Chapter 178 – The Descendant of Deity

The last few who intruded did not say a single word and directly pounced towards Xiao Chen. They were merciless and aimed for a fatal blow all at once. The sword-qi were exceptionally dazzling in the night sky.

Xiao Chen couldn’t remain sitting anymore. He stood up and grabbed the ancient spear Pasteur as he took a step forward. He waved the ancient spear with momentum of total annihilation. The thunderous storm roared as bloody light filled the entire sky.

“Pfff! Pfff!”

The blood splashed everywhere as four corpses fell on the courtyard. They were each around thirty odd years. Their throat seemed to have been cut by a knife blade as the bloody spear swept past. These four practitioners were more or less around the level of the Sixth Celestial Layer. As far as Xiao Chen was concerned, they were nothing. They were obviously dispatched by their sect to interfere with Xiao Chen’s breakthrough.


The Azure Dragon King let out a roar and pounced over. The target ———— Tenax! Azure divine radiance flashed like a raging inferno. Its pair of eyes were ice-cold, as if it had already forgotten it was once acquainted with Xiao Chen.

Tenax proudly swung its head as it let out a dragon roar and pounced over.


The person in the shadow flew upwards swiftly and disappeared in a short while. It seemed like he was only delivering the Azure Dragon King to this place.

The Azure Dragon King let out a muffled roar. Its pair of dragon eyes were actually filled with bloodlust. The two Dragon Kings clashed fiercely. One after another, green divine radiance burst out unceasingly. The Azure Dragon King had obviously unlocked quite a few divine abilities peculiar to the dragons. This one odd year, its power had advanced by leaps and bounds. It was no longer the same little cub from the Dragon Island anymore. Moreover, its tail had already evolved into the Ancestral Dragon tail.

And on the other hand, Tenax did not burst out with any divine radiance. It was completely relying on the unique dragon martial skill to fight at close quarters. It was like a seasoned practitioners, every step it took was extremely profound. One couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration. Those were the most effective footworks. And its attack was also incomparably sharp. The claws, the tail, the head, and even its horns were moving in sync. Each part of its body was a sharp weapon in its own right. As it clashed with the Azure Dragon, even if it was facing one dragon magic after another, it did not fall behind a tiny bit. On the contrary, it was steadily pressuring the Azure Dragon King!

The dragon martial skill was an extraordinary skill!

Keke moved back to Xiao Chen’s side, sweeping all directions cautiously with its big black eyes.

There were only two more enemies left at the site. One of them was that rough-looking middle-aged man. In fact, his power was definitely at the Historia realm. Otherwise it was impossible for him to show up. Just the energy fluctuation emitted by him was already enough to destroy a pavilion.

The other one should be a young girl. Although her body was covered by a black fog, Xiao Chen was still able to make out her silhouette. At present, his spiritual sense was especially keen, he had already realized this was a very beautiful girl. It’s just that… the other party was intentionally concealing herself, so it was not possible to see her hazy visage clearly.

The golden-furred ape beside the mysterious girl looked very powerful. It’s just that… its expression was too vicious. It stared at Keke coldly, as if it wanted to devour the little critter.


The snow-white little critter panted with rage. It was a very discontent tone. It waved its little beast paws without restraint. The rainbow-colored light screen quickly launched towards the one meter tall golden ape.

In that instant, the golden light flashed. The ape’s body seemed to have transformed into metal. Moreover, inexhaustible amount of divine flame was rising from its body. It let out a growl and also waved one of its beastly claw.

The golden ray of light transformed into a light blade and ruthlessly cut towards the rainbow-colored radiance.

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A dull noise transmitted from the sky. The rainbow-colored light screen was temporarily held back by the golden light blade.

This made Keke really angry. Its glittering big eyes burst forth with two divine glints. It was no longer looking lively and mischievous. In a flash, it became serious and earnest as it pushed its little beast claws forward with all its might. The rainbow-colored radiance instantly increased in size dramatically and kept the golden light under control in a short while. After that, it was launched towards the golden ape.

Xiao Chen was very shocked. Although Keke had gained the upper hand, it was already enough to tell how powerful and terrifying the golden ape was. It was actually able to hold Keke back, even for a short while. This had never happened before. One must know that nobody below the demigod level had ever blocked the rainbow-colored radiance. It was always one swipe, hundred down. As long as the rainbow-colored divine radiance was launched, nobody could stop it.

What kind of sacred beast was this? It was actually so mighty. Its divine ability was really exceptionally powerful.


The golden ape faced upwards and let out a long howl. The golden light all over its body became brighter. It forcibly stopped that rainbow-colored light screen that was about to cover it up, making the rainbow-colored light screen unable to touch it for the time being.

With a soft sigh, that mysterious girl started to talk, “Is it possible to make the snow-white little critter stop? I actually don’t have any evil intention. I just wanted to test Goldie’s strength.”

The voice was very sweet and very pleasant to listen to. Under normal circumstances, this should be a peerless beauty.

However, tonight was too delicate. Who could say for sure she was really not an enemy? Even if she’s a peerless beauty, she’s nothing more than a skeleton in front of Xiao Chen at present. He remained unfazed. Everyone who arrived at this place had temporarily been labelled by him as enemy.

Xiao Chen ignored the words of the mysterious girl.


The rainbow-colored radiance fell down and instantly enveloped the golden ape. It was being trapped within the rainbow-colored radiance, unable to move an inch. Following closely, Keke waved its hairy little beast paws and lifted the golden ape into the air from a distance. The rainbow colored-radiance firmly imprisoned the golden ape. Then it was ruthlessly smashed onto the ground by Keke.


The smoke and dust filled the air as the golden ape jumped up. It faced upward and let out a furious roar. The golden fur all over its body erected. It looked very violent. One after another, golden rays — that looked like sword-qi — rushed out from its body.

“Goldie, don’t move!” The mysterious girl stopped the furious golden ape. She extended one of her lily-white hands to quell its anger. Only then did the golden ape slowly calm down.

However, Keke hardly appreciated the kindness. It was waving its little beast paws angrily, about to make its move again.

Xiao Chen hastily put a stop to it. As long as the mysterious girl no longer made her move, he was also unwilling to continue this massacre.

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Now, the middle-aged man standing at the side let out a sneer, “I originally thought you only have a rare Dragon King at your side. Never have I thought that pampered little critter is also this powerful. I really underestimated you.”

“Squeak…” Keke felt that it had been disrespected. It was shouting furiously, as if it was saying, “What about you?!” Then it waved its little beast paw with a whoosh and firmly trapped the middle-aged man within the rainbow-colored radiance.

The middle-aged man had an inconceivable expression. He finally experienced the snow-white little critter’s power first-hand. However, he did not believe it was able to seal a Historia level expert like him.

But now, it was too late for regret!

“How is this possible? It’s still so young!” This was the lamentation in the heart of the Historia level expert.


Keke smashed the Historia level expert onto the ground all of a sudden. After that, it imprisoned him again with the rainbow-colored divine radiance, lifting him into midair and smashing downwards repeatedly. Even an ironman would break into pieces like this.

After a few dozen times, the middle-aged man was already bleeding from his nose and mouth.

Xiao Chen made Keke stop and asked the middle-aged man, “Which clan are you from? I’ll only ask this once, silence means death!” It was very straightforward, he didn’t drag the issue.

“Hmph!” The middle-aged man gave a cold snort in return.

Xiao Chen did not say any more nonsense, he directly walked in front of the rainbow-colored light screen and brandished the ancient spear that once killed the gods in his hand. With a “Pfff,” the ancient spear pierced the middle-aged man’s chest. Blood gushed out non-stop.

He didn’t pierce the heart, but it was also a deadly blow.

“Don’t kill me! I am from the Reagan family, I am Hofmann’s uncle! Among the few corpses in the courtyard, two of them are also from my family.” In the face of death, the middle-aged man no longer have an air of arrogance. Not only did he straightforwardly declared his identity, he also provided unnecessary information.


Xiao Chen shook the spear in his hand and directly pierced the middle-aged man’s heart. The middle-aged man let out a miserable shriek. The glint in his eyes gradually became dimmer as he muttered under his breath, “You are so ruthless… I already told you everything, yet you still killed me…”

“I told you, I will only ask once and didn’t want to talk nonsense. I gave you a chance, but you didn’t grasp it. I killed you as promised.” Xiao Chen directly split him in half with the divine spear. After that, he muttered, “This enmity with your family is set in the stone!”

On the other side, Tenax and the Azure Dragon King had already decided victory or defeat. Tenax defeated the Azure Dragon King with the dragon martial skill. It tore apart a large area of flesh and finally used its pair of horns to launch a divine radiance that knocked down the Azure Dragon King.

During the entire fight, Tenax only used the dragon magic once, it was indeed incomparably proud.

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“Keke, seal it and don’t get it get away!” Xiao Chen shouted.

Keke launched a divine radiance and enveloped the Azure Dragon King in a flash, sealing it for good.

Xiao Chen knew something must have happened to Lawrence. And relying on his instinct, he felt that a problem had also arises with the Azure Dragon King. They must not let it go and search for clues in the future.

The courtyard finally became quiet.

The mysterious girl said with a very pleasant voice, “Your Dragon King seems to be different from the other Dragon Kings.” However, she was more concerned about Keke. She softly sighed and said, “This cute snow-white little critter is also out of the ordinary. It actually defeated Goldie.”

Xiao Chen didn’t say anything, but Keke was very discontent. It clicked its tongue as it cast a glance at the golden ape with its big black eyes.

This manner immediately made the golden ape furious. If it was not stopped by the mysterious girl, it absolutely wanted to settle this with the snow-white little critter once and for all.

“If you know about Goldie’s origin, then you might not despise it as much anymore.” The mysterious girl seemed to be very fond of Keke. She spoke softly, “Goldie is the descendant of a deity.” ⌈1

Hearing this, Keke was not bothered by it, but Xiao Chen was very shocked as he asked, “There’s a divine isle hovering in the depths of the south. The descendant of the deity you are talking about, are you referring to one of those young sacred beasts found at the vicinity of the deity’s historical remains?”

“That’s right, Goldie is one of them.”

Xiao Chen couldn’t help but look at the girl in a new light. She actually subdued the descendant of a deity. One must know that a lot of older generation figures were fighting over them at that time.

As if she could read Xiao Chen’s mind, the girl explained, “It was subdued by my elders. The other one is not the same race as Goldie. It was took away by other people.”

“You come here tonight only for testing Goldie’s strength?” Xiao Chen asked.

The girl was very magnanimous and her voice was very sweet, “My information network spread far and wide. I have received the true information of what happened on the dragon island. I know there’s a snow-white little critter that possesses great magical power. As such, I wanted to bring Goldie here and let it have a contest with the snow-white little critter.”

These words made Keke feel very snug. It showed a rare bashful expression and blinked its glittering big eyes unceasingly.

“With the snow-white little critter’s current strength, it is enough to rank among the top ten of the young sacred beasts on immortal’s mainland!”

The mysterious girl had a very high evaluation of the snow-white little critter, but on the other hand, Keke was dissatisfied. Only top ten? It would be more appropriate to say it was number one. Keke puffed its chest out proudly.

As a result, it was kneaded in the head by Xiao Chen, who was full of smiles. Keke immediately let out a resentful squeak.

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Xiao Chen was very happy. Even the descendant of deity was defeated by Keke. This little critter had unlimited potential! Maybe it might be an exotic beast on the same level as the Ancestral Dragon!

“Xiao Chen, are you willing to go to the north with me? I can give you riches and honor.” The mysterious girl started to talk. She seemed to be very serious. ⌈2

“Riches and honor are earned through hard work, not given by others.” Xiao Chen shook his head and said, “I am used to this easy-going lifestyle, I don’t want to be constrained by others.” He could already tell that the mysterious girl had an out of the ordinary status. He didn’t want to be linked together with any large conglomerate or nation.

However, that was only his thinking for the time being. Who could say for sure what would happen in the future?

The mysterious girl nodded. She took Goldie along and left without speaking.

Only a few corpses were left in the courtyard as it regained its former tranquility.

Xiao Chen held on to the ancient spear Pasteur as he stood there. The divine blood flowed down from his hands unceasingly. The sacred writings on the ancient spear emitted bewitching radiance that reflected upon the starlight.

The shifty eyes of the white-shelled tortoise on the pavilion were perfectly round. It was looking at those sacred writings without batting an eye. After that, it racked its brain as it revealed a pensive look.

Under the moonlight. Xiao Chen’s entire body was flickering like a gem. His bones produced “cackling sound” as the broken bones were reconnected. His flesh squirmed as his corporeal body was undergoing a transformation!

The true evolution towards Historia domain had begun!

Endless brilliance had enveloped him. At this moment, the holy aura filled the entire courtyard. Even the starlight in the sky seemed to have become dimmer.

“Cough…” The cough of an aged man resounded as a shadow appeared under the grape vine frame. The new arrival muttered under his breath, “I have returned. The protection of the phoenix clan? Hah! I don’t really believe they possesses that great of a magic power and is really capable of finding out everything that happened tonight.”

The terrifying vibe shrouded the entire courtyard in a flash. The splendor on Xiao Chen’s body was suppressed and became dimmer.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

Three human figures jumped into the courtyard ⌈3⌋. It was actually Qinguang Wang and the other two skeletons! Following closely, a grey-haired old man with childish face walked into the courtyard. He was precisely that old Psychic who took away the three skeletons. He was all smiles as he said to the shadow under the grape vine frame, “You really don’t believe the phoenix clan is capable of it? All your moves and everything that happened tonight will be recorded clearly. The phoenix girl will come and find you to settle this score sooner or later.”

“I am very unwilling to let it go like this!”

“Your child is really too bossy and lack discipline. Otherwise, why did five Historia level experts have to die like this? Unable to distinguish right from wrong, unable to recognize others’ good intentions.” The old man was all smiles and looked very benevolent. Then he continued, “Of course, this young fellow is also very excessive. He is very heartless and should be punished.”

The shadow under the grape vine turned his head around and asked Xiao Chen coldly, “Are you really from the depths of the south?”

Xiao Chen’s expression was indifferent, neither servile nor overbearing as he said, “That existence in the depths of the south had once given me a pointer or two. Other than that, we don’t have much of a relation.”

Hearing these, that shadow under the grape vine frame turned around and left at once. He rose into the sky like a wisp of smoke and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“Hehe…” The benevolent old Psychic walked over with a chuckle. He patted Xiao Chen’s shoulders twice, then he turned around and left with the three skeletons.

Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang gesticulated towards Xiao Chen unceasingly. Meaning: We will come find you again after learning some powerful divine abilities. After that, they waved at Keke and Tenax to say good bye.

That figure under the grape vine frame had left and returned, but this time, he had left for real. Xiao Chen knew it was finally safe for tonight!

Exuvia and Historia level practitioners might not know what did the multi-colored divine feathers on the rock represent, but that figure under the grape vine frame definitely knew!

The starlight was really bright tonight. Xiao Chen bathed in the holy radiance of transformation and stood at the courtyard with the ancient spear like that for one night.

This night, was bound to be a very unusual night. The event regarding Xiao Chen challenging several Ninth Celestial Layer experts at night-time was already known by many people.

It would inevitably cause some groups to flare up.

As expected, Zhuge fatty immediately ran over the next morning, making a big fuss.

“Brother, you are too strong! You are too strong! Your crazy play during the night caused many families in the city unable to sleep! You are too strong…” The fatty was so excited that he didn’t even know what he was saying anymore. In the end, there was only that one sentence: “You are too strong…”

Soon after, the beautiful Fairsky also ran over. After he saw the ancient spear Pasteur, he was so shocked that his eyes almost popped out. He cried out in surprise, “This mother f— is… the ancient spear Pasteur?!”

“There’s an important banquet tomorrow. I got this invitation card for you at the last moment. I will take you there tomorrow night.” The fatty was talking endlessly. In brief, he was already a little high early this morning.

“The two of you help me do something first.” Xiao Chen continued, “Help me put this ancient spear up for auction.”

“Are you crazy?!” Fairsky and the fatty were stupefied and shouted simultaneously.


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