundred blow in a blink.

The sky was filled with brilliant lights and vibrant colors. Those were the energy beams released by the two fighter’s attacks. The fierce and desperate battle continued on.

Xiao Chen was finally certain that, the Destiny Twins really couldn’t be killed!

This was the first time he felt his life was threatened today. In this battle, the other side had already seized the supremacy. If this were to continue, he would be defeated if he just received one hit from the opponent. That is unless he didn’t make a single mistake. It was impossible for him to revive over and over again like the opponent.

Part 8

“And here I thought you still have a more powerful divine ability up your sleeves? If you have none, then you won’t be able to beat me.” The Twins spoke in sync.

Xiao Chen remain unmoved. Indeed, he still had more divine abilities up his sleeves, but he reckon those wouldn’t be able to kill the Destiny Twin either. As such, he didn’t rashly expose his abilities.

Seal of Flora!

Xiao Chen quickly formed the mysterious seal. A ten meter figure that looked like him appeared behind him. The exotic flower in its hand bloomed instantly. For a moment, it overshadowed the splendor of the moon.

As the mysterious flower bloomed, the petals scattered everywhere.

Initially, the petals floated down gently, then their speed suddenly increased as they flew toward the Destiny Twins.

Each and every one of those sparkling petal contained unbelievable amount of power. The head of the twins were crushed, and their body chopped in half.

“I cannot be killed!”

As expected, the twins were revived. Chulain was extremely resentful due to the fact that his bodies were constantly crushed. He sneered and said, “I guess you are more or less done. In that case, it’s my turn!”

Baleful aura surged up violently around the evil twin. The purple light dispersed gradually as they were replaced by an endless black fog. The aura of the netherworld had encircled him and a huge sickle appeared in his hands. It was indescribably eerie as it emitted a fluctuation that caused people’s heart to palpitate.

As for the virtuous twin, the purple brilliance was replaced by a holy light. That place seemed so sacred and auspicious. A Heavenly Wheel appeared atop his head. The immeasurable energy fluctuation was similarly terrifying.

“It has come, it has finally come.” Bosch whispered to himself softly.

“The Light possessed the Heavenly Wheel, the Dark possessed the Deathgod’s Scythe. With two opposing elements, their power are unimaginable!” Chen Hanggin also muttered to himself.

The scions from various supreme clans widened their eyes and looked over the battlefield without blinking. The Heavenly Wheel and Deathgod’s Sickle allowed Chulain’s Destiny Twins to show disdain for the youth generation of Shang Dynasty! It was very hard to find a divine ability that was just as strong.

“Deathgod’s Scythe!”

As Chulain shouted, the evil twin struck Xiao Chen with his sickle. The dark energy was tyrannical. It was impossible to stop. Xiao Chen was sent flying by the sickle for tens of meter. Blood leaked from the corner of his mouth.

“Heavenly Wheel!”

Chulain shouted again and the wheel atop the virtuous twin emitted millions and millions of divine splendor. All the frenzied holy power were concentrated on Xiao Chen.

Without any choice, Xiao Chen executed the Eightfold World. With speed as fast as lightning, he finally managed to dodge it.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. The Deathgod’s Scythe and Heavenly Wheel were too formidable. They were practically unstoppable. With such a divine ability, who could ever hope to best Chulain?

Nobody else thought highly of Xiao Chen, especially those who knew full well of Chulain’s terrifying ability.

Xiao Shishui, just admit defeat, you won’t be able to defeat me!” The Destiny Twins spoke with grim voice, “Follow me, and I will forgive all your offense.”

At this moment, Chulain’s virtuous twin shone with holy aura, as if he was the incarnation of Buddha himself. And the evil twin was surrounded by fiendish aura, as if the king of hell himself had descended upon the mundane world. No matter how they see it, Chulain no longer looked like a normal person. He was more like the Buddha and Asura themselves.

Regarding these, Xiao Chen didn’t say anything and continued to fight.

The third princess of the Shang Dynasty had already stood up. She was fully aware of the Heroic Four’s power. If the talent she took interest in was killed , that would be a huge loss. She wanted to stop this battle, but was unable to open her mouth.

Windfeathers, Lazio, Yan Qingcheng, Frosty, Aqua, Tenvis, and all those who were not from Middle Earth were extremely nervous. They wanted to see Xiao Chen prevail over the Middle Earth’s experts. Dugu Jianmo seldomly revealed a grave expression as he silently looked on.

Bosch, Chen Hangging, and the others from the supreme clans were talking about it in a low voice. For the past many years, it seemed like nobody had ever managed to kill the Destiny Twins. It was even more impossible to destroy the Heavenly Wheel and Deathgod’s Scythe

During the past few years, only the other three of the Heroic Four could keep Chulain under control with even more terrifying abilities. Apparently, there was really no one else who could possibly win against him.

“It is impossible to kill the Destiny Twins. Unless you can force the evil twin into the Heaven, and the virtuous twin into the underworld, how could you possibly hope to defeat me? Who can possibly stop the Heavenly Wheel? Who can repel the Deathgod’s Scythe?”

Chulain attacked Xiao Chen in a display of wild manners.

This was something everyone in Yindi knew about, but just who was strong enough to do exactly that? If they could, they would be able to kill the Destiny Twins directly and need not to bother with sealing techniques.

However, after hearing these, Xiao Chen who was passively defending had a shine in his eyes. Then he said in an indifferent voice, “Very well, then I will force the Destiny Twins into Hell and Heaven respectively!”


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