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Chapter 203 – Choices

At the southern part of the mainland, the appearance of the Immortal’s Temple stirred up movements from all directions.

Every night, that watchtower high in the clouds would shine with countless lights and attract endless beams of starlight to pour down in a torrent. Some people suspected that it was the dwelling place of a certain ancestor god. That’s why the boundless essence of the heaven and earth would be aroused along with its pulsations.

The Celestial City of the South followed the movements of the wind and the clouds.

Many forces chose their strongest warriors to send to the Terra Empire. They were not expecting to get any of the lost treasures or extraordinary divine artifacts of the ancestor god. If they could get ancient treasures similar to the Dragonslayer Sword, the Demon Sealing Club, the Sacrificial Altar, or the Immortal Tree, that would be more than enough. ⌈1

However, these divine objects that had been passed down since ancient times were sure to be very few in number. If there were too many of them, then they wouldn’t be a treasure anymore, they would be nothing more than autumn’s spinach. The fight over the spiritual treasures would certainly be very intense. Those without great power wouldn’t be able to take those treasures for themselves.

Xiao Chen was sitting quietly in the house.

How should he go about creating a unique martial path? Xiao Chen has been troubled over this for the past seven days. In the end, he took a huge blow to his mental and physical health, his soul was on the verge of collapsing.

The bright moon was hanging high up in the sky. The moonlight sprinkled down like water ripples. Xiao Chen arrived in the courtyard and looked up at the bright moon in the sky. His mind was like a prancing dragon, a single leap reached up thousands of miles and his mind was already revolving around the Moon Palace. In the next instant, he was drifting among the unbounded stars.

Xiao Chen smiled bitterly as the anxiety in his heart faded away. He was too determined to have his own way, instead of obsession, he had already fallen into depravity. How to create a path unique to himself? By forcefully exploring a path no forebearers had ever taken? With his current power, it was still too soon.

Just… let everything flow naturally.

After cutting off that obsession and letting his mental state return to peace, Xiao Chen immediately felt full of vigor and his heart felt ethereal.

To create a unique path, one had to cross over hundreds of known paths.

Without experiencing all kinds of forms, how would one be able to understand the way of the world? Without seeing millions of delicate flowers blooming with their own eyes, how would one come to know appreciation and self-admiration? Only by experiencing it would one be able to understand it clearly. Only by crossing it once would one be able to comprehend it.

In order to break new ground and forge ahead, it was indispensable for one to take the path predecessors had once taken and come to realize the wisdom of the former generations.

Xiao Chen’s mind was very calm. Three days of “obsession” was the fountainhead of power. It allowed him to think of unconventional training methods, to walk an uncommon path, and to break away from what was common. Four days of “thinking” was awareness. It allowed him to “understand” and “comprehend”.

Xiao Chen’s power did not rise, but his mental state had undergone a complete transformation. The sea of consciousness is boundless, it could contain all living things in the heavens and earth, it could contain millions and millions of stars. What one thought and felt, everything starts from the heart. This was the source of power, this was the root of self-sublimation.

The goal, from henceforth, is to surpass thyself.

While the outside world was going through a turbulent time, Xiao Chen remained unmoved. The ancient treasures could hardly move his heart. Instead of going out to search for divine weapons, he’d rather use that time to train his own body. The human body was a treasure in itself, it contained endless power. If one could open their own seal, what they could acquire would be greater than any extrinsic treasures.

Keep exploring the treasure in the body until I dig out a path unique to myself. With that in mind, Xiao Chen meditated calmly and naturally.

In the blink of an eye, ten days had passed. The seal on the Temple in Heaven still couldn’t be cut open. More and more practitioners had gathered at Terra Empire and numerous fierce battles had already broken out. The casualties were innumerable, and many well-known practitioners had fallen.

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The undercurrent in the Celestial City also surged up violently.

Eleven days after the Temple appeared in the borders of the Terra Empire, a seemingly lazy and uncaring youngster was strolling all over the Celestial City. He looked like a lazy and idle person. His stroll eventually took him to the warbeast street as he kept glancing around the three great warbeast castles.

The master of the Reagan family, Slovak, just happened to walk out of a big castle. This was supposed to be the perished warbeast castle their family owns back in those days. The reconstruction had already been completed a long time ago, it’s just that… they had never put up the sign of the Celestial Warbeast Castle until now. In the past few days, their family was secretly celebrating their imminent comeback. The instant Slovak walked out of the warbeast castle, he just happened to see this lazy youth looking left and right uncaringly.

At this very instant, Slovak immediately held his breath as his eyes emitted two spiritual lights. This was a face he could never forget; the scene from thirty years ago immediately resurfaced in his mind. It was precisely this lazy-looking and unconcerned youth who beat up everyone among the young generation on warbeast street. Slovak himself was nearly slapped to death by him, which caused the older generation of the Reagan family to make their move and almost killed this youth.

They never thought this would invite such a great disaster; during the night, a black gale engulfed the entire Celestial City, and that older generation expert from the Reagan family was crushed in a flash. Even their family’s “Celestial Warbeast Castle” was destroyed in a single night.

“Why is he here?!” Slovak felt as if his heart had been grasped. His scar from the former days seemed to be reopening. The disgrace and humiliation back in those days filled his mind. Though he dared to get angry, he didn’t dare to say it.

“He actually didn’t age at all, he still looks exactly the same like back in those days. He must have already transcended the bounds of mortals.” Slovak felt shocked as he quickly lowered his head to pretend that he didn’t see anything.

However, that seemingly uncaring and lazy youth had already noticed him. He wore a fake smile and nodded at him before taking his leave.

Slovak was so frightened that he broke out in a cold sweat. By the time he turned back, the youth had already distanced himself.

“Slovak, why are you sweating?” Not far away, the master of the Zhuge family, Zhuge Qingyun, just happened to walk out of the Amber Warbeast Castle.

“I saw him… that person!”


Very soon, all the important figures of the three great warbeast castles received the report, the person from that time has reappeared again!

In Xiao Chen’s courtyard, Tenax had already recovered to a certain extent. This time, it took twice as long before it started to gradually recover. However, it was enough to shock anyone who didn’t have the inside information. After all, it was a hopeless situation no matter who looked at it.

It was within expectations, after Tenax tricked death once more, it underwent another evolution. Its entire body was circulating an indistinct brilliance. A surge of power could clearly be felt. It had obviously advanced to the next level.

Tenax could finally walk around on its own feet. Xiao Chen decided to immediately depart from this feuding city tomorrow. If not because he was worried that the journey might cause Tenax’s injuries to worsen, Xiao Chen would have left a long time ago.

He couldn’t stay in Celestial City for much longer. He was already put in the eye of the storm, an accident might occur if he overstayed his welcome in Celestial City.

“Slam! Slam!”

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Sounds of someone knocking at the door was transmitted from outside. Xiao Chen walked over to open the door. A total stranger was standing in front of the door and lazily sized him up.

“You are Xiao Chen?”


The youngster was like sluggish snail as he walked around Xiao Chen twice to assess him, “You sure have courage, you actually dared to use the name of that old man as your banner. Tsk tsk tsk…”

Xiao Chen did not say anything, he only looked at him calmly.

“You sure are calm and collected. Are you not afraid that when the old man finds out about this, he would raise his hand to annihilate you?”

“If there’s nothing important, why don’t you be on your way.”

As he finished speaking, Xiao Chen shut the door with a “bang”. The door nearly knocked against the youngster’s nose.

“Hey! This guy…” The lazy youngster had a startled expression. After which, he shook his head while smiling as he spoke to himself, “This much is still not considered tacky.”

Speaking until here, with a flash of light, he directly appeared in the courtyard, right in front of Xiao Chen.

“Boy, you don’t need to raise your guard against me. With my strength, there’s no need for me to bluff against you.”

Xiao Chen’s expression stiffened, he could indeed feel that this youngster had immeasurable depths. He should be in an uncommon class of his own. Especially those eyes of his, they actually conveyed the fickleness of time.

“You are a little like the me from thirty years ago.” The youngster patted Xiao Chen’s shoulders as he introduced himself, “I am called Draco.”

“You are… the one who nearly slapped someone from Reagan family to death?” Xiao Chen immediately knew who the person in question was. It was actually the genuine one who came from the depths of the south.

“Heh-heh, that’s why I said we are very much alike. Didn’t you also slap someone from their family thirty years later since then?”

“How could I compare to you? If something happened to you, someone will take responsibility, you are a true ‘prodigal child’. If something happens to me, I will be damned.”

“Hey kid, after finding out my identity, you didn’t even call me senior and actually dared to talk to me like this?” Draco sat on a rattan chair in the courtyard lazily as he cast a sidelong glance at Xiao Chen.

“Since you look so young, I didn’t feel anything and thought you were of the same generation as me.”

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“I can’t be bothered to argue with you, the purpose of my visit this time is to…”


A streak of multicolored light immediately swept over and interrupted Draco’s words. The light fell over him at lightning fast speed.

Draco disappeared from his original location, as if he had never been there in the first place. In an instant, he already jumped onto the stone bridge not far away as he yelled, “Little monster, you are indeed worthy of your name. You sure made quite a lot of progress, I nearly got hit this time.”

Keke did not say a word. It just opened its big eyes to glare at Draco.

Soon after, Tenax and the Azure Dragon King also appeared in the courtyard.

“I’ll be straightforward, I’ve come for the two of them. Their performance made the old man in the depths of the South quite satisfied. I am following his orders to take them back.” Draco pointed at Keke and Tenax. Then he nodded and said, “You guys still remember the trial the old man told you last time? You barely passed.”

“SQUEAK!” The snow-white little critter bared its fangs. That means it wouldn’t go back no matter what.

Tenax hesitated for a moment, then it silently nodded its head.

“Hey, you are really not just a little monster in name right? You actually rejected the old man’s invitation? If it was any other intelligent beast, they would weep at this opportunity.” Draco teased Keke with a smile.

Keke rolled its glittering big eyes, then it waved its paws instantly; twenty nine layers of light screens were launched at Draco in succession.

“Just a little bit more, you can’t confine me as you are now.” Draco was like a flickering light and passing shadows. In an instant, he shifted more than ten meters horizontally.

“Keke, that’s enough.” Xiao Chen stopped the angry little critter.

“Little monster, I am doing this for your own good. Did you know your life will be in danger if you stay here any longer?” Draco put away his lazy smile and said solemnly, “You even dared to kill that White Tiger with unlimited potential? Do you know how much of a disaster have you incited?!”

“Squeak…” Keke shouted angrily as it pointed at Tenax, then at itself. That means it didn’t do anything wrong, it was all for Tenax.

Tenax also nodded its head in agreement.

Draco shook his head and said, “No matter the case, you have already killed that young White Tiger. That fact will never change. That vicious old woman, in other words, that tiger woman might not be your opponent, but someone more powerful will probably make his way over to Celestial City in the next few days. If you don’t go now, he will definitely kill you upon arrival.”

Xiao Chen despised these kinds of people the most. It obviously lost in a fair battle, to get someone stronger to bully the weak after said event was too underhanded. However, he also didn’t have a choice in regards to this. After hearing the news, he felt that the situation was very grave.

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Keke and Tenax felt very resentful as they exposed their battle intent.

“You guys are out of the ordinary, but you are still too young in the end. It is not your time to shine yet. Right now, your most important task is to work hard and get stronger.” Draco said seriously, “Now, come with me right away.”

Keke and Tenax shook their head at the same time. The two of them were just as stubborn.

“You guys should follow him to the South desolate region and hide there for the time being.” Xiao Chen didn’t wish for the two little beasts to get into a mishap.

“It’s fine if you guys don’t give thought to yourselves, but you guys should also think about this guy.” Draco pointed at Xiao Chen and said to the two little beasts, “If you guys don’t go, he will get pulled into the mess you guys created. If you guys go, everything will be peaceful. If not, someone is guarantee to come to your door… Hey!”


Keke and Tenax pointed at Xiao Chen at the same time, then at the direction of the south desolate region. That obviously meant they wanted to take Xiao Chen along. Although the two little beasts were young, they were not as ignorant as any ordinary cubs. That felt that leaving Xiao Chen by himself would be dangerous.

Draco shook his head and said, “No, the old man gave his orders. No humans are to take a single step into the depths of the south.”

Xiao Chen lightly patted the two little beasts and said, “You guys don’t need to worry about me.” After that, he turned around and said to Draco, “You guys don’t need to put me under your protection, but I have a request. Is it possible for you to take the Azure Dragon King with you to the depths of the south?”

Draco glanced at the slightly ill Azure Dragon King and thought for a while. After that, he nodded and said, “Alright.”

However, Keke and Tenax were very uncooperative. If he don’t take Xiao Chen along, they refuse to enter the depths of the south. ⌈2

“I will give you guys three days to think this over. Remember, during this period of time, never take one step away from Celestial City. Otherwise I won’t be able to protect any of you.” After finishing these words, Draco turned around and left.

The crossroads of fate are right before their eyes, just which path will they choose?


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