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Chapter 218 – Ley Lines

The Black Dragon King charged in like a bolt of lightning. Naturally, fatty Oxman wouldn’t run away by himself. Xiao Chen also followed after without any hesitation.

No sound was present at all in the forest, it was scarily quiet. Other than the sound of them slicing through the air, they couldn’t hear any other sound, not even the sound of the wind or the rustling of the grass. The heavy atmosphere gave Xiao Chen and Oxman the urge to shout out loud.

The gloomy forest was choked with an oppressive force. It was well within the imagination that if people were to stay here for a prolonged time, their mind would definitely crumble.

“Blackie, what’s going on with you?” Oxman was somewhat anxious as he realized the situation.

The Black Dragon King ignored them and continued to charge into the forest depths.

After covering one mile, the Black Dragon King stopped. Below a tall ancient tree, there was a huge pile of skeletons stacked up like a mountain.

Xiao Chen and Oxman were both very amazed. These were actually very long dragon bones ⌈1⌋, and they were very likely to be the skeletal remains of an Ancestral Dragon!

It was coiling around the ancient tree that required several dozen people to wrap their arms around, like a snowy mountain ridge. If the skeletal remains were straightened out, they could reach up to eight or nine hundred meters long at the very least.

The Ancestral Dragon held its head high, it didn’t lower its head even after death. There were many cracks all over the skeleton of the Ancestral Dragon, several dozen places were even completely fractured. It was obvious that the dragon had received extremely grave injuries and was chopped into several dozen chunks. It was very likely to have died in battle.

Could this really be an Ancestral Dragon? Xiao Chen and Oxman both had solemn expressions.

The eyes of the Black Dragon King were already filled with tears. Its forelimbs gave out as it knelt in front of the dragon bones. One must know that Dragon Kings are very proud, they wouldn’t even pay respect to the heavens. However, the Black Dragon King was actually shedding tears and kneeling down at present, that was enough to show its emotional state.

Xiao Chen and Oxman remained silent, only now did they realize this was not an Ancestral dragon. This ought to be a rather powerful Dragon King. Although it didn’t ultimately evolve into an Ancestral Dragon, it shouldn’t have been too far away from its goal. Only the two claws at the rear didn’t have much of a resemblance. The other parts of its body were exactly like that of the Ancestral Dragon.

The Black Dragon King silently revolved around this powerful Dragon King from an unknown era. Then it suddenly opened its mouth and spat out a black flame, setting the dragon bones on fire in a split second.

A huge conflagration was started, but it didn’t have any effect on the ancient trees in their surroundings. Even though the black flame was engulfing the trees, they didn’t even get burned in the slightest.

At this time, a shocking event occurred. The flaming skeleton of the Dragon King emitted dazzling rays of light and started shrinking at high speed.

The fractures on the skeleton recombined and the cracked areas recovered. In the end, the eight to nine hundred meter long dragon bones actually shrank down to one meter long as it floated quietly in the sky. It was already no longer snow-white in color. At this moment, it was crystal clear and emitted colorful lights, as if it was sculpted out of fine jade.

What made Xiao Chen and Oxman the most surprised had yet to come; the Black Dragon King’s eyes emitted two electrifying glints as it launched two divine lights from its horns. The dragon bones were enveloped in an instant.

“Shing! Shing!”

It sounded like an exceptional sword was unsheathed. Little by little, the dazzling rays of light illuminated the entire oasis. It made all the saintly souls around the oasis let out earth shaking roars. Many souls encircled the oasis, they wanted to charge in, but didn’t dare to enter the mountain woods.

An exceptional sword was slowly unsheathed from the dragon bones.

It was hard to tell what the sword was made of, it looked like a jade sword, yet it was similar to a bone sword. The crystal clear dragon bones suddenly disintegrated to dust at this very moment. They fluttered about and fell gently onto the ground. What’s left behind was only the sacred sword in the sky.

The Black Dragon King lowered its body very respectfully and crouched on the ground. The sacred sword in the sky transformed into a streak of divine light and melded into the Black Dragon King’s spinal cord.

“Cling! Cling!”

It was like the treasured sword had returned to the scabbard. The sound it produced was genuine.

Fatty Oxman was so startled that his heart thumped furiously a few times. He was so afraid that the Black Dragon King had been slashed.

“Blackie, what is going on?” Oxman was in awe, yet he was a little puzzled as he asked.

The Black Dragon King was silent. It only let out a few growls in the end.

“You are saying that, this is one of the sacred treasures of the dragons. Only a Dragon King has the ability to use it, and you guys want to…”

The Black Dragon King stopped and remained silent again.

Want to what?

Xiao Chen and Oxman’s heart throbbed violently as they thought of all the possibilities at the same time. However, they must not say it. The Black Dragon King trusted them, so even if they had already guessed it, they could only keep this to themselves.

Once the sacred sword disappeared, all the saintly souls around the forest dispersed. Deathly silence dominated this place once again.

“Eh? Why is that place emitting bloody steam?” Fatty Oxman was looking ahead in astonishment.

The place where the dragon bones were once located, there was a pitch-black tunnel entrance. Since the skeletal remains had been refined, it had appeared. Black fog and bloody steam were bubbling out from the tunnel.

Even though the dense black fog and bloody steam made it easy for people to think of blood, it didn’t have the slightest bit of a baleful aura. On the contrary, there was pure spiritual energy lingering around.

The Black Dragon King rushed over. Its Ancestral Dragon Horn was glowing as it gathered the bloody steam around itself. Gradually, it was shrouded by the brilliance of the blood.

“This is a pure spiritual energy!” Fatty Oxman seemed like he recalled something, and said, “I once heard from the elders, the earth has a spirit, this might be the legendary ley line! If that is true… this would be a great chance for us.”

Xiao Chen lamented a little. Some people were really lucky in this world, and this silly-looking fatty had unusually good luck from beginning to end. He had also heard of the ley lines before, the sight before his eyes was extremely likely to be it. Perhaps, the Cypreus Furnace had really linked up with the ley lines. After all, this was the place where the ancestor god Suirenshi had once refined the Cypreus Furnace.

Fatty Oxman sat beside the bottomless tunnel entrance and began to meditate.

At this time, the rainbow-colored sacred tree in Xiao Chen’s body shook a little and slowly emerged from his body. Traces of bloody steam was gathering around it. Xiao Chen’s heart thumped as he planted the sacred tree beside the tunnel entrance. He also sat cross legged and began to train.

Once the rainbow-colored sacred tree emerged, it immediately made the blood-colored spiritual essence rush forth madly. The treasured tree seemed to possess unmatched power as it drew the ley lines to it unceasingly. It immediately caused this place to shroud in a bloody light.

The brilliant rays bubbled up. It made Xiao Chen, Oxman, and the Black Dragon King feel like their rate of absorbing spiritual energy became even faster.

This was a rarely seen sight. If practitioners with clairvoyance were present, they would definitely see it clearly, that the ley line was rushing up unceasingly, that an unending stream of spiritual energy was flowing towards the treasured tree, and that the three beside it were benefiting from it.

At this very moment, time seemed to have stopped. Xiao Chen’s party was immersed in a state of selflessness. They couldn’t feel the elapse of time. The pores all over their body were opened up, it was as if they had become one with the blood-colored spiritual energy.

Fatty Oxman was also very exaggerating ⌈2⌋. The freak that formed after fusing five beast souls directly appeared behind him. It was a huge shadow of a beast. It stood there like a small mountain; its height reached up to at least ten meters! It was opening its huge mouth and gobbling up the bloody radiance at shocking speed.

Naturally, the one who benefited the most from this was the treasured tree. The unending stream of bloody light directly linked the sacred tree to the ley lines. They were connected and were currently in a state of equilibrium.

One day later, the sapling finally evolved once again. A soft, scarlet shoot was sprouting. It was as clear as a bloody pearl. The fifth divine leaf was finally going to sprout!

This area was filled with dense bloody essence. Time flowed unknowingly, Xiao Chen’s party remained as motionless as a mountain as they were submerged in a state of selflessness. And just at this moment, something shocking took place outside.

All the ancient trees were glowing with green light. The entire area was like a huge emerald. Many souls nearby were surrounded by the leaves of the ancient trees as they were all gobbled up!

The ancient trees around Xiao Chen’s party seemed as if they were alive. They stretched their huge branches like they were hands toward the two men and the dragon, in order to seal off their path and deprive them of their souls.

However, without waiting for them to get closer, the rainbow-colored sacred tree glowed. It was emitting waves after waves of colorful radiance that destroyed all the branches.

Exactly one month later, Xiao Chen and Oxman were still immersed in an ethereal state. The essence of the ley lines came pouring into their body unceasingly, changing their constitution.

And during this one month, the rainbow-colored sacred tree’s scarlet jade leaf finally bloomed. The bloody light was pure and limpid. The leaf was as clear as a ruby, it was as bright as a divine jade.

Thus far, the palm-sized sapling already had five divine leaves! The Black Crystal Leaf, the White Jade Leaf, the Emerald Leaf, the Gold Leaf, and the Scarlet Leaf. The luster circulating around the tree was gentle yet divine.

Since the Scarlet Leaf has bloomed, the treasured tree gradually lost its connection with the ley lines. The blood-colored essence was no longer rushing up, and this area was gradually restoring to its previous state of deathly silence.

Fatty Oxman’s beast soul grew from more than ten meters to twenty meters tall. It was standing there like a mountain and gave people a powerful pressure. One month of training allowed fatty Oxman to jump from the First Celestial Layer of Historia realm to the Third Celestial Layer! In a short one month, he was promoted by two Celestial Layers.

And the Black Dragon King had grown no less than half a meter longer. Its body length was already 2.5 meters long. There was no doubt that its strength had risen dramatically.

As for Xiao Chen, he woke up one day later compared to Oxman. When he opened his eyes, he just happened to see the fatty smirking foolishly by himself.

“Oxman, what happened to you?”

“I… Hehehe…. Hahahahaha… I have advanced to Historia’s Third Celestial Layer.” The little fatty laughed foolishly. He seemed a little silly, but he was very honest and cute. “Xiao Chen, how many layers did you break through?”

“I… seem to be a little special.” Xiao Chen had already discovered his condition a long time ago. He said while feeling a little amazed, “My power is actually fluctuating unceasingly between Historia First Celestial Layer and Third Celestial Layer. It is very unstable.”

“How did something like that happen, that… power fluctuation?” Little fatty Oxman couldn’t comprehend at all, “Doesn’t this only happen to Nirvana level expert? It is hard to stabilize their power as it keeps fluctuating unceasingly.”

“I also don’t know why, but that’s a fact, it keeps fluctuating back and forth.”

However, Xiao Chen was not dispirited. With his secret arts, it was already a miracle for him to touch upon the Third Celestial Layer of the Historia realm by training like this for a month.

That was because, most of the blood-colored essence was deprived by his acupuncture points.

In one month’s time, exactly seven major acupoints had been divinized!

The Celestial Well ⌈3⌋ at the elbows, the Knee Yang Joint ⌈4⌋ at the knees, the Jumping Round ⌈5⌋ at the root of both legs, and the Meeting of Yin ⌈6⌋ between the legs, all of them had become resplendent light specks.

This was an unimaginably huge “harvest”.

As such, he had sixteen divinized acupoints altogether. They were primarily concentrated on his important joints. Linking them up like this was equivalent to linking up every part of his body.

In fact, all the divinized acupoints were already linked up by a golden thread. It seemed like they had formed a divine vein by themselves. Relatively speaking, this couldn’t be considered a perfect circulatory system yet.

Even though he did not break into the Historia Third Celestial realm like Oxman and stabilize his power, Xiao Chen knew that his gain might be even bigger. The formation of the divine vein might be the key to success in the most genuine sense. He knew that sooner or later, the endless power accumulated in his body will become “alive”!

When that time comes, it was hard to imagine what kind of transformation would occur.

Colorful hues lingered on the sacred tree as it shook unceasingly. Xiao Chen carefully lifted it up. Seeing that the fifth leaf has sprouted, Xiao Chen was even happier compared to when he learned that seven acupoints were divinized. One jade leaf was even more valuable than a mountain of gold. The treasured tree actually grew the fifth leaf here at this place. This really was a gargantuan blessing.

Only at this moment did Xiao Chen and Oxman know how terrifying this oasis was. Every so often, the green radiance would actually surge up violently in order to absorb their souls. If not because the rainbow-colored sacred tree was nearby, they might have died a long time ago.

After leaving the oasis, Xiao Chen said to Oxman, “I really don’t want you to take the risks along with me.”

“Don’t say that something like that, didn’t you see me promote by two Celestial Layers after facing danger once? This is too worth it.” The little fatty laughed foolishly and patted his own belly, “You don’t understand how the soul summoning technique passed down by the elders of the beastmen work. You are not as proficient in it compared to me. Even if you found the altar, you wouldn’t necessary be able to successfully summon the snow-white little critter’s soul.”

Some words didn’t need to be spoken, they continued their journey and narrowly avoided few places with powerful soul fluctuations. They had advanced for roughly another kilometer before they finally found a desolate altar.

After arriving here, they didn’t say any unnecessary words and began the preparation. Time was equivalent to life, god knows when a terrifying saintly soul will crash their way through.

One complicated design after another was carved on the bloody altar by the little fatty. The white-haired Xiao Chen stood in the middle of the altar, with the rainbow-colored sacred tree in hands. He began to pray silently, in the hope of summoning the snow-white little critter.


  1. Silva: Eastern Dragons I suppose~ 
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    Fatty Oxman’s reaction was also very exaggerated?
    Silva: Reaction? What reaction? It means what it is, Fatty Oxman is very exaggerating… 
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