Chapter 50 – Sacred Light Seal the Island

This is a violent-colored young dragon, even though it is merely one meter long, it possesses a powerful draconic aura that caused those huge monsters in the mountain woods not dare to provoke it. This is a powerful pressure inherent in the king of the beasts.

Its appearance resembled the legendary Qilin, its body looked like both a deer and a horse, with wolf-like hoofs, and dragon scales. However, there are also some parts are obviously different from the legendary Qilin, it has a crocodile-shaped divine tail. Its entire body is flickering with bright violet radiance, the scales are densely packed together. Moreover, there are a pair of horns on top of its head, the violet-gold horns look exactly like antlers. Its head has a huge resemblance with the legendary Ancestral Dragon!

Moreover, judging from its imposing manner, it is essentially different from Qilin. Qilin is a legendary auspicious beast, but this violet-colored Syndicate Dragon King is brimming with a beast-like pressure. Even though it is very small, it gives people a really powerful oppressive feeling!

This Syndicate Dragon King was discovered by Yan Qing Cheng and Lande near the waterfall. They kept watching over that region, because they had already discovered a young dragon seemed to be roaming around that place very frequently. However, only today did they finally find the traces of the young dragon.

But the young violet Dragon King was too powerful! Its world-shaking draconic roar could produce a surge of sound wave that possess an unmatched killing power. It even caused all the leaves of the forest trees nearby to wither. Yan Qing Cheng and Lande had no choice but to retreat in the face of its sheer power.

Only from the power of the sound wave alone, it should be comparable to the sound technique of a Historia level expert!

The Ancestral Dragon and Syndicate Dragon King will undergo an evolution not long after they were born. After that, they will take the initiative to leave their mother’s side to begin their own unique evolution. Even though it is not under the protection of a fully grown dragon, Yan Qing Cheng and Lande discovered that they still have a hard time subduing this young dragon!

The power of the Syndicate Dragon King far exceeded their expectation!

According to legend, after the dragon race had been sealed on this uncivilized island, they will lose their divine power for life. However, it didn’t have any effect on this young Dragon King, it was actually capable of shooting a glaring violet divine radiance that turned the mountain in front of Yan Qing Cheng1⌋ and Lande into dust.

The young Dragon King was very sharp-witted and ran away immediately. Its entire body was covered in a violet divine flame, and disappeared in the woods like a streak of purple lightning. Its speed was really too fast, even when Lande was flying in the sky, he was not able to catch up.

The loud roar of the Syndicate Dragon King alarmed all the people on this Dragon Island. All the practitioners immediately rushed over to this place, but by the time they arrive, they can only find a few traces. The young Dragon King already disappeared from this place long ago.

This is the first Syndicate Dragon found on this Dragon Island, people addressed it as the Amethyst Dragon King.

In the next few days, majority of the practitioners gathered in this area to track down the whereabouts of the Amethyst Dragon King. Yan Qing Cheng felt a bit vexed, she never thought a young dragon would be so powerful, which caused them to let it get away regretfully.

Without a doubt, the appearance of the Amethyst Dragon King had an extremely huge influence on every practitioner here, everyone wanted to subdue it. If they can subdue it and raise it until adulthood, that will become a terrifying existence that even the deities doesn’t dare to provoke!

Even the alliance in the treant’s valley was no longer searching for Xiao Chen’s whereabouts. All of them were absorbed in seeking for clues regarding the Amethyst Dragon King. Subsequently, this dispelled any crisis Xiao Chen was about to face, the Imperial Angel Zhao Lin Er was also unable to keep them on track of finding Xiao Chen.

However, even after half a month had passed, nobody found a single trace of the young dragon, it was as if the Amethyst Dragon King had evaporated. They were unable to find any more traces, everyone couldn’t help but heave a sigh. The Amethyst Dragon King possessed high intelligence, as if it knew dangers were approaching, it successfully avoided everyone’s detection.

All the practitioners came up with one after another speculation, some thought it might be hiding in a dark cave, others thought it might have entered the depths of the Dragon Island. Because of this, some continued to search the outer region of the Dragon Island, and some who were willing to take the risks went to explore the depths of the Dragon Island.

During the search for the Amethyst Dragon King, it was also a battle royal. Due to this, many people lost their life!

After the appearance of the Amethyst Dragon King, twenty days had passed. A big event once more occurred on the Dragon Island! This time, it is truly terrifying, the fate of everyone had closely bound up by this.

Until today, a large number of practitioners had already gathered on the vast Dragon Island, all of them are powerful experts, there are no longer any ships coming to this island.

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However, waves of terrifying divine radiance suddenly appeared above the Dragon Island today. In that instant, everyone was blinded by that brilliant light. The entire Dragon Island seemed like a resplendent divine pearl in the boundless ocean. It was incomparably dazzling, the bright glow rise straight into the heavens above.

On the Dragon Island, a great number of beasts and dragons roar simultaneously. As if the heaven had fallen and the earth was split apart, the entirety of the enormous Dragon Island was shaking wildly. It was just like the end of the world is approaching, all the practitioners were incomparably frightened, they didn’t know what is going on.Everyone were shaken to their core, they all had an incomparably terrified feeling.

The dazzling divine radiance lasted for a little more than an hour. After that, the radiance gradually become dimmer. The practitioners at the outer region of the island were shocked to discover the astonishing changes to the sea area around the Dragon Island. A glorious divine radiance appeared in the boundless ocean, a monstrous wave appeared on the originally tranquil ocean, it was as if the waves wanted to engulf the clouds on top of the sky.

Numerous practitioners could vaguely feel an incomparably terrifying energy surging up from the great waves.

Soon after, they saw a terrifying scene that confirmed the fear in their hearts. A big ship that came late was caught up in the ocean waves, and break up in a split second. As if it was a melting snowflake, the ship completely disappeared in the ocean waves!

The Taboo Ocean around the Dragon Island already reverted back to the impassable region. Nobody will be able to leave the island now! The seal restored ahead of time!

This is a huge event that exceeded everyone’s expectation!

According to the written records, after the Taboo Ocean open up in the past, it should at least take half a year before the seal was restored. However, the duration this time is too short, it’s not even two months yet!

After the practitioners at the outer region of the island saw the situation before them, all of them was about to fall apart! This means that they will never be able to leave this Dragon Island ever again. Their only option is to wait till the next cycle a few hundred years later. However, who is capable of living that long? This mysterious and terrifying Dragon Island suppressed the power of the deities, nobody can breakthrough the bounds of Immortalis on this island. Nobody can wait till the day when the seal open up again!

The majority of the people who came to this Dragon Island are young experts. They are the representatives of various powers in the mainland. All of them are heroes that were selected very carefully. In order to maintain a balance, a very few powerful experts from the previous generation will enter the Dragon Island, this is a form of equilibrium taken shape due to some kind of mutual understanding from the various powers.

Of course, even if they do not enter the Dragon Island, it doesn’t mean they will not make their move. The Dragon Island is located in the boundless ocean, it is very far away from the mainland, even if one successfully subdued a Syndicate Dragon King, leaving this sea area is also very dangerous. They might even be plundered along the way back to the mainland.

The previous generation experts from various clans were all waiting along the way to provide support. They are located thousands of miles away in the boundless sea, each at their own designated spot. There are even some demigod among them, that is an existence close to the venerable god!

The young experts on the island fell into despair, they will be trapped on this Dragon Island for all eternity. And just around this time, they saw another terrifying scene, in the boundless huge waves, a Fallen Angel was struggling to get free. However, in a very short period of time, her entire body fell apart, her body was twisted and crushed by the surging divine radiance.


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