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Chapter 174 – Pasteur, the Ancient Divine Spear

Xiao Chen was completely relying on his spiritual sense to defend. Wherever he felt the danger came from, it’s where he hacked the broken sword.

The blazing sword-qi and resplendent sword radiance interweaved together and formed layer upon layer of energy billows, wrecking havoc in the night sky. The starlight and moonlight in the sky had completely been covered up.

The aura of death at this place was skyrocketing. The glint of the swords was dazzling.

Under the untold numbers of sword-qi; these four words, “Heaviest Under the Heaven!” came out from Dugu Jianmo’s mouth. Legend has it that the Solitary clan had the heaviest swordplay under the heaven!

As soon as he retracted fastest under the heaven swordplay, Dugu Jianmo’s figure became visible. The metal sword slowly pressed down like a huge mountain. People could obviously see the attack very clearly, yet they were unable to dodge.

Heaviest under the Heaven, one sword sealed off all ten directions!


The intangible domain was excessively heavy. The earth burst open, even the halls in the vicinity broke into pieces unceasingly. A huge light beam seemed to directly pierce into the heavens. This was the sword-qi of the heaviest sword!

Xiao Chen’s expression was particularly grave. He didn’t dare to be careless in the slightest amount. His state of mind slowly calmed down. His mind turned into a blank. Everything before his eyes disappeared, so much so that even Dugu Jianmo had disappeared. The only thing remained in his sight was the sword that slowly pushed forward.

Slowly, Xiao Chen finally brandished the broken sword in his hand. It was not the four major techniques, nor the Demonic Seal. This was a swordplay executed by him instinctively after clearing his mind and submerging in some kind of mysterious realm. It was a revelation swordplay!

It could be understood, but not described. It was produced by the battle instinct under this kind of special circumstances. Just by relying on intuition alone, this was definitely a very powerful swordplay!

The movement of the two was very slow. The metal sword and longsword slowly clashed together.

At this critical life and death moment, the two seemed as if they were uninvolved.

They were very calm in the face of adversity.

The two of them were not tense or worried. They did not feel apprehensive at all, nor did they feel uneasy. Their mind was calm, expression was undisturbed.

The heaviest sword under the heaven and the swordplay executed by Xiao Chen in an ethereal state finally clashed.

At this very moment, a hard to describe pressure shrouded all directions in a flash. The sword-qi directly pierced the heavens! It appeared especially bright in the night sky. Everyone in this region of the Celestial City noticed this bizarre event.


It reverberated like the explosion of Heavenly Thunder!

The soaring sword-qi was indistinguishable from real lightning. It had truly linked up the sky and the earth.

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If the two huge light beams were charged down from the sky instead, the Solitary clan would inevitably be razed to the ground!

Despite that, many buildings still collapsed. Many huge cracks appeared even on the tall and ancient wall. That was a world-shaking strike! Xiao Chen and Dugu Jianmo were sent flying by the impact. They coughed out blood unceasingly. Just like a dried leaf falling gently, they fell onto the pool of blood listlessly.

However, their eyes were exceptionally bright as they jumped up at almost the same time.

Broken sword versus metal sword, Xiao Chen and Dugu Jianmo clashed.

The sonorous noise never stopped. Xiao Chen immersed himself in that mysterious realm again, completely casting away the four major techniques and relied on his instinct to brandish the sword. The dazzling sword-qi pierced the night sky, running amuck in the sky like a raging river.

Dugu Jianmo was in the same state. He shook off the unrivaled ancient swordplay passed down by his ancestors. The sword intent dispersed by the metal sword was already not limited only to the Solitary sword intent anymore. It already transcended and broke away from this category. He completely walked out of his own way of the sword.

The sword radiance was resplendent. The cold glint was glaring. Countless rays of light blossomed in the night sky. It was gorgeous and exceptionally beautiful. But it was terrifying and frightening all the same. Every sword sweep was sufficient to rip apart a huge castle and destroy everything in the path!

The intense battle persisted without an end in sight. In the sea of sword-qi, Xiao Chen and Dugu Jianmo exchanged no less than several hundred bouts. However, they were still unable to decide victory or defeat.

Xiao Chen immersed in that kind of mysterious realm and freely brandished the sword. The sword intent was absolutely not inferior to the four major techniques. This was the liberation of the battle instinct, this was the sublimation of the martial intent. This was the evolution and quick advance of his battle ability.

That was not to say the sword intent released from this kind of mysterious condition surpassed the four major techniques. It was only that the sword intent exhibited the greatest power in this kind of situation and was most fitting for this fierce battle at present.

There’s no such thing as an unparalleled mystic art. Everything depended on the opponent. In the battlefield, there’s a myriad of changes in an instant. Only by using the most suitable move at the right time would one be able to bring out the greatest power. Even the most simple move could become the most deadly attack.

They were evenly matched!

The domain and sealed god light screen were ineffective. The two staked all their Exuvia level power in this fight! Dugu Jianmo was firm and persistent. His might was unmatched. He made his name renowned in the south with a sword. There was hardly anyone among his peers that could stand up to him. The experience from his childhood would never part with him.

Sword, that was his entire life!

The two had already fought for an hour. Their bodies were stained by blood all over. When they waved their swords, beside the thunderous noise and the surging sword-qi, there was also a great pressure. The blood vessels on their skins were damaged by the pressure. And who knew just how much blood had they lost already. However, the two of them were tenacious, they wouldn’t waver just because of this. They had an unrelenting expression.


When the swords clashed, the broken sword and metal sword flung off from Xiao Chen and Dugu Jianmo’s hands simultaneously. The both of them suffered a bone fracture in their hands. Their injuries were equally grave.

The glint in Xiao Chen’s eyes was clear as he emitted two resplendent divine-qi. From his perspective, the Solitary clan’s forte was the sword. Now that the metal sword had been rid of, it was equivalent to eliminating Dugu Jianmo’s sharp teeth. ⌈1

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The vigorous life energy rushed towards the fractured right palm. Then, with a “snapping” noise, the metacarpal bones reconnected. Of course, it was impossible for it to become as good as before immediately. However, it was enough for him to make a move. With speed as fast as lightning, he struck Dugu Jianmo.

Dugu Jianmo’s palm let out a similar noise and healed at the same time. He attacked with the injured palm, his fighting strength did not diminish.

“My body is my sword!” Dugu Jianmo laughed grimly, “Even with no sword in my hand, there’s still a sword in my heart. All tangible things in the world, be it a blade of grass or a stick, I can turn them into my divine weapon!”

Speaking until here, Dugu Jianmo actually picked up his speed. He reached an inconceivable speed in that instant. While joining his hands together, he rushed towards Xiao Chen.

At this very moment, Xiao Chen was shocked. That was because what he saw in the front was an illusion. Dugu Jianmo’s entire body actually transformed into a divine sword. It was glinting with resplendent radiance as it rushed towards him.

It was not at all possible for Dugu Jianmo to transform into a divine sword. The only possible explanation was that this was the manifestation of his future divine ability in advance. This was merely the fledgling stage of his future divine ability. It brought about some kind of illusion, but it was sufficient to show how terrifying the Sword Demon was.

It must be mentioned that Xiao Chen was very gifted in regards to battle. The more dangerous the situation, all the more calmer he became. His state of mind quickly calmed down and immersed in an ethereal state in that instant.

Everything in the world seemed to have disappeared. Only that unstoppable divine sword appeared in his line of sight. It seemed as if time had slowed down, including that lone sword that was pushing forward!

Xiao Chen was calm to a frightening level. He remained motionless until that divine sword was just about to touch his body. He waved his left hand lightly. It was a very elegant palm blade. He made his move as bold as before, but the domineering move was entirely different. It was as if an exiled immortal was casting divine spells without constraint. It was incomparably ethereal, extremely graceful.

A mysterious and profound palm blade. Completely relying on instinct, he executed an otherworldly blade!


The palm blade and divine sword transfromed from Dugu Jianmo’s body clashed. The two were sent flying by the impact at the same time.

Dugu Jianmo wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth and shouted coldly, “Not only my body is the sword. All tangible things in the world are my divine swords! Kill —— Kill —— Kill —— Kill —— Kill!”

The fragments of the ruins; the debris, the rocks, and the beams… All of them floated up and emitted a heavy murderous aura. They already transformed into sword light and were launched towards Xiao Chen.

All tangible things in the world — even the blades of grass and sticks — all of them transformed into divine swords!

If it was any other Ninth Celestial Layer experts, after fighting for an hour, they might not be able to continue fighting anymore under such a tyrannical display.

However, Xiao Chen was still scarily calm. His mind was empty, his body was as cold as the sword and moved according to his heartbeat. The sea of consciousness had dominated his body.

It was a very bizarre mental state. He felt as if his heart had already flew out of the battlefield, as if his soul was standing on a faintly discernible cloud and looking down at everything calmly.

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However, his body was moving. Very smooth and fluent movements, very mysterious and profound techniques. The ethereal palm blade, the graceful stance, it was as if the sweet dews had fallen onto the lonesome desert, as if the morning sun had ascended on the spacious and empty plain.

All of these was so smooth, so harmonious. Everything was so perfect!

The graceful palm blade didn’t let any debris, rocks, or broken beams to slip past… All the tangible things that transformed into the sword body had been cut off with pinpoint accuracy!

The big swings only left behind silence in the world. At present, Xiao Chen’s attitude was also like this, unusually calm and indifferent, as if he was not connected with this event.

However, one strike hundred down! He completely routed these untold numbers of divine sword made from every tangible things!

Dugu Jianmo beckoned and the metal sword flew into his hand. He coldly looked face to face with Xiao Chen. He felt that this might be his most dangerous battle since birth. He strongly felt threatened by death.

After Xiao Chen broke through the “thousand swords”, he stood against the wind. His long hair fluttered by itself as he looked at Dugu Jianmo calmly.


Dugu Jianmo prepared the final move. Victory or defeat would be decided with this!

The domain laid out by the metal sword pressed down with huge pressure. Xiao Chen’s sealed god light screen glinted with brilliant rays to resist the sword’s domain.

All of Dugu Jianmo’s thick black hair erected. On his metal sword, layer upon layer of sword-qi rushed towards Xiao Chen like stormy seas.

Xiao Chen still found himself in an ethereal state. He faced the approaching blazing sword radiance with the palm blade. Although he was in a critical circumstance, he appeared to be calm. Vaguely, he felt that kind of state was the doorstep to Historia realm!

Suddenly, an extremely bad premonition rushed into Xiao Chen’s mind. Even if his body was in this kind of mysterious and wondrous state, his unshakable state of mind was also unable to keep calm anymore as the shadow of death floated up in his mind.

Xiao Chen didn’t even think about it and his body immediately flew to the side, as graceful as an exiled immortal.

However, it was still too late!

An incomparably red divine spear emitted blazing divine-qi. As if endless amount of scarlet blood were igniting in the surroundings, it dyed half the sky with its color. That kind of spear transformed into a bloody-qi and flew over.


Although Xiao Chen avoided being hit in the vital part, his left rib was still penetrated from the back ⌈2⌋ by the divine spear that was dripping with blood. He was sent flying along with a powerful force and was pinned on the ground more than hundred meters away.

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Blood splashed everywhere and dyed the mother earth red.

After the divine spear that was pulsing with bloody divine-qi was pinned onto the ground, it trembled violently for a while before it finally calmed down.

Xiao Chen was pinned onto the ground!

“Pasteur, the ancient divine spear?!” Dugu Jianmo cried out in surprise. After that, he turned around to look towards the darkness not far away.

A brown-haired youth slowly walked out from the darkness with heavy steps. His body was very rugged. He bared his left arm and his muscles were bulging like young eastern dragons. He wore a sneer on his sharp face.

“That’s right, this is the ancient divine spear, Pasteur. The ancient spear that had once killed gods!” As the brown-haired youth walked, he said coldly, “It has been encroached by not only the blood of one god. Up until now, those blood still didn’t dry up and flows on the ancient spear all along.”

What pinned Xiao Chen on the ground was Pasteur, the ancient divine spear. It was a really bizarre divine spear. Nobody knew what material it was forged from. Its entire body was actually scarlet red and carved with ancient sacred writings. One blood-qi after another circulated on the divine spear. The most bizarre thing was that, there was really fresh blood dripping from the spear’s body unceasingly. It was flickering with a bewitching bloody glint. Pasteur, the ancient divine spear with flowing divine blood that never dried up!

“Why did you mount a sneak attack from the back?” Dugu Jianmo did not feel grateful at all.

“Because he must die. He cannot live past tonight. The divine spear guided me here to punish the demon!” ⌈3

“I only ever heard of the divine spear being used to kill gods. I never heard anything about punishing demon. Don’t tell me Xiao Chen is a god?” Dugu Jianmo said sarcastically. In regards to the sneak attack mounted by this brown-haired youth, he had an undisguised contempt in his eyes. He pierced the metal sword into the ground and raised his guard.

“Anyway, he must die. My elder brother and I had been searching for him separately tonight, but his speed was really too fast. He continuously fought in one place after another. Only now did I manage to find him.”

Just at this time, an ice-cold voice transmitted from the front, “You have an elder brother right? Then you won’t be lonely if I send the both of you to hell!”

Both of Xiao Chen’s hand were encroached by blood. Nobody knew if it was the divine blood or his own blood. He exerted himself physically to pull the ancient divine spear and stood up slowly. The ancient divine spear passed through his rib and trembled along with his movements.

“You are still alive?!” The brown-haired youth was very shocked, then his complexion turned cold as he said, “Then I will kill you personally!”

“It’s a pity you didn’t kill me in one strike. You will not get a chance like this again!” Xiao Chen stood up. The cold glints in his eyes and his voice sent chills down the spine. He voice sounded like a demon that came from the underworld, “You, and your elder brother, must die!”


  1. Silva: Or so you think… remember he was able to control his sword without touching it directly? 
  2. Silva: Penetrated from the back???
    How did that happen? Did he turn his back to his opponent? 
  3. Silva: That’s right, if he survives tonight, he will advance by leaps and bounds, then you will all be in a living hell!! 
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