Chapter 207 – False Play Come True

The Fair family had arrived, they looked at Xiao Chen with eccentric expressions. The few courtyards around Xiao Chen’s house had already been purchased by a few major families. The dragon’s roar just now had already alarmed these people. Although they didn’t know the full story, they could roughly guess what had taken place.

This was equivalent to receiving a big slap on the face by that Draco fellow. He was like this thirty years ago, and he is still like this thirty years later. Draco didn’t know the concept of apprehension, his every action was reckless.

Since this kind of thing had already happened… the people from the Fair family left in haste. They must report this to the family lord immediately.

“What?” When Faircloud heard these words, his face changed colour abruptly and he destroyed the entire hall with a wave of his hand. He stood on top of the ruins blankly, his expression ashen. In the end, he gnashed his teeth and said, “Draco, you dare to play us for a fool?! You are but only a mixed breed; half human, half dragon. If not because there’s an old dragon behind your back, you would have died a million times!”

The other major clans who received the news also flew into rage out of humiliation. It made these major clans detest Draco bitterly. He blew up a big bubble and made everyone flatter it. As a result, like the clowns they were, everyone’s secrets were exposed under the sun.

“That wretched Draco!”

“The dragons should really be completely wiped out, they are too arrogant!”


Similar cursing remarks were transmitted from many clans.

This matter covered their head and face in dirt. This was too embarrassing, all of them were played for a fool by Draco.

Especially the Fair family, it was impossible for them to stop halfway; to marry off their daughter or not? The invitation cards had already been sent all over the Celestial City. Everyone with a head and a face had already received the news.

There were some who rejoiced in other people’s misfortune, and some who sneered at them. This was the peace right before the storm in Celestial City. Every major clan was on the verge of exploding at any given time.

Of course, the one who had it the worst was the Fair family. They were being played for a fool. Right now, they really wished they could hang up Draco and behead him with a blade.

Faircloud remained silent above the ruins for a long time. He clenched his knuckles so tight that they had turned pale. In the end, he let out a nasty sigh and said, “Draco, just you wait. Once I reach the realm of immortal, I will definitely settle this with you. I don’t believe you will hide in the Southern Wasteland forever!”

“My lord… what to do now?” The underling at the side was trembling with fear as he asked cautiously.

Just at this time, the other members of the Fair family rushed over after receiving the news. The younger generation didn’t have enough qualifications to stand here. As for the middle-aged generation, there was a few dozen of them.

“This is mortifying!”

“This slap on the face is too much, perhaps it has already become the joke of the year.”

“Big bro, let’s cancel this wedding ceremony at once!”

“That’s right, you can’t marry off Snowy just like this. How can we let her marry that boy with no background for nothing. I will go and kill him later!”

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“Shut up!” Faircloud shouted with an ice-cold voice. The imposing family lord made everyone quiet down immediately. “If we break a marriage promise like this, how would everyone in Celestial City view us?”

“But… this boy with no background is unworthy of joining our family by marriage. What benefits will he bring to our family?”

Of course, not everyone was opposed to this marriage. Someone opened their mouth and said, “Even if the dragons are out of the picture, so what? Isn’t there still the founder of the Demon Sect? Besides, he also has three sacred beasts. In addition to that, Xiao Chen showed great promise, and possesses unnatural gifts. In the future, his name will surely shake the world. This should be enough!”

However, the absolute majority were laughing grimly.

“It is obvious that his relationship with the founder of the Demon Sect is the same as with the dragon’s. It is but a false rumor spread out to make a fool out of us. The three sacred beasts were taken by Draco to the Southern Wasteland. They don’t belong to Xiao Chen anymore. So what if he shows great promises? He has already provoked someone he shouldn’t provoke. Do you think he can survive this? It is not necessary for our family to make a great enemy because of him.”

Everyone unanimously wanted to stop the marriage. Faircloud got annoyed the more he listened. In the end, he shouted, “Enough! Stop quarreling anymore, the wedding will continue!”

“Big brother… are you crazy?! How can you let this be?”

“Family lord…”

Faircloud swept his eyes over everyone coldly, and said, “Snowy is my daughter, how can I not care about her more so than any one of you? For such a thing to happen, if we immediately break the marriage, everyone in the South will jeer at us. That would be too humiliating.”

“But my lord… what about the two people outside of the city?”

Faircloud said very firmly, “We will continue with the wedding as a show of formality. We must not let other people look down on us. Snowy can always remarry in the future.”

“Big brother, are you saying… after the formality is over, we will kick Xiao Chen out?”

Although Faircloud was over fifty years old, the magical arts their family practiced were too mystical after all. He didn’t look like an elderly person, on the contrary, he looked like a thirty year old handsome man. However, he was not masculine and seemed more feminine.

Faircloud had a cold glint in his eyes as he said, “That would be too obvious and cause gossips to go around. You guys quickly get in touch with the tiger duo outside of the city and explain everything to them. They will naturally know what to do after that. We will be able to preserve our face. As for whether Xiao Chen can make it out alive, that depends on his luck.”

In fact, many of the major powers wanted to see the Fair family making a fool of themselves. The families that wanted to immediately dispose of Xiao Chen were making supreme effort to exercise restraint. If the Fair family kicked Xiao Chen out, then their reputation will certainly take a huge fall. It wouldn’t be too late to make their move then.

The Fair family’s decision to proceed with the wedding made the majority of the clans unable to make any sense of the matter. Never had they thought the Fair family would be so “generous”. Could it be that they really wanted to be forced to suffer in silence? Were they not afraid of inciting the hatred of Middle Earth’s Tiger clan?

In the backyard of the Fair family, the extremely glamorous Fairsnow had a frosty expression across her entire face. With a wave of her lily-white hand, an explosion of light appeared and a large area of plants were chopped. The leaves were fluttering about in the sky gracefully.

“I am actually going to marry him!”

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“Sis, don’t be angry.” Fairsky got behind her and said, “You should know that father also doesn’t have any choice…”

Fairsnow smiled coldly, and walked towards her room while treading across a field of exotic flowers with agile steps.

Xiao Chen quietly looked at the people all around. He was very uncooperative and didn’t want to enter the Fair family’s mansion. However, he was followed closely by a seventy to eighty year old elder. This was an older generation expert of the Fair family. He was completely focused on Xiao Chen and forced him to take part in this absurd wedding.

All the guests were wearing meaningful smiles. They chuckled as they looked on at the event. They knew that a good show was just beginning. They wanted to see how long the Fair family can keep this up.

Xiao Chen was very calm. He knew that the Fair family was not that benevolent. And that the major clans in the city were even worse. They didn’t dispose of him before now because the time had yet to come. And the Fair family’s action was even weirder. By no means did he believe that, this was just a simple wedding.

Maybe when the wedding was proceeding, the tiger woman would storm in and behead him, thus putting an end to the wedding. Thinking until here, Xiao Chen suddenly felt a chill in his heart. Had the Fair family also thought about this? Definitely! If they wanted to make a good show out of it, they might have already sent someone to get in touch with the tiger woman. Xiao Chen had thought of all possible scenarios in this very instant.

This hand from the Fair family was really well-played. They could totally save face and naturally turn this crisis around! That’s right, if Xiao Chen himself was killed during the wedding ceremony, everyone would only know who the murderer was, and the Fair family would be spared from breaking the marriage promise. Their reputation might even rise because of this. If there’s anyone to blame, then they could only blame Xiao Chen for having a short life and how he didn’t have the good fortune to take Fairsnow as his wife.

Such an awful scheme, the Fair family was such a schemer! Xiao Chen inwardly heaved a sigh.

There’s nothing for him to be scared of. Even if he had to die, he had to make the Fair family suffer a difficult situation. Just when he wanted to make his move, the old man behind him patted his shoulders lightly, and whispered, “Preserve some strength and get ready to run. Our family will not go to extremes. Whether you live or not, that depends on your own luck.”

Xiao Chen looked at him coldly, then he quieted down again. Only a little bit of time was needed to cause the Fair family to be stuck in a dilemma. Even if the old man was telling a lie to make him settle down, he still has many opportunities later on.

In the glorious hall, the excellent wine and exotic delicacies were being delivered to the guests unceasingly. The atmosphere was lively and didn’t make it seem like it was a pretense.

The host and guests were in harmonious relations. Every now and then, people would go make fun of the Fair family’s head, saying that he had found a good son-in-law, and that ten years later, their family would have secured their strongest asset.

Everyone toasted with Faircloud in succession and congratulated him occasionally. Faircloud put on a fake smile, he wished he could crush the wine cup in his hand and pound it into the face of these old fools.

Of course, Xiao Chen’s surroundings also had many people who toasted with him in succession. Their words were so passionate that it allowed him to experience what was known as genuinely shameless hypocrites. The expressions of many people made him feel disgusted.

However, he had no choice by to wear a smile and put on an act like an actor.

Xiao Chen felt a little melancholic. This suffering was hard to put into words. Since he was young, he rarely ever cried, but now, he suddenly had a gloomy feeling and felt somewhat miserable. A dignified man like him, was actually forced into this kind of situation.

Just like an actor, he had to conceal his feelings and put on a show by himself in the limelight. When in fact, he was actually a pitiful man.

Ordinarily, the impression he gave people was that of a firm and decisive person. When confronting enemies, he was cold hearted, but who would have known, under the cover of his coldness, he could also feel sorrowful like ordinary people?

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It was a very sarcastic wedding ceremony. Everyone was waiting and watch passively, but they had to make supreme effort to put on a play.

However, even when night fell, the people dispatched by Fair family still did not come back. There’s not even the need to mention it, but the tiger duo hadn’t shown up to kill Xiao Chen yet. ⌈1

Faircloud’s expression became all the gloomier. Could it be that they really had to proceed with the wedding? If this keeps up, the pretense will really turn into a reality. Was this not tantamount to lifting a rock to smash his own leg? His intuition was telling him that some accident might have occurred. After finding an appropriate time, he left the hall and secretly instructed others to dispatch some powerful spies to find out what’s going on.

The stars filled the entire sky as the crystal lamp illuminated the glorious hall. Everyone was toasting and the atmosphere was very lively.

And somebody shouted, “It’s about time to enter the bridal room, we cannot waste such a precious spring night!”

“That’s right, the spring night is invaluable.”

“Invite the groom and the bride to enter the bridal room!”


Many people started to create a disturbance, wanting to go disturb the privacy of bridal room. ⌈2

The people of the major clans could already tell, the Fair family was deliberately stalling for time. Perhaps they were expecting outsiders to come and put a stop to this wedding ceremony. Since that was the case, how could they let the Fair family’s wish be fulfilled. Whenever it’s possible to push forward, they should push without holding back. One after another, the guests were demanding the married couple to enter the bridal room.

The members of the Fair family finally couldn’t keep up the facade anymore. They were enmeshed in a trap of their own devising! Things had actually escalated to this degree, what were the spies doing, why hadn’t the tiger woman come to kill Xiao Chen yet?!

This was truly a very nerve-wracking moment.

They were practically unable to delay it much longer. The married couple had already finished paying their respects to the elders. If they still don’t let them enter the bridal room, they really couldn’t keep their heads high anymore.

In the end, Faircloud ground his teeth and left while tucking his sleeves, making his younger brother take charge of the venue.

The old foxes at present were ganging up as if they had became evil spirits. Even their eyes had become fiery as they shouted in succession. The middle-aged group also followed suit and made it so the Fair family had no other choice but to let the married couple enter the bridal room.

“We want to disturb the privacy of bridal room!”


The atmosphere was fairly festive. Everyone was in a jolly mood.

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Xiao Chen calmly watched as all of this unfolds. He was very taciturn.

Just at this time, a tall figure with a broadsword on his back walked towards him. With no traces of politeness, he pushed the young people beside Xiao Chen away.

“Cheers, I wish you long life!” Dugu Jianmo drained the cup in one gulp after saying this. Seeing that Xiao Chen also drained his cup, he left with large strides.

Xiao Chen remained silent. This might be the only sincere toast he had in this wedding ceremony.

Nobody dared to provoke Dugu Jianmo. Although the Solitary clan was very low-key, they were more or less one of the primary clans in the South. Even when Draco was running amok in Celestial City thirty years ago, he didn’t cause any inconveniences to Dugu Jianmo’s father.

If they really angered the Solitary clan, according to their nature, maybe a few dozen people carrying broadswords would storm into the South Wasteland without saying a word. So what if they had an old dragon keeping watch? The Solitary clan’s ancestor definitely had enough strength to take on the strongest creature in the Southern Wasteland!

As he was being shoved by everyone, Xiao Chen was pushed into the backyard. He’s about to enter the bridal room.

The fragrance of flowers drifted in the air. The arrangement of the garden made the backyard relaxing and beautiful. The path ran across a clear, small lake. After crossing over the marble bridge, and walking past a long flower garden, Xiao Chen arrived in front of an elaborate building.

“Haha…” He suddenly laughed out loud. There was a hint of dismay, but even more was a grimness and a feeling of decisiveness. ‘Alright, if you guys want to play, I will play with you. To the bridal room we go!’


  1. Silva: Could it be… Draco? Nay… must be some other schemers…
    Fade: Maybe the Undying Sect helped him? 
  2. Silva: Chinese custom where guests banter with and play pranks on the newlyweds.
    Fade: I have not seen this yet, really want to now.
    Silva: well, I remember there was a certain wedding planner with some of those videos as sample, but I can’t remember which one exactly… unfortunately! It would be a great reference… 

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