Chapter 25 – Stalks of Bloody Flowers

Not long ago, he was heavily injured by Wang Zi Feng before he died. The heavy wounds caused him some complications, he never thought that the dazzling radiance of life would turn the situation around in just a split second!

Even though his wound was nearly healed, the opponent still had numerous people, Xiao Chen was stopped a few meters away from Gu Luo. Without any hesitation, he used the longsword he had seized to slash the scroll that was emitting glorious divine light. The blazing hot sword aura crushed the scroll in that instant, the radiance of light became dimmer and eventually fade away. At the same time, he threw the longsword, going straight for Gu Luo’s heart!

Gu Luo finally made his moves at this time, he waved both of his hands to create a light screen that shattered the longsword. He separated from the servant’s bosom and got up on his feet. Xiao Chen retreated at flying speed, as he got out of the encirclement, the three skeletons followed after him. Both parties stopped fighting and waited for another chance to strike back!

The first confrontation in the swamp could be considered a complete victory for Xiao Chen and the three skeletons! Not only was Gu Luo heavily injured, he also loss eight experts. The most important point was that Xiao Chen was completely healed by the radiance of life.

Gu Luo’s complexion turned extremely pale, he stared at Xiao Chen intently with his malicious gaze. His gaze was as ice-cold as a poisonous snake. His heart was filled with resentment, he was very humiliated and angry that he nearly lost his life just then.

It couldn’t be helped, that radiance of life was equivalent to divine light. The four bloody cavity on Gu Luo’s chest should have killed him, however under the embrace of the holy radiance, the four terrifying wounds were actually healed! Even though the excessive blood loss made him somewhat weak, his body was in peak condition.

“Mister Gu Luo, are you fine now?” Imperial Angel Zhao Lin Er asked.

“It shouldn’t be a big problem.”

The twenty plus experts stood beside Gu Luo to protect him, for they feared some accident to occur again.

“Go!” Gu Luo waved his hand without wasting his breath on any superfluous words, they could only rely on their military power now to decide their life or death.

A few people stayed at Gu Luo’s side, the rest of them rushed forward quickly. Xiao Chen and the three skeletons faced their enemies head-on, a desperate fight was about to begin.

Gu Luo commanded the people beside him to go on the offensive, he also wanted to rush towards Xiao Chen to wipe off his disgrace! Zhao Lin Er followed soon after, Xiao Chen was originally her goal after all.

Xiao Chen and the three skeletons were surrounded, Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang attempted to stall Gu Luo, giving Xiao Chen to opportunity to exterminate those experts. The battlefield reeks of blood, the scene was very hideous, it is pointless to say anything now, only strength could determine the outcome!

Xiao Chen who was no longer hindered by the condition of his injuries fought without any qualms. With his secret technique at its pinnacle, he slaughtered them all mercilessly. Diminishing the raw power of the opponent was the most important task at the moment.

Although Zhao Lin Er’s ability was not any inferior to his, Xiao Chen intentionally avoided her. He travelled back and forth from one experts to another, killing them without the slightest hesitation. His palm was emitting a bewitching radiance like a magic sword. By waving his palm vertically from top to bottom, he actually cleaved a man into two halfs. The red blood, the white brain matter, and even the bright-colored liver overflowed on the ground, it was incomparably gruesome and nasty!

In this moment of life and death, one cannot show any kind of weakness, if the opponent didn’t die then he will be doomed!


Xiao Chen jumped and soared into the sky, he was surprised when one of his foot actually penetrated one of the man. His foot pierced through the man’s chest easily, then he swept his leg around with the corpse still attached. Not only did the corpse burst open, he even forced Zhao Lin Er to retreat.

This was a genuine life and death struggle, Xiao Chen was covered in blood from head to toe. After killing a few opponents, he didn’t relax his guard, because the strength of the other party was essentially more powerful than him and the three skeletons combined.

Gu Luo’s gaze was as cold and gloomy as a poisonous snake, however as he was temporarily stalled by the three skeletons, he couldn’t get away to deal with Xiao Chen for the time being. In regards to these three undead creature, he held a bit of resentment towards them. If it wasn’t because of their sneak attack, how would he nearly lose his life? He wasted one of the most precious Life Scroll for no apparent reason.

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“Deep Blue Glacier, bestow me the power to seal the darkness!” Gu Luo suddenly shouted loudly, a scroll was unfolded in high-speed, releasing a water-blue light screen. After that, an intense energy fluctuation burst out from the light screen, a blue-colored giant bird threw itself towards the three skeletons. At the same time, endless amount of blue radiance also pounced on the skeletons, drowning them in the process.

The energy-converted giant blue bird could stretch up to five meter long, but it was still smashed to pieces by the three skeleton’s formidable strength. However, after the endless blue radiance landed a hit on them, three ice sculptures appeared in the battlefield right away. Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang were frozen just like that!

Gu Luo sneered coldly, then he turned around and charge towards Xiao Chen without even looking back. He spread out another scroll quickly, the swamp was illuminated by the yellow radiance. A huge yellow lizard that was about eight meter long pounced at Xiao Chen violently, generating an energy storm at the same time.

Xiao Chen felt the situation was very disadvantageous, he killed one of the experts blocking his path and kept changing his position in the forest. However, the huge lizard seemed to possess intelligence, it kept going after Xiao Chen with the endless yellow radiance following closely.

The energy-converted lizard bumped into four or five giant trees, crushing them in the process. The wood shavings filled the sky, broken branches and withered leaves flew everywhere, nothing could stop the yellow radiance!

It lasted until the tenth giant tree was destroyed, the energy-converted huge lizard finally got in front of Xiao Chen, blocking his path. He knew it was impossible to escape from it anymore, so he jumped high into the sky, he constructed a mysterious magic circle with both hands. The magic circle emitted shiny radiance similar to stars as they fell towards the huge yellow lizard.

A rumbling noise could be heard in the sky, as if the energy-converted huge lizard was made out of glass, huge cracks appeared all over its body. After that, the body of the lizard burst open and dissipated while it was still in the sky!

However, the yellow radiances were still the same as before as they surrounded Xiao Chen. Something astonishing happened around this time, the yellow radiance actually started to turn into rocks, turning Xiao Chen into a stone statue!

The Imperial Angel Zhao Lin Er was an outstanding beauty with peerless talent, after going through a big war like this, she seemed more valiant than ever, which increased her charm even more.

“As expected of Mister Gu Luo, you have many tricks up your sleeves. Such a splendid attack, it really makes one exclaim in admiration. Many thanks to Mister Gu Luo’s commitment!”

“Your Highness is too modest, I feel very honored to serve Your Highness.”

“Mister Gu Luo, it makes me feel very uneasy if you say it like that. In order to handle Xiao Chen, you got yourself into a dangerous situation and lose a lot of your experts. I feel very sad and restless.”

After eliminating the powerful enemies, Gu Luo appeared much more humble and sincere. Then he said in a somewhat sorrowful voice, “You do not need to worry about me. But what happened to the deceased is truly unfortunate, they were like my brothers……”

These words gave people some favorable impression of him, the surrounding experts felt a warm feeling in their hearts. As the successor of the clan, Gu Luo was well-versed in this kind of method.


A cracking noise resounded, a huge crack appeared on Xiao Chen’s stone statue. After that, the stone statue burst into pieces with an explosive sound!


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