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Chapter 156 – Tenax’s Astonishing Transformation

The rainbow-colored sacred tree and Tenax’s pulsation were synchronized as they fused together. Words failed to describe how miraculous it was. One after another rainbow-colored sticky liquids actually flowed out from those terrifying wounds. A faint fragrance pervaded the air. Just getting a whiff of this fragrance made one’s mind clear.

Just like when a thousand year ginseng ripened, this was a smell that would intoxicate people. When the rainbow-colored dragon cocoon was taking shape, it seemed like it was accompanied by a slight vibration. The base of the pavilion seemed to be shaking lightly.

After everything finally calmed down, the rainbow-colored dragon cocoon emitted brilliant lights and vibrant colors. The strong fragrance made the entire courtyard incomparably fragrant. The gluttonous Keke really wanted to take a bite. After the snow-white little critter revolved around the rainbow-colored dragon cocoon, its glittering big eyes were filled with amazement. Its long eyelashes flickered unceasingly. In the end, the refreshing fragrance made it unable to restrain itself anymore. After stealing a glance at Xiao Chen, Keke quickly grabbed a portion of the dragon cocoon.

The black liquid, white liquid, green liquid, and gold liquid had blended together. The liquid was as sticky as honey and made Keke’s little paw shine with a glistening radiance. The splendor dazzled the eyes. Keke closed its eyes and sniffed that intoxicating fragrance. As if it was drunk, Keke moved its little paw that was smeared with the rainbow-colored liquid towards its mouth.

Something astonishing happened. Under the flickering stream of light, the glorious rainbow-colored liquid vaporized. It actually evaporated from Keke’s little paw, turning into a stream of light mist as it hung in the air. In the end, it blended into that dragon cocoon.

Keke was very unwilling, it still wanted to grab a portion of the crystal clear and sticky liquid, but it was stopped by Xiao Chen. The snow-white little critter seemed to know it mustn’t act recklessly, so it didn’t make any trouble this time and began to watch quietly at the side.

The rainbow-colored dragon cocoon was completely made out of the colorful liquid. Although it was pressed down on the marble ground of the pavilion, it didn’t deform. It was a perfect circular shape. Moreover, it was not contaminated by any dust. The faint radiance had repelled any impurity.

Roughly two hours later, the rainbow-colored liquid began to solidify and changed into a solid rainbow shell. Keke’s expression was very rich. Its little mouth immediately turned into an “O” shape. Although this was not the rainbow-colored egg, it looked extremely similar to the rainbow-colored egg. One must know that Keke was born from a genuine rainbow-colored egg. Even Xiao Chen was rather shocked. It was very obvious that Tenax was undergoing an evolution, but this kind of outcome was really too unexpected.


A brittle sound transmitted outwards. Below the rainbow-colored egg lookalike dragon cocoon, the solid marble ground cracked. Even the base of the pavilion started to shake again.

After everything had calmed down, one multicolored radiance after another rushed forth from the cracks and gathered at the rainbow-colored dragon cocoon.

“Dragon veins!”

Xiao Chen was very shocked. Looking at this materialized spiritual energy, he recalled some kind of legend. Below the mother earth, there was the dragon’s vein. Within the veins, there’s a dragon. Of course, that was not a real dragon. This dragon was completely made out of spiritual energy.

No matter how much magical power one possessed, it was still very difficult to find the dragon’s vein. It was the treasure of the mother earth. It was hard to find one even within millions of square kilometers. Moreover, it was flowing unceasingly. For it to stop at one place for several hundred years was a very rare occurrence.

If the geomancy master ⌈1⌋ could grasp the movements of the dragon’s vein and bury the dead at the place where it stopped. Legend said that the later generation of the dead would be blessed with good luck. The legendary imperial vein was related to this legend.

Of course, even if they could predict the dragon’s vein movements, it was practically impossible to grasp it. With a little change in topography, it would be rerouted millions of miles away.

Xiao Chen couldn’t help but lament. The rainbow-colored treasured tree truly deserved to be called the dragon’s treasure. It was actually able to attract the spiritual energy within the dragon’s vein.

If the dragons could fuse with the materialized dragon-qi, the benefits were gargantuan. The rainbow-colored sacred tree finally revealed a secret that couldn’t be leaked to outsiders.

Without a doubt, there was currently a dragon’s vein under the Celestial City. Otherwise, even if the little sacred tree could attract the dragon-qi, it was impossible for it to gather them from thin air without the presence of the dragon’s vein.

Although the dragon-qi was very weak, it was just enough for Tenax’s evolution. Like a firework that was hanging in the air, the dragon-qi flowed steadily into the rainbow-colored dragon cocoon.

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Xiao Chen didn’t dare to leave this place. He was afraid that something unexpected would occur. Keke was shocked at first, but soon after, it was brimming with curiosity. It also quietly stood guard at this place.

Time passed like this for one day and one night. The rainbow-colored dragon cocoon produced “cracking” sounds and slowly began to crack. The evolution this time was far quicker than imagined. It was actually over in just twelve hours. Xiao Chen was very expectant. Who knew how much stronger would Tenax become after this evolution. Without a doubt, its life was no longer in danger.

Just at that very instant, the rainbow-colored radiance burst forth. The brilliance caused one to be unable to open their eyes. The rainbow-colored dragon cocoon was shattered. Moreover, the radiance on the dragon cocoon faded away in a split second and the light quickly pulled back. The originally brilliant jade shell was now looking very dull. In the end, it actually disintegrated and turned into ashes.

The rays of light glinted. A white dragon that looked like it was carved out of milky white jade struggled free from the dragon cocoon. Tenax had a huge transformation, it appeared completely different from before. It changed from black into milky white. It looked as if there were water ripples flowing on its scales. It was glorious and dazzling. ⌈2

Its head looked much more similar to the Ancestral Dragon. That single horn on its head disappeared. It actually grew a pair of milky jade dragon horns that couldn’t be differentiated from the genuine Ancestral Dragon’s horns.

It still possessed a panther-like body, but the glorious splendor flowing on its body made it known that its body was brimming with formidable power. That terrifying power overflowed just from the slightest movement it made.

The most astonishing thing was that, the tail that was covered by milky white scales was no longer crocodile-shaped. It actually changed into the Ancestral Dragon’s tail! This was too astonishing. One must know that the eleven Dragon Kings on the dragon island still had crocodile-shaped tails. For Tenax to have this kind of transformation, it really made one flabbergasted.

Xiao Chen came to a conclusion in that very instant. Tenax had evolved into a Dragon King!

The twelfth Dragon King was born on this very day!

That’s right, it was no longer an ordinary dragon. If those eleven Dragon Kings had not undergo any changes after they left the dragon island, then Tenax might be more powerful than them now. Because, it had undergone one evolution ahead of the eleven Dragon Kings, that was, the Ancestral Dragon’s tail!

Ancestral Dragon head, leopard-like body, Ancestral Dragon tail. It was covered with milky white scales from head to toe, as if it was made out of the most delicate white jade. To describe it with one word: Perfection!

Keke’s tiny mouth was wide open. After rubbing its big eyes in doubt, it ran over there and pinched Tenax’s tail. It looked at this one meter long resplendent jade dragon with its eyes suspiciously.

No need to doubt, Tenax had become more beautiful than before. It was no longer unsightly and unremarkable. It could even be said that it was just like the ugly duckling transforming into the white swan.

The only thing that remained the same was its attitude, it became prouder than ever. Its eyes were incomparably sharp. It seemed to be very satisfied with the evolution this time. With a light step, it transformed into a white light and leapt more than ten meters away. Its speed was extremely fast.

Xiao Chen walked over there and placed his hand on Tenax’s panther-like body. He carefully inspected the pulse within its body. The terrifying energy pulse was more forceful than he had imagined. It was like a raging ocean wave which made the radiance circulate on the surface of its body like water ripples.

Ninth Celestial Layer! ⌈3

Tenax’s power was actually comparable to a Ninth Celestial Layer expert!

When they were on the dragon island, those little Dragon Kings were only around Sixth or Seventh Celestial Layer. After one year, if they hadn’t undergo any changes, then Tenax should have surpassed them already.

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But that possibility was very low. Those eleven little dragons should have progressed considerably. After all, their bloodline was extraordinary. It was impossible for them not to improve.

Xiao Chen had a feeling, although Tenax’s evolution this time was very shocking, it was impossible to throw off the eleven Dragon Kings too far behind. It was very possible that the eleven Dragon Kings had already reached the Ninth Celestial Layer. It was hard to say if Tenax would be much stronger than them.

Xiao Chen couldn’t help but lament. The dragons were indeed a terrifying race. Their innate ability was not something that any other race could compare to. One must know that Tenax and the eleven Dragon Kings were only born a little more than a year ago!

It was very obvious that Tenax had become very powerful. If paired with the dragon martial skill it had grasped, it might not fall far behind the genius of the north, Wuxing Feng.

Just at this time, the gentle rainbow-colored light flashed. The rainbow-colored sacred tree emerged from Tenax’s body. Keke was very happy. Lightly waving its little paw, the treasured tree flew over there. It turned the sacred tree up and down, trying to take a good look at it.

“You must work hard, don’t sleep all day long. Otherwise the sacred tree will lose its value in your hand.”

“Squeak…!” Keke protested resentfully.

Actually, Xiao Chen already knew that the snow-white little critter had a special training method. Sleeping was equivalent to training. It was also improving all these time, but it just didn’t have the opportunity to show off.

Just like usual, Keke placed the treasured tree on the cracks in hope of drawing in the dragon-qi. At this moment, the spiritual energy still hadn’t completely dispersed. However, just at that very instant, the little critter cried out in fear and quickly used the confinement technique to seal the little sacred tree. They only saw a dragon-shaped light winding around the treasured tree, trying to pull it underground.

Xiao Chen hastily rushed over there and used his palm to slam at the cracks, dispersing the dragon-qi. From this, it could be seen that there was a certain risk to draw the dragon-qi. If they were careless for a moment, they might lose the treasured tree.

What made Xiao Chen most regretful was that, due to the commotion that night, the white-shelled tortoise that was locked up in the house had escaped. He was unable to find any traces of it. ⌈4

After resting and reorganizing for a day. Xiao Chen prepared to take Keke and Tenax to go out the next day. But just at this time, Xiao Chen felt that it was a bit troublesome. No matter how they looked at it, Tenax looked like a genuine Dragon King. If they just went out like this, it would inevitably attract too much unwanted attention. One must know that this was not just any ordinary intellectual beast. It was a Dragon King! If this news were to spread out, it would have too great of an impact.

In the end, something surprising happened. Tenax’s body actually let out “snapping” sounds and the joints all over its body moved. It actually transformed into a one meter long milky white imperial horse.

It took the shape of a fine horse. Except that it was covered by milky white scales from head to toe, as well as that pair of Ancestral Dragon Horns, it looked like a very fine divine steed.

Tenax actually had this kind of ability, it was out of Xiao Chen’s expectation.

However, despite this, the milky white imperial steed still attracted a lot of attention on the main street.

In the bustling educational street, a lot of students were among the stream of people. Xiao Chen wandered on the main street leisurely. This time, Tenax had profited from a disaster and undergone a major evolution. Because of this, Xiao Chen’s anger and killing intent already waned. He had already calmed down, but he wouldn’t let Zhuge Kun and that scum from the Reagan Family off that easily.

“Let’s go find that son of a b— from the Reagan Family first!” He already heard from Fairsky that the scum from the Reagan Family was a student from the White Elk Academy. Pushing his way through the stream of people on the educational street, he quickly arrived at the renowned White Elk Academy of the Celestial City.

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The ancient perimeter wall was brimming with the vicissitudes of time. The lofty gate of the White Elk Academy was twenty meters tall. These ancient buildings had eight hundred years of history. They already existed since the academy was founded.

Even though many students in the North Style Academy knew about Xiao Chen because of the battle with Lambda last time, it didn’t mean that the students of the White Elk Academy knew about him. After all, only a minority of the students from the White Elk Academy went to watch the battle last time.

Seeing Xiao Chen standing in front of the gate with an imperial horse, a lot of students stopped to watch.

“What is this dude trying to do? No matter how you look, it seems like he wants to pick a fight.”

“It really looks like he wants to intercept a student in our academy here. Who knows how much gold coins he received to come and give vent to other people’s anger.”

Hearing the student’s discussion, Xiao Chen was a little speechless. Could it be that people frequently invited experts to come and deal with the students of the White Elk Academy?

What made Xiao Chen most surprised had yet to come. A rather handsome guy walked over and talked intimately, “Brother, I can tell you are a super expert from a single glance. You must be at least a Fifth Celestial Layer. Who are you planning to beat today? How about I introduce a business to you? A lot of people here really want to take care of that guy called Fairsky. This guy frequently comes and harasses the beautiful girls. If you can take care of the pretty boy, earning a hundred gold coins would not be a big problem. Oh, that’s right… if you can take care of the Zhuge pig head while you’re at it, you might be able to earn a lot more.”

Xiao Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Could it be that becoming a hired gun was already one kind of professions? Interesting… those two guy’s reputation was really that bad.

“Do you know Hofmann of the Reagan Family?”

“Ah, you mean that scum of the Reagan Family? Go ahead! Beat him until he’s half alive. That guy is the dreg of society. He ***** quite a number of beautiful female students before. He even has a few lives in his grasp.”

“Then, can you tell me where he is?”

“He hasn’t shown his face for the past few days, but I know he frequently goes to a certain place. There’s a place called the ‘Paradise Spa’ in the city walls. He goes there frequently to past time.”

Xiao Chen left this place quickly. That student behind him palmed his fist ⌈5⌋ excitedly and muttered to himself, “There’s actually someone who dares to touch that scum Hofmann. If only he could beat him half to death. Oh, this person must definitely be influential!”

The Paradise Spa was very well-known in the Celestial City. This place was filled with fine woods, and the pavilions were neatly decorated. With a faintly discernible mist, the entire place looked fantasy-like. The scenery was picturesque. The three hills in Celestial City were located at this place, although all of them were only one to two meters tall. The surroundings were enclosed by a wooden fence. The Paradise Spa occupied a wide space. It was without a doubt, the property of the city lord.

Xiao Chen quickly arrived at the Paradise Spa. The ones who came to this place were wealthy and respectable people. They didn’t allow anyone with house pets to enter. Xiao Chen ran into an acquaintance at the mountain entrance. It was Liu Yu, the third son of city lord Liu Daoming. They once stood on the same ground to defy Aeon.

“Haha… so it was brother Xiao. It felt so great when Wuxing Feng was defeated. I watched that battle from beginning to end. If it was anyone else, I definitely wouldn’t let them bring along a warbeast, but for you, I will make an exception. Oh? Is this a legendary imperial steed? Could it be a sacred beast?” Liu Yu looked at Tenax doubtfully.

“How can it be a sacred beast. It is only an intellectual beast that’s a little stronger.”

Just at this time, within the Paradise Spa, a few old men just came out from the piping hot spa. After Liu Yu saw them, he faced Xiao Chen and said, “Brother Xiao, there’s a few guests I must personally entertain today. I will drink with you some other day.”

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“Alright, you go do your thing.”

“You all remember this, if Lord Xiao comes here in the future, everything will be free of charge. Moreover, you must take him to the VIP area.” After he gave the instruction to the people at the entrance, Liu Yu wore a respectful expression and went to greet the few elders that were taking a walk.

The steam was plentiful at the Paradise Spa. The fragrant flowers and plants were exuberant. Each hot spring was separated by trees and vines. Many halls could be seen everywhere.

Xiao Chen entered with Tenax and Keke. Turning left and right, he entered the so-called VIP area. Just at this time, he suddenly found a few acquaintances. It was actually Yan Qingcheng and Fairsnow. They were currently soaking in the hot spring among the floras in the front. The refreshing fragrance of flowers directly assailed his sense of smell. At the same time, he could hear the whispered conversation of the girls.

“Did I take the wrong turn?” Xiao Chen felt that this situation was far from good. How did he end up walking into the female spa?


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