Chapter 169 – Infernal Corpse

Xiao Chen’s decision was very crazy. Not to challenge, but to kill all of them. One battle after another, ten continuous battles, wanting to transcend his limits through life and death battles. To rise to an even wider world, to achieve the evolution of the body and mind.

However, if he was a little incautious, he might die in Celestial City today.

The evening approached quickly. The fatty and Fairsky had already sent people to search out the majority of the people’s residences.

Xiao Chen was standing at the courtyard all along as he watched the afterglow of the sunset. He might open the door to the treasure in his body after the battle. He might even end up on the verge of dying, just like this setting sun that didn’t last for long.

He urgently needed this battle. He didn’t want to attempt nothing and accomplish nothing in the limited time available. Reaching Immortalis realm at the age of forty five was easier said than done. He didn’t have an iota of time to waste. The limited life must not be wasted. He must become the strongest in the shortest time possible.


A stream of air circulated in the courtyard at lightning speed as a ray of white light cut through the space. The white-shelled tortoise had a very vivid expression, like that of a human. It seemed to be very angry as it ran around the courtyard at lightning speed. It was as swift as the wind. ⌈1

After that, its clear black eyes were firmly fixed on the old ginseng skin on the ground. It crawled over there slowly, brimming with unwillingness, regretfulness, and resentfulness.

And then, it actually stood up, like a palm-sized gnome. It quickly swept its eyes past everyone in the courtyard. Of course, including Keke and Tenax.

“Eh? It’s a white-shelled tortoise. This couldn’t be the one that guarded the old ginseng right?” When the fatty saw this little tortoise with strange origin, he felt very surprised and said in doubt, “When I was buying that old ginseng, the seller told me that the white-shelled tortoise was already sold by the pharmacist separately. How is it possible for it to show up here? This is too regretful, if we could stew this white-shelled tortoise with that old ginseng, it would definitely be the most exceptional tonic!”


The white-shelled tortoise was as quick as lightning. It jumped into the sky and stood there like a human. It twisted its waist and bent its arm before it sent out two punches in rapid succession.

“Pow! Pow!”


Two punches hit the rim of the fatty’s eyes. Zhuge fatty immediately yelled in pain like a wolf. Then he shouted in anger, “Mother f—! What is this tortoise? How can it do shadow-boxing?!”

The fatty’s eyes were jet-black. They were completely bruised and looked like the panda’s eyes.

“Mother f—! I was actually punched by a tortoise!” The fatty was really angry. This kind of unimaginable thing actually happened to him. It was completely unexpected. ⌈2

Xiao Chen and Fairsky burst into loud laughter. The snow-white little Keke was already rolling on the floor laughing. Only Tenax stared at the white-shelled tortoise without batting an eye.

“I beat, I stamp!” The angry fatty lifted his leg to stamp the little tortoise that was standing upright on the ground.


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Zhuge fatty was punched again. The white-shelled tortoise jumped up as swift as the wind and brandished its fist violently to hit the fatty’s nose.

“Oh god! I’m bleeding… I’m bleeding… I actually got hit by a tortoise until I got a nosebleed?!” The fatty let out a long howl from the pain. In regards to this outrageous thing before his eyes, he felt it was a little unbelievable and cast an angry look at the little tortoise on the ground. That white-shelled tortoise was also staring at him angrily. The scene made one unable to restrain a smile.

“This ******* tortoise, just where did this evildoer came from? My god! I’ve never seen something so bizarre before!” Speaking until here, the fatty cast an angry look at Xiao Chen and Fairsky, “You two are still laughing? Come here and help me catch the tortoise! This is a devil. Mother f—, I actually got hit by a tortoise and you guys are still not coming to help me take care of it.”

“That’s enough, I recognize this tortoise. Although you got hit by the tortoise, it’s nothing to be ashamed about.” Xiao Chen knew that this was absolutely not a tortoise, but a dragon!

“No! I can’t let it pass like this!” The fatty was unwilling to forgive.

While Fairsky was looking at the fun, he stepped forward and wanted to grab the little tortoise. As a result, he also got punched twice on the face with a “Pow! Pow!” sound. The white-shelled tortoise was really so fast that it made one dazzled. They were unable to catch its movements.

“An evildoer, it’s really an evildoer! Even Fairsky’s pretty face was hit by the little tortoise.” The fatty was so shocked that he didn’t know what to say anymore.

Xiao Chen was also very surprised. The little tortoise’s speed had really reached an unimaginable realm. If its power also caught up with it, then this little tortoise would definitely become a very terrifying existence.

The white-shelled tortoise angrily ran around the courtyard a few times. It was very unwilling as it looked at the old ginseng skin one last time, then it looked at Tenax and Keke again before it left as fast as lightning.

When the disturbance from the little tortoise was over, the color of the sky had already turned dark. Xiao Chen adjusted the condition of his body to the peak stage. Then he soared into the sky and flew with extreme speed in the night sky.

First target, Prince Li’s mansion!

Wuxing Feng, Li Daoyuan, and Liu Ziliang, these were the three genius from Terra. They were the strongest youth experts below the age of twenty five in Terra Empire.

Looking at Celestial City from the sky, it seemed as if everything below was shrouded by a dense dragon-qi, as if it was really a sovereign city made by heaven. A great number of houses were brightly lit, making it bright under the dragon cloud.

Moving as swift as the wind, Xiao Chen streaked across the vast sky and left behind a few afterimages as he entered Prince Li’s mansion.

It must be mentioned that the Zhuge family and the Fair family were very powerful. They were actually able to clearly outline the layout of the prince’s mansion. Xiao Chen directly advanced according to that information.

His steps were as light as a feather as he noiselessly landed on the courtyard. The night breeze was carrying the scent of the orchid. The aromatic smell pervaded the entire courtyard. Xiao Chen picked off a leaf and carved four words on it: Come out and fight. After that, he used the light to emphasize the words. ⌈3


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Almost at the same time, a figure rushed out of the building and appeared in front of Xiao Chen like a ghost.

Xiao Chen immediately soared into the sky. That figure behind followed him closely and flew high into the sky. At the same time, in the darkness, another figure stealthily ascended in the dark sky.

When they were already far away from the ground, a sneer resounded in the sky, “Xiao Chen, are you seeking your own death? Three days ago, that light of death at the city gate was unable to take away your life, and three days later, you actually dropped in by yourself so impatiently? I was about to go find you myself!”

The one speaking was one of the three strongest youth warriors in Terra Empire, Li Daoyuan. He was a very terrifying Psychic.

“Stop talking nonsense, I am here for the kill today. I won’t go back until I see some blood. ⌈4⌋” Xiao Chen fought for the purpose of fighting today. Unfolding the Undying Divine Wings, he transformed into a lightstream and rushed over there.

He executed the Death Blow immediately. The four major techniques contained the supreme Imprint of Dao. That was a glorious and world-shattering technique. It contained unparalleled power.

“Crackle! Crackle!”

The skill was almost like a path. One energy radiance after another burst out like hundreds and thousands of lightnings dancing wildly.

“Hmph! In front of the light of death, your so-called most powerful killing techniques are useless!” Li Daoyuan sneered again and again. His figure was like that of a ghost as he rushed over and shouted, “Light of Destruction.”

In the pitch-black night sky, a glaring ray of light ripped the darkness and swept towards Xiao Chen. This was a very rarely seen bizarre energy — the Light of Destruction. It was specialized in striping people of their life. It was as scary as the scythe of the Grim Reaper.

A noiseless collision. Then the energy waves rolled over and over violently. The sky seemed to have turned into boiling water. The entire sky was shaking. Xiao Chen and Li Daoyuan were blown away by the powerful energy waves.

The glaring rays of light were like a sun hanging in the night sky.

The instant that Xiao Chen flew back, he quickly came to a halt and then, as if his entire person became one with the broken sword in his hand, he cut through the sky and shattered everything in his path. He passed through the layers upon layers of energy waves and directly went after Li Daoyuan.

The dazzling sword-qi dropped down like the Milky Way falling from the Ninth Heaven, it was huge and resplendent. The sword-qi was slashed down vertically towards Li Daoyuan’s head, as if he wanted to chop him into half.

Li Daoyuan was surprised at Xiao Chen’s speed. He quickly dodged to the side and executed the Light of Destruction. Once again, the heavy breath of death spread out and covered up the sky like thick stagnant water.

Xiao Chen was not fearful. He made his move boldly and swept the broken sword in his hand across all directions. With power to swallow up the mountains and rivers, the resplendent sword-qi shattered everything in its path. All the light of death crumbled.

“This is too easy!” Xiao Chen calmly spat out these four words.

Li Daoyuan didn’t have any particular mood swing. At this very moment, his pair of eyes suddenly flickered with bloody red light. His pupils and the white of the eyes faded away. Only two terrifying red lights could be seen. He seemed especially demonic and terrifying in the night sky.

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“The power from the underworld, blend into my body!” Li Daoyuan’s voice was very low, yet it was very heavy, as if it was reverberating from the underworld. Words failed to describe how frightening it was.

The black fog quickly gathered from all directions and surrounded Li Daoyuan. In the endless darkness, only two blood red lights could be seen. That ice-cold gaze was fixed at Xiao Chen. There wasn’t a trace of human emotion. There were only the breaths of destruction and stillness.

That didn’t seem like the eyes of a human, but rather the eyes of death that came from the underworld!

Li Daoyuan let out a low shout as he quickly rushed towards Xiao Chen. It was like the roar of an evil spirit from the underworld. He was wrapped up in the inexhaustible underworld fog. His entire person was already situated in absolute darkness.

The black fog rolled over and over violently. As if Li Daoyuan had transformed into a vicious corpse, he actually gave up the various kinds of spells that the Psychics possessed and engaged with Xiao Chen in close combat like the martial artists.



Clink! Clang!

His body was more solid than the adamantium. It seemed like it was no longer the flesh of a human body. When his arm clashed with Xiao Chen’s broken sword, a metallic sound actually reverberated.

The black underworld fog was rampaging. Xiao Chen was unable to probe Li Daoyuan in the black fog clearly with his spiritual sense. He could only see a pair of bloody red light penetrating the dark fog and staring at him coldly.

This scene was very bizarre. Xiao Chen couldn’t feel any fluctuation of life from the other party’s body. That seemed to be nothing more than an ice-cold corpse, a demonic corpse that came from the underworld!

Clang! Clang! Clang…!

The sonorous noise echoed in the sky unceasingly. Li Daoyuan’s ice-cold arm was striking against the side of the broken sword continuously. His and Xiao Chen’s speed were so fast that only a hazy black fog and a slender figure could be seen changing from one position to another unceasingly as they left behind afterimages.

Ice-cold like the corpse!

After Xiao Chen put away the broken sword and used his fists to clash with Li Daoyuan, he found that his body temperature was much lower than expected. He couldn’t feel the flow of blood at all. That was the distinctive feature of a corpse.

This was an evenly matched battle. Xiao Chen didn’t care if his opponent was a corpse or a human, what he sought was a powerful opponent of the same age. At present, he was not feeling uneasy due to the strength of the enemy. On the contrary, his battle intent was getting higher and higher.

It was a lightning quick and wild battle!

The moment he reached out his hand, the moment he lifted his leg, a thunderous noise resounded. It was as if the worldly power was spreading out because of him!

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God Slayer!

Untold numbers of three inches long materialized swords pierced towards the ice-cold corpse all at once.

The air was shuddering, it seemed as if the space was about to shatter. The God Slayer nowadays was much stronger compared to the past. After all, Xiao Chen’s power was increasing on a daily basis.

This was a battle intent that evolved from the soul and was entrusted to the countless swords and blades.

Rips! Rips!

The space-ripping sound never stopped. At the same time, the black fog that enveloped Li Daoyuan’s body surged up violently in front of his body. It actually transformed into a black whirpool. It was like a primal beast opening up its huge mouth to swallow the countless rays of light.

A glint emitted from Xiao Chen’s pair of eyes. He had seen it really clearly this time. Although Li Daoyuan’s movements were as fast as lightning, his joints seemed to be very uncoordinated. His body really seemed as stiff as an old corpse.

Moreover, his surrounding space was actually cracked. One after another, minute traces of black-qi rushed forth from those cracks, as if it was really connected to the other world — the netherworld!

What kind of bizarre ability was this? He was actually able to borrow power from the underworld. It made Xiao Chen really shocked, but he was not fearful. Only this kind of powerful enemy could make him fight with everything on the line!

“Haha…” A loud laughter was transmitted from not far away. The person tailing behind Xiao Chen and Li Daoyuan finally revealed his visage from the shadow of the night sky. He laughed and said, “Li Daoyuan executed the forbidden technique, Infernal Corpse. It seems like he is intending to kill. Xiao Chen, you are dead for sure.”

Xiao Chen coldly cast a backward glance. He found a Spell Master there. He had also exchanged a single blow with him at the city gate three days ago. This should be the last of the three great experts from the Terra Empire, Liu Ziliang.

Liu Ziliang did not plan to hide behind the walls and watch the battle from a safe distance. After restraining his smile, his eyes emitted an ice-cold glint, then he made his move viciously. Following his incantation, nine huge lightnings as thick as a bowl cup were launched towards Xiao Chen’s back. He was merciless and wanted to take Xiao Chen’s life with this first move.

He didn’t seem to feel that besieging Xiao Chen was a kind of disgrace. On the contrary, he smiled coldly and said, “You who are surnamed Xiao, I always wanted to kill you, but I wasn’t able to find a suitable chance all along. Now, with myself and Li Daoyuan transformed into the battle corpse, killing you is as easy as killing a dog!”


Xiao Chen unfolded the Undying Divine Wings. With speed as fast as lightning, he left behind an afterimage and actually shook Li Daoyuan off. After that, he flew straight towards the nine lightnings as thick as a bowl cup.

He clashed directly with the terrifying lightning!

His eyes were filled with unlimited killing intent.


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