Chapter 33 – Seven-Colored Sacred Tree

Qinguang Wang was extremely daring, it actually hinted Xiao Chen to go forward together. Since they were already here, there was nothing else to be scared of. Xiao Chen advanced along with the three skeletons, walking into the stone forest.

It was really that Sacred Dragon, looking at this huge monster in close distance make one feels even more sure of its tyrannical strength. Its huge draconic body seemed as if it was made out of silver. Moreover, there was a layer of divine radiance lingering on its body, making this stone forest appear incomparably dazzling.

When the Sacred Dragon confronted the Fallen Angel, it transformed into a human body once. Except that time, the multicolored light filled the entire sky, Xiao Chen wasn’t able to see its human figure and appearance clearly. When he looked at the huge silver draconic body now, it was very hard to link it together with that nimble human figure at the horizon.

The Sacred Dragon’s posture was a bit strange, its draconic wings were tightly folded on its back, its rear legs were in a crouching position, its body was supported by the front claws. Instead of prostrating, it was more fitting to describe it as kowtowing. Its silver draconic head was hanging low on the ground, the shiny dragon horn was touching the ground.

And it actually fell asleep in this position. Judging from its expression, it seemed extremely zealous and satisfied!

What is going on here?

All of a sudden, Xiao Chen discovered in front of where the Sacred Dragon was crouching, a faint radiance circulating within the stone forest. He took a detour to go around the silver Sacred Dragon with the three skeletons, they arrived in the stone forest four or five meter ahead of the dragon head.

A sapling that was found growing within the stone forest. Its height was only as tall as the palm of a hand. However, seven-colored radiance was lingering on its only two leaves. The sapling emitted waves of powerful fluctuation.

It was a miraculous sapling!

Even though it was only as tall as a palm, anyone who laid eyes on it for the first time would thought it was a small tree, and not a flower! The “tree trunk” that was as thick as a thumb coiled around like a young dragon. It didn’t give people the feeling that it was an immature tree. On the contrary, it possessed an unyielding vibe like an ancient tree that has been through the vicissitudes of time!

In the middle of the crooked tree trunk, there was a black leaf, glittering with black light. It was sparkling and translucent, as if it was carved out of an inky jade. And on top of the tree trunk, there was a newly grown leaf. It was actually milky white, the leaf was crystal clear, as if it was carved out of a suet white jade 1⌋. A glittering luster was twirling around the sapling, no words can describe how magical it seemed.

The same trunk actually produced two divine leaves of different colors, it was really bizarre. Moreover, there was other colorful radiance lingering around the sapling. One couldn’t help but think, will there be a new colored-leaves if more were produced?

The sapling was really too mysterious, since it resembled a sproutling brimming with unlimited vitality, and yet it also resembled an ancient divine artifact that has been through endless vicissitudes of time.

The three skeletons looked at one another again and again, then they looked at Xiao Chen simultaneously, and they actually hinted him to…… scoop out the sapling!

Xiao Chen shook his head repeatedly, this sacred tree was extraordinary. If the rhizome was damaged during the excavation, that be the prime example of wasting natural resources recklessly. Besides, they are now on the Dragon Island, where could they have transplanted it?

Seeing that Xiao Chen was not moving, Lunhui Wang was about to go dig out the sapling carelessly. Qinguang Wang and Yanluo Wang was about to move their hands too.

Xiao Chen hastily stopped them from digging. In the end, he clenched his teeth and decided to dig! Rather than letting them degrade it, he might as well dig it himself. A sapling even the Sacred Dragon prostrated itself to worship shouldn’t be an ordinary item. Let’s dig it first and put off the discussion until later!

After an incomparably careful excavation, along with a big chunk of earth, Xiao Chen successfully excavated the beaming sapling. Then he turned around and dashed out of the valley without looking back.

The three skeletons were more like a thief, they followed after Xiao Chen and getaway without leaving any traces behind.


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World of immortals, at the boundless south sea, the bluish-green wave shot towards the sky, and surging forward with great momentum.

Dragon Island, it was like a green pearl in the abyss of the ocean. The entire island was emerald-green, verdant and lush, brimming with unlimited vitality, the tall ancient trees and millennium old vines could be seen everywhere. The howling noise of the monsters rise and fall in succession. This is an ancient island that had been sealed for countless years.

Xiao Chen was holding the sacred tree that was the height of a palm on his head. He rushed out of the valley in high-speed, his body was enveloped by a glorious radiance, it was like a throbbing flame. His speed was extremely fast, he only left behind afterimages in the mountain forest. He arrived at the deathly swamp in only a few moment.

The three skeletons were also making their getaway without leaving a trace on the whole journey. As if they could feel something was about to happen, they turned their head to look around stealthily while running.

Sunlight was blocked by the dense ancient trees in the deathly swamp, making this place incomparably gloomy. Looking at the three skeletons who rushed over soon after, Xiao Chen felt somewhat suspicious. What were these three undead creatures so flustered about? Did something happened?

Even if he was suspicious, it was also not easy to communicate with the three skeletons. He attempted to inquire several times, but Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang, only answered by shaking their heads or waving their hands. After arriving at the deathly swamp, their nervousness faded away.

Xiao Chen did not believe the three skeletons were simple-minded. Since that time they pretended as dead bones to ambush Gu Luo, he already treated them as creatures with equal intelligent.

Seeing all kinds of expression on them today, it seemed like they already knew about the existence of the sacred tree long ago. But why are they only making their moves today? Suddenly, Xiao Chen couldn’t help but shivers, could these three really be that sinister? Did they just shifted the blame onto that Sacred Dragon that just fell onto the Dragon Island today, and used it as a scapegoat? This sacred tree seemed…… to have a guardian!

Within the gloomy swamp, seven colored radiance curled around the palm sized mysterious sapling. The coiling “tree trunk” was as upright and strong as a young dragon. Two crystal clear jade leaves of different colors were gleaming with divine luster.

Now, the most crucial part is to find an appropriate place to plant this divine sproutling. If they let this kind of divine artifact wilt and die, that would truly be a sin. However, where would be a suitable spot? Xiao Chen found it was very difficult task to accomplish. The deathly swamp was filled with dense negative energy. Moreover, the miasma spread throughout the swamp when night fall. This place was very unsuitable.

The three skeletons gathered around Xiao Chen, they seemed to be very interested in this sacred tree. The bony claws stretched forward simultaneously, they actually wanted to pluck off the inky jade leaf. Xiao Chen hastily stopped them, they really doesn’t know how to use things sparingly. These three skeletons really make one feel somewhat speechless.

As if they knew Xiao Chen was worried about where to plant the sacred tree, Lunhui Wang pulled his sleeve and hinted Xiao Chen to follow it into the swamp. Walking until they arrived at a hidden location, the three skeletons casually pointed at a giant tree, then they pointed at the divine sproutling.

Seeing that Xiao Chen did not understand, Qinguang Wang simply pulled Xiao Chen’s hand, making him stick the sacred tree onto the giant tree. Something amazing happened around this time, those crystal clear roots of the sapling automatically extended from the soil that Xiao Chen was holding. After that, it actually emitted a bright radiance, and take root in the tree trunk of the giant tree!

Now Xiao Chen knows for sure, these three skeletons must have seen this sapling before. Otherwise, how would they know so much regarding its magical properties.

Multicolored radiance curled up, the dense demonic aura was no longer present in the gloomy woodland. A palm-sized sapling actually made this place lighten up.

And just around this time, a burst of draconic roar could be heard from a few miles away. Xiao Chen jumped above the crown of an enormous ancient tree to survey the distant from an elevated position. He discovered the origin of the voice was really from the valley where they excavated the sapling earlier. It seemed like the Sacred Dragon ran into some trouble, the draconic roars pierced through the skies.

The three skeletons in the deathly swamp quickly separated from one another by mutual understanding. They conveniently lay beside a pile of white bones in the swamp, not even moving an inch, acting as if they were just ordinary skeletal remains.

Seeing all of these, Xiao Chen was dumbstruck, these three skeletons were actually playing dead. At the same time, it became obvious that his speculation was right on the mark. The three skeletons already knew about the existence of the divine sproutling, it seems like they really used the Sacred Dragon as a scapegoat this time…… these three sinister skeletons were really scheming……

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